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The Confessional

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, two of Little A.’s BF’s came over for a sleepover at my place. My youngest daughter had been planning this for days. One of the good things was that she had finally decided to clean her room, a huge task. And a necessary one too.

Of course Little A. wanted us out of the house during the evening but that wasn’t’ a problem as Princess and I had planned spending the evening at the Dungeon in Antwerp.

Unfortunately, Princess started a death of cold a few days ago and with it a vicious cough deep in her lungs. She felt feverish and short of breath.

I told her going to the Dungeon was not a good idea. It is chilly in the Dungeon and impact play and or rope bondage would be out of the question.

“We can’t stay at home, can we?” she asked.
” I checked with Little A. and she told me she did not mind but her expression told otherwise. ”
Our bedroom is next to hers and our bed creaks hard enough to wake up the death.
“Sauna then?”
“With how you are feeling? No way.”
“I’ll leave it up to you, Milord. I am sure you’ll come up with something.”

I sure as hell did.

Yesterday morning, after cleaning the kitchen and the living room I went to our bedroom and managed to lift the mattrass from the bed. It is thick and very heavy. I checked the frame moving the bed, did some measurements and made a short list of what I needed. Walked over to the DIY store and shortly after noon, I make some coffee and opened a browser on my iMac.

I did some research, made a few calls and finally I had the evening organized. I was pretty sure Princess was going to love it. I obviously knew where we were going but how it would present itself was an unknown factor. I like that as it spices my fantasy and creativity.

Then I fixed the bed, got the matrass on again and jumped on the bed, moved around. The darn thing made no noise at all. A job well done.

I filled my black kitbag with rope and toys. It was still early in the afternoon so I took the 4 shorter ropes I use for quick tying and decided to whip them. I dyed them red and decided to use some dark blue fine wool for whipping. The look better now. For wrist and ankle cuffs I find the knots at the end of the rope visually not very attractive.

At 19:15 I took a shower and got dressed. With a black shirt, tie, black pants and my new vest I felt very Domly. When I said bye to Little A. all she could say was that I looked very handsome.

I picked up Princess at 20:00 sharp and she too liked what she saw. I was happy to find out she was feeling better.

I helped her in the car and then, behind the steering wheel, I looked at my watch.

“Mmm,” I said, “we’ll be just in time. O yes, we’ll have a guest too, he will be arriving a little later.”
Princess looked at me. “A guest?”
“Yep,” I nodded.
Was it only my imagination? Hell, I would have sworn she looked pleased with the idea.

It was only a 20′ drive but it was a small town neither of us knew or had visited before. I parked the car on a parking lot next to the church.
I helped Princess out of the car, took my kitbag and then we walked hand in hand to back entrance of a place facing the church.
“Oh my god, The Confessional, how appropriate,” Princess chuckled and the she realized where I was taking her. “No way! Really, Milord?”

I rang the doorbell and lights around a small camera switched on. About 20 seconds later a click and I opened the door. We walked over a small patio and when we arrived at another door it clicked open just when we arrived.

We entered a deserted bar. The air thick with the stale smell of cigarettes. An old man welcomed us, I gave him the money and then he showed us the way upstairs where he opened a door to the room I had rented for 3 hours. The Confessional is just a cheap rendezvous hotel where lovers can rent a room for a short period of time.

The room was lit with blue and red lights, there was a drawing of a naked woman against one of the walls and a luxurious shower in one of the corners. Colorful led-lights above the bed. Some fake flowers on the mantelpiece made it complete. The room had the look and feel as if we where in some sleazy and cheap brothel. Under the bed high-heels and slippers and in the linen cabinet a few cheap dresses and high heels one would imagine a working girl would wear. Apparently the room served other purposes too.

The Confessional Olypus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
The Confessional
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7

The bed was okay though, spacious and with clean sheets.

The Confessional Olypus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
The Confessional
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7

I ordered Princess to undress but to keep her panty and black tank-top and watched her doing while seated on a black puff.
Then she assumed the inspection position. I got up, and walked towards Princess and touched and inspected her and then told her to get on the bed, kneel and wait.

I got two ordinary glasses and a small bottle of Shiraz out of my kitbag.
“I like it so much when you have everything under control, Milord.”

We toasted, sipped and then I took her glass.
“Lay down.”
I got some of the red rope and made a quick two column tie around her wrists. Then I went back to my kitbag and took my riding crop.

Slowly I walked around the bed, sliding its top over her body, tapping on her pussy and using it under her chin to push up her head so to have her full attention. Tapped on her pussy again, kneading her breasts, acting uninterested, like I was just toying with some fuck meat.

The Confessional Olypus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
The Confessional
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7

Unhurriedly I got rid of my tie and used it as a blindfold on Princess.
“It is almost time,” I whispered, “my guest will arrive any moment now. It is my wish that you serve him, that you follow my instructions, that you make me proud. You are a slut. My slut. And now you are going to be a very slutty fuck toy. If you wish to use your stop word, I would urge you to do it now.”

Princess did not move, did not say a word.

Without making a noise I walked to the other side of the room and knocked on the door.
Princess still did not move.
I opened to door and said “come in” to an empty hallway.

Princess did not move, did not say a word.
Good girl I thought.

Time for some fun. I liberated her from her knickers, got a butt plug and some lubricant. It slid in easily. The butt plug has a small ball inside so the plug vibrates with every move.

I pushed up her tank top and attached the Barry Bite pincers on her erect nipples. I used the dials of the TENS adjusting it to a level it was somewhere between enjoyable and pleasurable. Then cranked it up some more. I could see Princess trying very hard to find a way cooping with what was happening to her nipples.

That will keep her busy for a while I thought and pushed my mouth between her thighs, sniffing Princess’s delicious scent and tasting her wetness.
I licked her towards an intense orgasm. Cranked up the TEN more to a level I was sure was more painful that pleasurable.
‘Hell,’ I thought, ‘I am going all the way with you. You are curious how far I will lead you? You trust me? Good. I trust you to use your safe words. If I don’t, then you don’t.”

Fingered Princess. Another orgasm.

Cranked up the width of the pulses of the TENS, making it feel like razor-sharp biting. I could see Princess was suffering but she still did not say a word, not even yellow or RED.”

Went down on Princess, doing was I adore, eating her pussy and enjoying every bit of it.

This time she trembled when she came with a delightful gush spattering against my mouth and chin.

Time for a break. I removed the Barry Bites and the blindfold and untied Princess’s wrists. We had some more wine.
I got undressed and ordered Princess to lay on her back again, legs wide. I speared her violently and fucked and fucked, not stopping even when she thanked me for the orgasm.
Suddenly a deep sigh and spasms and a row of thank yous while Princess experienced one orgasm after another.

Time for another break, some kissing and cuddling.

To my big surprise I was getting worn out. Probably the effect of the meds I’m thanking against the Shingles.

I mounted her again, this time in a gentler way.
“You know,” I whispered and told her what would have happened it the Guest would have been real while I fucked her. So many hot stuff, Princess just a willingly slut, fuck meat even.

She loved every bit of it and then, when I told her she would be on hand and knees, a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, being pushed back and forth by me, she came with a scream, her wetness a tidal wave, sinking in my arms, muttering thank you.

I smiled. Princess is almost ready for the next step and I had found some more stuff to play with.

We left at 22:30. It was raining outside. I felt exhausted.
Back home we went to bed.
I still had some energy so I gave her a good one. Princess was surprised, our bed did not make any noise at all.

Princess and I slept well but before I turned out the lights I removed her butt plug.

This Sunday morning, we fucked as if our lives depended on it. We discussed the Guest again and her orgasms made it even more clear. Princess is really ready and in the right mindset. Open for this experience, even more than for a woman/woman scenario.

I told her I would take care of it, organize such an event.
She smiled.
I don’t think she took me serious.
She better should.
I have a scenario with enough space for spontaneity.
I have a place where I can make it happen.

The only thing I need is a dick a Guest.

The Confessional Olypus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7
The Confessional
Olympus OM-D M10 with Lumix20mm f1,7