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Thoughts – December 19, 2017

Yesterday I liked a post on Fetlife about slaves written by a well-respected Master. He is the founder of the Fetish Cafe in Antwerp.
It was about M/s but also about equality, respect, and unselfishness.
I could relate to what he had written.
Shortly after I got a PM from a female slave. She follows me, had liked some of my photographs.
She told me she had written a reply to the post I had liked and wanted me to check it. She added she suffered from reading comprehension.
I read the text. There were no punctuation marks but it was clear and in relation to the writing.
Then I got another PM. She told me was going to meet a Dom but did not feel okay about it.
I asked why.
It appeared the guy wanted her to dress in a slutty way and with no panties. It troubled her because she felt she wasn’t owned yet so he had no right do demand anything.
I kind of agreed and asked if she had told him this.
It appeared so but he had insisted.
I don’t know this slave and I don’t know the Dom either except that he follows me and vice versa on Fetlife.
I asked a few more questions making sure I wasn’t invading her privacy.
It is hard to say anything honest when you know only one side of the story. Let alone give some advise.
“Can I PM the conversation I had with Him?” she asked.
Before I could say something a next PM came. The conversation, spread over multiple days. 
I’m not going into details but what I read made me frown. Finally I felt uneasy. It was full with red alarm lights. It was about him wanting something but not open or ready to give something in return. 
One of the things she wrote was about her back issues making it impossible to hold some postures for very long.
Somewhere else she said sorry she could not chat because one of her kids had to be taken to a hospital.
Also she mentioned to him she was unsure about the date requirements he had insisted on. Slutty dress, no panties.
In her text I found a mix of the need to be wanted and despair.
He showed no empathy, did not ask about her back issues or showed any worry about her kid being very sick. He was not interested in any of the more personal stuff that was about whom she is as a person. 
It was about his desire for her to be a slave and to obey his requirements.
It was selfish and even extremely selfish.
It sounded bad.
He wanted a slave and her opinion, her approach did not matter to him at all.
There was nothing in the conversation that was supporting or positive. It clearly was about him. Him alone.
So I told her I didn’t like what I had read.
“What is your feeling?” I asked, not ready yet to give any advise. I am a vert cautious man. 
“I would love so much to finally find a Master. But I feel he sounds so very selfish.”
I agreed.
“‘Would you go?” she asked.
“It’s not my call,” I answered, “but I would think at least twice about it.”
“Thank you,” she replied. “I found it a very negative conversation and it made me feel bad at times . I wasn’t sure I did read it correctly though. I am not going, this is not good indeed.”
She thanked me and wished me and Princess good night.

It was an interesting conversation and it gave me the unique opportunity to see how some woman, in this case a very fragile one, are treated by predators hiding behind being a Dom or Master.

On the other hand the thought occurred that I had been played  with.