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The Stranger 2 – Sid – Part 3

I push Princess on her back. She can’t move her arms, she is helpless.
I grab her ankles and push them apart.
“Stay put,” I say, “don’t go anywhere. There is some delicious cock coming your way.”
“I can’t wait, Milord,” she smiles.
That’s my girl.

Dressed in my black boxer short I walk back to the living room. I give Sid a few instructions and then we head back to the bedroom.

His breathing deepens when he sees Princess lying on the bed, legs spread, arms tied over her breasts. Blindfolded.

“You know what to do,” I tell him. “I’ll prepare this little slut for you.”

While Sid undresses I get on the bed, next to Princess.

I kiss Princess gently, caress her while my hand slides down between her legs. I feel the warm moistness and when my fingers enter she gets even wetter.

Princess moans softly.

“Are you ready?”
“Yes Milord, I can’t wait.”

While I move my fingers in and out her soaking cunt Sid gets on the bed.
“She’s ready for you, Sid. Be a good boy and fuck her as hard as you can.”

I get up a little and watch how Sid holds his huge cock and rubs it against Princesses’ clit. Then he pushes it in, very slowly like I asked him so I can enjoy this moment at its fullest.

Sid immediately goes deep and his thrusts are hard and almost violent.
I hold Princess, my hand on her throat and I feel Sid’s vicious fucking vibrating through her body into mine. Now and then I kiss her or watch Sid. His face is red and sweaty but he smiles and winks at me.

Sid switches to a higher gear. He isn’t fucking Princess anymore. The guy has become a mad rapist. Princess yells, screams, mutters a thousand times “oh my god”, yelps, pants, searches my mouth for soothing kisses. Her hands grabbing me so she knows I am there.

After what seems like an eon he comes. I notice how he pulls back immediately and checks the reservoir before removing the rubber.

Princesses’ heart is beating like mad. She turns on her side, grabs me, kisses me.
“This was great,” she mutters, “thank you, thank you.”

Then I notice what that little voice has been nagging about somewhere deep in my head while we were playing.
I don’t have an erection. Didn’t get one the whole evening. Hell, I’m dying to fuck Princess, but I can’t. I don’t know what is wrong. Everything is so hot, an awesome real-life porn flick and I can’t get a hard on!

Sid gets back on the bed. Princess is still lying on her side, holding me. He finds a way to get in and immediately starts raping her again. This time his thrusts are even more violent and the whole bed is shaking like if an earthquake is going on.

Princess tries to be as close to me as she can. Kissing, holding my hand, pushing herself closer against my body.
Her screams, moans, yelps are louder this time. It is clear she is in fuck-heaven. Hell, the vibrations in my body run over my spine. They are so intense it feels like I am being fucked.

Princess orgasms, mutters some kind of thank you, then comes again.

Sid pulls back. He has shot another load in Princess.

He smiles, winks at me. Clearly he is having a great time too.
So am I albeit I wish my cock would be happy too. It remains limb though.
I am sweating like a butcher yet I haven’t done anything.

Princess is smiling, floating deep in fuck-space.
“Had enough?” I whisper, while caressing her head, holding my hand on her jaw.

“No, Milord. Can I have more please?”

“Sure. How do you want it?”

My Princess slut is tireless. She makes me so proud, this little hot and beautiful fuck toy.

She answers by rolling on her belly and pushing up her delicious ass.
“You decide which hole The Stranger can use,” she teases me.

Sid is on the bed again.
Princess pushes her behind up higher.
I pull her buttocks open and we both look at Princesses’ little arsehole. I’m sure it is eager to be fucked too.

I remove the plug and lube her little hole.

Then I watch Sid push his huge and fat cock in it.

It goes in completely, as if Princess is sucking it in.

He puts his coarse hands on her buttocks and starts fucking. Then uses one hand to reach under Princesses’ belly to play with her clit.

The moaning, yelping, screaming, and “oh my gods” are even louder than before.
This is too much and I get out of bed and get some distance in order to have a better view.

God this is so hot I can’t find the proper words to describe what I feel, what I am witnessing.

Princess is getting raped in the arse and she is enjoying it so much.

It is so beautiful to watch. I am so happy Princess and I can share this sexual freedom, this hotness. (my cock is still on strike)

I am proud of my Princess. My feelings for her deepens even more. Wow, this is my wife. She gives me so much pleasure. So much love. So much of everything.

Sid looks at me. Smiles again, winks. I’m sure he is in heaven too.
Princess truly is a great and enjoyable fuck.

I get back on the bed so Princess feels I’m close. So she can feel safe.

Then it is over.
Sid utters a deep grunt while he ejaculates a fourth time.

Princess sinks down on the bed. She pants heavily, her heartbeat is racing. She is hot and sweaty and smiling.

I hold her, caress her, kiss her gently.
Princess is fucked right of this world.

On the other side of the bed Sid makes a questioning sign with his hands. He too notices Princess has had enough.
I nod.

He raises his thumb and gets dressed.
I get out of bed and lead him to the front door.
I thank him and promise him feedback.
Hell, he has been great.
Cum again I think while I shut the door closed.

Back in bed I am able to get an erection that does hold long enough to make love with Princess. She orgasms.
“Your completely mine again,” I smile before we kiss.

We talk for a while.
Princess loved the whole scene. Her undressing she found particularly sexy and hot.
The sex felt as rape and made it even hotter for her.
I tell her how proud I am of her. How much I love and care for her.
We kiss and kiss.

We spoon and fall asleep.
I hold Princess close to me.
She is my precious jewel, my love.

Later that night, or maybe early morning, it was still hot outside but it was raining.

A loud sound of rolling thunder has pulled me out of a deep sleep.

There is was again. Menacing, deep and loud.
Wait. No, that isn’t thunder.
I start sensing pain in my lower abdomen.
It is my intestines that are making that sound.

At noon the next day I feel very sick. I drop Princess off at her place.
Go to sleep.
At 3 PM I have an appointment with my doctor.  The 10’ drive is hard. My legs feel like rubber, I’ve a fever, I feel exhausted. While waiting I almost faint. It seems I have a viral infection.

I barely make it back home.
I go to bed and stay there till the next morning.

After that I get better.
Thinking back on that evening back with The Stranger 2 gives me a rock-hard cock again.

Hell, I made it.
I’ll live to fuck again.
Where are you, Princess?