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Visiting Fetish Club 78 for the first time

Saturday, September 16.
Princess and I thought a change of scenery would be nice. Don’t get me wrong. We love PDN and the people we meet there and know already.

Yet it was time for a breath of fresh air. Discovering a new place and meeting new people offer fresh opportunities.

New ideas, new scenes, other furniture and another setup.

We enjoyed a very warm welcome. I received keys for the lockers and then they showed Princess and I around.

There is a restaurant with a buffet and the main play room with bar.

Upstairs they guided us through different theme rooms. We saw an impressive gynecological examination chair. There was big confessional chair and to the opposite two cells complete with a mattress. Another room was well-lit and had a medical cabinet and a modern examination bed.

We saw other stuff too like a Saint Andrew cross made of ship chains. And of course a pillory.

At the bar we savoured a glass of wine while we let the new environment sink in. Soon we were talking with other people. I liked that very much.

Two Doms brought a sub to a cage and ordered her to sit on a bar stool covered with crown-caps.

After they closed the cage one of the Doms opened a box with steel barbecue skewers. He fixed them lopsided, with the sharp end pushing against the sub’s skin, using rubber bands.

Quite interesting to watch and I can tell you she did not dare to move an inch.

There was another scene. Two Doms chased a sub while spanking her. She ran around between the two men trying to corner her. Princess and I liked that scene too.

Then I decided it was our turn. I led her to the centre of the playroom. I wanted to use the hoist and add a horizontal bar for Princess to hold.

The Dungeon Master, a young and very friendly and helpful man, walked over. He asked if we had everything we needed. After I said yes he asked me if I wanted other music than what they were playing. That wasn’t necessary.
I did appreciate this very much. It was very considerate.

We played intensively. Then we paused so Princess could recover. After a while we played again.

There is a comfy couch for people to watch a scene. When a scene ends and aftercare is necessary, spectators move from the couch to give place to the sub and his or her Dom.

That too I found very well thought off.

Princess and I have been discussing edge play but the sheer thought of needles makes her nervous. I don’t use the violet wand often for the same reason. She is afraid of its stings.

Yet she is very curious and I am convinced she’ll like it.

While we were looking at a few BDSM items they sell in the club I pointed out the needles. The Dungeon Master overheard us and asked if we wanted information on the topic.
Princess and I both said yes.

Shortly after we were back on the first floor in the well-lit room. Princess was lying on her stomach while the man explained the proceedings.
He would pierce her shoulder-blade.

The first needle went in and Princess told us she felt nauseous. He told us this was normal. It is a mix of fear and panic. He also noticed she was very tense. Then he said a second needle would make a difference.
In went the second one.

“Oh”, Princess sighed when endorphins started doing their work.

Then another one, 180° degree with the two others making a crossing. The needles woven.
In went a forth.
Carefully he pushed on the centre of the 4 needles.

Princess was smiling, eyes closed while she enjoyed the endorphin rush.
After pulling the needles out and some aftercare we went down to the bar again.
Princess was still floating.

Later, on our way back home, we talked about the experience. She told me she had liked it a lot. I smiled because I knew that already before she experienced needle play. So as soon as possible I’ll follow a workshop before starting needle play with Princess.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Princess because she decided to try it anyway.

We sat there for a while, Princess and I. Talking with different people. Simply enjoying being there together and sharing something deep.

Before we left I bought an item to play with. It is a Christmas gift for Princess.

She tried a few to find one that fits. We used it the next morning while we made love and it was fun.

I won’t reveal what it is yet. We’ll be using the item this Tuesday while we play and I’ll make some photographs.

We had a ball at Fetish Club 78.
Nice place, great people and different scenes are possible.
The welcome was great too.
Princess and I can’t wait to go back.

Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me


This is not about a people’s liberation organization or a political party.

It is what we, Princess and I, enjoy doing.
Pain, Love and Passion.

Princess and I are still growing and the way we play has changed over the course of the last few months. Mind you, I use the same ingredients, but the way I cook is different.

More than before Dominance has now an important part in the way I play with Princess. It makes our scenes more intense and Princesses’ body language, her response to my Dominance, both unmistakable passionate and very submissive.

I think this is why lately we get some very positive reactions in the Dungeon. I don’t just spank Princess or tie her or whatever it is I do. I think of it as a cat and mouse game. I take my time, observe, give pain, observe, give love, pleasure and Princess, my love, reacts in a way I cannot describe except that her emotions are pure.

What most Dominants do in the Dungeon is spank and that is it. I rarely see the interaction I have with Princess. They could as well be spanking a love doll.

I do not want to brag but we, Princess and I, give a genuine show, more than those whom choose to spank for the pleasure of spanking. Don’t get me wrong, I do not look down on these people. Hell, we live in an apartment too and noise travels far. It can be liberating to go for harsh impact plat knowing you are not disturbing anyone. Having the cops knocking on the door.

At home there are the ropes, the Shibari ring and a 3 anchor points I made in the walls surrounding the play space. One overhead, for the arms, and two for spreading Princesses’ legs.

So I can tie Princess in several ways. I can do floor suspension or full suspension or have her stand up, hands tied to a horizontal bamboo bar. Have her lying down and spread open, ready for use.

The cane has become my tool of preference when it comes to pain. I also use wooden clothes pins and they also deliver very intense local pain stimuli. Candle wax is something that does wonders too.

I am still amazed when I make Princess orgasm with only pain.

When I Dominate Princess sexually I feel so complete, so one with my love.

Pain, Love and Passion is our mantra.

Waiting for Princess (2016) Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+
Waiting for Princess (2016)
Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+

Looking back – Saturday July 18th, 2015

Past Saturday I saw her looking eagerly at a single tail whip hanging at the wall in the Fetish Café. Floggers don’t do the job anymore.
Princess watched a couple play and loved the sound and the reaction of the leather paddle hitting the subs’ ass. I read ‘I want this too’ in her beautiful eyes.

I am sure Princess is open for some real hardcore SM but is afraid or shy to ask for it.
Trust me baby, I am ready and waiting. I for sure want it.

After leaving the Dungeon we had to walk to the parking lot. Princess was wearing a black and sexy wet look dress. She mentioned something about feeling slutty in the dress.
I smiled.
“Yeah”, I told her, “you are.”
“My slut”, I added, tasting the words and enjoying the sound of them.

Pain and lust is a road I want to discover with you, Princess.
I want to be your sadistic Beethoven, creating delicious overtures with pain, longing, arousal and lust using your beautiful body.
You are my slut, my orgasm slut but I want to add pain slut to the equation too.
I know I need it.
I am sure you want it too.

* * * *

Wow, it was one hell of an evening in the Fetish Café.
Not only playing with Princess was hot.
There was a lot of eye candy too. For a while we enjoyed watching two subs, attached to the winch, facing each other, being whipped and caned. The two women found strength and comfort with some very hot French kissing.  Then one of them climaxed, her juices splashing on the floor.

Imagining Princess kissing a woman is a maddening thought. I am sure I would cum by the sheer excitement of watching my love kissing a woman. Seeing her play, touch, caress, enjoy.

Then there was the hot interaction with the stranger too.
Our evening in the Fetish Café was a memorable one.

Back home I fucked Princess rough and hard and we fell asleep way past 2 am.
Somewhat before 8 am I was pulled out of a deep sleep when I felt Princess’ hand playing with my hard cock.

Seconds later I pushed her away, on her back, grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs apart. My tongue found the sweet stickiness and Princess moaned while I teased her bringing her to an intense climax.

I fucked her, relentlessly, barely noticing her barely audible “thank you Milord”. I was building up my orgasm, welcoming it, wanting it. Yes, it had been too long.

Then I came.
Oh my god, what a release it was.
I shivered, I cried and wept.
I screamed while filling my Princess with my cum.
Her hands were all over my face, wiping away my tears, holding me, loving me.

It was delicious, it felt like dying and being resuscitated.

I looked at Princess, sweat and tears dropping on her hot body.
We smiled and we knew it would be like this forever and one day.

File 20-07-15 08 58 09

Stupid Cupid Party

Princess and I spend Valentine’s Evening in the Antwerp Fetish Cafe. We had a passionate, awesome and fun evening.

It was a last moment decision though.
We are members of the Fetish Lounge Club, couples only, at the Fetish Cafe. There is a play party every first Saturday of the month.
When we were invited almost a year ago by two other couples to rent the Club for private play we had to think about it.
One of the most important of our very few hard limits is about not sharing in any way. We like to be seen and when we play Princess is naked except for her pumps and stay-ups. I love to show her off.
But that’s it. We do not want to be touched by anybody else sexually let alone I would accept an even very experienced Dom whipping, spanking Princess or whatever.
We since played twice in private and both times were great.

The Stupid Cupid Party was open to couples and singles. In my mind singles mean men and even more men just being curious enough to ditch 30$ for a peek in the world of Fetish and BDSM and thus not necessarily aware about the weight respect has in our lifestyle.
Princess trusts I’ll protect her and keep her safe at all times.

There was no need for being worried and when I told Princess we were going to the Club after all she was delighted. Our last visit, past Saturday, had been great too.

When we descended the stairs, Princess and I, and entered the bar it was like coming home. How great it feels to be amongst kindred spirits and feel free in who and what we are. Princess and I, madly in love, addicted to one another, connected by something most people cannot grasp.

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

My love was delightful, both sexy and sensual, a Goddess, my Princess. Her black dress, fitting tightly around her beautiful body, my battery, my isle of intense desire and devotion, emphasizing the curves I love to touch, to caress, to taste. To bite and pinch, to hurt and to pleasure.

The bar was filled with the colorful and kinky, mostly couples we have seen on other occasions. Nothing special and surely no menacing single men. Stupid me.

We immediately went to the Dungeon to see what was happening.
Ligatio was there doing awesome rope suspension with his love. Only shiny high heels she wore and a delicious fluffy tail. Princess liked it too. A tail has been something we have been fantasizing about. Seeing it been wore adds to the anticipation and maybe I’ll go shopping for one very soon now.

The bondage was intense and very artistic and then he tortured her pussy and I felt Princess shiver in delight.
A year ago we followed one of the bondage workshops Ligatio gives.

Back in the bar we had a drink, a few people came over to say hi. Now that we are more regular visitors and no unknown newbies anymore reticence is disappearing. They have seen us play, they have noticed our respect and how we feel at home here in the Fetish Café, in this wonderful world of kink, BDSM and fetishism.

I noticed a young woman dressed in old-fashioned pink lingerie. It was not only her pronounced chin but also the gaze in her eyes that struck me. There was a shine of madness in her eyes and anger to be seen, emphasized by the harshness of her facial lines.
Masculine but then again not really.
I had the impression she was alone and bored to death.

Princess and I enjoyed our drinks and then we heard the sound of whipping coming out of the Dungeon.
Her eyes sparkled and I could read desire and wantonness so I got up, gave Princess my hand and escorted her to the Dungeon.

For a while we sat on a bench watching what was going on. It is mesmerizing, titillating and inspiring seeing others play.

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

The young woman in her pink undies was there too now with her companion. She was on all fours and he sitting on a chair. He was dressed in a 3-part costume complete with tie and he seemed far away, unattached while she caressed his legs with her face, going down to his shoes while he tapped her gently on her head from time to time. It was extremely arousing to watch their interaction, her devotion and submissiveness.

After a while he got up and using chains he attached her to the hoist whilst she changed into a very bratty submissive. There was lots of verbal interaction due to their accent I knew they were Americans.

She had about 10 horizontal scars on both her shoulders, the result of needle play. He slapped her a few times in the face, relatively hard, and it made her even brattier.
The woman fought him and then he hit her a few times with his fist in the belly and near the kidneys.

We did not like that at all so we moved to another part of the Dungeon where I undressed Princess, blindfolded her and made her lean over a bench. I started warming up her shoulder blades and behind with the wheel of pain before gentle flogging and then switching to very harsh whipping. Sometimes I stopped to pinch her sides or add clothespins. The pain makes Princess even hotter and I find giving pain extremely arousing and gratifying.

In the far corner I saw how the American guy had made a single column tie around his partner’s neck while she was standing, loosely attached with her wrists to the hoist, one leg attached to a wooden bench so she had a hard time trying not tip over. I noticed him punching her again hard in the stomach with his fist. Not my thing at all.
So I zoned out and concentrated on Princess.

When I looked at them again, what seemed light-years later, he was untying her. She was holding a blood soaked tissue against her face, there was blood on his face and hand as well and a small puddle of blood on the ground.
Every seat in the Dungeon was taken and everybody was looking at them.

Later on the Dungeon Master told me she had lost her equilibrium and had fallen forward hitting his face with her forehead so they had to stop.
He smiled and told us that kind of harsh edge play was not something that was really appreciated in the club but there was not much he could do as long as it was consensual.
When she changed clothes we noticed she had a real seventies pussy with dark and abundant pubic hair. What a difference to most other women in the club whom are all almost or completely shaved.

Later on that evening The Americans where sitting on a couch next to ours, talking in a high, fucked up pace, commenting on everybody and drinking Belgian beer. There was no anger whatsoever between them so I guess they are into some kind of hardcore BDSM.

We enjoyed being there, Princess and I, feeling ever so close. She could not stop touching me and felt like the only safe and cozy place would be at my feet, being watched over, protected, loved.

Much to soon it was way too late so we left.

An hour later, back home, in bed, we made love, Princess and I.
She did her very best trying not to make too much noise but barely succeeded. Little A. is staying with us and she had friend sleeping over and they were not asleep yet.

After giving Princess a few intense and very wet orgasms I switched off the lights. She crawled close up to me and I held Sweetheart in my arms while we drifted away into another night.

The last thing I remembered before I tumbled into oblivion where my tears.
Oh the happiness, the joy holding Princess’ naked body.
These are truly the best and most intense years of my life.
Being with Princess.
Princess and I.

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr

Two encounters at The Fetish Cafe

When we came out of the Dungeon after playing the bar was filled with a cosy sounding hubbub of laughter and soft talking.

Princess and I found two unoccupied bar stools and I ordered soft drinks for us both. The cafe was really crowded. Mostly lifestylers of course; very recognizable by the way they were dressed. There were also the accidental visitors, curious about the lifestyle or simply seeking information.

We noticed a small group of girls, not older than Big A., in there early twenties, enjoying an evening in town. They were shrieking with laughter and feeling quite comfortable in this place where tolerance is a highly valued principle.

A young man entered the bar and stood there for a moment, looking at nothing in particular.
Then he noticed us.

“Hello, I’m new here, this is my first time at the Cafe. I am curious. What brings you here?” he smiled.
We talked for a while and he told us he had spent a few days in Sweden attending a tantra workshop and had met , I suppose, a submissive. The experience had marked him and he wanted more.

So I told him why Princess and I are regulars, how we enjoy playing, the added value of watching and being watched and so on. To make things clear I also explained the difference between BDSM and a D/s (or M/s) relation and gave him some useful links. (edited 26/12/2015, removing the name and author of a book)

After a while he thanked us and then dissipated in the crowd.

“You must be proud”, Princess whispered. “You just gave some sort of extended interview about the lifestyle,” she added with a smile.

“Indeed,” I chuckled but the guy hadn’t felt right although I still cannot pinpoint why.

We also talked with slave e., one of the Staff members. She is responsible for the Fetish Cafe’s website and recently she started a new art project. Every 3 months the Fetish Cafe will present an artist who will be invited to exhibit his/her BDSM/Fetish related work in the Cafe.

Princess and I want to explore BDSM/Fetish photography, it is our common project. Princess enjoys being my model and it gives her a chance to be someone else, like kind of actress. For me it is a challenge as I think I have little to add to the genre. Working together on this venture is also another way to grow closer and incite each others creativity.

slave e. was interested and asked me to send her an email with a few examples. I have two images I am really proud of on my Fetlife-profile so together with a link to my regular photography website I added the links to these two images as well.

I am really excited and hope I’ll be given an opportunity to show off my work.

So curious
So curious


Another visit to The Dungeon

Yesterday we went to The Dungeon again. We hadn’t visited the place since the end of May when we played with 2 other couples.

Princess and I are member of the Fetish Lounge Club and they organize an event every first Saturday of the month. We missed the two last ones though.

Last week, on Fetlife, I noticed The Dungeon held an Open Play Evening on Saturday.

The Bar is open for the big 18+ public and there is a bouncer too. Albeit there is no dress code visitors are asked to be dressed appropriately and lingerie is allowed. No nudity or sexual acts in the public area is accepted though.

The Dungeon itself is closed but those whom want to play or watch pay 20 euro’s per couple and inside everything goes. Men alone pay 20 euro.

When Princess and I arrived, little past ten, the place was still kind of deserted. At the bar I ordered two glasses of white wine and to my big surprise the bartender remembered my name. Cool.

Winch and pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.
Winch and pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.

For a while we talked, Princess and I. Then Princess told me she was very eager to play so I paid the 20 euros and we entered The Dungeon. To our surprise The Dungeon was deserted. We had the entire room to ourselves.

I collared Princess and after getting her out of her dress I cuffed her. I then guided Princess to a bench and ordered her to bend forward so she could lean with her upper arms on it.

Of course I started slowly with the flogger, warming up the soft skin of her delicious behind. Gradually the blows became harder and I switched to the rubber whip, alternating with the wooden spatula, my hand and the leather whip.

After a while I added some pussy teasing. Princess’ undies were soaking wet and it did not take long before she exploded.

I held her shaking body against mine and walked Princess back to the wooden seats and helped her sit down. I could see it had been a good one.

While she was recovering I caressed her skin with a feather duster making her tremble even more.

Then I started rhythmically spanking her pussy with the leather pad of one of my horsewhips. I held Princess in a firm grip constraining her movements.
Slap,  Slap,  Slap it went.
Slap. Slap. Slap.

The sound waves hit the ancient walls of the cellar and echoed back while Princess moaned and I continued spanking her pussy.
Princess went off like a gun and it came so sudden it even surprised me. The intensity of her orgasm was awesome and she fell back in my arms and whispered a zillion beautiful words to me.

The pussy spanking was a first one and I’m sure I will be doing it again as I kind of like the result.

It was time for more action and I led Princess to the pillory stock. Since our first visit to The Dungeon I had this fantasy where I would fuck Princess while she was imprisoned in it. In my fantasy There would be spectators too. Well, next time.

I pushed her undies down and got my hard cock out. Princess was so very wet, her core longing for me.

Delicious it was, fucking my sweetheart that way while we could hear the chatter of the café visitors in the space next to ours. It seemed to come from another dimension.
Hell, it added to the experience.

Fetish Cafe - Pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.
Fetish Cafe – Pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.

Then another couple entered The Dungeon and I stopped with what I was doing just out of respect for them.

I finished the session attaching Princess to the winch and giving her a good whipping and an extra orgasm.

Back in the Café we found a place at the bar and I ordered a couple of soft drinks. We evaluated the scene and Princess told me she had liked it very much but felt that I had held back too much. True but it had been some time since we last played though.

Before we left for home we had two special and fun encounters but I’ll write about that in another post.

Back home we made love.
Boy,  it was so very intense.
Princess and I rock ‘n roll.

What I took with me.
What I took with me.

The Play Date – The Day After

Princess and I had a great time in the Dungeon and before we knew it our time was up.
It was fun sharing this experience though. The visual stimuli added arousal and excitement to our personal play. We felt at ease and relaxed, enjoying at its fullest this special moment.

I held back though, as I have been doing the last couple of times when we played. It is about leaving marks on Princess’ body. Bruises on her arms and shoulders, whipping marks on her behind are way to visible. It is summer and shorts and sleeveless dresses obviously do not conceal enough.
Princess kids’ already made some remarks and I would hate it if they would think I’m abusing their mother.

In this respect the rubber whip is ideal. It leaves no traces nor does my hand or the wooden pizza spatula

I spanked Princess while she was bound to a wooden cross but I used most of my time practising rope bondage. Princess was astonished and pleased with the progress I had made. She loves the sensation of rope on her skin and being restricted in her movements.

Princess and I shared another first one, albeit unintentionally.
After finishing a reverse box-tie I added a safety cord leading to a heavy-duty carabiner hook I had attached to the winch. I added a single column tie around her ankle and lead that cord up too.
I was very cautious when I craned Princess in order to finish a floor-based suspension.

“Wow”, she suddenly whispered.
Princess was hanging about an inch and a half above the floor. Her robe hanging down and the dim light in the Dungeon had masked it.

Yeah, I know, not that spectacular of course.

But it was by all means my very first suspension and one has to start somewhere.I grabbed the ropes and cradled her gently at the same time turning them 360°.

Later that evening Princess told me the suspension had been a great experience and she had felt very comfy and safe hanging there.
Princess knows she is not allowed to use her safe word when we do bondage. When your leg starts to feel numb the word RED is useless. I insist she tells me exactly what is going on and I have always a pair of bandage scissors within reach.

Doing real suspension is not my goal. It is fun to do but very impractical if one wishes to use bondage for playing. Floor suspension on the other hand can be very sensual. The restriction and position of limbs and/or body for erotic access is an arousing stimulus for both.

Floor suspension is something we cannot practice at my place.
We could at Princess’ home, her bedroom being under the roof supported by strong beams.
Alas Princess’ room, and house, is still a no go area.

I did not make photos either. It would have been disturbing for our play partners.
Besides, making real BDSM photos cannot be done while playing. The mindset one needs to be in is quite different.

Later on that evening we all enjoyed dinner and the mood was open, warm and trustful.  We talked about a zillion things but mostly about the lifestyle.

Much to soon this wonderful, warm, magical and intense evening came to its end and it was time to say goodbye.
It ended with shutting car doors, engines starting, rupturing the intense silence and headlights exorcising the darkness.

Later on, was it still night or a new day, although still foetal, I held Princess in my arms. We kissed and smiled.
I turned out the light so the darkness could finally cover us.

Us, Princess and I, still enjoying this incredible and enriching experience.

I fucked her.

Somewhere in the beginning of the action I pushed Princess away, got out of bed and grabbed a towel and spread it on the bed.
Got back in bed.
“Come on girl”, I grunted, “give it to me.”

Princess mounted me.
We fucked as if our lives depended on it.
Princess came.
And came.
And a third time, hell, she is insatiable.

The towel turned out to be a good idea. Princess can be very wet and occasionally squirts.

Seconds before we fell asleep Princess asked me if I thought they would invite us again.
I told her I could only hope they would.
Yeah, me too she mumbled.

We slept well and deep, Princess and I.

Real life woke us at 08:05 Sunday morning.
Princess’ smartphone buzzing.

Arm tie

And then there were only 3

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a big day as it brings another first. Princess and I will be playing in The Cafe in a private setting with a few other couples. The Cafe’s Dungeon is at our disposal during 4 hours. Afterwards we will have dinner at a different location.

More than 6 months ago we met K&J at the Cafe and we stayed in touch. We saw each other a few times in the Café just for talks.
Then they asked us if we would be interested in renting the place with a few other couples for a more private play.
We shared the same ideas about what BDSM means to us so we said yes.
On Friday, March 14th we met with K&J and they introduced us to Couple 1 and Couple 2 and I wrote about this meeting under the title The Date – Preliminaries.

Couple 1 has 25+ years experience in the lifestyle and Couple 2 some 20 years.

Yesterday Princess and I received two emails.
The first came from Couple 2 cancelling the date for personal reasons.

The mail we received from K&J was about the changed dynamics between them and Couple 1. During a previous play an erotic sparkle had sprung between the two women leading to a common and more intimate play between the two couples. Spanking, whipping, bondage, wax play and some other interactions shared except sexual actions.
This changed dramatically what had been agreed upon. Princess and I have no intentions to share ourselves in any way imaginable.

Although K&J were sure we would not feel uncomfortable with this change, nor object to the different actions this would generate, they wanted to know I we would be okay with it. K&J also stressed they did not expect us to participate in their mutual play but we were welcome if we wanted to.

Princess and I decided to go and I wrote K&J an email explaining we did not object to any of their actions between themselves as long as we did not have to participate. We also counted on their respect towards our decision.

We will be spending our time with photography, rope play and enjoying all the equipment the Cafe has to offer.
If I’m being honest I must admit this last-minute change leaves a bitter taste.

I am sure Princess and I will enjoy ourselves though.
And we can always leave if we so desire.


This Friday Evening, March 14th. #ASMSG #Erotica #EroticRomance #BDSM #Dominance and submission

Only 8 hours to go before The Date.

It is a huge step for Princess and me and my mind is already sizzling in anticipation of what is lying in front of us, the new doors we are about to open. We are taking a new step in our wonderful, loving, caring and intense D/s relationship.

Yesterday evening I gave Princess instructions on what to wear this evening.  A black dress of course, probably the one I bought her in Germany on our first holiday together. Her black with a red stripe stay-ups and black pumps to top it all off. By the way Princess has gorgeous legs.

On Friday evenings The Fetish Café is a public place for everyone above 18. Obviously playing is not allowed and visitors are asked to be dressed accordingly.

Except for K&J who we met on previous occasions in The Fetish Café the 2 other couples are complete strangers. We are of course open-minded and Princess and I know what we want, how far we are willing to expand our soft limits and what we do not want.

The idea of meeting kindred spirits is exciting and the idea this date will eventually lead to a private play session is exhilarating.

Princess and I are really looking forward to this evening.
I am so grateful to you, Princess, for making all this possible, for sharing the lifestyle with me and thank you for your precious gift of submission.

Playing with friends



Expanding our horizon

Last night I didn’t sleep very well. Somewhere during the hours of darkness I woke up because I got cold. Hell, I don’t like sleeping alone anymore. I need Princess next to me, every night.
My love was, I hoped, sound asleep albeit in the wrong bed.

It took some time before I fell asleep again so I used the spare time to over think what Princess and I talked about on our way back home from the Antwerp Fetish Cafe. We always evaluate a finished play date.

Princess told me how she had appreciated the fact I had started the spanking and whipping slow and gentle. She added she also had the impression I had held back later on in the session.
Yes, I always hold back, I do not know why. At home Princess asks me for more or insists when she wants it harder. In the club though Princess prefers handing all control over to me so yes, I hold back.
Princess also told me she felt she could take more in the Fetish Cafe caused by the fact the environment, the Dungeon, works on her fantasy in a different way than our living room.

We also talked about expanding our horizon beyond the Fetish Cafe. K & J had talked about a non-commercial oriented group of, mostly, couples called Eyes Wide Shut. These people organize private events and K & J had attended one already  and what they told us seemed like fun.

This morning I subscribed Princess and myself on the website of Eyes Wide Shut. It is anonymous and you can’t subscribe when you are a single man. The website is also filled with lots of information, grouped by fetish like BDSM, watersports, swinging and so on.

Shortly after I got a friend request from K & J and a private mail telling how much they had enjoyed talking with us past Saturday evening. They also asked if we would be interested in hiring the Dungeon with them and a few other couples for private play and enjoy the unique opportunity to photograph our partners in a real BDSM environment.

I like the idea very much but only if two conditions are met. Respect for our hard limits stating Princes or I do not want to be touched by anyone else. Also I do not want Princess to be photographed but by me and that is final.

I’ll be talking this over with Princess and I am very curious what her reaction will be. And I’m pretty sure we’ll have fun exploring the EyesWideShut.be website too.