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Connecting with a couple

By sheer coincidence I came in contact with a couple on Fetlife.

Both are relatively newbies when it comes to BDSM. Johnny and June are eager to learn. Their dynamic is Top/bottom. Johnny enjoys rope play and June loves being a lust slave. There is more about them of course but the contact we have is still young.

I’m in contact with Johnny and he informs June and I inform Princess.

Playing with a couple was Princesses’ original proposal when we started talking about including other people in our scenes. At that time I did not find that a good idea. Including a man was plan B.

Finding that man and organizing a play scene was relatively easy and straightforward. Princess and I enjoyed playing with The Stranger, a submissive, and The Stranger 2, a switch in a dominant role, very much.

Organising a scene with a couple is a whole different ballgame. It wouldn’t if it was such sex like in swinging.

But this is BDSM and finding stuff we all enjoy. It makes it much more a challenge. I like that.
What’s the idea?

I would set up a scene with June while Johnny watches. For Johnny it is about pleasuring June with a good act and observing and learning.

So far so good.

But what about Princess?
She and June are straight.

Princess suggested she could help me like dropping wax over June on my command. That too was a no go for June. She does not like to be dominated by a woman.

Johnny hinted he, June and Princess could write assignments on pieces of paper and Princess would draw them. She did not like the idea as she wants to play a submissive role. So choosing assignments for me does not feel right for Princess.

Princess suggested I would play with them both. That could be a workable path but I haven’t a clue yet about a titillating scenario.

Princess also wants to know what I’ll be doing in my scene with June. Princess is horrified with the idea I would repeat our scenes with June.

I explained Princess it would be different because June’s desires are different too, her buttons different. But at the moment I am unaware of them. So I can’t say in what direction I want to go yet.
Furthermore we need to meet first, the four of us. Talk, have a few drinks and see if there is a mutual click.

I know Princess has an open mind about all this. Yet there are a few issues.
I would like to compare it with a person dreaming about doing a base-jump. When you are standing, there, all secured, jumping might look completely different from what you’ve imagined.

November 2016. Princess watched me tying The Stranger during our first play evening. After he left Princess told me she had experienced envy, maybe even jealousy. It was about the tying which she found was our private experience. Feeling like that had surprised her.

I believe there to be another issue and it is something I can completely understand.
Princess is my sub and I am her Dom. Playing with June might feel like cheating even if Princess is present.

Johnny and I have still a few things to tackle. The most important is how to include Princess actively in the scene without this being threat to June but very pleasurable for Princess. Then there is his role during and after the scene.

How about sex? For June and Johnny this is a yes. I would happily tag along too but I’m not sure about Princess.

The most important hurdle is Princess accepting me playing with another sub. With accepting I mean the emotional impact. True, I’m having some issues myself with the idea.

The last thing I want to do is to bring our relationship in danger.

Johnny and I continue discussing the event. A few days ago we phoned. We agreed to keep it short but ended talking for about an hour.
That is a good thing.

I like the way he thinks, his respect, his input. I’m looking forward meeting him. And June of course.

Princess, June, Johnny and I will meet on a Saturday evening in a BDSM club for drinks. If all goes well we can enjoy a kinky evening without excluding some basic mutual activity. If it goes no further, than I hope we still have a new friendship to harbour.

If for some reason there is no common ground or worse, we are all grown-ups and we’ll be playing separately and enjoy a great evening too.

This is an interesting and challenging road. I like doing this.
Connecting with kindred spirits and setting up hot play scenario’s as I did with The Stranger and The Stranger 2.

I believe this could be a fun experience and I’m sure we’ll be all learning something.

The Suffering of Princess
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Thoughts – March 25, 2016

I haven’t been writing much for this blog lately. Princess and I still enjoy playing, being together, the D/s and especially the BDSM.

How many posts can I write about a good fuck, an intense spanking, a zillionth orgasm before repeating myself?

Sure, every time we play, Princess and I, it is a different experience for us. Yet not necessarily one that is interesting enough to write about.

I believe Princess and I excel in the way we talk and have an open and honest communication. I value that very much. Once in a while though being truthful can lead to a certain degree of disappointment. This is not a bad thing; it simply indicates you are not in perfect phase with the other person. Talking about it puts everything back in perspective.

Decades ago, it feels like another life, I somewhat dabbled with the world of swingers and, as a single man, had a couple of experiences. They were with a couple who occasionally invited a few men at their home to enjoy the wife. More than the fucking itself I enjoyed watching the others do their thing. The sexual freedom, sex in “public”, the hotness of swapping were also aspects that at that time I found very appealing.

At that time, I wished for a girlfriend that was also into swinging and the idea of visiting a swinger’s club with her gave me an instant boner.

It never happened though, not the girlfriend, not the clubs.

My life then went in another direction and I got married. It was (sexually) very dull and soon I sank in an almost constant state of depression. The birth of my two daughters the only lights in those dark years. After recovering from a burnout my life started to take form again. It would take another 5 years before I finally found the strength to break free from the dungeons of my marriage.
When I broke the chains I also killed the dark beast of depression that had been lurking in my head for almost two decades.

I lived alone for some time, had a relation and then finally met Princess. The path that brought me to Princess had been a hard one, but it was more than worth it.

Over the years my short-lived swinging “experience” faded to a point I did not want to pick up the remainders.
I had moved on and embraced, with Princess, the BDSM part of our sexuality.

The only memory that remained unspoiled and still extremely strong was the image of that woman being fucked by her hubby and the other visitor. The thought still sends hot and tantalising shivers through my body.

Countless are the fantasies I had where Princess was under my control in the presence of another man, also under my control. I imagined a thousand scenarios, one even hotter than the other.

I never told any of them to Princess.

Somewhere in the last months of last year our friends, K. & J., contacted us to see if we were open for a woman/woman scenario. Princess is not even bi-curious but the idea kind of tickled her fancy.

Princess and I did our homework and talked about it, what it would mean. About the impact on our relation.
About limits. I somewhat surprised Princess when I told her that for me, in a woman/woman situation, she was free to explore as much as she wanted and the limits only set by her curiosity.

A few days later I came clean with Princess and told her I would not say no to a BDSM based scenario with an extra man albeit with hard limits like 100% safe sex. I guess she was flabbergasted by what I told her but I felt great as I finally was able to talk about my most well guarded desires and fantasies. I felt relieved and even closer to Princess.

I also told Princess that if it where my call I would prefer a man/Princess scenario over a woman/Princess scene.

Princess and I looked forward to the w/w moment very much. Sir K. and I met and discussed a scenario and then all was set.

Unfortunately, J. had an accident a week before the event so it was called off. J. is still revalidating but getting there.

I am still not sure but I think Princess was somewhat relieved we didn’t go trough with it.

It did not keep me from fantasising about what became “The Stranger”. In short I would take Princess to a hotel room or something. Before entering the room, she would be blindfolded and we would play. Princess would be unaware of his presence until the right moment where he would touch her and so forth.

Over the months I build this scenario based on Princess’s reactions on the dirty talk I often use when we fuck.

We talked about this scenario on other occasions and Princess told me she would be uneasy and nervous but liked the idea exploring her sexuality even deeper. Princess agreed when I said I was sure it would even bring us closer and deepen our relation.

A few weeks ago Sir K. told us J. was doing well and they were looking forward to a new attempt.

Recently I got an invitation for a Spring Party based on the tales of Boccaccio’s the Decameron. I talked about it and told Princess I was pretty sure it was not a BDSM party but a swinger’s party. I did not want to waste money on buying a dark costume or renting a tux for the occasion. On the other hand, I wanted to go, finally witness a swinger’s party and I told Princess I would be open for more if the situation would be favorable for a variation on my “The Stranger” scenario.

As a matter of a fact I had already started setting up a hot and thrilling BDSM variation of “The Stranger” scenario, working on an add ensuring me to find a perfect dick.

A few days ago we talked again about the party on the phone. It is a whole different way of communicating and it has its place depending on the subject being discussed.

We talked about the party and about expanding our sexuality. I told her I preferred by far ‘The Stranger’ of woman/woman scenario over a visit to a swinger’s party.

Then Princess told me again she felt no need for such ventures and was quite happy with how things are. The occasional visit to the club, the playing at home, maybe finding another BDSM club.

We talked some more, looked at it from different angles and it became very clear to me Princess indeed felt no need to explore that part of our sexuality.

I respect her point of view and I am happy she came clear on this after giving me the wrong signals (or was it me interpreting them the wrong way?) I would hate myself forever if Princess did things more to please me than for her own pleasure.

Princess was honest yet I feel slightly disappointed but I am sure that will fade soon.

Here are a few images I took after a very intense scene at our place. It was one of the first times I used only the cane and a few warming up slaps with my hand. The second is biting.


February 27, 2016 Caning
February 27, 2016


February 27, 2016 Pinching
February 27, 2016

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Oh boy, this was what we had been waiting for. An evening at home, just the two of us.

An evening of carnal pleasure, love, intimacy and BDSM.

I pick Princess up at 19:15 and back home, at our place, we sit down for a while, some talking, sipping red wine, closing the day.

I have a present for Princess. The Dorr Avond is a very powerful massager. Cordless and rechargeable with a magnetic charging tip and USB cable. It has 6 vibration patterns and 5 different speeds.

It comes, like all high-end toys, in a well crafted box and is a pleasure to unpack.

I have also two new floggers. A small one with suede strands, very soft, and a leather one, the same I already own. I’ll be doing some Florentine flogging in the near future but I have to exercise first.
Click HERE for a demonstration by John Brownstone.

I want to start the evening with a good spanking.

With some rope I tie Princess’s wrist together and lead her to the back of our couch.

I make her bend over and then I pull down her undies.

For a short while I sit behind her looking at what is mine. Softly I stroke her labia with the soft tip of one of my riding crops.
She moans. She is wet.
Princess is ready.

“No orgasming,” I warn her.
I get up, unzip and push my hard cock in her core.
Guess she did not expect that.
I fuck Princess, hard, and grab her hair, pulling her head back.

Then it is spanking time.

Suede flogger for some warming up. Then my hand and I alternate with the leather flogger and finish it of in beauty with some harsh caning.

Princess is a good girl as she did not come.

But she has enough and I want to hold her close to me.
I lead her to the couch, sit down and pull a drowsy Princess on my lap and hold her, stroking her softly.
This is one of my favourite moments. The aftercare brings us to close, as if we become one.

Later on she loves the massager and I let her cum. Then I use both the massager and the vibrator, searching for alternating vibration patterns. Princess screams when she orgasms and I am happy I laid a mattress protector on the bed.

Then I mummify her upper body, wrapping plastic foil around her arms, leaving her breasts free. Tie her ankles to the bed post and finally blindfold her.

I use Princess and she loves it. She comes abundantly.

Yet, during our feedback session she tells me she found it strange no to be able to touch me. It felt distant but not in a bad way or a good way.

After that we sleep well.
There is nothing more soothing in the world than crawling against Princess’s warm and soft body.
And falling asleep.


Next to the massager a Waterman pen engraved with the date of our first, well, date and, on the other side, our names. A gift from Princess for our 1st anniversary
Next to the massager a Waterman pen engraved with the date of our first, well, date and, on the other side, our names. A gift from Princess for our 1st anniversary


Thoughts – November 6th, 2015

These past few weeks’ things haven’t been sparkling between us. We both suffered from autumn blues yet experienced it differently. I questioned the future of our relationship and that, unconsciously, led to some distance between us.

Princess had the shingles on the left cheek of her delicious behind so spanking activities were put on hold. Furthermore, she had lower back-pains resulting in, among other symptoms, a painful leg. All this led to not enough night’s rest. Leading to my wrongfully impression Princess was taking a distance from me.

Little A. stayed at my place for two weekends and an extra half a week so Princess and I did not have to privacy we are used to.

Yesterday evening, Thursday, November 5th, and for the first time in weeks, Princess and I played. Not for long, after all we had to get up early for work.

While I prepared I ordered Princess to go to the bedroom and prepare herself.
When I entered the room Princess was waiting for me, holding her leather dog collar in her hands.

I helped Princess up, led her to the bedroom door and helped her lean forward, holding her hands against the door.

For a while I spanked her, gently, using a few different floggers. Princess loved it, it had been a while.

When I finally stopped she was on the brink of orgasming.

I ordered her down on the bed.

Using rope, I tied her ankles to each bedpost. I did not engage in foreplay but attacked her pussy right away. Licking it at first, then some rubbing before using the vibrator pushing her to intense orgasms.

Just the simple fact of being tied adds so much to Princess’s experience. Using rope instead of leather cuffs seems to make it different. Knotting and pulling rope is a more intimate way of playing.

I pushed her near an orgasms, backed off, and started again.
And again.

Untied Princess and took her, savagely, pressing her down with my weight.

It did not take long before she reached a very intense orgasm.
Princess thanked me.
We kissed.

Everything was okay and that was one hell of a great thought.








When Princess spends the night at her place we talk over the phone just before turning out the lights.

Topics we discuss vary from day-to-day and can be as mundane as simple chit-chat.

Talking over the phone has something anonymous about it. Even for us who have no trouble whatsoever communicating in real life.
Some items just seem to get tackled easier when there is no physical contact.

It has nothing to do with hesitation or awkwardness. Lying in bed, connected only with our voices, creates a different kind of intimacy. Maybe it helps to be clear in our mind not being troubled by the need of kissing or touching.

Maybe because this way of talking comes close to the soothing pleasure some might experience during confession. Here too communication is limited to a faint whisper.

I told Princess I missed her presence next to me, in our bed.

Princess told me, not for the first time, how I have made her addicted to the stuff we do. How she craves the sensations and emotions I give her.

By simply imagining my cane, her body yearns for its harsh touch.

Fantasizing about rope or even the vaguest scent of jute makes her shiver.

The thought of submitting to breath control the next time we play is even a stronger stimulant for Princess.

How difficult it is to go to sleep without loving, without sex.

Most of these things and certainly the sensations that go with them are new for Princess. As they are for me.

Sure, she has lived before we met.
So did I.

Yet we both feel that a lot of what we share are first ones and that is one hell of a positive feeling.

Besides, I can say in all honesty that I never could have imagined how real, pure and deep love could be. Come to think of it, I never even got close.

With Princess I live what I always dreamed of. This alone is already an absolute first for me.

When I go to bed, alone, after talking with Princess on the phone, I sleep well because her voice is singing in my head and heart.
Yet I too feel the longing, the desire of my body and mind for Princess and the things we do.

We are addicted to each other. Not only to our love but to our lust and pleasure. To lovemaking and rough and intense sex.

Princess and I are truly bound by desire. And Love.

‘Addicted to love’ became Robert Palmer’s best known song. To me it was mostly the video that struck me.

I still love watching the high fashion models acting as a band of sexy, expression-less, near mannequins. Dated, certainly, but still so hot.

Making Princess almost breathless

Tuesday, October 8, 2015

It is warm in our living room and it is a cozy heath, generated by at least 25 candles.

We enjoy a glass of wine, Princess and I. She looks stunning, as always. I cannot take my eyes off her.

For a while we talk. It is how we end the day before switching to absolute Q-time where nothing else matters but us, Princess and I.

*  *  *  *

Princess stands before me. I undress her but let her keep her bra and panties. I put in her wrist cuffs and above each ankle I make a single column tie.

Princess obeys.

I attach the O-ring of each wrist cuff to the rope’s bight with a carabineer.

My god, Princess is so beautiful. Her eyes cast down, she is at my service, waiting for what is to happen.

I could spend a whole evening just looking at Princess while sipping single malt quarter cask whiskey.  Yes, I am talking Laphroaig here.

I show Princess the Pipedream red bondage tape, the scissors and the bandage scissors.

It is not only about showing Princess I am in control, it is about making her believe I am fully prepared when it goes wrong.
That is a part of the make belief.

I blindfold the love of my life. Then start wrapping the Bondage tape around her head. Making sure breathing through her nose is not a viable option.

I push the mouthpiece of my snorkel where it should go and finish taping.

Princess looks like she is wearing a rubber or a latex hood. Her breathing is limited through the snorkel.

Well, I did not go all the way. Princess can still pull some air through her nose. I did not want to go 100% for the first time. I needed to check her reactions.

Princess stayed very calm. Not much did happen. I looked at her and then pinched her nipples and moved my fingers over her panties. It made Princess jump and she reacted to these touches in a way I liked very much.

Snorkel mouth-piece
Snorkel mouth-piece

I closed the opening of the snorkel and counted till 30 or 40 and then moved my fingers over her pussy. I knew she had air, not much, but Princess was not 100% limited to what I decided to give as air supply.

Yet she came much quicker, much more intense, her panties soon dripping wet.

Princess told me her orgasm was very deep but she still felt safe as she was able to get some air.

Next time I’ll be 100% in control. This was just warming up, Princess.

We played for about 30 minutes.

I loved it but was way to busy to monitor Princess’s reactions to get off myself. But getting off is not my goal. I can only enjoy when I know we, Princess and I, are enjoying the same surf.

So next time I’ll be doing this I’ll be 100% in control and get the satisfaction that goes with it. But for my peace of mind I needed to know how Princess coops with this situation.

Then I slowly released her from the deep red bondage tape.

“Care for a spanking?” I asked.

Princess, being a good girl, said “Yes please, Milord.”

I did it the hard way. Topped it off with caning. Counted 20.
Princess came and dropped on her knees, embracing subspace.

I helped her in bed and made sure she was warm and cozy.
Put the toys aside.

Hopped in bed next to Princess. Fucked her.
And again.
Then there was one last one for the road.

I did not come but fuck it. It is not about me. It is all about Princess. I am the puppet master.
I play.
Wished Princess a good night.

When I opened my eyes again it was Friday morning. Princess was still lying next to me.

Happily, my life is not a dream. Princess, my beloved submissive, wife, friend, mistress,  is real and so very tangible.

Princess being somewhat breathless (2015)
Princess being somewhat breathless (2015)

Prelude to Erotic Asphyxiation

Wednesday, October 7th.

Tuesday evening is for us, Princess and I.

Yesterday it was not though. Kay, Princess’s youngest, had made an appointment with her therapist and Princess was unable to cancel.

So when Princess arrived at my place it was later than normal.

Princess was jacked-up and needed a spanking. I gave her that but reluctantly because the walls are thin and after 10 pm people have the right to complain/call the police whenever they feel there is noise pollution.

I did my best to relief Princess and I loved the flogging and whipping rhythm I had built up. Yet I made a shortcut and helped Princess cum quicker than I really wanted.

Then in bed I decided I wanted to try out what I had in mind for our next play date, Thursday if all goes well.

Edge play works best if all pieces fall into place and mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle. You cannot get the most out of edge play without, at least, triggering stuff by using words, a description, a setting, a story.

So I decided not to talk, not to tell a story. Not to use the stuff that makes mind/edge play so intense. I wanted to know if the act itself was strong enough. Adding a few layers would be beneficial.

In bed we made love. I squeezed Princess’s nose and laid my hand over her mouth. Did my best not to suffocate her but to make her gasp for air.

I did get a lot out of the act. It satisfied my sadist me in ways I cannot describe. Erotic asphyxiation is about TPE and trust but a sadist can also get off on it.

The fucking and shutting down her air supply in a rather basic manner, without making Princess helpless, gave her such intense orgasms they even flabbergasted me.

I have a scene in mind. It will be about breath control. Yet I know there are a myriad of other buttons to press when it comes to satisfying Princess.

Kneeling, deep-throating and pain.
And other stuff.


Fetish Cafe – 15th Anniversary party

Saturday, October 3th, 2015

We are on our way to Antwerp. This weekend is the 15th anniversary of the Fetish Café and they are throwing a party.

I hand over a gift wrapped box. It is big and heavy. Impatiently Princess rips the paper apart, opens the box and…

“Oh my gosh, Milord,” she shrieks, “it is really huge.”

She is holding Terrific Truman in her hand, looks at it, weighs it, pushes the buttons. It weighs 300 grams and the shaft, before it hits the controls, is 13 cm (5.11″) long. The thickest part is the corona of glans and measures 15 cm (5.9″) in diameter.

Ladies, I know, size is not that important. It is what you do with the tool that counts.

“You’ll have to wait till we are back home,” I tell Princess.
She is testing the vibrator by holding the glans in her fist while switching through the 8 patterns.

Then we are in Antwerp, at the Fetish Cafe.
Here we feel at home midst our fellow kinksters.

Princess and I are welcomed by slave E. the property of Master R., the man who made a dream come true when he founded the Fetisch Cafe back in 2000.

I head over to Master R. and congratulate him. He is a little surprised but I can see how my gesture is highly appreciated.

We receive a gift, a lanyard, and a glass of excellent Cava. The bar is crowded and filled with animated chatter.

Fetish Café Lanyard
Fetish Cafe Lanyard

Nobody playing in the Dungeon. We find a table and after a short while I start a conversation with a young Mistress who’s also sitting at our table.

Then her attention is pulled away by a man who starts a very heated and animated conversation with her, ranting about Doms whom behave bad.

Later on we make contact with him. He is funny and very friendly and open. Apparently he was a Dungeon Master in another BDSM club and finally got fed up with the bad behaving Doms whom think the playground is only theirs.

We talk for a while and we agree to befriend each other on Fetlife.

There is a lot to see. Latex, leather and so on. There are so many people attending this special evening.

I lead Princess to the Dungeon. I know she likes to play but I am not in the mood and there is way too much people.
The Dungeon is also crowded. There is a Shibari demonstration going on and it is fun to watch although I find the interactions between the married couple missing that special sparkle that can make rope work so intense and intimate.

A man is tied to a Saint Andrew’s cross by a blonde Domina in a pretty latex dress with an open back.

Appearances can be deceiving. I would never had seen in this man with a Mad Max sort of appearance with his heavy combat boots, long leather coat and ditto pants as a submissive. Maybe he is a switch.
Their play is intimate and slow.

“Come,” I say and we leave.

Drive home where we arrive little past midnight.
I take a quick shower and while Princess does something in the bathroom I lit candles in our room.

Minutes later she is lying on our bed. Naked except for her stay-ups. We kiss, I caress her breasts, tease her nipples then pussy.

Princess makes the right moves, the right sounds.
“Good girl,” I tell her.

I go down on her, lick and dance with my tongue, pleasuring her wet folds, soft and warm.
When I sense Princess is near an orgasm I stop.

I take Terrific Truman in my hand and push the buzzing and trembling glans against her pussy. Princess squirms or whimpers or both depending on what program I have selected.

“I want to feel it inside me, Milord, please,” she begs, hungry for relief.

I put some lube on the vibrator and then…

Princess is so hot is slides in her with astonishing ease.

I move it, gently, in and out, while changing patterns, increasing and decreasing vibration speed, watching closely how Princess reacts.
Trying out to find the ones she likes the most.

It takes a long time for her to reach an orgasm.
Princess tells me it is a good one but not earth shattering.

“Your cock is what makes me truly mad,” she adds.
Princess is a darling.

But it is late, early in fact, so we go to sleep.

This morning, Sunday, we made love again. When I push myself in Princess she is still dozy. I fuck her hard, violently, pulling hair, kneading her breasts.

Later on, Princess straddled herself over me, fucking me, hungry or maybe desperate for yet another relief.

“Come for me. Now,” I hiss, slapping Princess 3 times hard on the jaw.

Instantly I see how her body starts shaking and I feel Princess’ hot juices run between my thighs wetting the bed linen even more.

Terrific Truman is a powerful vibrator and it will have its use.

I prefer to use my body limbs on order to make Princess cum.

We had a terrific Saturday evening and an intense and loving Sunday morning.
Way to soon it was almost noon so I had no other choice than to drop of Princess at her place.

The party at the FC was not like this one though...
The party at the FC was not like this one though…

Counting down…

I am counting the minutes.
Princess texted me half an hour ago asking me to pick her up at 21:00.

So yes, I am counting the minutes, even the seconds.
Over less than one hour I’ll be on my way to her place and we’ll be home about 20′ later.

I’m thinking that some intense lovemaking would be a great kick-off for our special week. Don’t you?

It is 19:50 where I live and already dark. Rain is pouring down.
Weather next week will be a mixed bag.

I don’t think we’ll be bored for one single second though.
We decided to introduce some protocol in our D/s relation.
I’ll be working on improving my rope skills. We’ll be making photographs too.
And maybe, just maybe, there will also be some rough lovemaking.

I am so thrilled, so incredibly happy.
Most of all I am blessed with Princess in my life.

Tomorrow Princess and I will be on our way to ‘La Douce France’. We’ll be leaving at 06:30 so I can beat the traffic jams around Brussels.

Princess and I will be together for a whole week. On Saturday evening we’ll be dining at the Sushi restaurant where we had our first date. I asked for the same table. It is the one at the window near the Buddha.
Then it will be our 4th anniversary.

You, dear Readers, are also a part of our story.


Annie B. & Friends

I love what I create, what I add to my lovemaking. BDSM has enriched not only my life in many ways but that of Princess too.

Princess and I are very compatible when it comes to BDSM. She likes what I like and vice versa.
There are still a zillion new things we will be discovering. Some will be challenging.
That is okay. We have a perfect communication. We talk and, very important, we also listen carefully.
Our trust in each other is absolute.

My blog helps me meet new people. Online mostly but that is okay for me. Good, valuable and honest friendships can exist that way too.
Being able to grab a beer together would be nice though.

There is so much information available on BDSM and the D/s lifestyle and Google is your best friend. Sometimes though a more personal approach to a question or a request for information would be desirable, especially for newbies, whom don’t know their way around yet.

There is Fetlife but it is huge and maybe intimidating for some. Facebook could be another way to connect with kindred spirits. But with FB there is, amongst others, the issue of privacy.
I am sure I am forgetting other resources.

From my personal experience I can say that it is even hard to connect in real life. Okay, that is maybe because I am who I am.
Yet I can’t help noticing that, certainly on couples only night, we all share titillating and erotic moments, nudity and so on when we play in the Dungeon.

Afterwards, in the pub, each couple is an inexpugnable isle and there is hardly any contact let alone an imperceptible gesture to say hi.

Princess correctly noticed that the Dutch people whom visit the Dungeon are much more open for contact.
We tend to stay behind barricades. You saw my submissive naked and I yours but I do not want to meet or talk to you.

Then Rita, formerly know as Annie B. shut down her blog and started a new one, Diary of a Brown-Eyed Dancer followed by a new project, Annie B & Friends.

Rita describes it as her space to write, discuss and share the things she finds erotic and beautiful. A place for like-minded friends to chat, discuss and share the beauty of their sexual selves.

This, I think, is what we need.
Small-scale coffee-table like projects where people kind of know each other through blogs and other ways of contact. Where it is easier to trust compared to large giants like Fetlife. Don’t get me wrong, I use Fetlife a lot and it has its value. Unfortunately, there are fakers and potential dangerous people whom use Fetlife too.

Yesterday evening I had the immense pleasure and honor helping Rita online setting up the forum. Different topics will be discussed and questions can be asked. There is a very good chat option too.

I think that this project makes it easier to ask questions, to share ideas, to talk and to connect because it is much more personal than the bigger sites.

Annie B & Friends is up and running but password protected for the time being. Simply visit Diary of a Brown-Eyed Dancer, go to contact and ask for the password.

This will probably change in the near future but there will still be some kind of email subscription for access to the forum.

Rita also asked John Brownstone from Southern Sir’s Place and myself if we would be moderators.
I am humbled by this request and I am happy to take this responsibility. It has been a long time wish of mine to give something back to the community, to a lifestyle that has brought me so much good things.

Annie B. & Friends, check it out!

UPDATE October 11, 2015
As of October 10, 2015 the site does not exist anymore. Rita decided to take it down mostly because there were problems with reaching the site and other technical issues. These were caused at the source, with the hosting company. Rita told me there support was not good at all. 

Annie B. & Friends

Annie B. & Friends