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Thoughts – November 9, 2017

I’ve been without central heating since November 1, a holiday in many countries.

My landlord had trouble finding someone who was not on vacation or free so it took a while.

Yesterday a repairman came by. He told me the boiler was beyond repair. Old and wearied out.  Obviously my landlord told the guy to replace the boiler.

I’m hoping it will happen sometime next week.

I have a small electric heater and it is more than enough for our bedroom.

It does not heat our living room though. Every evening I light like a zillion tea lights.

Despite good insulation it is getting colder in my apartment. These past two nights temperatures outside went a little under 0°C (32°F) already.

Combining the heater and tea lights isn’t enough anymore for my large living room. In the evenings it is rather chilly. After diner I move to the bedroom where the small heater is at its best. It vaguely reminds me of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where they bunker themselves in that room with the open fire.

Little A. isn’t staying with me this weekend so that is a good thing.
I can read, surf, and see films in the bedroom if it is too cold in the living room.

It does not bother me though. There are far worse things.
I like to think of what Confucius once said: “I complained about not having shoes until I met someone who had no feet.

Playing at home is not an option. It isn’t comfortable enough.
So for Saturday evening I planned an evening out with Princess.

We are going to a club we haven’t visited before.
It is a 40 minute drive.

It might be a BDSM club or it might be our very first visit to a swingers club.
It’s a surprise for Princess.

Futomomo. Detail.