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Thoughts – January 15, 2016

Friday, January 15th

Temperatures have dropped considerably and traffic this morning was chaotic and dangerous. We kind of welcomed the first snow since last winter.

Lovemaking yesterday evening was hot and extremely intense. I had cuffed Princess’s wrist and fastened them to the ring on the side of the bed. I did not use rope but a piece of chain. Heavier it makes also a different noise. Even though it are small details they push different buttons.

After blindfolding Princess I grabbed her ankles, pulling her towards me while mounting the bed and spearing her moist and longing core in one swift move.

“You wanna be used, don’t you, little slut?” I hissed in her ear.
“Uhum, yes…”
“Hungry for cock are you?”
“Oh yes, please, Milord.” A barely audible whisper it was.

While roughly manhandling Princess I fucked her without any consideration.
“More?” I growled, jumping off the bed, then getting on the bed again from the other side, trying to move differently.
After a few hard ones I got off the bed and then on it again, trying to move differently again, mindfucking Princess in thinking she was fucked by multiple men.

“You like to be fucked like this, slut? I love it when you are a bad girl,” I growled.
“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

I could tell she loved it by the intensity of her orgasms, the squirting while I used some more words to enhance the make-believe.

Seconds later the magic broke when Princess’s iPhone started ringing. Kay, her youngest daughter had lost her cell phone, wanted her mom to check the car and if it was not there drive to the open air sports field where she had attended an athletics meeting. It was after 22:00, dark and raining.

I untied Princess. She got dressed, checked her car and fortunately found the damned thing.

Princess got undressed again and hopped in bed where I was eagerly waiting. We made love, kissing and stroking and enjoying our bodies and the intense sensations they gave us. We talked about “The Stranger” fantasy some more and then turned off the lights.

We slept well but 05:55 came way too soon.

It is obvious we are ready to explore and expand our sexual boundaries and we feel comfortable with the idea. I know Princess has still a bunch of unexplored buttons waiting for me to be pushed. I am more than ready, more than motivated to lead her and help her discover and explore her deepest desires.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we plan to go to the Dungeon in Antwerp. There is a Fetish 35+ party for couples and singles. I checked their Fetlife event page. The party will be well-attended.
That is great because it makes these kind of events even more fun.
I’ll be dressed well for the occasion with my new vest and black shirt and tie. And I’m looking forward to show Princess in the most tiniest of sexy dresses.

Princess and I are still growing, as a couple, as lovers and it feels so great.



A Pleasant Change of Plans

Princess and I are very compatible and we complete each other on most areas.
This is also true for our BDSM activities.

When it comes to spanking/caning/whipping, SM and hard and rough fucking we are simply extremely hungry.

I love watching Shibari clips and I have a few books on the subject.  Two years ago we did a workshop, Princess and I.

Yet for some reason we don’t do rope that frequently and Princess often has to ask me to get my ropes out. I don’t know why I am not that hot on doing Shibari myself. Well, I can imagine a bunch of stupid reasons but that is not a great help.

A few days ago I decided to make an effort. After all, Shibari is a very intimate way of enjoying each other in a very sensual and erotic way. When I do rope bondage it feels like dancing with Princess. Just a simple pull of the rope over her skin makes her shiver with delight. I even bought bamboo poles with the intention of including them in rope bondage.

I also contacted a handy man and he is going to install a hook in my ceiling so I can do some floor suspension.

Thursday evening is not only our evening but very often play evening. Since Princess stopped working, temporarily that is, on Wednesday mornings, we can sleep late. This means our play evening becomes much longer and can be very intense. When we finally hit the sack there is some extreme rough fucking and that can last for anything between an hour and 2 or even 3.
No, I am not bragging. Over the past few years my penis has become less sensitive so I do not unload easily, not to say very difficultly. I remain rock hard though and my sex drive remains untouched.
When Princess finally begs for mercy I feel I haven’t started yet.

So past Thursday I browsed through two books by Lee Harrington, “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé” and “More Shibari You Can Use: Passionate Rope Bondage and Intimate Connection” for some inspiration.
I know the box-tie by heart and I need something new to experiment with.

Then I got my rope, scissors and some other stuff out and ready for Princess and an evening of rope play.

The phone rang.
It was Princess.
Stella, Little Star’s mother, had come over from the hospital to take care of her daughter and spend some Q-time with her on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Stella suddenly did not feel well and wanted to return to the hospital.

“Do you mind having Star with us?”
“Not, not at all,” I told Princess truthfully.

I cleaned up the living room, storing the rope and toys back in our bedroom.

So it happened that not much later I not only picked up Princess but also Little Star (3). There was a bag with Star’s clothes, some food and a few toys. I loaded the collapsible cot in the trunk of my car and installed the child’s seat.

Star was exuberant and so happy to see me and looking forward in spending time at my place with Princess.

Star did not stay up long than evening and putting her to bed went surprisingly easy. After that Princess and I drank wine and talked and then went to bed.
We fucked for about 2 hours and I pushed every of Princess’s buttons and doing so I found a few new ones.

One of the things I like to do during rough fuckery is name Princess “slut” or “my slut”. The word has a meaning to me but it is more cerebral than anything I can explain with words.

The other day I found this interesting post on The Ochre Muse titled “I’m a Slut and That’s Okay“. This amusing post is worth reading.
SpanishRed’s definition of the word is:
Slut: (noun, c. 2015) A woman who sees consensual sex as healthy, clean, and principled, regardless of how crazy-ass kinky and obsessive it is.

I like SpanishRed’s definition very much albeit it does not cover 100% what I feel or think when using the word.

Princess and I did not bother changing the soaked sheets and slept very well.

What I feared the most did not happen and except for a short intervention by Princess early in the morning, Star slept till 8:30. Yes, she is known to be completely awake at 5:30 or 6.

The three of us had breakfast, watched a few Pingu clips on the iMac, played and then went out to buy new socks for Star.

I lured Princess into a jewelry store and made her try some earrings. One pair she liked very much and I did too. She looks even more stunning with these big, round and jagged edged ear jewels.
“Please gift-wrap them,” I told the saleswoman.

Princess looked very surprised and did not know what to say.  She smiled and gave me a kiss and her eyes shined with intense love and happiness.

Then it was almost noon so I dropped Star off at Princess’s place, the kids are at home, and drove Princess to her work.

Later that afternoon Little A. stopped by and baked a cake for Princess and me. After that I picked up Princess and dropped her off at her place. Then I went shopping for groceries and some booze.

Yes, I’ll be cooking Christmas Eve dinner for Princess and me. Under the Xmas tree are a bunch of gifts waiting for my little slut. Some of them hot toys I’m sure she will enjoy.

For the second time Princess will be spending Christmas Evening at our place and I am so thrilled and indescribably happy.

After dinner we won’t be singing Christmas carols though. It is going to be a hot and very kinky evening.
You can take my word for it!

About Sluts by Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies.