Cap Blanc Nez

A famous landmark at the Opal Coast is Cap Blanc Nez, near Calais. On top is an obelisk commemorating the Dover Patrol, which kept the Channel free from U-boats during World War I.
For reasons I cannot explain this place got under my skin. It has something magical, desolate but is also the symbol of a rich history.
When I’m up there I hear James Cagney yelling “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!” (White Heat, 1943).

During our first weekend together I showed Princess around the Opal Coast and of course we visited Cap Blanc Nez.
She knows we won’t be returning there for years to come. She doesn’t mind though as she already knows that the second time she’ll be up there I will propose.

I know Princess will say “Yes” without hesitation nor the need to be whipped. Well, you can’t have it all.

The discovery of Princess

September 6th. 2011.
My Ex phoned me late that afternoon on my cellular. She couldn’t make it to the parent’s evening at the school of my youngest daughter and asked if I would go.
Sure, I told her. Hell, I didn’t have anything planned and it was still better than sitting home alone feeling sorry about myself not having someone in my life.

At 19:45 I walked leisurely to the school, entered the entrance hall and was offered a glass of Cava that tasted like cow piss, not that I have any experience in that domain.

Already bored I looked around and then suddenly I saw her. It is so hard to describe what I felt. Like electricity flowing through my body maybe; or as if my heart had been jump started after my sudden death.
She was a magnet to my eyes and it seemed as every light in the hall was contributing putting her in the spotlight, making her long blonde hair shine like pure gold.
Without any hesitation every nerve, every cell in my body knew she was the one, that I finally had found my Grail. My journey, my quest had finally come to its end.

My mouth was dry, my heart beating as mad when I decided to walk up to her and say hi.
O my god, she is so lovely with that voluptuous blonde hair and her beautiful eyes I want to lose myself in.
“Hi”, I said, stumbling over my words, approaching an unknown woman like that, I would never have done that, this was new, I was driven by an unknown force.
She smiled at me and we exchanged names and some small talk.
It turned out she was the mom of one of my daughter’s friends.

I made sure I was in the classroom before she entered, I saw a light hesitation but she came over and sat down next to me. Boy was I nervous, going through the stuff in the desk I was sitting at, pulling out an agenda and reading the name on it.
This was really uncanny; I was sitting at my daughter’s desk.
I pulled myself together, wrote a small note, slid it in her agenda on the date of the next day.
Listened to the speeches, exchanged some words with L. and then it was over and we all left the classroom.
I almost let her go, then, pulling myself together once more I ran for it, saying, stumbling, I would love to see you again.
Once again she smiled and said yes and 10 minutes later I was on my way home with her telephone number on a small piece of paper burning in my pocket.

Our anniversary date is September 20th, and that evening I took her to a sushi bar and we talked and talked. We decided to see each other again.

We made love for the first time 3 weeks later and it was overwhelming, pure, intense and for one reason or another I seemed to be pushing all the right buttons. It was vanilla sex but I had never ever experienced it like this, just pure magic, two people completely connecting, and becoming one as it is supposed to be.

Months later, during one of our long afternoons of heavy breathing I grabbed her hair violently, pulling and forcing her head away from my mouth, I wanted to look her in the eyes while I was fucking her.

Her reaction was immediate, she moaned, sighed and almost came. Her eyes closed, a grin in her face I now recognize as total sexual surrender.
A few weeks later, same reaction when I put my hand on her throat, or later on, using her panties to attach her wrists.

Slowly our lovemaking evolved to a phase where I dominated every inch of her sexuality, using only my hands, legs and an occasional panty to restrain her, controlling her.

Finally that evolved too as inflicting pain started dancing with lust. She told me she desired that I would slap her behind. After that I started pinching her nipples. The first time she used her stop word, but now she can stand even clothespins on her nipples, tongue and labia. She is an avid learner.
She is Princess; my submissive a name that just came up naturally.

It was only a month or two ago we started really talking about our feelings, the shift in our lovemaking. One of the reasons of the strength of our relationship is the fact that we can freely communicate with each other.
We both understood we where now engaging in a real S&M relationship adding some bondage.

Toys were introduced, like a blindfold, leather cuffs and several whips, all different, each responsible for another kind of excruciating pain.
The feeling I have afterwards, taking care of Princess, holding her, comforting her, telling Princess how much I love her is more intense than my own orgasms. Being her Master, in every sense of the world is so incredible gratifying.

This morning we talked again, lying in bed, surrounded by the smell of rough and intense lovemaking. The radio controlled egg I had inserted in her made her go berserk.
She told me she trusted me completely, that I owned her body, her sexuality, that she was committed in pleasuring me.

She is Princess, with a capital P.
Yes, with a capital P.
She gives herself completely but I could not be what I am without her thus in a way Princess is a Master too.

We are one.
Princess and I.

Shopping pleasure

I love to shop for ordinary everyday stuff, wandering around, letting my fantasy lead me. There is so much one can use to play with.

What did I find today? Well, first I wanted to surprise Princess with a new whip. This I found in our local horse shop.
A small brush and a wooden spatula seemed useful too.
Then I visited a fishing store and bought some weights I will be painting red with nail varnish.

A weight will be attached to a clothespin using elastic bands so they can go up and down. These clothespins will be pinched on Princesses labia and then she can move around the house.

Looking back

Inspired by a blog post I read this morning I tried to find out what made me become what I am, a Dom.

I had a very happy childhood and I can’t remember any fight or even quarrel between my parents. My father worked, my mother stayed at home, it was all very traditional. They where middle-aged and I was born about 8 months after their marriage.

My father was strict but not severe and he fueled my imagination by telling me stories, encouraging me to read as much as possible and to discover my inner fantasies. Without being presumptuous I guess he made an intellectual out of me.

I remember my mother sitting in her armchair and I, at her feat, 4 years old or so, playing with her legs, enjoying the silky feel of her nylons.
One day I sneaked in their bedroom and in the chest of drawers I found a catalogue of an exposition they had gone to. I must have been 5 or 6 because my sister wasn’t born yet.

I leafed through the book with paintings by the Belgian surrealist Paul Delvaux. I saw completely naked women with strange, big and black triangles between their legs. Men sharply dressed in weird settings. It were these dark triangles that tickled my imagination most and that I think it is the reason why I’m more a pussy man than a breast lover.

Nothing else happened and my sexuality developed in a normal way.
Shortly after my 13th birthday my father passed away, aged 64 and it felt as I had been amputated as he was my god, my teacher. The pain loosing him has never ever left me.

When I was 16 I saw the French movie The Story of O. I’d seen sex movies before but this film was a revelation and I was really excited about it, reviewing the bondage scenes over and over in my head.

After a few relations I got married at 30, and divorced her 16 years later. The sex had always been good, but it never felt that special to me. With neither of the women I come to think of. It never felt complete; it was never overwhelming, hell, it was just plain boring vanilla sex.

I have a collection of art books about fetish and bondage photography and yet I never added domination in my sex life. It never felt okay, not that I was afraid showing myself as a Dom. None of the ladies inspired me enough to be what I secretly wanted to be.

Then I met L. and boy, she was the one I had been waiting for all of my life. I had finally found my Holy Grail and it had been a very long quest.

Masked Ball

One can analyze Eyes Wide Shut in several ways. This movie, Stanley Kubrick’s last movie is, for me, an allegory on greed. One always wants more and more and more and finally there are no more kicks, an orgy remains without any orgasm, only an empty feeling remains. And what has one gained? Nothing.

This particular scene I adore and I use it to impress Princess. Soundscapes are very important in the scenes I play with her.

Safe, Sane and Consensual

In every sex Grasshopper game this words are very important. And I might add trust too.

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ORE figures on several cheap jerseys of my playlists I use when playing scenes with Princess.

An earring

March 20th, 2012
I took Princess out to dinner to celebrate our Wilhelmshorst first 6 months sobot? together.
Gave her earrings.

A few days ago.
I drove Princess home, parked on her driveway and got out of my car. In the soft light of a full moon I saw something shining at my feet.

Intrigued I picked it up. It was one of the earrings, half buried in the mud.
I looked cheap MLB jerseys at her and she sighed, at the verge of crying.

“I must have lost wholesale jerseys it when I was looking in my purse for the keys of my home”, & she murmured.

“Sure”, I said, mad as hell. “I’ll have to punish cheap MLB jerseys you; cheap mlb jerseys this is the first Sosialisasi jewelry I ever bought you!”
Her beautiful eyes filled with tears.
“I’m so Sublime sorry”, she whispered. “I deserve to be punished.”
“What is cheap jerseys it worth to TRIBUNA you?” I asked.
“Ten”, she timidly answered.
“Okay”, I replied, “you count out loud; one mistake and I start over again.”
I finally gave her 30 hard whips.
Princess thanked me.
I told her it was entirely my pleasure.

Nipples & Clothespins

I cheap mlb jerseys showed Princess this free image.
“Oh no”, she gasped, “this must cheap jerseys really hurt. My nipples are so sensitive. Never ever do this to me. Please.”
“I can’t promise”, I told her.

A few days later wholesale nfl jerseys she was standing in front Your of me.
Arms tied behind As her back.
She was completely helpless.

Very carefully I attached a clothes pin on her nipple, letting it go ever so slow.
Princess sighes, biting her lips.
Then I did the same to her other nipple.
Saw her grimaces but she didn’t move nor did she use her safe word.
To top it off I pinched a clothes pin on the tip of her tongue.
“I love you”, I whispered in her ear, softly caressing her back, making her feel safe.
“I cheap mlb jerseys love you too” she replied and I sna saw the clothespins wiggle in her mouth.
Then she laid her head on my shoulder by and I felt how she was slightly trembling.
Her warm breath in my neck a so delicious feeling.

After a few minutes I freed her.
“Thank you, My Lord”, she whispered.
I smiled.

Bound by Desire