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Saturday Evening at The Dungeon

Saturday, January 16th

Early that evening Princess and I arrived at The Dungeon for the “Fetish 35+ Club” event, a new formula.

The Dungeon Master came over to greet us and explained that it was the intention to bring pure BDSM back to the Dungeon without touching the other evenings/events where there is always a pleasant mix of all sorts of kink.

After a drink, white wine for Princess, water for me, we went to The Playroom. First I did a box-tie but I sensed Princess did not feel comfortable, so after untying her, I used leather cuffs to attach her to the hoist.

The Dungeon
The Dungeon

I guess we played for little over an hour. It was a subtle scene where I, in black costume, tie and leather gloves, encircled Princess. Caressing her, using the whips, my gloved hand, regularly watching Princess, getting reaction by slapping her face, grabbing her hair from behind. The soft flogger I used on her body and breasts, she was naked except for her stay-ups and panties. Using the cane as a violin stick I went back and fro between her legs, pushing her towards a climax. It was intense and very pleasurable. I liked the dynamic that was created, a very close dance, more about Domination and submission than BDSM with Less is more clearly in my mind.

Even though I am extremely focused on what I am doing, I noticed a few people watching us. Among them, standing in a corner, Master R. He is the man who put his shoulders under the Fetish Cafe project 15 years ago and finally made it happen. I almost never see him in The Playroom. Master R. has his preferred spot behind the bar where he talks with the regulars.

I released Princess, made sure she was well, helped her dress and while I was putting my stuff back in the kit bag I noticed the Dungeon Master, a very nice guy, walking in our direction.

“I’m sorry I missed seeing you folks play,” he said, “I had to get rid of an annoying customer.”

We chitchatted for a few moments and then he walked away leaving me puzzled. I did not quite understand why he was sorry for.

Back in the bar we had another drink and enjoyed simply being there, with kindred spirits in a warm and safe and respectful place.

There was some eye candy too when a few submissive women started having fun spanking each other. Lots of giggling when they started touching and sucking each other’s naked breast. Finally one of them got on her knees and started eating the other woman’s pussy.
Boy, so hot to witness.

We decided to leave. While I was waiting to pay my bill Master R. came to me.
He did not say much but he really made my day and very, very happy and honored.
Basically what he said was that he had watched us play and had liked and enjoyed it a lot. Coming from him this is really a huge compliment.

Back home Princess and I made love. It was, like always, very intense and hot.

Like always when we are together we slept well.
We started Sunday early in the morning with more intense and hot lovemaking.
And yes, like always, around noon I dropped Princess at her place.

The Dungeon
The Dungeon