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Thoughts – August 18, 2017

The first week of my two-week holiday is almost over. It has been raining abundantly every single day.

So I spend most of my time watching a few YouTube channels on video and film making. Watched a bunch of movies too.
I took Princess and Little A. to the movies. Annabelle: Creation was very good. I liked it.

Not as scary as The Conjuring or Insidious though. The atmosphere and the narrative slowness made up for it. Add to that the photography and great camerawork and you have a good movie.

Past Monday Little A. came back home after a 10-day summer camp in Croatia. She asked for some food, took a shower and washed her hair.

After that my youngest daughter asked if she could use my iMac.For over 4 hours she edited using iMovie.
Then Little A. was ready to show me the first results.
What I saw blew me away.
The movie was short, quick and had an incredible vibe to it. And a very good rhythm. Think Casey Neistat style of shooting but revved up.
No cheap effects or loud titles. The changing of speed during a scene are subtle.
Also, the Denver ACT-8030W action cam I gave her performs very well. Sharp and good color rendition.

Yesterday Little A. got some more footage and asked if she could use my iMac again.

So Princess and I moved to the bedroom where we watched The Godfather Part 2. What a movie, what a visual and storytelling experience.

After that we made love, Princess and I.
Then we fell asleep. Exhausted, happy and so in love.

When I woke up this morning she was dozing. I took her though.
It was good. She orgasmed pretty quick. And then again.
Slapped her in the face, pulled her hair. Felt her squirting.

Then it was time for Princess to leave.

I did not do much today. It rained you see. Like as in the whole day.
It is 20:45 over here. The late sun is shining and it is great outside.
I’m pretty sure it will be raining tomorrow as well though.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up Princess at 2 and we’ll arrive at 3 PM at our club.

We are attending a rope workshop and Princess and I are so looking forward to it.

The main theme is the rope dress or Karada. Like this simple one for example.

The workshop ends at 7 PM or so. We are staying for the evening as well. After 8 it is your regular Saturday evening BDSM play party at the club.

I’m sure Princess and I will have a lot of fun. I am convinced we’ll learn new stuff too.

On the water

Wednesday, May 31.

I enjoyed kayaking on the river Ourthe in the Ardennes during our midweek. In fact I love being in and on the water.

Back in the early nineties I went diving in The Netherlands quite often. Sometimes even twice a week. Mostly a night because then there was actually something to see. Most of the time we could not see further than two feet or so but occasionally we had some clear water and could see about 4 or 5 feet.

I stopped diving for multiple reasons.  I went to sleep for many years until I found the courage to leave my unhappy marriage.

Since September 2011 I have entered the best years of my life. The only thing that is missing is sport. I want to do something but I’m quite a loner so groups sports are not something I feel comfortable with.

Last week Princess and I did some kayaking. It was my first time and I immediately fell in love with it. There is water, there is the physical effort and the fun being in the open. I could even combine it with photography of video.

Driving to the Ardennes and renting a kayak is not an option. Too far from home, too many traffic jams and fuel is much more expensive than in the early nineties.

Kayaking can be done in our region too. There are a few interesting rivers and there are canals too.

Yesterday I checked the internet for nearby clubs. This afternoon I visited one. The offer 3 free initiations.

What a difference.
In the Ardennes you pull you kayak to the water, you get in it and then somebody pushes you in the water.

Here you get your kayak in the water and kind of get in. Quite different and not that easy at all.

I tried to get in, the thing started to wobble and suddenly turned over. There I was, in the murky water of the canal, turning the kayak back. I got out of the water, had to pull the kayak back on shore to get the water out.

Anyway, the second time I go in but it was still quite wobbly. The kayak they gave me was much thinner than those in the Ardennes. Also it was a closed model.
I found it hard to steer straight forward, the kayak kept wobbling and each time I reached for the on/off button of my action camera I thought it was going to turn over.

After a while I got the hang of it and was able to peddle in a more straight direction.
We peddled about 4 kilometers and back at the small quay I found it difficult to get out of the kayak. Once again it was wobbling dangerously.

I’ll be back Saturday morning. And then next Wednesday and I’ll become a member and then I can go kayaking at least 3 times a week.

I know I’ll like it.
It felt great being on the water.

Back home I was pleasantly surprised with the quality the cheap Denver action camera. I made some great footage.

I guess I’ve found a new hobby.

May 23 – 26, 2017

It had been a long wait. And then it was there, finally.
Tuesday evening, May 23 at 17:59 I picked Princess up at her place. Some two hours later we arrived at our destination: Sunparks at Vielsalm in the Belgian Ardennes. We had rented a small cottage for two.

At last some quality time, away from the kids, the daily chores, work and other shit.

We settled in, had a glass of wine, talked, went to bed, made love. Slept well.

Sunparks. View from our place.

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in Houffalize. We paid with a coupon, a gift from Big A. and M., her boyfriend.

Princess has still a disability with her leg/hip so walking wasn’t a good idea. I decided to do some sightseeing and proposed to drive to Clervaux in Luxembourg. Just outside Houffalize I took a wrong turn leading to a school.


I knew it was there but I did not want to go there. But I did. I parked, got out of the car and asked Princess leave me alone for a few minutes.

The white barracks were still there, just as I had remembered them. Fuck, 48 years ago, a boy still, 10 years old, spent two weeks there on a holiday camp. I didn’t like it a bit, I remember it as being sheer horror.

I cried, overwhelmed with emotions, memories. Princess held me and I felt safe and happy. She knows the story.

We drove to Clervaux, walked for a while. Princess felt good, the drugs she takes did their job. We visited Clervaux Abbey. Talked with a monk, an old man, whom told us about how his mom got killed in an accident in 1952. How he came to the Abbey. His face was bleak, he was visibly suffering and did not look happy at all.

Clervaux. Church Saints Cosmas and Damian (1910-1912).

We did not stay long at this Abbey, except for the church, light, cool and minimalist this place did not feel right.

When we left I waved to the man who was still standing there. He bowed. I’m sure he was already waiting impatiently for whatever he believed the afterlife would be.

Church, Clervaux Abbey.

There was an old woman standing outside the church. She seemed like a statue. I thought she was praying and her face and her body language expressed deep devotion.

No, I did not like this place and it haunted me for the rest of the day.

We went further, took a glance at the castle of Vianden, also in Luxembourg. Just before we arrived there we visited a storage reservoir. There was a lookout-station, a high climb. The view was beautiful. There was nobody. We took some pictures of each other. Then I kissed Princess, slid my hand under her skirt and made her come.

Near Vianden, Luxembourg. On top we made love, Princess and I.

Turned her around, made her lean on the balustrade. Pulled Princesses’ skirt up, unzipped, got my cock our, slid her panty aside and fucked her.
It was so hot.
Deep below us cars passed, the view was unbelievable.

The view we had while making love.

Half an hour later we arrived at Vianden, walked for a while. We did not visit the castle though.

Vianden castle, Luxembourg.

Then we drove back to our place. I lead Princess to the bedroom and fucked her. Later on we cooked, talked and went to bed. Made love. Slept well.

The next morning we had breakfast and then drove to La Roche.
Too many tourists. It was Ascension Day after all.

Just outside La Roche we stopped. Parked.
I bought two tickets.
It would be my first and in a way Princesses’ too as it had been decades ago.
There were other people. We got into a small bus and we drove for about 15 minutes. The we got out.
Princess and I got in a canoe and started a descend of the river Ourthe. We arrived about an hour later. It had been a divine experience. I want more. I am going to do this more often. It was such fun.

I did not take my camera or my iPhone and neither did Princess. I felt sad though, not being able to make a few pictures, shoot some footage.

Afterwards we drove to Saint-Hubert, visited the beautiful church (we are both atheists) and settled down on the nearby square and enjoyed a beer.

Enjoying a drink at Saint-Hubert.

Later on that afternoon we drove back to our cottage. Fucked, cooked, talked, made love and slept well.

Our bedroom.

Friday we cleaned the place and left before 10. Drove back to La Roche for another trip with the canoe.

Chuch, Saint-Hubert.

Then we drove home. Our weekend was over. It was back to reality. I dropped Princess at her place and then drove to my place. About 20 minutes later Little A. arrived. It was our weekend.

The next day would be Saturday, May 27 and I was going to be 58.
Hell I thought, I made it. Yet another year.
I opened a bottle of red wine and took a hit.
Life is great, especially these past 5 and some years with Princess.
I took another hit.
The wine was okay.
I smiled.
I was happy.
I am so very happy.

It is Monday, May 29. After work I went to a shop and got a Denver ACT-8030W Full HD Action Cam. It was only 70 bucks and it isn’t a GoPro but what the heck… I’m happy, image quality is okay.

Chuch, Saint-Hubert.