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Christmas Eve 2017

Princess, Little Star and I had a great yet simple Christmas Eve.
Little Star is 5 and Princesses’ grandchild. Princess is also Star’s foster parent.
I had forgotten how busy a preschooler can be.
The many candles and the music, one of Little Star’s favorite girl-groups, marvelled her.
It had been quite some time since I had seen Little Star and she was looking forward spending time at my place.
I cooked dinner while the girls were busy mixing all sorts of stuff that would finally lead to delicious muffins.
Dinner too was simple. I make a pretty mean broccoli soup but Little Star looked at it if it were a cauldron with deadly poison.
Then a burger with peas and carrots and croquettes. Little Star gave me a thumbs up but even the tiniest of portions I had given her was too much.
Afterwards we ate a few muffins and then it was time to open the presents.
A colouring book and a game for Little Star.
Hugo Boss eau de toilette for me.
I had gotten sexy panties, warm socks and a box with bathing products from Rituals for Princess.
At eight I prepared the cot and then it took quite some time before we got Little Star in bed and asleep. She started coughing though so after a while we moved the cot to the bathroom. Little Star is allergic and I guess there is too much dust in our bedroom with the curtains. 
Princess and I finished the last 30′ of Gone Girl, a very good movie. Then we talked and after that we went to bed.
Little Star waking up at 2 made us move the bed back to our room. There she started coughing again.
At 05:50 my alarm went off, I had forgotten to disable it.
At 9 Little Star was awake but that was a good thing as she wakes up generally at 6 pm.
Princess, Little Star and I had breakfast. Muffins, coffee and hot chocolate.
We played some games and had fun. Little Star set up a puppet show with Princesses’ warm socks.
We all had a ball. It was fantastic to enjoy these so intense moments of love, caring, and fun. 
Then it was noon and time for them to go home. They are spending Christmas at Princesses’ family.
I felt sad when I waved them goodbye.
We all had a great Christmas Evening. It was cosy and so much fun.
It was, as Princess said, playing little family.
It was an unforgettable evening.
Thank you Princess and Little Star.