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Sometimes I forget, as we all do, that I am blessed. Health is okay, I love my job and it pays well. My girls are doing just fine. In fact, Big A.  and her boyfriend have signed a lease to an apartment. For both it is their first big step and I wish them both all the happiness in the world.

Relation wise I have been an unfortunate traveler for the bigger part of my life. It goes without saying that I was also to blame for when things did not work out as expected.

Let bygones be bygones as I do believe that my past was merely a road leading to where I am now. Sometimes that road was in a pretty bad shape, but hell, who’s complaining? After all I finally arrived at my destination.

Princess is my destination.

Our D/s relation is not very deepened (yet) but that is okay, we don’t live together and when we are together I naturally take the lead in a consensual sort of way.

But when it comes to BDSM we are a match made in heaven and that is where I consider myself extremely blessed.

We both love (very) rough sex with face slapping (me) and hair pulling (me) and she is the perfect recipient of my Sadistic tendencies, loving the things I love to do. How cool is that? Imagine Princess being heavily into needle play… I definitively am not. That would be a whole other story.

Impact play is something I love to give and Princess cannot get enough. The harsher the merrier.

Asanawa rope, detail
Asanawa rope, detail

I like rope but Princess adores it and she motivated me to follow a workshop together. We did, in December 2013. Yet I wasn’t convinced because I could not find my voice in this tool. Recently she motivated me again and now I am ready for it. I recognize its strength as a way to dance, a sensual play, Dominance and submission at its best. I can add Sadism and Impact Play to the scene. I’ve been doing a few basic full-suspensions and even if it is not my primary goal it does give a lot of satisfaction. For us both that is.
I am now at a stage where I am going to buy rope in bulk and prepare them for bondage myself.

Rope has become an important part in our scenes and pretty soon we’ll be following an advanced workshop.

I have dark fantasies like The Stranger for example, and Princess is curious and open to find out as I am curious and open to find out and experience her fantasies too.

I have found in the world of BDSM a partner who is by all means a 100% perfect match. Think about it? What are the odds?

I cannot wait to live with Princess and spend every weekend, every evening, every night with her. She is the one I want to travel with for eons to come.

My deepest wish is to marry her.
And have a Rose Ceremony to celebrate our union in a lifestyle I simply adore.


Thoughts – January 22, 2016

Princess liked the Asanawa rope very much. It is soft but it tickled on her skin.

I bought the rope from DasFalke (Steven James) and it arrived yesterday morning at my work.

Later that day, when Princess arrived, I asked her to close her eyes and made her feel and smell the rope. She undressed before I could ask her, eagerly waiting to feel the jute on her skin.

I made her kneel and started my new playlist. Was it the music that helped me? I used a Sergei Kuryokhin composition. Djeezus, simply gorgeous music.
Check it out!

It was my best tying, harsh, sensual, playful and sadistic. It was tight too. Princess loved every moment, floating with closed eyes on my moves.

Hell, it was sensual and extreme, our dance with rope. No words can describe her or my feeling, emotion, pleasure. All I know is that I did an almost perfect TK using muscle memory thus being able to play doing the tie.

It was almost as good as genuine sex. Well, maybe even better as we where so close. Fuck, making Princess suffer and enjoy. The splendor of rope lies within the trust, the love between Princess and me. I find absolute beauty in the idea that Princess suffers for my pleasure.

Then we went to bed, Princess not completely satisfied as at the late hour harsh spanking is not an option, not in our apartment.

I found it hard to fall asleep, still thriving on adrenaline. For the first time I dreamed about rope but I forgot what is was about.

This, rope, I want to master. It feels like an extension of who I am. I don’t give a fuck if it is Shibari.
I don’t have any connection with Japanese art of aesthetics. Well, I enjoy Sushi and Sake but that is not enough.

But that does not matter. I want to translate who I am, Princess’s Dom, lover, best friend and Sadist and I will tell this story with, among other means of pleasure and pain, rope. So I won’t use words like Shibari or Kinbaku, I am a novice and I do some shit with rope. I do rope bondage. I don’t like labels.

I wish I had filmed yesterday’s session though. For where I am now, where we are now, it was perfect.
Fuck, I’m just starting this shit.

I am still learning though but in a near future I want to find my voice. My own dance.
My own show.
Sadism, Dominance, pleasure and pain, it is just a knot away.



Our future plans with rope bondage

Princess’s birthday is coming up, it is in less than a month. This year her birthday falls on a Tuesday, our regular evening and she’ll probably stay till Wednesday, leaving at noon for work.

I want to do something special, like last year when I organized a weekend.

I know Princess digs rope and finds different forms of pleasure in being bound.
Since I had a plug installed in the ceiling of our living room, I find rope bondage more fun as I have more possibilities to be creative.

I am not into suspension. After all I am still a newbie but I do some simple floor-based suspension. I also read about the art and take great care not to harm Princess in any way.

I have been looking for an ‘intermediate’ workshop and wanted to wrap it in a weekend. Even if the workshop itself is quite manageable, financially speaking, traveling to London (Esinem or WykD Dave), Berlin (Steven James aka DasFalke) or Kopenhagen (Scot Kinbaku) is not.

Keep it simple, stupid, I thought.

In December 2013 we followed a basic workshop in The Dungeon and it was excellent. The trainer and his girlfriend took their time and explained everything with lots of passion and patience.

I contacted him a year ago and got some information and prices on private tutoring. I cannot remember why, but I finally dropped the whole idea.

Now I notice how Princess’s eyes twinkle when she looks at the hook and how she enjoys rope play with intense pleasure.

A few days ago I enrolled in an excellent Shibari tutorial by Esinem  and there is also some free stuff like a class on Bondage Safety. Check it out, it is free.

This evening I emailed the guy who did the workshop in Antwerp and asked more information.
A 3-hour session of private tutoring will be my anniversary present for Princess.

I am also waiting eagerly for some Japanese jute (Asanawa) I ordered a few days ago.

Jute rope
Jute rope