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The Stranger 2 – Sid – Part 2

We sit down on the coach again. Sip from our wine.
Princess is standing motionless in front of us.
Legs spread. Naked.

It is a glorious sight and Sid and I spend some time discussing the beauty and hotness of Princesses’ body.
Once again I stress how good a little slutty cocksucker she is.

I get up, grab Princesses’ ponytail and help her with some force on her knees again.
Without saying a word I hand Sid a rubber and move my fist to and fro my mouth. He gets the idea.

“Did Sid give you some pleasure already?” I hiss
“Yes Milord, he did,” she whispers barely audible.
“So…” I say and remain silent for about 30 seconds. Sid had dropped his pants and I hear how he rips the foil of the rubber open.
“You should be a grateful little slut.”
“I am, Milord, I’ll please him the way you want me to,” she whispers.
I look at Sid.
Wow, his cock is like huge. Thicker than The Stranger’s and even a tad longer. Hard as rock is the least one can say.
“You lucky slut,” I whisper in Princesses’ ear, “you’re having a special treat this evening.”
Before she can answer I grab her ponytail once again and force her mouth over Sid’s enormous cock.

Princess gags, then finds her rhythm and breath. I help her up and down his shaft then loosen my grip.
Soon she is sucking him on her own.
“Is she any good?” I ask.
“Oh yes Franco, she is simply great at it. Wow.”
“A well trained slut she is,” I admit and, tapping on Princesses’ head I add “good girl.”

Somewhere in the back of my head a voice keeps nagging me telling me there is something not right. I cannot pinpoint what it is.

I watch Princess and see how Sid is having a great time.
“She sure takes it deep,” he sighs.
“I know,” I smile.
His breathing increases, he tries to hold it then comes with a long kind of muted ahhh.

I pull back Princesses’ head and with delight I notice how the tip of the rubber is filled with jizz. Saliva is dripping over Princesses’ chin as if it was cum.
So hot.
I kiss her, taste the lube and drink her wet mouth.
Then I hold her, she sighs, content, and proud.
I am pleased of her also and I tell her.
Princess smiles.

“Come,” I say and help her up and lead her to the back of the other couch. Push Princess over it so she can lean on her shoulders. With the tip of my foot I hit her ankles until her legs are spread to my satisfaction.

“Look at her lovely, firm ass,” I tell Sid.
He comes closer, examines it, slides his finger between her already gushing wet labia. Caresses gently her butt.

“And this,” I say while putting my hands on her hips.
Sid whistles with admiration.
“Looks like a great grip for some hard doggy style fucking,” Sid smiles.

Wow, the guy is really a find. Sid is doing great in helping me create that special mind fucking atmosphere I talked about when he and I met.

“Yep, and sometimes I put some rope around her lower belly to have even a better hold when I do doggy with her.”
“A belt would be a good idea too,” he adds.
“But holding her at her hips and sinking my fingernails hard in her side really makes her squirt,” I tell him with admiration in my voice.
“She is a squirter?” He sounds like he does not believe me. But we are both men of the world and we know it can be achieved after some physical and mental training.

“Oh yes. I took me about 6 months to get Princess there and now she can’t stop squirting. She’s like a bitch in heat. With almost every fuck she soaks the bed sheets.”
“Holy shit, that is unbelievable.
“Hold your horses, Sid,” I tell him, “I haven’t quite taught her to squirt when she fucks a Stranger though.”
“I love a woman spatting all her juices around when she is fucked thoroughly,” Sid says. The man has really some deep thoughts.

“Watch this,” I say and land a hand on her buttocks. Then another. The first blows are soft, gentle and I increase the rhythm and the impact little by little. Some good spanking needs to be build up in a gentle and caring way.
Soon Princesses’ back end is turning red.
“See this, Sid?” while I pull her cheeks open.
He crouches to see better.
“Yes,” he tells me, “her cunt is swollen and her lips are falling open. God what a beautiful view.”
Without a word I point at the fuck stick and the rubber.
Sid nods and carefully prepares the toy.

I grab Princesses’ ponytail.
“Are you horny, little slut?”
“Yes Milord. Thank you Milord.”
“And you can’t cum, can you?”
“No Milord, you have forbidden…. ohhhhhhh my god,” she yelps when Sid slides the fuck stick in her hungry cunt.
He moves it in and out in a teasing slow pace while I hit one buttock, then the other. We go on and on.
“Stoppp… please, please,” Princess moans.
We stop immediately. For a few moments I caress her deep red ass cheeks. The nod and Sid starts again fucking Princess with the toy.
She whimpers and yelps while doing her very best not to cum.

“You had enough,” I hiss and pull Princess up using her ponytail. With a swift move I turn her around and make Princess sit down. Then push her on her back. I check to see if the blindfold is still in place.
It is.

Sid sits down on the couch and grabs his glass of wine.

I take some rope and grab one of Princesses’ ankles and tie a Futomomo. I do the other leg too. The I tie her foot soles together. I finish it off with a double column tie around her wrists and pull her arms back. There are several attachment points at almost floor level in the walls in my living.  I tie the working end of the rope to one of these points.

“Look,” I say.
Sid comes over and sinks on his knees. “What a gorgeous little cunt your wife has,” he mumbles.
“She has indeed,” I agree and spread her lips, opening her pussy even more.
“Go on, feel, touch, finger,” I encourage him.
For a while we admire, discuss and play with Princesses’ pussy. It is soaking wet.

I hand Sid a cup and a pump and explain what I want him to do and how to do it. He has heard about his but is not sure how it is used.
Sid places the cup over Princesses’ pussy and uses the pump to pull the air out of it. Now more blood is sucked to her pussy making it even more sensitive.

I create a pattern of clothes pins over her upper body.
Sid releases the cup and when I say ok he starts licking her while I drop hot candle wax over her upper body while touching the clothes pins with the fingers of my other hand. When the dangle they cause even more pain.

We go on and on, pushing Princess deeper in a hot swamp of lust, desire and pain.

After about 15’ we stop.
I use a razor-sharp knife to remove the candle wax from her body.
Princess is deep in subspace now.
It takes a while to clean her up and untie her.

Then I help her sit up.

“How are you feeling?”
“I’m good, Milord.”
“Feeling tired or horny?”
“Still horny,” she smiles.
“Great. What do you want me do to with you.”
“I want more, Milord.”
“I know.”
“ But what do you need now?”
I notice she can’t bring herself to say ‘I want to be fucked by you both’.
I respect that. Those thing will come in their proper time.
“I’m guessing you want to be fucked over and over now?”
“Yes, Milord,” Princess sighs with a big smile.

I feel exhausted, sweaty.
Worse even. Thus far the evening has been extremely hot yet I can’t get it up. I can’t get an erection. It worries me.
That’s what that nagging voice back in my head has been telling me.

What the heck, maybe when I watch her being fucked by Sid I’ll get one.

“Wait here, Sid.”

I lead Princess to the bedroom.
Push her on the bed.
Tie her wrists together, her arms crossed over her chest. The working end goes a few times around her back. It is a tight tie.
I push her on her back. She can’t move her arms, she is helpless.
I grab her ankles and push them apart.
“Stay put,” I say, “don’t go anywhere. There is some delicious cock coming your way.”
“I can’t wait, Milord,” she smiles.
That’s my girl.

Pinterest. Author unknown.

To be continued