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Saturday Evening, November 21st – The Dungeon

Continued from Thoughts – November 21st, 2015

We park the car and walk to the Fetish Cafe.

Maybe it is because it is cold. Maybe because it has been raining. Yet I have the impression the streets in Antwerp are less populated.

Brussels, our capital, is in lockdown due to an eminent terrorist attack. Major activities cancelled, bars are asked to close at 18:00. One could argue we are at war. Maybe that is true and if so, it is an ideological battle.

I feel no fear. I am not going to stay at home because of a few extremist lunatics. Yet survival has now a different tagline: expect the unexpected.

Princess and I are happy to be here again, in the Fetish Cafe. We kind of feel at home here. The bar is not crowded so we can interact with the Staff.

Soon we move to the Dungeon. We want to play.
The Dungeon is empty. I tie Princess to the hoist, with a double column tie, arms up.
A bad idea.
Soon the strain on her shoulders becomes very painful.
Princess uses the word Orange, a little late I find out. Princess did not feel okay but thought it would pass.
We argue.
“Don’t be a hero Princess, I need to know you are safe,” I say.
“I need to trust you’ll tell me immediately when things go wrong.”

A couple + 1 enters the room.
A Dom and two submissives.
The women are tied, face to face, using a hoist.

I play with Princess. I have tied her to a bench now and the next 45′ minutes are only impact play.

The guy is also into impact play. I notice how both women kiss, not passionate or hot, just a kiss. He kisses the women in turn. Also lips on lips, briefly, without any emotion.

More spanking with a leather paddle, cane, bullwhip….
There is no fire, no emotion, no nothing.

Watching two snails fuck would be less boring I think.

Yet it is interesting in another way.
I try to imagine Princess, I and a submissive.
No, it would not work. First I am not interested in kissing another woman and, secondly, my attention would be focused solely on Princess.

So Princess in right (she often is but please don’t tell her I said so) playing with three would be a very bad idea. The second woman would not get much out of the scene and would feel used. That is not what we, what I want.

I decide Princess’s initial idea, a couple, would be a safer bet.

I push Princess to an orgasm.
“Cum for me,” I say.
Being in the Dungeon holds Princess back. One of the last boundaries that needs to be taken down. Cumming in a “public” place is something Princess has an issue with.
I cannot accept that.
Princess is securely tied down. She can’t run. Princess is my prisoner.
I push her to an orgasm.
She moans and sighs, fights it but I am persistent.

I notice how one of the subs screams in anger and kicks the Dom twice, aiming but missing his balls. For them play time is over.

I have no idea what went wrong but I sense anger and frustration.

Then Princess ejaculates over my hand.
Good girl I say.

I hold Princess, kiss her, sooth her. Princess is far away, in subspace.
Trust me, 45′ minutes of spanking, whipping, caning and other variations, can be intense.

The guy has released his two subs and they are not really taken care of. They get dressed like athletes after a game, each in his/her own mindset. No interaction.

Later on, in the bar, I try to connect with him. He has this haughty smile, barely finds me interesting. He stands next to me while ordering one drink.
I say something nice, he neglects me completely.
Then he walks leisurely to his subs.
Then the woman who kicked him comes to the bar and orders 2 drinks.

“And?” Princess asks.
“Waste of my time,” I answer.

We leave at midnight. But not before offering Princess a gift. The Dungeon sells high-end canes, very flexible, with a well crafted handle. They import them from the United Kingdom.

Princess is happy with the present and, back home, I introduce her to its bite. She loves it. Princess wants more.
Hell, I could spank her all night I guess.

“No, Princess,” I say. “I want something else.”
“How can I pleasure you, Milord?”

“I want to taste your pussy and then I simply want to fuck you. And after that, I want to make love with you. Sounds okay?”

“Yes, Milord. I am all yours. Only yours.”
I eat pussy.
I fuck.
I make love.

Then lights go out.
We sleep well.
Yes, I know you know Princess and I always do.

A new cane
A new cane





Fetish Cafe – 15th Anniversary party

Saturday, October 3th, 2015

We are on our way to Antwerp. This weekend is the 15th anniversary of the Fetish Café and they are throwing a party.

I hand over a gift wrapped box. It is big and heavy. Impatiently Princess rips the paper apart, opens the box and…

“Oh my gosh, Milord,” she shrieks, “it is really huge.”

She is holding Terrific Truman in her hand, looks at it, weighs it, pushes the buttons. It weighs 300 grams and the shaft, before it hits the controls, is 13 cm (5.11″) long. The thickest part is the corona of glans and measures 15 cm (5.9″) in diameter.

Ladies, I know, size is not that important. It is what you do with the tool that counts.

“You’ll have to wait till we are back home,” I tell Princess.
She is testing the vibrator by holding the glans in her fist while switching through the 8 patterns.

Then we are in Antwerp, at the Fetish Cafe.
Here we feel at home midst our fellow kinksters.

Princess and I are welcomed by slave E. the property of Master R., the man who made a dream come true when he founded the Fetisch Cafe back in 2000.

I head over to Master R. and congratulate him. He is a little surprised but I can see how my gesture is highly appreciated.

We receive a gift, a lanyard, and a glass of excellent Cava. The bar is crowded and filled with animated chatter.

Fetish Café Lanyard
Fetish Cafe Lanyard

Nobody playing in the Dungeon. We find a table and after a short while I start a conversation with a young Mistress who’s also sitting at our table.

Then her attention is pulled away by a man who starts a very heated and animated conversation with her, ranting about Doms whom behave bad.

Later on we make contact with him. He is funny and very friendly and open. Apparently he was a Dungeon Master in another BDSM club and finally got fed up with the bad behaving Doms whom think the playground is only theirs.

We talk for a while and we agree to befriend each other on Fetlife.

There is a lot to see. Latex, leather and so on. There are so many people attending this special evening.

I lead Princess to the Dungeon. I know she likes to play but I am not in the mood and there is way too much people.
The Dungeon is also crowded. There is a Shibari demonstration going on and it is fun to watch although I find the interactions between the married couple missing that special sparkle that can make rope work so intense and intimate.

A man is tied to a Saint Andrew’s cross by a blonde Domina in a pretty latex dress with an open back.

Appearances can be deceiving. I would never had seen in this man with a Mad Max sort of appearance with his heavy combat boots, long leather coat and ditto pants as a submissive. Maybe he is a switch.
Their play is intimate and slow.

“Come,” I say and we leave.

Drive home where we arrive little past midnight.
I take a quick shower and while Princess does something in the bathroom I lit candles in our room.

Minutes later she is lying on our bed. Naked except for her stay-ups. We kiss, I caress her breasts, tease her nipples then pussy.

Princess makes the right moves, the right sounds.
“Good girl,” I tell her.

I go down on her, lick and dance with my tongue, pleasuring her wet folds, soft and warm.
When I sense Princess is near an orgasm I stop.

I take Terrific Truman in my hand and push the buzzing and trembling glans against her pussy. Princess squirms or whimpers or both depending on what program I have selected.

“I want to feel it inside me, Milord, please,” she begs, hungry for relief.

I put some lube on the vibrator and then…

Princess is so hot is slides in her with astonishing ease.

I move it, gently, in and out, while changing patterns, increasing and decreasing vibration speed, watching closely how Princess reacts.
Trying out to find the ones she likes the most.

It takes a long time for her to reach an orgasm.
Princess tells me it is a good one but not earth shattering.

“Your cock is what makes me truly mad,” she adds.
Princess is a darling.

But it is late, early in fact, so we go to sleep.

This morning, Sunday, we made love again. When I push myself in Princess she is still dozy. I fuck her hard, violently, pulling hair, kneading her breasts.

Later on, Princess straddled herself over me, fucking me, hungry or maybe desperate for yet another relief.

“Come for me. Now,” I hiss, slapping Princess 3 times hard on the jaw.

Instantly I see how her body starts shaking and I feel Princess’ hot juices run between my thighs wetting the bed linen even more.

Terrific Truman is a powerful vibrator and it will have its use.

I prefer to use my body limbs on order to make Princess cum.

We had a terrific Saturday evening and an intense and loving Sunday morning.
Way to soon it was almost noon so I had no other choice than to drop of Princess at her place.

The party at the FC was not like this one though...
The party at the FC was not like this one though…

Two encounters at The Fetish Cafe

When we came out of the Dungeon after playing the bar was filled with a cosy sounding hubbub of laughter and soft talking.

Princess and I found two unoccupied bar stools and I ordered soft drinks for us both. The cafe was really crowded. Mostly lifestylers of course; very recognizable by the way they were dressed. There were also the accidental visitors, curious about the lifestyle or simply seeking information.

We noticed a small group of girls, not older than Big A., in there early twenties, enjoying an evening in town. They were shrieking with laughter and feeling quite comfortable in this place where tolerance is a highly valued principle.

A young man entered the bar and stood there for a moment, looking at nothing in particular.
Then he noticed us.

“Hello, I’m new here, this is my first time at the Cafe. I am curious. What brings you here?” he smiled.
We talked for a while and he told us he had spent a few days in Sweden attending a tantra workshop and had met , I suppose, a submissive. The experience had marked him and he wanted more.

So I told him why Princess and I are regulars, how we enjoy playing, the added value of watching and being watched and so on. To make things clear I also explained the difference between BDSM and a D/s (or M/s) relation and gave him some useful links. (edited 26/12/2015, removing the name and author of a book)

After a while he thanked us and then dissipated in the crowd.

“You must be proud”, Princess whispered. “You just gave some sort of extended interview about the lifestyle,” she added with a smile.

“Indeed,” I chuckled but the guy hadn’t felt right although I still cannot pinpoint why.

We also talked with slave e., one of the Staff members. She is responsible for the Fetish Cafe’s website and recently she started a new art project. Every 3 months the Fetish Cafe will present an artist who will be invited to exhibit his/her BDSM/Fetish related work in the Cafe.

Princess and I want to explore BDSM/Fetish photography, it is our common project. Princess enjoys being my model and it gives her a chance to be someone else, like kind of actress. For me it is a challenge as I think I have little to add to the genre. Working together on this venture is also another way to grow closer and incite each others creativity.

slave e. was interested and asked me to send her an email with a few examples. I have two images I am really proud of on my Fetlife-profile so together with a link to my regular photography website I added the links to these two images as well.

I am really excited and hope I’ll be given an opportunity to show off my work.

So curious
So curious


Another visit to The Dungeon

Yesterday we went to The Dungeon again. We hadn’t visited the place since the end of May when we played with 2 other couples.

Princess and I are member of the Fetish Lounge Club and they organize an event every first Saturday of the month. We missed the two last ones though.

Last week, on Fetlife, I noticed The Dungeon held an Open Play Evening on Saturday.

The Bar is open for the big 18+ public and there is a bouncer too. Albeit there is no dress code visitors are asked to be dressed appropriately and lingerie is allowed. No nudity or sexual acts in the public area is accepted though.

The Dungeon itself is closed but those whom want to play or watch pay 20 euro’s per couple and inside everything goes. Men alone pay 20 euro.

When Princess and I arrived, little past ten, the place was still kind of deserted. At the bar I ordered two glasses of white wine and to my big surprise the bartender remembered my name. Cool.

Winch and pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.
Winch and pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.

For a while we talked, Princess and I. Then Princess told me she was very eager to play so I paid the 20 euros and we entered The Dungeon. To our surprise The Dungeon was deserted. We had the entire room to ourselves.

I collared Princess and after getting her out of her dress I cuffed her. I then guided Princess to a bench and ordered her to bend forward so she could lean with her upper arms on it.

Of course I started slowly with the flogger, warming up the soft skin of her delicious behind. Gradually the blows became harder and I switched to the rubber whip, alternating with the wooden spatula, my hand and the leather whip.

After a while I added some pussy teasing. Princess’ undies were soaking wet and it did not take long before she exploded.

I held her shaking body against mine and walked Princess back to the wooden seats and helped her sit down. I could see it had been a good one.

While she was recovering I caressed her skin with a feather duster making her tremble even more.

Then I started rhythmically spanking her pussy with the leather pad of one of my horsewhips. I held Princess in a firm grip constraining her movements.
Slap,  Slap,  Slap it went.
Slap. Slap. Slap.

The sound waves hit the ancient walls of the cellar and echoed back while Princess moaned and I continued spanking her pussy.
Princess went off like a gun and it came so sudden it even surprised me. The intensity of her orgasm was awesome and she fell back in my arms and whispered a zillion beautiful words to me.

The pussy spanking was a first one and I’m sure I will be doing it again as I kind of like the result.

It was time for more action and I led Princess to the pillory stock. Since our first visit to The Dungeon I had this fantasy where I would fuck Princess while she was imprisoned in it. In my fantasy There would be spectators too. Well, next time.

I pushed her undies down and got my hard cock out. Princess was so very wet, her core longing for me.

Delicious it was, fucking my sweetheart that way while we could hear the chatter of the café visitors in the space next to ours. It seemed to come from another dimension.
Hell, it added to the experience.

Fetish Cafe - Pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.
Fetish Cafe – Pillory stock. iPhone 4s image.

Then another couple entered The Dungeon and I stopped with what I was doing just out of respect for them.

I finished the session attaching Princess to the winch and giving her a good whipping and an extra orgasm.

Back in the Café we found a place at the bar and I ordered a couple of soft drinks. We evaluated the scene and Princess told me she had liked it very much but felt that I had held back too much. True but it had been some time since we last played though.

Before we left for home we had two special and fun encounters but I’ll write about that in another post.

Back home we made love.
Boy,  it was so very intense.
Princess and I rock ‘n roll.

What I took with me.
What I took with me.

Thoughts – August 9th, 2014

Little A. is staying with me and that is fun.

Well, most of the time that is.
She is very disorganized and I have to say a zillion times a day please clean up behind you.
Not that it helps though. On one given day she uses at least 5 to 6 drinking glasses. She is way too lazy to go back from to kitchen to her room to get her glass. It is much easier to take a new one.

Little A. is aware of her laziness though and that should be a good thing I guess.

Dish-washing is a no-go zone too.
It is hard to get her out of the house to do something else than lying in the sofa and watching the telly or sitcoms.

Today we went shopping and early this morning we took the train to Antwerp.

Antwerp-Central. Train station.
Antwerp-Central. Train station.

Where else could we start our day than at Starbucks?



I can’t stroll too much due to low back problems so the biggest part of the day I sat on benches waiting for Little A. while she hopped from one shop to another.

We had fun though and I bought her the skirt she desperately wanted. The main thing is that I made her happy.
I showed Little A. a few interesting places. Antwerp has a very rich history.

Medieval houses.
     Medieval houses.
Carolus Borromeus Church.
Carolus Borromeus Church.

Woodwork. Carolus Borromeus Church.

It is Saturday so later on I’ll be spending the evening and night with Princess.
Obviously we haven’t been playing because of Little A.
Yet I have the distinct feeling we are not evolving anymore. Not in BDSM play or in D/s for that matter. When I bring up the latter I have the impression Princess does not want to discuss it any further. This is a shame and I have no clue why she is taking distance from the subject. Only a few weeks ago Princess was very positive about what D/s brought to our relation and how she found how benefitting it felt.
I find it a little unsettling albeit I know it is only my perception of things and maybe I’m just mistaken or reading the sings wrongly.

I’ve been finding more pleasure in photographing these past few weeks too. I even went out late in the evening to make some long exposure shots.
The photography bug has bitten me again and I am happy it did. Taking and making images has always been a way to soothe myself.

Woodwork. Carolus Borromeus Church.
Woodwork. Carolus Borromeus Church.

The Play Date – Packing

In a few hours we will walk down the stairs of the Antwerp Fetish Cafe and enter the Dungeon we have hired with 2 other couples.

Yesterday evening late K&J, the couple who had invited us, and I, spoke for a long time on the phone. They had sensed some hesitance in my post  “And then there were only 3” and wanted to clear the air. Although it was not necessary I appreciated the gesture. They care and find it very important we feel safe and respected. And I got a few answers on stuff that had been bugging me for a few days.

Early this morning I watched a few tutorials on Esinem’s excellent Japanese Bondage – Tying People Not Parcels DVD for extra inspiration. I am planning some floor suspension.

Then I started packing. A few beach towels, a riding crop, whips and floggers, blindfold, vibrators, dildo’s, clover clamps, clothespins, Princess’ silk kimono and lot’s of rope of course. In a separate bag my Nikon, a few lenses and the Oly as backup, flashes and a reflector.
Just added a few candles and matches too.

I am sure we are going to have a wonderful and very intense time. Dinner afterwards will be great too.

It is still a few days away but I consider this afternoon as one heck of a birthday party and probably the best I’ve ever had.

Thank you K&J for inviting us and trusting us.

Most of all I wish to thank you, Princess, my Love, for walking with me through life and sharing this incredible lifestyle with me.
We have grown so close and our love unconditional and fathomless.


And then there were only 3

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a big day as it brings another first. Princess and I will be playing in The Cafe in a private setting with a few other couples. The Cafe’s Dungeon is at our disposal during 4 hours. Afterwards we will have dinner at a different location.

More than 6 months ago we met K&J at the Cafe and we stayed in touch. We saw each other a few times in the Café just for talks.
Then they asked us if we would be interested in renting the place with a few other couples for a more private play.
We shared the same ideas about what BDSM means to us so we said yes.
On Friday, March 14th we met with K&J and they introduced us to Couple 1 and Couple 2 and I wrote about this meeting under the title The Date – Preliminaries.

Couple 1 has 25+ years experience in the lifestyle and Couple 2 some 20 years.

Yesterday Princess and I received two emails.
The first came from Couple 2 cancelling the date for personal reasons.

The mail we received from K&J was about the changed dynamics between them and Couple 1. During a previous play an erotic sparkle had sprung between the two women leading to a common and more intimate play between the two couples. Spanking, whipping, bondage, wax play and some other interactions shared except sexual actions.
This changed dramatically what had been agreed upon. Princess and I have no intentions to share ourselves in any way imaginable.

Although K&J were sure we would not feel uncomfortable with this change, nor object to the different actions this would generate, they wanted to know I we would be okay with it. K&J also stressed they did not expect us to participate in their mutual play but we were welcome if we wanted to.

Princess and I decided to go and I wrote K&J an email explaining we did not object to any of their actions between themselves as long as we did not have to participate. We also counted on their respect towards our decision.

We will be spending our time with photography, rope play and enjoying all the equipment the Cafe has to offer.
If I’m being honest I must admit this last-minute change leaves a bitter taste.

I am sure Princess and I will enjoy ourselves though.
And we can always leave if we so desire.


Fetish Cafe here we come

Tomorrow it is  the first Saturday of the new month. This means it is the Fetish Lounge Club, a BDSM party for couples, in the Antwerp Fetish Cafe.
Yes… of course Princess and I are going, what did you think?

We’ll enjoy a few drinks in the bar and some playing in the Dungeon and love to see and be seen. As always there will be a lot of moaning and whimpering and the Dungeon will resonate with the cracking sound of whips and spanking alike. Except for an occasional blowjob real sex is limited to a smaller cellar with a swing for people to fuck. But there are no rules though and everything goes as long as it is consensual and the Dungeon Master agrees.
Everybody is more than welcome, straight, bi, gay, transgender …

Tomorrow evening I’ll be picking up Princess at her place and then we’ll come to my apartment where we will change. I guess we will arrive at the Fetish Café around 10:30 am.
A while ago one of Princess’ cuff bracelets was broken and she had been asking for a new pair ever since. So this afternoon, after work, I bought a new and heavy-duty pair. I am sure she will like them.

We are so looking forward to these monthly events and each time we have tons of fun and intense play that we obviously will finish at home in the early hour of Sunday morning.

Princess' new cuffs
Princess’ new cuffs

We have a Playdate

Past Wednesday morning I checked the Doodle I had made proposing 4 Saturdays in May for us all to rent The Fetish Café in Antwerp.

Two Saturdays where everybody was free remained and after mailing back and forth between the all of us a final date was set. One of the other Dom’s made the reservation with The Fetish Café.

On May 24th, three days before my birthday, Princess and I will play with 3 other couples in the Antwerp Fetish Café. The bar and the Dungeon will be reserved between 3 and 7 am for only the eight of us.
What a wonderful prospect!

For us both I’ll be packing rope, cuffs, a blindfold, whips, multi-use nipple clamps and a few vibrating devices among others stuff.
Of course I will be making some photographs too so my Nikon D300 and flash-unit will be in my bag too. I also hope someone will take some images of Princess and myself just for our personal files.
Yesterday Princess urged me to make new photographs as soon as possible as she prefers to see my own creations on the blog than those I find via Tumblr.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be busy figuring out what I want Princess to wear and make the necessary purchases.
I am also thinking about possible scenarios for us both to play given the fact we can be seen and that excites my and Princess’ exhibitionist tendencies.

Wow, this event will be an incredible fun way to celebrate my birthday!
I am pretty sure it will be a memorable one.

2014-02-18 10.39.15

Princess and I revisited

Two years and a half and some days ago, September 6th to be more precise, my life changed dramatically and for the better.
During a parent’s meeting I wasn’t supposed to attend, it was a last-minute request by Little A’s mother, I met Princess.
When I first laid eyes on her I was swept off my feet, not only by her natural beauty and charisma but also I felt how my world tilted and shifted. With absolute certainty I knew I had finally found The One, my Holy Grail. I had met with my destiny and future.
When I returned home that evening I had her telephone number written on a piece of paper burning in my pocket.
I was aware I had done something I had never done before. I had approached a woman and started a conversation with her. And got a date.

On September 20th we went on our first date and I took her to a Sushi restaurant. Later we decided 09/20 would be our anniversary date.

We dated a few times and on October 9 Princess and I visited my photo exposition and after that I took her to a small town in The Netherlands were we enjoyed mussels and french fries. Later that afternoon we went to my place and made love (vanilla) love.  Our first time and it was an awesome experience and one I will never forget. It was so damned intense and beautiful.
Recently Princess told me she had, much to her own surprise, climaxed. She added she was little ashamed about it but mostly astonished she had been able to give herself completely to me on the first time.

After some 6 months I started to be a little rougher with Princess and noticed how pulling her hair during lovemaking made her mad and helped her cum easier.
I was hoping Princess was really in every way the One and thus also a submissive. Oh boy, only thinking about this possibility was maddening.

We outed to each other on August 15, 2012 and gave birth to a very intense and very satisfying D/s relation.

Months later, I don’t recall the exact date, I collared Princess and at first she did not like the idea at all. Today her leather collar has become a very important attribute for Princess.

In November 2012 I started a blog on WordPress.com titled “Princess and I” and posted my first article on November 16th with “Nipples and Clothespins” as title.
I moved my blog to a self hosted one in August 2013.

A few other important dates in 2013:
Friday, August 2nd, we went to Antwerp and had a few drinks in The Fetish Cafe where we talked with the owners about the café’s BDSM activities.
Saturday, September 7th we became members of The Fetish Lounge Club and played for the very first time among others in the Dungeon. It was one hell of an experience for us both.
Friday, December 6th we followed a Shibari workshop in The Fetish Cafe.

A few Fridays ago we met 3 other couples in The Fetish Cafe with the intention to play together in May.

Princess and I live a wonderful and intense relation and I am so lucky having her in my life. We trust, respect and love each other and we continue growing.
D/s has added so much to our love, our devotion for each other and made our life together even more intense and meaningful. I am sure over time D/s will become even more important for us.

For this one time only I kneel in front of Princess and humbly bow my head.
I thank you, Princess, for you have changed my life for the better. Your unconditional love is my fuel, my breath, my blood. You are for whom I was conceived. You make me so happy.
I am also very grateful for you submission, my love. It is a beautiful gift I value as much as life itself.
Princess, thank you for traveling with me. I am so proud having you at my side.
I devote my heart, my mind and soul to you.