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Thoughts – March 25, 2016

I haven’t been writing much for this blog lately. Princess and I still enjoy playing, being together, the D/s and especially the BDSM.

How many posts can I write about a good fuck, an intense spanking, a zillionth orgasm before repeating myself?

Sure, every time we play, Princess and I, it is a different experience for us. Yet not necessarily one that is interesting enough to write about.

I believe Princess and I excel in the way we talk and have an open and honest communication. I value that very much. Once in a while though being truthful can lead to a certain degree of disappointment. This is not a bad thing; it simply indicates you are not in perfect phase with the other person. Talking about it puts everything back in perspective.

Decades ago, it feels like another life, I somewhat dabbled with the world of swingers and, as a single man, had a couple of experiences. They were with a couple who occasionally invited a few men at their home to enjoy the wife. More than the fucking itself I enjoyed watching the others do their thing. The sexual freedom, sex in “public”, the hotness of swapping were also aspects that at that time I found very appealing.

At that time, I wished for a girlfriend that was also into swinging and the idea of visiting a swinger’s club with her gave me an instant boner.

It never happened though, not the girlfriend, not the clubs.

My life then went in another direction and I got married. It was (sexually) very dull and soon I sank in an almost constant state of depression. The birth of my two daughters the only lights in those dark years. After recovering from a burnout my life started to take form again. It would take another 5 years before I finally found the strength to break free from the dungeons of my marriage.
When I broke the chains I also killed the dark beast of depression that had been lurking in my head for almost two decades.

I lived alone for some time, had a relation and then finally met Princess. The path that brought me to Princess had been a hard one, but it was more than worth it.

Over the years my short-lived swinging “experience” faded to a point I did not want to pick up the remainders.
I had moved on and embraced, with Princess, the BDSM part of our sexuality.

The only memory that remained unspoiled and still extremely strong was the image of that woman being fucked by her hubby and the other visitor. The thought still sends hot and tantalising shivers through my body.

Countless are the fantasies I had where Princess was under my control in the presence of another man, also under my control. I imagined a thousand scenarios, one even hotter than the other.

I never told any of them to Princess.

Somewhere in the last months of last year our friends, K. & J., contacted us to see if we were open for a woman/woman scenario. Princess is not even bi-curious but the idea kind of tickled her fancy.

Princess and I did our homework and talked about it, what it would mean. About the impact on our relation.
About limits. I somewhat surprised Princess when I told her that for me, in a woman/woman situation, she was free to explore as much as she wanted and the limits only set by her curiosity.

A few days later I came clean with Princess and told her I would not say no to a BDSM based scenario with an extra man albeit with hard limits like 100% safe sex. I guess she was flabbergasted by what I told her but I felt great as I finally was able to talk about my most well guarded desires and fantasies. I felt relieved and even closer to Princess.

I also told Princess that if it where my call I would prefer a man/Princess scenario over a woman/Princess scene.

Princess and I looked forward to the w/w moment very much. Sir K. and I met and discussed a scenario and then all was set.

Unfortunately, J. had an accident a week before the event so it was called off. J. is still revalidating but getting there.

I am still not sure but I think Princess was somewhat relieved we didn’t go trough with it.

It did not keep me from fantasising about what became “The Stranger”. In short I would take Princess to a hotel room or something. Before entering the room, she would be blindfolded and we would play. Princess would be unaware of his presence until the right moment where he would touch her and so forth.

Over the months I build this scenario based on Princess’s reactions on the dirty talk I often use when we fuck.

We talked about this scenario on other occasions and Princess told me she would be uneasy and nervous but liked the idea exploring her sexuality even deeper. Princess agreed when I said I was sure it would even bring us closer and deepen our relation.

A few weeks ago Sir K. told us J. was doing well and they were looking forward to a new attempt.

Recently I got an invitation for a Spring Party based on the tales of Boccaccio’s the Decameron. I talked about it and told Princess I was pretty sure it was not a BDSM party but a swinger’s party. I did not want to waste money on buying a dark costume or renting a tux for the occasion. On the other hand, I wanted to go, finally witness a swinger’s party and I told Princess I would be open for more if the situation would be favorable for a variation on my “The Stranger” scenario.

As a matter of a fact I had already started setting up a hot and thrilling BDSM variation of “The Stranger” scenario, working on an add ensuring me to find a perfect dick.

A few days ago we talked again about the party on the phone. It is a whole different way of communicating and it has its place depending on the subject being discussed.

We talked about the party and about expanding our sexuality. I told her I preferred by far ‘The Stranger’ of woman/woman scenario over a visit to a swinger’s party.

Then Princess told me again she felt no need for such ventures and was quite happy with how things are. The occasional visit to the club, the playing at home, maybe finding another BDSM club.

We talked some more, looked at it from different angles and it became very clear to me Princess indeed felt no need to explore that part of our sexuality.

I respect her point of view and I am happy she came clear on this after giving me the wrong signals (or was it me interpreting them the wrong way?) I would hate myself forever if Princess did things more to please me than for her own pleasure.

Princess was honest yet I feel slightly disappointed but I am sure that will fade soon.

Here are a few images I took after a very intense scene at our place. It was one of the first times I used only the cane and a few warming up slaps with my hand. The second is biting.


February 27, 2016 Caning
February 27, 2016


February 27, 2016 Pinching
February 27, 2016

Biting her Dom

I have a bruise on my left forearm, just under the joint with the upper part of my limb. Not worth a photograph (yet) but I am proud of this mark.
Princess made it.
I guess somewhere between Tuesday late night and Wednesday morning.

Noisy she was, Princess.

Pushed her face against my arm. Desperately trying to muffle her shrieks and moans while on the road to yet another overwhelming release.

“Bite, slut,” I hissed.
Princess sank her teeth in my soft flesh.
Hell, she meant it.
A jolt of deep pain fired through my arm. To my surprise it made me even harder.

Pushed her legs over my shoulders and pushed deeper. And harder.
“More, I want more. Bite harder, slut,” I groaned.
In my mind’s eye I saw how Princess’s teeth broke my skin.

It did not happen though. But it was enough for me to understand I really do like this biting. And the memories that linger for days on my arm.

For some reason Princess held back, she needs some more training to get rid of these last remnants. Whatever they are.

Then Princess came, gushing, moaning and very, very noisy.

Bite mark
Bite mark


Just another Wednesday morning

For those who are new to this blog or for the occasional visitor.
Over the past few years I have lost the ability to come. I still do but mostly when I am stimulated by Princess who licks my nipples while I jerk off. Princess gives great head but I don’t ejaculate. Reaching an orgasm during penetration is a rare event.
I do believe this ha to do with the fact I am very focused on Princess. Her pleasure is my pleasure.
Not ejaculating has a huge advantage. I not only stay hard for a long period of time but also stay sexually stimulated.
Horny. Hot.
I’ll answer the question you’ve not asked. An orgasm obtained by manual labor, even with Princess’s help, is always a good one. Having an orgasm during penetration is like what the French say “la petite mort” or the little death.
Oh boy…

Tuesday, October 14, 2015
Much to my surprise Princess arrived at my place earlier than I had anticipated.
Lucky me.
She was very tired though and I immediately set aside any idea of playing. Even a gentle spanking would have been contra productive.

So I hugged Princess and kissed her and then offered her a glass of red wine. For a while we talked about mundane stuff. Work, kids. We let our minds wander and soon we discussed the recent (and past) shooting incidents in the US and weapons and the NRA. Swinging, polyamory and so on, we talked about it.
Just your regular couple.

“Care for a movie?”

“Sure Milord, what are we going to see?”
“I am currently in a Stephen King phase,” I told Princess.
Princess knows I have these moments.
“I am sure you’ll like this movie adaptation, Stand by Me.”
(After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy.)

Princess undressed herself and sat next to me, completely naked. Except for her collar.
Princess loved the story, the movie and afterwards I have some feedback. Hell, River Phoenix, what a loss. He is, in my humble option, the unknown James Dean of our generation.

We went to bed and made love. I know, it was mostly very Vanilla but to my defense I must add I pinched an occasional nipple and pulled Princess’s hair a few times. Hell, that must count for something.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Princess got up at 7 and I kissed her and fell asleep again. Princess had to take care of her kids and drive them to school.
Someone get into the bed later on.
It felt like Princess so I carried on doing what I was doing: sleeping.

My painfully hard cock, pushing against Princess’s backside pulled me back into reality.

Princess and I made love/fucked for the next two hours. She was allowed to cum at will.

Then I pulled my hard cock out and pushed Princess away.
Grabbed a rubber and noticed how she smiled.
“Turn over, slut,” I hissed.
Princess did what I asked, pushing her backside up to me.

I know how she likes it.
Princess craves it.
Yet I don’t do it often. Only when I feel like it. Nobody wants Xmas every day.

I bit her.

Biting again

Fiercely in her shoulder blades.
While I fucked her ass, an arm around her throat.

Then pushed her away again, got rid of the rubber and turned Princess over on her back.

Fucked her.
“Thank you, Milord,” she said. It sounded like a broken record. Princess’s orgasm had become a chain reaction.

“Please, stop,” she sighed, “I can’t anymore.”

My god, my cock was hard and throbbing and my mind was telling me to fuck.
And fuck.

“Straddle me, slut.”
“Yes Milord.”
“Fuck me and deserve your orgasm.”
“Yes Milord.”

Princess rode me, fucked me, thinking about her own orgasm as I had asked.

She was a slave, trying to do everything to pleasure me. To pleasure herself.

Princess made a horny show out of it.

I could see her lips, wet hands almost, sliding up and down my shaft.

Princess’s juices running over my thighs, between my balls, maddening.

“Ooooh…,”  an orgasm, then she lied down on my chest, her head on my shoulder.
Panting, sweaty.

I held her in my arms while moving my pelvis up and down in a relentless pace.

Sucking up the scent of sex in our room, the stickiness of her skin and the cold wetness of the bed linen.

Vaguely I heard Princess thank me for yet another orgasm, a flood of thank you’s in fact.
I did not care anymore.
I was tumbling in my avalanche.
Fantasy and the breathtaking scent of our sex.

I felt it, deep in my balls.

Then it came.
An intense spasm, increased heartbeat and a zillion small hands caressing my balls.
Yes, it came.
I ejaculated, deep in Princess’s core.
I could barely whisper an inaudible ‘thank you’.
Then I felt my tears
I cried.
For a moment I died.
O my god.

Princess kissed me.
Held me.
Told me how much she loved me.
That finally was all that mattered.
Princess love for me.