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This is not about a people’s liberation organization or a political party.

It is what we, Princess and I, enjoy doing.
Pain, Love and Passion.

Princess and I are still growing and the way we play has changed over the course of the last few months. Mind you, I use the same ingredients, but the way I cook is different.

More than before Dominance has now an important part in the way I play with Princess. It makes our scenes more intense and Princesses’ body language, her response to my Dominance, both unmistakable passionate and very submissive.

I think this is why lately we get some very positive reactions in the Dungeon. I don’t just spank Princess or tie her or whatever it is I do. I think of it as a cat and mouse game. I take my time, observe, give pain, observe, give love, pleasure and Princess, my love, reacts in a way I cannot describe except that her emotions are pure.

What most Dominants do in the Dungeon is spank and that is it. I rarely see the interaction I have with Princess. They could as well be spanking a love doll.

I do not want to brag but we, Princess and I, give a genuine show, more than those whom choose to spank for the pleasure of spanking. Don’t get me wrong, I do not look down on these people. Hell, we live in an apartment too and noise travels far. It can be liberating to go for harsh impact plat knowing you are not disturbing anyone. Having the cops knocking on the door.

At home there are the ropes, the Shibari ring and a 3 anchor points I made in the walls surrounding the play space. One overhead, for the arms, and two for spreading Princesses’ legs.

So I can tie Princess in several ways. I can do floor suspension or full suspension or have her stand up, hands tied to a horizontal bamboo bar. Have her lying down and spread open, ready for use.

The cane has become my tool of preference when it comes to pain. I also use wooden clothes pins and they also deliver very intense local pain stimuli. Candle wax is something that does wonders too.

I am still amazed when I make Princess orgasm with only pain.

When I Dominate Princess sexually I feel so complete, so one with my love.

Pain, Love and Passion is our mantra.

Waiting for Princess (2016) Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+
Waiting for Princess (2016)
Olympus OM-2n with 28mm f3,5 and loaded with Ilford HP5+

Preparing for rope play

I hope tomorrow, January 5th, Princess and I finally can try out the plug and do some more extensive rope play and a few floor suspensions. No, I won’t be tempted to do a full suspension for the simple reasons that I am not qualified and I cherish Princess’s safety.

One has to learn to walk before running.

I sawed a piece from a broomstick to use as a cross-beam so Princess can stand straight up and hold it while I walk around her naked body.
I’ll be ogling Princess’s delicious curves and of course spank her.
It is one of the things I really like doing in the Dungeon.

To hold so I can spank you Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
To hold so I can spank you
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7

When Princess bends over, her arms resting on the back of our couch, yeah, that is a great spanking position. Like leaning against the door.
But standing up straight is what I really like.

Why a cross-beam and not tie her wrists with a double column tie for example, a much sexier position? It is something she can’t do for very long due to a shoulder injury near the neck. Having her arms straight up, parallel with her body, is much more comfortable.

So after the warming up with the rituals I have put in place and the spanking I’ll be doing some extensive rope bondage. I’m thinking a reverse box-tie so I can have her upper body in some kind of cradle. Maybe even a box-tie and one foot up so she has to keep her balance with the other.

Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7

I prepared a new playlist based on the John William’s soundtrack of Memoirs of a Geisha. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0397535/

We’ll see.

When we last phoned, noon today, Princess was in bed, still ill, with a severe cold and a headache due to swollen sinuses.
If Princess is not well, still couching and sneezing, there will be no rope play. I need her to focus on what we are doing. And I am sure she won’t even appreciate the moment. Plan B is simple. I’ll learn her a few “degrading” positions and make her move over my dick because they will be included in The Stranger scenario I am planning.

Then there will be some rough fuckery.

I hope Princess feels better though… I am really looking forward to work more with rope.

Waiting for Princess Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
Waiting for Princess
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7



3 New Riding Crops – revisited

These are the 3 riding crops I recently bought for Princess. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet. Past Saturday Little A. was staying with us.  I used each of them for a gentle touch so Princess could kind of taste them already.

We go from right to left.

The double keeper of this riding crop is made of heavy rubber.  The handle itself is not only long but also heavy.
In the shop I tapped my arm and the sting was, due to the heaviness of the keeper, very intense and localized. Used gently I am sure this crop will be perfect for pussy spanking.

I’m thinking the red whip will be much more fun. It is not only beautifully crafted but also very light. The long, thing and flexible tress makes a double whooshing sound due to the fact the rod is extremely flexible.
This crop will certainly sting extremely hard and leave some welts if used to hard.

The one on the left is not so flexible and the whooshing sound less noticeable. I’ll use this one as a part of the warming-up ritual.

3 Riding Crops
3 Riding Crops





3 New Riding Crops

“May I help you Sir?”
“Just browsing. I am looking for a Christmas present for my niece.”
“Okay Sir. I you have any questions…”

I give the salesman an amiable nod. He is younger than I am but his hair is grey and he looks older. He seems boring too. The equestrian store is also a dull place. I am relieved his grandma is not holding shop today. She is a real bitching bitch.

I am here because it is within walking distance from where I live and they carry an extensive collection of riding crops.

“I am looking for a riding crop.”
“She is into horseback riding then?” he asks with a professional voice.
“Yes she does,” I smile.
“Nice. Does she own a horse?”
I keep my answers short so he does not get too motivated and start a conversation.
The last time I rode a horse the animal shook his head up and down pulling me off its back. I made a nasty fall and that was that. It happened about 35 years ago. I am quite over it by now.
I have a niece, and a nephew,  but haven’t seen them since I divorced.

I pick two nasty looking riding crops and asks if he would be so kind to gift wrap them.

Then I choose another one.
“I’ll take this one too,” I smile. Hell, I am enjoying every moment.  “My niece will be as happy as a clam.”
“One can simply not have enough riding crops,” he replies.
Oh, this is simply a hilarious moment.

“I’ll use the paper as an envelope, is that okay with you? And I’ll tape the crops together, makes it easier to wrap them.”
“Sure, have a blast. Excel yourself, surprise me. Be creative.”
“Well, I can’t walk home with those crops visible for everyone, now can I? What will people think? Maybe they’ll imagine I’ll be using them for other purposes?”
He smiles but I can sense his sudden uneasiness.
Hell, this is getting even better.

“You could of course, Sir,” he answers, nervous like a Catholic who suddenly feels the proximity of the devil. “Do you need a customer fidelity card?”
“No thank you, I am not a faithful visitor of your store.”
“Maybe for you niece then?”
“I don’t think so. I don’t want her to know how much I spend on the Christmas gift.”

He smiles again, even more nervous.
“True, what was I thinking off. Have a nice day Sir. I sure hope your niece will be happy with your gift. They are after all fine riding crops.”
“I am pretty sure my niece will enjoy them more than you can ever imagine,” I wink. “Have a great afternoon yourself now.”

I leave the store and walk home.
I can almost see Princess’s fine ass reddening under the blows of these fine crops. I can almost hear her moaning and begging for release. I can almost scent her arousal and feel her wetness.

Later on this evening I will be picking up Princess at her place. She has her bathroom renovated, her kids are studying and there is tension between some of the kids. That means a weekend of chaos for my Love.

Princess needs to relax but we can’t play as Little A. is staying at our place. So I’ll be taking Princess to the public sauna and later on some intense and noiseless play. Two of the three riding crops I bought are silent enough in their use yet I am convinced they hurt as hell.

My collection of impact play toys is growing. I have a collection of riding crops, whips, floggers and canes, about 20 of them and a few others like wooden spatula, rubber and leather gloves.

3 Riding Crops
3 Riding Crops

Princess meets Barry Bite


I do not receive toys for free nor am I asked or paid to review a toy. Links to the manufacturer of a toy or a company that sells them is only for your information and are not affiliate links.
SirFrancoBolli.org is not sponsored in any way.

Yes, I know, it sounds like some sleazy homemade porn flick. Princess being fucked by our overweight neighbor who forgot to take off his white socks.
Me directing, filming et al.
Then some editing with iMovie and Garageband for an appealing soundtrack.  I have finally set my iMac to some good use.
Downloadable via redtube.com for only .99 cents.

Dream on folks, dream on.

So who the fuck is Barry Bite?
It is not who. It is what.

For various reasons I haven’t used my TENS-unit much lately.
I felt it was time to turn the tide and during my last visit to my favorite sex shop I spend some time browsing through all the extensions for the Mystim Tens Unit.

Finally I chose Barry Bite.

These bi-polar electro-conductive body clamps create a tingly, lustful pleasure at nipples, lips and various other body regions.

Thanks to the fact that every clamp is bi-polar always only the tissue in between of the two half’s of the clamp is being stimulated. This means that you can stimulate both nipples at the same time, without any danger of leading electricity through the heart. Thanks to the small screw you can decide if you want Barry to live up to his name and bite you, or if you prefer him to gently nibble on you instead.

Moreover the gold contacts of Barry Bite enable an especially intense and continuous stimulation. (from the Mystim website)

I made Princess lay back on our bed with the mattress protector in place. She was very nervous because she had forgotten how electro play feels.

I did not use the clamps at their full pressure. Turned the TENS on and then adjusted the power so it was sustainable for Princess.

She liked what the various programs and settings did to her nipples. Some gave more pleasure, some a hint of pain.

“This setting is delicious, Milord,” she sighed.
I smiled.
Here we go, I thought and pushed my face between her legs.
Sniffing, inhaling her scent. Playing with my tongue. Teasing, lapping, drinking.

Her first orgasm in combination with Barry Bite was an intense one.

The massager gave her an even wetter orgasm.

Then I went for the massager and the Terrific Truman vibrator. I almost killed Princess. Her orgasm was extremely intense and very wet.

“Thank you, Milord,” Princess sighed, almost breathless.

I got rid of the soggy mattress protector and blew out the candles. Princess was on an other planet, dozy, smiling, enjoying. I did not want to spoil it with getting my orgasm.
This was far more better.
So I held Princess in my arms, soothed and kissed her.
We fell asleep.

When I woke up, this Sunday morning, I smiled.
Princess and I had slept for 10 straight hours. A record for Princess.

She was still sound asleep,
Not for long though. My hard cock was in need.

Princess meets Mystim's Barry Bite
Princess meets Mystim’s Barry Bite



Slightly adjusting the way we play

When we play, Princess and I don’t talk that much except when I check, now and then, if all is okay. It is not an issue but I know Princess would love more verbal interaction from me, much like when we fuck/make love.  Then I add lots of dirty talk and even dirtier fantasies.

The topic came up again while Princess and I talked about playing with K. & J. Princess feels we should be more communicative when we play so they can interact better with us and it is also fun.
Princess is right.

We are not into punishment either. Don’t ask me why but I guess I find it a somewhat stupid idea/thing/action.
Yet deep down I know Princess would find being punished very pleasurable.

Past Wednesday morning I adjusted the way we play and I not only surprised Princess but also myself as I liked the extra interaction.

In bed we kissed and then I ordered Princess to get the mattress protector and to position herself so I could use her.
Impatiently I waited, barking some orders and then Princess got it right and finally lay down on her back, eagerly waiting, legs spread as wide as possible. I had in fact requested easy access to her goodies.

“You are not allowed to cum, girl. You shall dedicate yourself completely to my pleasures,” I growled while spearing her brutally.

I pulled Princess’s hair, pinched her nipples and whispered dirty and hot stuff in her ear.
Sure enough she could not hold it very long and came with a long sigh.

“You came, you fucking slut!” I said with a low voice. “I told you not to. Turn over girl, on all fours, ass up high.”
“Yes Milord,” she whispered doing her very best to hide a smile.

I grabbed a cane.
“You’ll get 5 hard ones and between each you’ll say ‘I will obey you, Milord.’ Is that clear?”
“What did you say, you slut?”
“Yes Milord.”

I made the 5 blows harsh ones but Princess did not seem to feel them.
“I will obey you, Milord.” Also 5 times. Clear and loud.

“On you back, slut,” I told her.
Fucked her again. Hard and teased her even more, pushing every of her buttons and then even more.
“Don’t you dare to cum, slut. I do not want to feel your juices splatter against my balls,” I barked, “your body serves my pleasures only.”
I pinched her nipple real hard.
The poor thing came abundantly, her cum gushing against my lower belly.

“You slut,” I yelled, “you did it again. You fucking came! Can’t you listen? Obey me? Fucking fuck! Turn over, on your knees, girl. You know the drill.”

I grabbed a flogger, one of the real heavy ones, and gave her 6 pausing long enough so she could stammer ‘I will obey you, Milord.’

“On you back,” I barked, “I haven’t finished fucking you wet and hot cunt.”
She did exactly what I asked but nothing more.
“You are pushing me,” I shouted, “spread those fucking legs of yours, you slut.”

I speared Princess again and fucked her extremely hard, violently even. Noticed how she did her very best not to cum. I pushed her more and then even farther.

Slapped her in the face, hard and with no mercy or compassion.
“Cum for me you horny slut, honor me with your juices. NOW.”

My god, Princess went out of control, trembling, moaning and pushing her mouth against my arm to muffle her sounds.
It felt like someone poured a huge beaker of lukewarm water over my thighs, belly and balls when Princess ejaculated.
It sure as hell was a good one and I was happy the rubber mattress-protector was, well, protecting the mattress.

It took a while before Princess calmed down. I held Princess close to me, kissed her and caressed the love of my life, soothing her and telling how much I loved her.

Then I unloaded in her longing mouth.

We showered.
I made breakfast.
We cuddled on the couch.

I played with her nipple, giving Princess yet another orgasm.
It was a glorious morning because I was able to unload a second time.

That evening, on the phone, Princess told me how she had enjoyed the verbal interaction and the punishing. She thanked me and I smiled and felt happy.
There is more where this came from I thought but I did not say it.
I am sure Princess will notice.





Saturday Evening, November 21st – The Dungeon

Continued from Thoughts – November 21st, 2015

We park the car and walk to the Fetish Cafe.

Maybe it is because it is cold. Maybe because it has been raining. Yet I have the impression the streets in Antwerp are less populated.

Brussels, our capital, is in lockdown due to an eminent terrorist attack. Major activities cancelled, bars are asked to close at 18:00. One could argue we are at war. Maybe that is true and if so, it is an ideological battle.

I feel no fear. I am not going to stay at home because of a few extremist lunatics. Yet survival has now a different tagline: expect the unexpected.

Princess and I are happy to be here again, in the Fetish Cafe. We kind of feel at home here. The bar is not crowded so we can interact with the Staff.

Soon we move to the Dungeon. We want to play.
The Dungeon is empty. I tie Princess to the hoist, with a double column tie, arms up.
A bad idea.
Soon the strain on her shoulders becomes very painful.
Princess uses the word Orange, a little late I find out. Princess did not feel okay but thought it would pass.
We argue.
“Don’t be a hero Princess, I need to know you are safe,” I say.
“I need to trust you’ll tell me immediately when things go wrong.”

A couple + 1 enters the room.
A Dom and two submissives.
The women are tied, face to face, using a hoist.

I play with Princess. I have tied her to a bench now and the next 45′ minutes are only impact play.

The guy is also into impact play. I notice how both women kiss, not passionate or hot, just a kiss. He kisses the women in turn. Also lips on lips, briefly, without any emotion.

More spanking with a leather paddle, cane, bullwhip….
There is no fire, no emotion, no nothing.

Watching two snails fuck would be less boring I think.

Yet it is interesting in another way.
I try to imagine Princess, I and a submissive.
No, it would not work. First I am not interested in kissing another woman and, secondly, my attention would be focused solely on Princess.

So Princess in right (she often is but please don’t tell her I said so) playing with three would be a very bad idea. The second woman would not get much out of the scene and would feel used. That is not what we, what I want.

I decide Princess’s initial idea, a couple, would be a safer bet.

I push Princess to an orgasm.
“Cum for me,” I say.
Being in the Dungeon holds Princess back. One of the last boundaries that needs to be taken down. Cumming in a “public” place is something Princess has an issue with.
I cannot accept that.
Princess is securely tied down. She can’t run. Princess is my prisoner.
I push her to an orgasm.
She moans and sighs, fights it but I am persistent.

I notice how one of the subs screams in anger and kicks the Dom twice, aiming but missing his balls. For them play time is over.

I have no idea what went wrong but I sense anger and frustration.

Then Princess ejaculates over my hand.
Good girl I say.

I hold Princess, kiss her, sooth her. Princess is far away, in subspace.
Trust me, 45′ minutes of spanking, whipping, caning and other variations, can be intense.

The guy has released his two subs and they are not really taken care of. They get dressed like athletes after a game, each in his/her own mindset. No interaction.

Later on, in the bar, I try to connect with him. He has this haughty smile, barely finds me interesting. He stands next to me while ordering one drink.
I say something nice, he neglects me completely.
Then he walks leisurely to his subs.
Then the woman who kicked him comes to the bar and orders 2 drinks.

“And?” Princess asks.
“Waste of my time,” I answer.

We leave at midnight. But not before offering Princess a gift. The Dungeon sells high-end canes, very flexible, with a well crafted handle. They import them from the United Kingdom.

Princess is happy with the present and, back home, I introduce her to its bite. She loves it. Princess wants more.
Hell, I could spank her all night I guess.

“No, Princess,” I say. “I want something else.”
“How can I pleasure you, Milord?”

“I want to taste your pussy and then I simply want to fuck you. And after that, I want to make love with you. Sounds okay?”

“Yes, Milord. I am all yours. Only yours.”
I eat pussy.
I fuck.
I make love.

Then lights go out.
We sleep well.
Yes, I know you know Princess and I always do.

A new cane
A new cane





Tuesday, November 17 – 19:55, somewhere in Belgium

“Good evening Milord,” Princess smiles when she enters the living room.

The space is lit with candles and I have selected a playlist with ambient music.
Brian Eno.

“Good evening, Princess. Please go to our bedroom and change. All you need is spread out on the bed. There is also a small present for you.”
“Should I bring it with me when I come back?”
“No, just put it on. When you return you will assume your inspection posture.”
“OK Milord.”

While I wait I open a bottle of red wine, pour two glasses.
Then I sit down on the couch.

Princess comes in and assumes her position. She looks gorgeous wearing only her present. Sexy fish net hold-ups I got earlier at Hunkemöller.

And black shoes. They are sexy in their own right.
No high heels, Princess is not allowed to wear them due to her lower back pains.

I stand up and leisurely walk towards Princess.
I touch her, caress and smell, taste and lick. Kiss teasingly.

“Okay. Come, Princess,” and I point to the cushion on the ground, next to the couch.
We toast, sip our wine, chitchat.

After 4 years I am still proud, still moved when Princess is with me, walks at my side. She is an awesome woman, delicious, intelligent, sexy, sensual and very caring.
Did I somehow win life’s jackpot? Is Princess my Holy Grail?

Fact is I never have been so complete, so in love.
The sex is magnificent, the lovemaking utterly breathtaking.

Kneeling is not something Princess can do for a long time so I help her on her feet and lead her to the back of the other couch.

“How do we say red?” I ask. Princess is so adorable with the black gag ball in her mouth.

Princess raises her right hand. I think it would be a nice touch if she could do the Mr. Spock greeting.

“How do we say red when your weight is on both hands?”
“Uh uh uh,” while moving her head in a visual no.

We are good to go.

A few smacks with my bare hand. My right hand. Generally, I use both, but I’m still suffering from a serious 2nd degree burn wound I got a week ago. The oven dish bit me before I could devour its contents. Did not feel it but the next morning I had a blister, 2cm in diameter, and the surrounding skin deep red. I took care of it myself but it still hurts like hell. If James Bond can defibrillate his dying self (Casino Royale, 2006) I can take care of a minor wound too. After all I am a trained first-aid kind of guy.
Trained, luckily not experienced.

I notice, much to my pleasure, how Princess suffers under my blows.

Soft flogger.
Leather flogger.
Shoulder blades.

Reddening ass.
Oh my, so hot.
I haven’t had sex for a long time. Mm let’s see, that would be 2 days and a half.

Such an inviting ass.
I’m hard.
Ah, why not?

I push her cheeks open and push my cock deep in her wet pussy.
“Ohhhh,” she sighs.
Grab her hips, sink my fingernails deep in her soft skin.
Fuck. Hard.

I want more.
I want it all.
After all Princess is mine.

Slid out, grab a rubber, put it on.
Holy cow, her ass is so ready.
Princess welcomes me.
Oh boy, so tight.

My hands go over her back, I lay them on her shoulders, pulling her up.
Easily my hands go around her throat.
I squeeze while fucking her ass.

Slid out, you are not going to cum unless I tell you to, slut, I think.

Pull off the rubber and push my cock in her pussy.
Use the flogger on her back.

“Ohhhh.” Princess is near an orgasm.

Out I go, grab the cane.
One, two, three. Hard.
Four, five, six. Very hard.
Seven, eight, nine. It hurts, I can see it. I can see it in how her body moves.
My cock hardens even more.

Another rubber.

Hard strokes, hands around her throat again.

Muffled sounds, subdued moaning.
I should use a gag ball more often.
Love the drooling too.
So fucking sexy.

Finally, Princess’s body starts shaking, then convulsing.
A long moan coming from very deep.
Splashing sounds.
I feel Princess’s hot juices spatter on my feet.

She sinks to the floor, legs useless. I grab her and lead her to the couch.

Princess curls up in my arms.
We kiss.
I give her another orgasm with the massager.

We are so close.
Deep, pure love and absolute trust.

Princess and I finish our wine.
Then it is bedtime.
I fuck Princess relentlessly while she soaks the bed linen.

Time to finish it off.
“Drink me, ” I say, my voice coarse.
Princess enjoys every drop.

We kiss and I taste myself in her mouth.

“Goodnight Milord.”
“Goodnight Princess and thank you.”

The lights go out.
Darkness tiptoes in and with it a welcoming sleep.

Way to soon it is the next day.(c)Hunkemoller - sexy fishnet stay-ups

(c)Hunkemoller – sexy fishnet stay-ups

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Oh boy, this was what we had been waiting for. An evening at home, just the two of us.

An evening of carnal pleasure, love, intimacy and BDSM.

I pick Princess up at 19:15 and back home, at our place, we sit down for a while, some talking, sipping red wine, closing the day.

I have a present for Princess. The Dorr Avond is a very powerful massager. Cordless and rechargeable with a magnetic charging tip and USB cable. It has 6 vibration patterns and 5 different speeds.

It comes, like all high-end toys, in a well crafted box and is a pleasure to unpack.

I have also two new floggers. A small one with suede strands, very soft, and a leather one, the same I already own. I’ll be doing some Florentine flogging in the near future but I have to exercise first.
Click HERE for a demonstration by John Brownstone.

I want to start the evening with a good spanking.

With some rope I tie Princess’s wrist together and lead her to the back of our couch.

I make her bend over and then I pull down her undies.

For a short while I sit behind her looking at what is mine. Softly I stroke her labia with the soft tip of one of my riding crops.
She moans. She is wet.
Princess is ready.

“No orgasming,” I warn her.
I get up, unzip and push my hard cock in her core.
Guess she did not expect that.
I fuck Princess, hard, and grab her hair, pulling her head back.

Then it is spanking time.

Suede flogger for some warming up. Then my hand and I alternate with the leather flogger and finish it of in beauty with some harsh caning.

Princess is a good girl as she did not come.

But she has enough and I want to hold her close to me.
I lead her to the couch, sit down and pull a drowsy Princess on my lap and hold her, stroking her softly.
This is one of my favourite moments. The aftercare brings us to close, as if we become one.

Later on she loves the massager and I let her cum. Then I use both the massager and the vibrator, searching for alternating vibration patterns. Princess screams when she orgasms and I am happy I laid a mattress protector on the bed.

Then I mummify her upper body, wrapping plastic foil around her arms, leaving her breasts free. Tie her ankles to the bed post and finally blindfold her.

I use Princess and she loves it. She comes abundantly.

Yet, during our feedback session she tells me she found it strange no to be able to touch me. It felt distant but not in a bad way or a good way.

After that we sleep well.
There is nothing more soothing in the world than crawling against Princess’s warm and soft body.
And falling asleep.


Next to the massager a Waterman pen engraved with the date of our first, well, date and, on the other side, our names. A gift from Princess for our 1st anniversary
Next to the massager a Waterman pen engraved with the date of our first, well, date and, on the other side, our names. A gift from Princess for our 1st anniversary


Sex toys and safety

I take very well care of my sex toys. As a matter of fact I take care of all my stuff.
When Princess entered my life I had to buy new toys. I was not going to use my old well, you get my drift.

As with everything quality has a price and even that is not a rule of thumb.

I don’t use vibrators, dildo’s or stimulators that often. Princess likes them but she prefers torture driven orgasms. A magic wand would be an excellent torture device but I don’t have one yet.

Intense pussy spanking, clover clamps, hot wax are very effective and much more fun for me too.

I had a Rabbit Vibrator and used it 7 or 8 times over 3 years. Kept it safe in my chest of drawers, tucked away in its hard plastic shell.
Threw it away a few days ago. The head (glans) was damaged. I have no clue what caused it.





The Namaste Harmony did not live long either.


One of the reasons why I bought the toy was because the battery was an USB-rechargeable one. The form of the toy, a droplet, was useful too. Ideal to sit on it or push between the bound legs of a submissive.

If I am not mistaken the battery started to leak after only a few recharges. There is no way I am going to risk Princess’ health so I disposed of it. Batteries contain a burning acid. Trust me on this, you do not want that near your or your partners reproductive organs.

Laws in Europe state consumer electronics are covered with a 2-year warranty. In Belgium the only company that says fuck you and forces a consumer to pay for that 2nd year warranty is Apple.

Anyway, I cannot imagine sending a dildo back to the web shop, even if is has been used twice. It is not about shame but more about cost/effort/result.
If you care for your play partner, an occasional one or The One, make sure you play safe and get good toys. And even that is no guarantee.

I know it is common practice for subs to clean and take care of the toys their Dom used on them.
Yet I do no agree.

I clean my toys and I check them scrutineously as I want to be 100% sure they are safe to use again.

When I play the health of Princess is my primary concern. I can’t be sure of that if I have not checked my toys myself.

Not convinced? Think about a glass dildo with a crack in it. Are you willing to push that in your loved one’s pussy? Your own ass?
I don’t think so.

New to caning?
A bamboo twig is an excellent starting point. Don’t use it with your full force though. It’s splinters are razor-blade like.