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Club78 – Such a Night  

We arrived early, Princess and I and had to wait until the doors opened.

Eager we were, Princess and I. Pleasure, love, SM. Being amidst kindred spirits.

My bag weighed like a zillion tons. Rope, whips, candles, fleeces, clothes pins, carabineers…

Portrait of Princess.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

At the bar we had a few drinks. Then we went to the Upper Floor. It is a collection of rooms on the first floor. A confessional chair, a “hospital room”, a gynaecological chair, cells…

I locked Princess in on of the cells while I prepared the room I had chosen.

Then I grabbed her. Pushed her on her knees. Tied a box-tie. Used rope to attach her ankles to the base of the St Andreas cross.

I played with clothespins. Then did another tie. Princess loves rope. And I love to tie her up. I moved to some intense whipping with my new toy, a horsetail’s flogger. It stings, it hurts, it bites. The flogger gives quite a lot of sensations. I know, Princess whipped with it the next morning.

TK or boxtie.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

There were other people playing on the Upper Floor. A young dude with two cat-looking girls. Lucky bastard.

I noticed an elderly man whom regularly came watching while he masturbated. I don’t care as long as he does not ejaculates near us.

It was an intense SM-play I did with Princess.
Pain. Suffering. Love. Pain. and more love.

We played for over 2 hours, Princess and I.

Before we went back to the bar Princess sat down on the gynaecological chair.

Wow. Hot.

I could imagine us being at a swingers club. So many possibilities.

But we weren’t.
So I slid her panty to one side and started licking Princess.

The masturbating guy showed up again and played with his cock near Princesses face.

Princess orgasmed and then we went back to the bar.

I do understand that when you accept single men to your club some of them can become a nuisance.

Princess and I thrive on those men when we are at a swingers club but in a BDSM-scene I don’t like that kind of attention.

Shortly before midnight we left, Princess and I.
We had a great evening.

Back home we made love and then we slept well.

This morning we made love again while we fantasized about The Stranger, about us, about swinger stuff.

Wax Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

The Stranger 3?

About a week ago I wrote a post titled connecting with a couple.

Both are kind of newbies when it comes to BDSM. Johnny and June are eager to learn. Their dynamic is Top/bottom as friends with benefits. Johnny enjoys rope play and June loves being a lust slave. Find the post HERE.

Saturday, December 16, Princess and I visited Fetish Club78 and it was a great experience. Princess thought this was an ideal place to meet the couple in January.

The day after, Sunday, Johnny sent me a PM on Fetlife informing me it was over with June. I felt bad for him and wrote back some encouraging thoughts.

We had communicated a lot and I felt he and I were on the same wavelength.

I told him I’d love to stay in touch.

June sent me a PM too and I wished her good luck. She added she was sure Johnny would be a very good The Stranger 3.

So back to square one and I can’t say I was unhappy with how things finally turned out. Don’t get me wrong, I am sorry Johnny and June broke up.

Looking back on the PM’s with Johnny and the talks with Princess, I started feeling uneasy about the whole idea.
To be honest playing with another sub/slave or with two isn’t my piece of cake. I’m willing to try of course but what we’ve been doing, playing with an extra man, I like more.

The Stranger, the swingers club, Princess behaving as a dirty little slut under my guidance, turns me on big time.
I’m pretty sure it rocks Princesses’ world too.

Princess knows I like Johnny’s way of thinking. When I asked her if I could introduce him as The Stranger 3 she said hell yes.

This morning I got a PM from Johnny telling me he’d like to be The Stranger 3.
That’s a good thing.

We’ll be putting together a hot scenario.

I’m thinking about making it happen in a BDSM-club. Both PDN and Club78 rent rooms so that’s ideal for an after-party if there is a mutual click.

It is Tuesday and thus our evening. I’m preparing a hot play-evening at our place.

I’ll make good use of the Christmas present I bought for Princess at Club78 and make some photographs.

I’m revealing a little something about this present with this photograph.

Christmas gift for Princess – detail.


Visiting Fetish Club 78 for the first time

Saturday, September 16.
Princess and I thought a change of scenery would be nice. Don’t get me wrong. We love PDN and the people we meet there and know already.

Yet it was time for a breath of fresh air. Discovering a new place and meeting new people offer fresh opportunities.

New ideas, new scenes, other furniture and another setup.

We enjoyed a very warm welcome. I received keys for the lockers and then they showed Princess and I around.

There is a restaurant with a buffet and the main play room with bar.

Upstairs they guided us through different theme rooms. We saw an impressive gynecological examination chair. There was big confessional chair and to the opposite two cells complete with a mattress. Another room was well-lit and had a medical cabinet and a modern examination bed.

We saw other stuff too like a Saint Andrew cross made of ship chains. And of course a pillory.

At the bar we savoured a glass of wine while we let the new environment sink in. Soon we were talking with other people. I liked that very much.

Two Doms brought a sub to a cage and ordered her to sit on a bar stool covered with crown-caps.

After they closed the cage one of the Doms opened a box with steel barbecue skewers. He fixed them lopsided, with the sharp end pushing against the sub’s skin, using rubber bands.

Quite interesting to watch and I can tell you she did not dare to move an inch.

There was another scene. Two Doms chased a sub while spanking her. She ran around between the two men trying to corner her. Princess and I liked that scene too.

Then I decided it was our turn. I led her to the centre of the playroom. I wanted to use the hoist and add a horizontal bar for Princess to hold.

The Dungeon Master, a young and very friendly and helpful man, walked over. He asked if we had everything we needed. After I said yes he asked me if I wanted other music than what they were playing. That wasn’t necessary.
I did appreciate this very much. It was very considerate.

We played intensively. Then we paused so Princess could recover. After a while we played again.

There is a comfy couch for people to watch a scene. When a scene ends and aftercare is necessary, spectators move from the couch to give place to the sub and his or her Dom.

That too I found very well thought off.

Princess and I have been discussing edge play but the sheer thought of needles makes her nervous. I don’t use the violet wand often for the same reason. She is afraid of its stings.

Yet she is very curious and I am convinced she’ll like it.

While we were looking at a few BDSM items they sell in the club I pointed out the needles. The Dungeon Master overheard us and asked if we wanted information on the topic.
Princess and I both said yes.

Shortly after we were back on the first floor in the well-lit room. Princess was lying on her stomach while the man explained the proceedings.
He would pierce her shoulder-blade.

The first needle went in and Princess told us she felt nauseous. He told us this was normal. It is a mix of fear and panic. He also noticed she was very tense. Then he said a second needle would make a difference.
In went the second one.

“Oh”, Princess sighed when endorphins started doing their work.

Then another one, 180° degree with the two others making a crossing. The needles woven.
In went a forth.
Carefully he pushed on the centre of the 4 needles.

Princess was smiling, eyes closed while she enjoyed the endorphin rush.
After pulling the needles out and some aftercare we went down to the bar again.
Princess was still floating.

Later, on our way back home, we talked about the experience. She told me she had liked it a lot. I smiled because I knew that already before she experienced needle play. So as soon as possible I’ll follow a workshop before starting needle play with Princess.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Princess because she decided to try it anyway.

We sat there for a while, Princess and I. Talking with different people. Simply enjoying being there together and sharing something deep.

Before we left I bought an item to play with. It is a Christmas gift for Princess.

She tried a few to find one that fits. We used it the next morning while we made love and it was fun.

I won’t reveal what it is yet. We’ll be using the item this Tuesday while we play and I’ll make some photographs.

We had a ball at Fetish Club 78.
Nice place, great people and different scenes are possible.
The welcome was great too.
Princess and I can’t wait to go back.

Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me