The Stranger 2 – Sid – Part 1

Tuesday, August 29.
The day has been hot. Up to 92° F.

I feel tired. Went mountain biking this morning. Started doing this just a few days ago. Still have to build up my condition.

It is hot in the apartment too. I’m sweating like a mule. I don’t feel 100% okay but I guess it is the warmth, the thick, moist, and sticky air, the long ride this morning.

Princess is ready and waiting in the bedroom. She is wearing a white shirt, no bra. The black skirt ends above her knees. Under it a white lace panty, lace stockings and a garter belt.
Hair in a high ponytail. Blindfold. Black pumps ready.
She is sitting on the bed and feeling quite exited.

I told her that after the play scene I would ask her if she was still hot and eager. If so I would ask what she would like next. The answer would be something like getting fucked. If she’d say she had enough it would end there.

It would give Princess the opportunity to end or continue the evening in a gentle way towards our visitor.

Sid is right on time. I like that.
I lead him into the living room. I offer him a drink. We talk for a while. All the doors are open so Princess can hear us.

“I’ll go and fetch her,” I tell Sid.
In the bedroom I help Princess in her pumps and lead her to the living room.

I help her in a kneeling position next to me and offer her a glass of wine.

Then I sit down next to Sid again.

I tell Sid Princesses’ safe word is red. Also I remind Princess that she is not allowed to orgasm and not to speak unless for direct question. Also I make it clear to Princess that her only task this evening is to give us a great time, to serve us in every way we wish.

I love watching her, kneeling at my side in such a beautiful submissive position. Princess is just perfect.

“Isn’t she a beauty?” I ask Sid.
“Indeed,” he sighs.
“She has a gorgeous body as you soon will discover.”
The bulge in his pants an unspoken answer.
“She is also an avid little cocksucker and a great fuck,” I tell him.
“I’m pretty sure she is.”
“And you know what is even better than a beautiful woman?”
He looks at me with a questioning look.
“Hell Sid, a naked beautiful woman.”

We both laugh. Princess remains still, does not move.

I get up.
“Come,” I tell Princess and help her stand up.
I lead her to a standing position, a few feet from Sid who’s still sitting on the couch.
Princess is facing him but she can’t see him because of her blindfold.

Sid’s breathing is deeper now, his eyes all over Princess. I can almost feel his lust, his carnal hunger for her body. I’m sure he can’t wait to fuck her. But he’ll has to be patient. First we play.

“Spread your legs, slut,” I tell Princess and crouch down behind her. I slide my hands under her skirt and gently pull down her panty to her knees.

Once again I sit down next to Sid. We enjoy our glass of wine.
“Grab the bottom of you skirt and pull the front up. I want you to show your pussy to Sid. But do it slow. We want to enjoy it.”
“Yes Milord.”

Princess moves her hips, moves her hands, and plays with the skirt. She pulls it up, higher and higher. I am mesmerized by Princesses’ movements. I know she picked up some teasing moves from a burlesque workshop her daughters attended.

When the skirt is up high enough to show her pussy she stops moving.
Stand still.

“And?” I ask Sid.
“Wow,” he replies.
“Lovely pussy, not?”
“Oh yes,” he sighs.
We get up and he moves towards Princess.

“Why don’t you explore her slit with your finger?” I say and grab Princess firmly by her ponytail.
Sid pushes his index finger in her mouth and then starts exploring Princesses’ pussy.
He is good at it.
Soon Princess is moaning.
I look at Sid. He smiles. Winks.
Moves a little more with his hand.
Princess moans even more now.
I tug at her ponytail. “Don’t you dare to cum.”
“No Milord,” she whispers.
“And?” I ask Sid.
“She’s wet already,” he replies.
I smile. Princess had become a hot little slut and I am so very proud of her.

After a while I grab her ponytail. Push her forward so she is bending forward.

“Check out her backside,” I invite Sid, pulling up her skirt so he has a full sight on her delicious ass.

I let him caress her buttocks. Then I pull her cheeks open.
“Her ass is a very tight fuck,” I tell Sid.
I grab a butt plug and a flask of lube and hand it over to him.

While I grab her ass cheeks again, pulling them open, I watch Sid pushing it in Princesses’ behind.

“Makes it a little easier to fuck her there later on,” I tell Sid.
I make Princess stand up again.
Then pull down her panties and skirt.

“Want to see the rest of her, Sid?”
“I would be delighted.”
“So unbutton her shirt then. Don’t over haste. Enjoy the unpacking.”
I move behind Princess and hold her arms behind her back in a tight grip. My other arm around her throat, holding her head slightly back.

I watch Sid unbutton her shirt. He takes his time. Touches her breasts, play with her nipples, caress her skin.
Princess is making all the right noises.
Finally he pulls the shirt over her arms.
We sit down on the coach again. Sip from our wine.
Princess is standing motionless in front of us.
Legs spread. Naked.

It is a glorious sight and Sid and I spend some time discussing the beauty and hotness of Princesses’ body.
Once again I stress how good a little slutty cocksucker she is.

To be continued…







Thoughts – August 28, 2017

Past week we had a few opportunities to play because Little A. went out.

I combined rope, pain and pleasure pushing Princess towards very intense orgasms.

Princess yelped when I removed the clothespins while switching on the massager. The yelps faded away and became soft moans while she reached yet another climax.

Needless to say such moment bring us even closer.

When Princess came out of subspace she had a question.

“What do you get out of it, Milord?” she asked. “When you play this kind of scene I sense you are not hard. What is playing in your mind?”

An interesting question indeed and I’ll try to answer that one in an other post.

I love kayaking. Princess and I went a few times on the Veerse Meer in The Netherlands. I paddled there a few times solo too.

When I paddle solo on this huge lake I enjoy the absolute solitude. I am embedded in nature. I depend on my skills to navigate. I rely on my strength to paddle many kilometers. Past Friday I did almost 18 km.

Halfway I felt tired. My legs hurt. This also happens during a long drive in the car.

I love that feeling of pushing my physical boundaries.

I would go more often to the Veerse Meer but it is, at its best, a 90′ drive and chances are there are huge traffic jams.

So I am/was looking for something new to do. Mountain biking or off-road had a nice ring to it. It is an activity that is demanding on many levels too. Like kayaking.

But in the boat I feel like only my upper torso and shoulders are trained.

So mountain biking sounded like fun.
Yesterday I spend a huge part of the day watching Youtube films on the subject.

Today I went to Decathlon and purchased a beginners Rockride 520.

Added a helmet and wheel arches. The gloves I had already. I also use them for paddling.

Threw everything in the car.
Parked at a forest.

Mounted my Gopro on the bike and did a 10 kilometer trip. Boy was this great. The speed, the wind, the scents, the sounds. Once again embedded in nature, traveling on pure muscle power. What an experience. I filmed the whole trip.
The “movie” extremely boring.

Tomorrow is one of my last days of my holiday and I’m going to have such a great time. Me and my bike. Or my bike and me.

By the way, if everything goes well tomorrow will also bring a very special evening.

Sid is coming over and I have prepared a BDSM-scene that will blow Princess away. It will push all her buttons.

After the scene I’ll give a choice. Call it a day or continue with a hot threesome.
It will be our first experience with The Stranger 2. The scene will be about Princess being a total slut. Princess being used. Princess as a sex slave.

Did I mention I’ll be meeting a possible candidate for The Stranger 3? More on that later.

On a yet to determine Saturday evening Princess and I are going to a swingers club. Slave Serge and his wife and Domina Jane will be tagging along. No swapping here though, just two couples on a night out in town.

Princess is already hoping I’ll arrange some hot fuck for her.

But the most important thing Princess and I are looking forward to is our trip to Poland in September.

We’ll be celebrating our 6th anniversary near Kraków in Southern Poland.

Thoughts – August 23, 2017

Today was one of these days I like to describe as memorable. As unforgettable. One of these days that seem to add something valuable to one’s life.
Because it all felt simple good.

Not 100% perfect but who cares.
Rewind to this morning.

Yesterday we enjoyed doing some rope, Princess and I. She wasn’t feeling very well though. Since July my love suffers, on and off, from cystitis.
I had a few myself so I know how it feels, hurts. How it seems to drain your energy.

We made love too. Fantasized about adding Sid to the equation. I told Princess it would be a whole different dynamic.

If memory serves me well we went to sleep at 2 this morning and woke up at 8.
We made love.
Had breakfast.

Were ready to leave for The Netherlands. For once the weather was great and we wanted to spend it on the water.

Then Princesses’ doctor phoned. The test results were back and she was resistant to the meds she was taking already.

On lake Vere.
GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

So we drove to her doctor, got the prescription for new antibiotics, drove to the pharmacy.

I found it important for Princess to start her treatment asap.

Due to traffic jams caused by accidents we did over 3 hours to reach our destination in The Netherlands. It would take me little over 1 hour to get to Lake Vere on a normal day.

We started our trip at 13:00 and arrived back at Kanoa, our starting point, at 17:00. We paddled a distance of  some 17 km.

At Kanoa we enjoyed some French Fries and then we drove back home.

Enjoying French Fries at Kanoa.
GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

Unfortunately, the day ended as it had started. Enormous traffic jams again. I countered them by using alternative roads cutting down our travel time to about 2 hours.

GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

On the road back home we fantasized about Sid whom would come over to our place tomorrow evening.

I dropped Princess at her place and then drove home missing her already.

On Lake Vere.

There was a message on Fet from Sid. He was sick and could not make it tomorrow.

So I told him to take care of himself. Wrote Princess wasn’t okay yet either.

Anyway, Princess and I had a great and active day on the water.

God, I love Princess so much.

GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

Karada Workshop – August 19, 2017

We had a blast, Princess and I. For us it was one of those memorable afternoons/evenings that make this lifestyle shine as gold.

The workshop was organized at our favorite club PDN and given by Marc Van Vlaanderen. Marc has a huge experience in multiple domains of BDSM. He is accessible and one of his many gifts is the ability to pass a message, help people learn.

Princess and I arrived before 3 PM and were rewarded with a beer to take home. It is a Meestereske (Domina),  a 9,5% blonde triple. Thank you, Marc, for this much-appreciated attention.

So we learned the Karada. Not a simple Karada but one for all kinds of (floor)suspension. PDN’s dungeon hosted a huge frame, a small one-person frame hoisted so it could flip over and a huge wheel.

First I did a simple Karada floor suspension with Princess in a cage. I used a 12-meter rope that was made available. No natural fiber and a little elastic and it burned my fingers. I did swear quite a few times pulling through all that rope.

I did not like the result though, it wasn’t all that great and not beautiful either. But Princess and I had fun and learned a few things.

Karada floor suspension in a cage.

There was this huge wheel and I knew Princess was fascinated by it. So I asked Marc if he would help me suspend Princess in that construction. Sure enough he was more than willingly to help and soon his team-member were tying up Princess. I watched, did not feel secure enough to do this alone. So I stole with my eyes and learned.

Princess in a Karada based suspension.

Needless to say Princess enjoyed the experience.

Later that afternoon and evening even more people arrived. Princess and I enjoyed watching what was going on. We talked with friends too, yes, it was really a memorable evening.

Sid was there too. We connected even more. He is a great guy and I was happy he found a rope bunny for that workshop.

Later, later, I tied Princess to a wooden pole and gave her a harsh spanking. She almost came while I almost drowned in my sweat. It was way to warm there for me albeit most of the time Princess felt cold.

We watched people play. It was fun. It made me so very happy to see how some of them were able to enjoy being (almost) naked in spite of being very far from the what the fuck ideal body.
We are all human beings and the diversity on so many levels makes us so rich. Here, at least at PDN, we could all be just that. Human beings without being judged for whatever some think others need to be judged for.

It was past midnight before we came home.
Princess and I went to bed. Exhausted but we made love nevertheless.

We got up early this morning as Princess had to be home early to take care of Little Star.

Mostly she stays till noon. Not this morning though.

Later this afternoon I phoned Sid.
We’ll be seeing him this week.
It will be sizzling hot.

Thoughts – August 18, 2017

The first week of my two-week holiday is almost over. It has been raining abundantly every single day.

So I spend most of my time watching a few YouTube channels on video and film making. Watched a bunch of movies too.
I took Princess and Little A. to the movies. Annabelle: Creation was very good. I liked it.

Not as scary as The Conjuring or Insidious though. The atmosphere and the narrative slowness made up for it. Add to that the photography and great camerawork and you have a good movie.

Past Monday Little A. came back home after a 10-day summer camp in Croatia. She asked for some food, took a shower and washed her hair.

After that my youngest daughter asked if she could use my iMac.For over 4 hours she edited using iMovie.
Then Little A. was ready to show me the first results.
What I saw blew me away.
The movie was short, quick and had an incredible vibe to it. And a very good rhythm. Think Casey Neistat style of shooting but revved up.
No cheap effects or loud titles. The changing of speed during a scene are subtle.
Also, the Denver ACT-8030W action cam I gave her performs very well. Sharp and good color rendition.

Yesterday Little A. got some more footage and asked if she could use my iMac again.

So Princess and I moved to the bedroom where we watched The Godfather Part 2. What a movie, what a visual and storytelling experience.

After that we made love, Princess and I.
Then we fell asleep. Exhausted, happy and so in love.

When I woke up this morning she was dozing. I took her though.
It was good. She orgasmed pretty quick. And then again.
Slapped her in the face, pulled her hair. Felt her squirting.

Then it was time for Princess to leave.

I did not do much today. It rained you see. Like as in the whole day.
It is 20:45 over here. The late sun is shining and it is great outside.
I’m pretty sure it will be raining tomorrow as well though.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up Princess at 2 and we’ll arrive at 3 PM at our club.

We are attending a rope workshop and Princess and I are so looking forward to it.

The main theme is the rope dress or Karada. Like this simple one for example.

The workshop ends at 7 PM or so. We are staying for the evening as well. After 8 it is your regular Saturday evening BDSM play party at the club.

I’m sure Princess and I will have a lot of fun. I am convinced we’ll learn new stuff too.

Meeting Sid

Past Saturday we went to our favorite club. It had been a while since our last visit. The club feels like a second home. We talked with friends. In the dungeon I tied Princess to bondage horse for some harsh impact play. It gave her an intense orgasm and shot her deep into subspace.

It was also a very exciting evening because we were going to meet a candidate.

When I placed the ad a few weeks ago my idea was to meet and look for a mutual connection. Princess was not concerned because she would wear a blindfold when we would play with. It would increase Princesses’ sensation of being used. Besides, finding a connection between two is difficult already let alone with three.

Sid was one of the men who reacted to the add. His reply was respectful and his profile interesting. He is a newcomer to our lifestyle. Sid had also put the results from on his profile. Albeit I take such results with a grain of salt it is useful. Sid scored pretty high on the non-submissive stuff indicating he is a Dominant.

Being a regular visitor of PDN he asked if we could meet there, have a few drinks, see if there was a vibe and take it from there.

This meant Princess was going to meet him too. We talked about it and she liked the idea. Being presented like that, checked out visually felt also very much as being used she told me.

So we met Sid.
I liked taking with him. It felt like we knew each other already. I told him what his role would be. He told me his expectations. He is respectful and that I like. Princess felt okay too.
Then Sid asked Princess if she liked sucking cock, being eaten, fucked hard and long. She smiled and say as much as possible on everything.
Hell that was hot. This man asking Princess how she wanted to be fucked by him.

She smiled. He smiled.
Then, with some hesitation, he asked Princess if she liked anal. She smiled again and assured Sid she loved being fucked that way.

Oh god, I had the impression my cock was going to burst out of my pants.

A handful of kinksters had taken seats around us and it was clear they were enjoying what Princess described as an interview. It pushed all her buttons and I am pretty sure she felt very slutty.

On our way home Princess and I talked about Sid and she was okay with the idea of him having sex with her. I had still some reservations though. His Dominant side but mostly because he smokes.

In bed we talked about it some more and it made me mad with desire and I fucked Princess hard.
We slept well and the next morning I mounted her while she was still half asleep.

The sex was great and Princess came and orgasmed and squirted over and over. We ended up with soaked bed linen.

Somewhere between two fucks Princess told me she fantasized about being gangbanged. Sucking off a bunch of men was another of her fantasies. Just fantasies mind you. Well, for the time being anyway.

Then Princess mounted me. Rode me while she licked my nipples. In my mind’s eye I saw her being used by 4, 5 men and the idea drove me mad with desire for Princess.

I screamed when I shot my seed deep in Princess.
It was a very intense orgasm.

This morning I messaged Sid and proposed a few evenings next week. I told him I have a very hot BDSM-scene in mind.

The search for an extra man continues…

I received quite a few reactions. Almost all tasteful. A few were beyond the scope, seeking for a Dom/sub relation. Maybe that is my fault, it is not easy to write an  ad. I don’t want to give false hopes or engage in something I know I don’t really want.

The basic idea is simple. The man, or men, I select, will help me play with a blindfolded Princess. I’ll be in charge of everything, concentrating on the SM part and give orders to my sidekick when and how to pleasure Princess sexually. This will lead to a threesome, something Princess and I enjoy. It would be great to explore my heteroflexibility even more but it is not the main goal.

Princess will be blindfolded mainly because it will intensify her experience. Being used during the threesome by an unknown man will be a maddening experience for the love of my life. Also I know that if I offer her to this unknown man in exchange for a fistful of Euro’s she’ll go berserk for sure.

As exceptions tend to prove the rule we’ll be meeting a man tomorrow evening at our club. Just a meet ‘n greet. But Princess will see that man so not only does he have to like us, I have to like him and she has to like him enough to have sex with him.

All the other candidates I’ll meet during the next few weeks.

We won’t be having threesomes every weekend. It will be a once in a blue moon event. I enjoy watching Princess having sex with another man. The idea she’ll be having sex with somebody different I like even more. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to organize an evening with 2 or 3. Oh boy, that would be grand.

Princess is supposed to write a short post about every encounter but I know she doesn’t have the time. I’ll be interviewing Princess on a regular basis and write it down for the blog.

So let me invite you. If you have a question for Princess, don’t hesitate. I’ll ask her.

Princess and I would love to interact more with you.


In search of another Second Man

Princess has some hot fantasies. I am delighted by them.

I am not sure if I planted them or if I helped blooming what was already there. I like to believe it is the latter.

Like when we talked about visiting a swinger’s club. Princess told me one of her fantasies would be me picking a guy for her to fuck. Isn’t that a sizzling hot fantasy?
Yeah, Princess is my kind of woman.

We haven’t visited such a club yet. I have some issues, not that important though, I need to get rid of.

There is The Stranger. We’ll be inviting him again in a near future. In July Little A. stayed quite some time at my place and August won’t be different. Princess and I did not have much quality time.
So I’m thinking end of August. Or September, before we leave on holiday to Poland.

I know I have written this before. I love watching Princess have sex with The Stranger. I love to fuck her and give her to The Stranger for a few hard and deep thrusts before I pull her back.
It makes Princess mad too. Pushes her into a frenzy of continuous orgasms.

Doing a threesome had deepened my feelings and my love for Princess even more. Trust has become even more absolute.

So there is The Stranger. We invite him over to our place. I play with him too. He loves the rope. Unfortunately he is not keen on visiting a BDSM club. That is a shame but I respect him.

Some time ago I told Princess I would love to find another man to invite over and have sex with her. Not to replace The Stranger. He is okay, we like him.

It is hard to explain, but I find the idea of having Princess used by different men very appealing and very, very hot.

Princess also likes the idea and I want to make an occasional fuck slut out of her.

Sure, I still find the two of us making love the best thing ever. I lose myself completely when we start to fuck rough. When I give her pain, when I bite her, when she squirts and moans and begs. That is the best sex, the best love I ever had in my entire life.

Yet three is so much fun too.
There is The Stranger.
Soon there will be a new guy. A submissive man whom will assist me when I play with Princess. He will pleasure Princess whenever I ask him to do so in the way I wish it to be.
He’ll be somewhat my submissive or slave but not my full-blown play partner like The Stranger.
Such scenes I’ll end with a threesome.
Princess has an assignment too. I asked her half a page maximum for every new man who uses her. Thoughts, experiences, whatever. Her text about The Stranger is already overdue by almost a year.

I put an ad on Fet this morning. About 8 hours later I have 4 replies already. I will consider each of them carefully.
This is so much fun.
And so arousing.


Thoughts – August 2, 2017

It was only somewhere in the beginning of June Princess was well enough again to play. It had been a rough 6, 7 months for her. A physical therapist did some good stuff. But starting a fitness program changed everything for Princess. Princess is building a harness of muscles around her hypermobile (hip)joints.

Past Friday, July 28, Princess and I went paddling in The Netherlands. On the Veerse Meer. Lake Veere is a huge lagoon in the province of Zeeland. In 1961 the Delta Works dam system partially cut it off from the North Sea. The Delta works were an answer to the 1953 flood killing 1836 in The Netherlands.

Princess and I kayaked some 4 hours and had a great time. Princess loves the fact I am now documenting our life on video.

Even if we can play hard again we can’t really. Little A., my 17-year old daughter, spends quite some time at my place. These past 2 weeks she has been continuously with me so Princess and I don’t have the quality time we used to have.

Yesterday she left for her mom and in a few days Little A. will be on a 10-day holiday in Croatia. I am really looking forward to have some very private time with Princess.

So we played, Princess and I and it was intense. I started with a good barehanded spanking. Moved to floggers and a cane. Tied her down. Used the fuck stick and the 13,500 rpm wand to pleasure her while tormenting her body with hot candle wax and clothes pins.

There was more like dirty talking, fucking and then some.

This morning we fucked again, over and over and over. Slept, woke up little before noon. The good old days of D/s and SM are finally coming back. I can’t speak for Princess but hell did I miss the playing, the SM, and the D/s. Like mad I did.

Three is so much fun

A few weeks ago Princess and I enjoyed another hot evening with The Stranger. I am not going to bore you with the details.

Princess was dressed in a sexy black dress. Under it fine black underwear and a garter belt.

Shortly after his arrival I made The Stranger stand up in front of us and undress. All except for his shorts.

I told Princess to get up and tease him. I enjoyed watching Princess caress his muscled torso and licked his nipples.

I could tell by looking at his face the guy was having a hard time. And slightly painful I might add. The Stranger was wearing a cock cage.

I told Princess to sit in my leather office chair, spread her legs and watch The Stranger and I.
Then I forced the naked Stranger on his knees. Then I told Princess to push her panty aside and play with herself. While I tied The Stranger’s hands behind his back he could watch her. I tied a chest harness and made sure it was pretty snug.

Then I pushed against the back of his head, forcing him between Princesses’ legs and made he lick her. It was as close as I could bring The Stranger to a Domme/slave situation. Afterwards he told me he had liked it very much.

I looked at Princess, kissing her while she moaned and arched her back. She pushed her pussy even closer to his mouth.

Princess was close and I told her to fight it. Soon she was begging me for release. I waited a little longer, then slapped her in the face. “Come for me, you dirty slut,” I hissed.

Princess screamed and came and it was a good one.
“Back off,  slave,” I told The Stranger, pulling him back.

He smiled, his mouth glistening with Princesses’ wetness. I grabbed some Kleenex and cleaned him up.

“On your back, slave”, I growled. He had a hard time doing so, tied up with a chest harness.

I tied a Futomomo, binding the calf of a leg to the thigh. I then grabbed his knees and pushed them apart.
“Come here,” I told Princess, “and liberate his cock.”
Princess did just that by gently sliding the transparent cock cage of his penis. Once freed, his cock hardened immediately.

Princess was hot, Princess was eager and before I could grab a rubber she was already sucking him. For a few seconds I looked at the scene, flabbergasted. Then I started enjoying it, watching her. She pleasured The Stranger’s rock-hard cock with her tongue, her mouth.

After a while I pulled her away. Princess looked at me, her eyes shining from the hots raging in her mind and body.

“Sit,” I told her, “and don’t move.” I untied The Stranger and through the rope in a bag. I’ll wash them later.

I tied Princess with a chest harness and a Futomomo on each leg.
“I’m going to play with Princess,” I told The Stranger.
I pointed at the fuck stick and our new 13,500 RPM Fairy Exceed Massage Wand.
“You pleasure her on my lead.”

I covered Princesses’ belly and sides with clothes pins.

The Stranger used the fuck stick, pushing Princess to an orgasm. When she almost there I made him stop and gave the love of my life even more pain.

I then lit a few candles and started dripping hot wax over Princesses’ body.

My slave used the Fairy Massage Wand on Princesses’ pussy. Even with half the power of the wand Princess orgasmed intense and powerful already.

After cutting away the wax with a sharp knife we took 5 and drank some wine.
The Stranger was curious about hot wax and I dripped some on his foot. I am not sure he liked it very much. He is not into pain. I tried a flogger once and that wasn’t a success either.

I lead Princess and The Stranger to the bedroom. While Princess undressed I watched The Stranger pull on a rubber.

Princess was lying on the bed and I positioned myself next to her. Slid my hand between her legs. She was wet and longing already.

“She’s ready,” I told The Stranger. “Fuck her.”

I watched him mount the love of my life. When his cock slid in Princess I almost came myself. While The Stranger fucked her, I kissed Princess and held her in my arms. After a few minutes I told The Stranger to make room for me. Princess was so very wet when I slid in. I fucked her, then The Stranger and I changed places and again and again till Princess came with a loud scream.

The Stranger and I kept fucking Princess while she sucked whatever dick available.

Then I rolled on my back, pulled her on top of me, slid in her pussy. The Stranger used some lube and tried to penetrate her too.

Princess loves anal but for some reason we could not double penetrate her. When he pushed in I slid out. It was kind of funny and soon we were laughing and having fun. We tried with The Stranger on his back, Princess sitting on him and I trying to get in her pussy. That did not work either.

I had watched some porn flicks and it looked so easy.

Finally we gave up.

I told The Stranger he could come, asking him how he wished to unload. “In her ass,” he said. “Be my guest,” I answered and told Princess to get on all fours and stick her ass up.

He pulled on a new rubber and ass fucked my wife as if his life depended on it.

Princess moaned and yelped, torn between lust and pain as she explained me later on.

She looked in my eyes with deep, unbreakable, and eternal love. We kissed and I held her.

Then he screamed he was on the brink of coming. His body jerked and he threw his head backwards while he ejaculated in Princess.

Princess came too, she shivered and sighed and thanked me and we kissed again. I watched how The Stranger pulled his softening cock back, the tip of the rubber loaded with his jizz.

We had an awesome evening and after The Stranger left I made Princess mine again.

I know it might sound weird but I love watching Princess being fucked. We stay close and connected, that is something she insists on. Having her suck and fuck is even hotter.

We slept well that night, Princess and I. The next morning we made love. Then we fucked and after that we made love again, soaking the bed linen with our love and lust.

Bound by Desire