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Here I would like to categorize the posts about important moments and thoughts that influence our life together, kind of a personal diary.

Thoughts – December 20, 2017

A desolate place.
An attic.
A prison-cell.

A blindfolded Princess lies on a small mattress. She has no idea where she is. She has no idea how she got there. Princess has lost every track of space and time.

Vaguely she hears distant chatter, some laughter. It sounds subdued but she is pretty sure there are people somewhere in the building.

She is still clothed, a reassuring thought. This means she hasn’t been raped. Then she adds deep in her mind the word yet.
She calls for help but there is no answer.

A few minutes later, but it could as well have been an hour, she hears footsteps. They come closer on what seems like a stair.

A door opens with a creaking sound.

“I’m keeping her in one of our cells. I hope you like her. She’s very pretty.” The voice sounds familiar but she can’t place it.
“Great. I’m in for a good and hard fuck.” The second voice is much lower.
“Good. Then you came to the right place. I’m sure you’ll have a ball with her. I’m sure she’ll please you in any way she can.”
Two men are now near the cell. She lies still.
Her heart races, her breathing shallow.

This is what I told Princess yesterday evening before we played.
She shivered by the mere thought.

It could be the start of a scorching hot play evening with The Stranger 3 in a BDSM club like Fetish Club 78.

Then we played, Princess and I and it was intense. It always is.
I did some rope bondage and then tortured Princess with clothespins and dripped hot wax over her belly. I did it slowly, taking my time. I wanted her to feel everything as clear as possible.

This time I did not give her any pleasure. It was about Domination. About SM.
I played her. Mentally and physically.

Clothespins, after party.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

We went on for what seemed like ages but in reality only 2 hours went by.

I made several images and I am quite happy with the results. I added them to my Fetlife profile. I’ll be using these photographs for this and the next couple of posts.

These images are not set up, they are made while we play.

Past Saturday, when we visited Club 78, I bought Princess a Russian cold-war gas-mask. I’ll be using it mainly for breath play but I could not resist making a picture of Princess wearing it.

When we finally went to bed Princess was exhausted but feeling very happy and complete.

“Please Milord, I’d love some caning,” she whispered.

I used my cane, gradually increasing the impact. Trying to hit the same spot.
Occasionally I used a flogger.

Mainly the cane though was what I used.

Finally Princess lay still.
Eyes closed, a glorious smile. I knew she was in deep subspace.

I covered Princess and crawled close to her. I held Princess, caressing her gently.
She sighed with contentment.

Shortly after we made love.
The combination with pain works miracles.

Princess came abundantly.
When we were completely wearied we changed the sheets.
I love it when Princess ejaculates. Her warm and sticky wetness dripping over my thighs and belly makes me horny and so happy.

Princess and I.
We are complete and still madly in love.
Princess and I.
Two bodies, one heart, one soul.

Breath Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Thoughts – December 19, 2017

Yesterday I liked a post on Fetlife about slaves written by a well-respected Master. He is the founder of the Fetish Cafe in Antwerp.
It was about M/s but also about equality, respect, and unselfishness.
I could relate to what he had written.
Shortly after I got a PM from a female slave. She follows me, had liked some of my photographs.
She told me she had written a reply to the post I had liked and wanted me to check it. She added she suffered from reading comprehension.
I read the text. There were no punctuation marks but it was clear and in relation to the writing.
Then I got another PM. She told me was going to meet a Dom but did not feel okay about it.
I asked why.
It appeared the guy wanted her to dress in a slutty way and with no panties. It troubled her because she felt she wasn’t owned yet so he had no right do demand anything.
I kind of agreed and asked if she had told him this.
It appeared so but he had insisted.
I don’t know this slave and I don’t know the Dom either except that he follows me and vice versa on Fetlife.
I asked a few more questions making sure I wasn’t invading her privacy.
It is hard to say anything honest when you know only one side of the story. Let alone give some advise.
“Can I PM the conversation I had with Him?” she asked.
Before I could say something a next PM came. The conversation, spread over multiple days. 
I’m not going into details but what I read made me frown. Finally I felt uneasy. It was full with red alarm lights. It was about him wanting something but not open or ready to give something in return. 
One of the things she wrote was about her back issues making it impossible to hold some postures for very long.
Somewhere else she said sorry she could not chat because one of her kids had to be taken to a hospital.
Also she mentioned to him she was unsure about the date requirements he had insisted on. Slutty dress, no panties.
In her text I found a mix of the need to be wanted and despair.
He showed no empathy, did not ask about her back issues or showed any worry about her kid being very sick. He was not interested in any of the more personal stuff that was about whom she is as a person. 
It was about his desire for her to be a slave and to obey his requirements.
It was selfish and even extremely selfish.
It sounded bad.
He wanted a slave and her opinion, her approach did not matter to him at all.
There was nothing in the conversation that was supporting or positive. It clearly was about him. Him alone.
So I told her I didn’t like what I had read.
“What is your feeling?” I asked, not ready yet to give any advise. I am a vert cautious man. 
“I would love so much to finally find a Master. But I feel he sounds so very selfish.”
I agreed.
“‘Would you go?” she asked.
“It’s not my call,” I answered, “but I would think at least twice about it.”
“Thank you,” she replied. “I found it a very negative conversation and it made me feel bad at times . I wasn’t sure I did read it correctly though. I am not going, this is not good indeed.”
She thanked me and wished me and Princess good night.

It was an interesting conversation and it gave me the unique opportunity to see how some woman, in this case a very fragile one, are treated by predators hiding behind being a Dom or Master.

On the other hand the thought occurred that I had been played  with.

The Stranger 3?

About a week ago I wrote a post titled connecting with a couple.

Both are kind of newbies when it comes to BDSM. Johnny and June are eager to learn. Their dynamic is Top/bottom as friends with benefits. Johnny enjoys rope play and June loves being a lust slave. Find the post HERE.

Saturday, December 16, Princess and I visited Fetish Club78 and it was a great experience. Princess thought this was an ideal place to meet the couple in January.

The day after, Sunday, Johnny sent me a PM on Fetlife informing me it was over with June. I felt bad for him and wrote back some encouraging thoughts.

We had communicated a lot and I felt he and I were on the same wavelength.

I told him I’d love to stay in touch.

June sent me a PM too and I wished her good luck. She added she was sure Johnny would be a very good The Stranger 3.

So back to square one and I can’t say I was unhappy with how things finally turned out. Don’t get me wrong, I am sorry Johnny and June broke up.

Looking back on the PM’s with Johnny and the talks with Princess, I started feeling uneasy about the whole idea.
To be honest playing with another sub/slave or with two isn’t my piece of cake. I’m willing to try of course but what we’ve been doing, playing with an extra man, I like more.

The Stranger, the swingers club, Princess behaving as a dirty little slut under my guidance, turns me on big time.
I’m pretty sure it rocks Princesses’ world too.

Princess knows I like Johnny’s way of thinking. When I asked her if I could introduce him as The Stranger 3 she said hell yes.

This morning I got a PM from Johnny telling me he’d like to be The Stranger 3.
That’s a good thing.

We’ll be putting together a hot scenario.

I’m thinking about making it happen in a BDSM-club. Both PDN and Club78 rent rooms so that’s ideal for an after-party if there is a mutual click.

It is Tuesday and thus our evening. I’m preparing a hot play-evening at our place.

I’ll make good use of the Christmas present I bought for Princess at Club78 and make some photographs.

I’m revealing a little something about this present with this photograph.

Christmas gift for Princess – detail.


Visiting Fetish Club 78 for the first time

Saturday, September 16.
Princess and I thought a change of scenery would be nice. Don’t get me wrong. We love PDN and the people we meet there and know already.

Yet it was time for a breath of fresh air. Discovering a new place and meeting new people offer fresh opportunities.

New ideas, new scenes, other furniture and another setup.

We enjoyed a very warm welcome. I received keys for the lockers and then they showed Princess and I around.

There is a restaurant with a buffet and the main play room with bar.

Upstairs they guided us through different theme rooms. We saw an impressive gynecological examination chair. There was big confessional chair and to the opposite two cells complete with a mattress. Another room was well-lit and had a medical cabinet and a modern examination bed.

We saw other stuff too like a Saint Andrew cross made of ship chains. And of course a pillory.

At the bar we savoured a glass of wine while we let the new environment sink in. Soon we were talking with other people. I liked that very much.

Two Doms brought a sub to a cage and ordered her to sit on a bar stool covered with crown-caps.

After they closed the cage one of the Doms opened a box with steel barbecue skewers. He fixed them lopsided, with the sharp end pushing against the sub’s skin, using rubber bands.

Quite interesting to watch and I can tell you she did not dare to move an inch.

There was another scene. Two Doms chased a sub while spanking her. She ran around between the two men trying to corner her. Princess and I liked that scene too.

Then I decided it was our turn. I led her to the centre of the playroom. I wanted to use the hoist and add a horizontal bar for Princess to hold.

The Dungeon Master, a young and very friendly and helpful man, walked over. He asked if we had everything we needed. After I said yes he asked me if I wanted other music than what they were playing. That wasn’t necessary.
I did appreciate this very much. It was very considerate.

We played intensively. Then we paused so Princess could recover. After a while we played again.

There is a comfy couch for people to watch a scene. When a scene ends and aftercare is necessary, spectators move from the couch to give place to the sub and his or her Dom.

That too I found very well thought off.

Princess and I have been discussing edge play but the sheer thought of needles makes her nervous. I don’t use the violet wand often for the same reason. She is afraid of its stings.

Yet she is very curious and I am convinced she’ll like it.

While we were looking at a few BDSM items they sell in the club I pointed out the needles. The Dungeon Master overheard us and asked if we wanted information on the topic.
Princess and I both said yes.

Shortly after we were back on the first floor in the well-lit room. Princess was lying on her stomach while the man explained the proceedings.
He would pierce her shoulder-blade.

The first needle went in and Princess told us she felt nauseous. He told us this was normal. It is a mix of fear and panic. He also noticed she was very tense. Then he said a second needle would make a difference.
In went the second one.

“Oh”, Princess sighed when endorphins started doing their work.

Then another one, 180° degree with the two others making a crossing. The needles woven.
In went a forth.
Carefully he pushed on the centre of the 4 needles.

Princess was smiling, eyes closed while she enjoyed the endorphin rush.
After pulling the needles out and some aftercare we went down to the bar again.
Princess was still floating.

Later, on our way back home, we talked about the experience. She told me she had liked it a lot. I smiled because I knew that already before she experienced needle play. So as soon as possible I’ll follow a workshop before starting needle play with Princess.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Princess because she decided to try it anyway.

We sat there for a while, Princess and I. Talking with different people. Simply enjoying being there together and sharing something deep.

Before we left I bought an item to play with. It is a Christmas gift for Princess.

She tried a few to find one that fits. We used it the next morning while we made love and it was fun.

I won’t reveal what it is yet. We’ll be using the item this Tuesday while we play and I’ll make some photographs.

We had a ball at Fetish Club 78.
Nice place, great people and different scenes are possible.
The welcome was great too.
Princess and I can’t wait to go back.

Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Connecting with a couple

By sheer coincidence I came in contact with a couple on Fetlife.

Both are kind of newbies when it comes to BDSM. Johnny and June are eager to learn.

Their dynamic is Top/bottom as friends with benefits. Johnny enjoys rope play and June loves being a lust slave. There is more about them of course but the contact we have is still young.

I’m in contact with Johnny and he informs June and I inform Princess.

Playing with a couple was Princesses’ original proposal when we started talking about including other people in our scenes. At that time I did not find that a good idea. Including a man was plan B.

Finding that man and organizing a play scene was relatively easy and straightforward. Princess and I enjoyed playing with The Stranger, a submissive, and The Stranger 2, a switch in a dominant role, very much.

Organising a scene with a couple is a whole different ballgame. It wouldn’t if it was such sex like in swinging.

But this is BDSM and finding stuff we all enjoy. It makes it much more a challenge. I like that.
What’s the idea?

I would set up a scene with June while Johnny watches. For Johnny it is about pleasuring June with a good act and observing and learning.

So far so good.

But what about Princess?
She and June are straight.

Princess suggested she could help me like dropping wax over June on my command. That too was a no go for June. She does not like to be dominated by a woman.

Johnny hinted he, June and Princess could write assignments on pieces of paper and Princess would draw them. She did not like the idea as she wants to play a submissive role. So choosing assignments for me does not feel right for Princess.

Princess suggested I would play with them both. That could be a workable path but I haven’t a clue yet about a titillating scenario.

Princess also wants to know what I’ll be doing in my scene with June. Princess is horrified with the idea I would repeat our scenes with June.

I explained Princess it would be different because June’s desires are different too, her buttons different. But at the moment I am unaware of them. So I can’t say in what direction I want to go yet.
Furthermore we need to meet first, the four of us. Talk, have a few drinks and see if there is a mutual click.

I know Princess has an open mind about all this. Yet there are a few issues.
I would like to compare it with a person dreaming about doing a base-jump. When you are standing, there, all secured, jumping might look completely different from what you’ve imagined.

November 2016. Princess watched me tying The Stranger during our first play evening. After he left Princess told me she had experienced envy, maybe even jealousy. It was about the tying which she found was our private experience. Feeling like that had surprised her.

I believe there to be another issue and it is something I can completely understand.
Princess is my sub and I am her Dom. Playing with June might feel like cheating even if Princess is present.

Johnny and I have still a few things to tackle. The most important is how to include Princess actively in the scene without this being threat to June but very pleasurable for Princess. Then there is his role during and after the scene.

How about sex? For June and Johnny this is a yes. I would happily tag along too but I’m not sure about Princess.

The most important hurdle is Princess accepting me playing with another sub. With accepting I mean the emotional impact. True, I’m having some issues myself with the idea.

The last thing I want to do is to bring our relationship in danger.

Johnny and I continue discussing the event. A few days ago we phoned. We agreed to keep it short but ended talking for about an hour.
That is a good thing.

I like the way he thinks, his respect, his input. I’m looking forward meeting him. And June of course.

Princess, June, Johnny and I will meet on a Saturday evening in a BDSM club for drinks. If all goes well we can enjoy a kinky evening without excluding some basic mutual activity. If it goes no further, than I hope we still have a new friendship to harbour.

If for some reason there is no common ground or worse, we are all grown-ups and we’ll be playing separately and enjoy a great evening too.

This is an interesting and challenging road. I like doing this.
Connecting with kindred spirits and setting up hot play scenario’s as I did with The Stranger and The Stranger 2.

I believe this could be a fun experience and I’m sure we’ll be all learning something.

The Suffering of Princess
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Future plans

Next year is almost there.

We’ll have to get past the Christmas season first. The dying breath of 2017 brings the inevitable news shows with their annual looking back programs.
Then countdown.
Kisses, champagne, cheers, wishes, and fireworks.

I’ll be glad when everything will be back to normal.

We had a fascinating and very sexy year, Princess and I. We matured, we evolved and discovered new pleasures.

Princess and I grew closer and our love intensified and deepened even more.

I helped Princess deepen and liberate her sexuality by unlocking a hidden door buried deep in her most secret fantasies.
Princesses’ birthday was marked by her very first threesome with The Stranger and me. It was an incredible, hot, and very positive experience.

Later I introduced The Stranger 2 and after an intense BDSM scene I let him use Princess while I watched and gave her assignments.
That too was a very intense experience for the both of us. I’m pretty sure Sid, The Stranger 2, did too.

Recently I took Princess to a swingers club. In a D/s play between us both I offered her.
Two men enjoyed Princess.
For Princess and I it was an insane and very enjoyable evening. Back home Princess confessed she had enjoyed the evening even more than she could have ever imagined.

Maybe next year we’ll be closing a circle too. It started a few years ago when we started imagining having an extra play partner. Princess thought it would be safe to experiment with a couple. I understood why but I thought it would be cumbersome. I had other plans, other desires, other ideas. At that time though I wasn’t ready yet to tell her I wanted her to have sex with another man.

2,5 years ago, a couple, friends of us, proposed a woman/woman scene. Princess and I talked about it for a while. Princess isn’t even remotely bi-curious but kept an open mind. The more we discussed it the lesser I liked the idea.

Finally I told her about my preference, an extra man.
Princess liked the idea but wanted to try the woman/woman thing. A few days before the event the inviting couple had to cancel due to an accident. It was postponed but finally it never happened.

But the idea of The Stranger was conceived. It took me about a year of mind play before I was sure Princess would love it.

The swingers club we visited is for active couples because they invite a number of single men too. That’s why I took Princess there.

Princess told me I was free, and here I am paraphrasing a well-known President, to grab some pussy too.
Thank you, Princess, but I am not interested.

I’d prefer playing with a second slave or sub and because Princess isn’t into women.
To counter that I’m using Princesses’ original idea.
A couple.

Since a few weeks I am in contact with a couple. They seem interesting and compatible with us. We haven’t met yet though.

Princess and I have been discussing the possibilities but it is not without issues for Princess.

I’ll deepen all this out in a future post.

Three little knots…












Sometimes shit happens

Saturday, December 9.
For this evening I had planned a play evening with Princess at The Stranger’s place. He and I had exchanged ideas by mail.

The scenario I had created was scorching hot. Princess would be dominated and used. Spanking, rope, cock sucking, crawling, begging, fucking and finally a threesome. The works.

This morning I packed my bag with a few floggers, the fuck stick, a few vibrators, some rope and rubbers. Of course I did not forget Princesses’ red kneeling cushion, collar, and leash.

Then I texted The Stranger asking if 21:00 would be okay. In fact I hadn’t heard from him since Monday when I mailed him instructions. He had answered me he hardly could wait.

Half an hour later The Stranger texted me back. He could not receive us because past night he suddenly had become ill. He told me he was very sorry but we could meet on another weekend.

It would have been our fifth play evening.
Sure, shit does happen.
Yet I was almost certain this would happen. It was not the first time he cancelled a play evening on a last-minute notice.

I needed to reschedule and texted Princess a few options. 
We both felt very unhappy as we were really looking forward for some hot action.

This evening I am taking Princess to a sauna we visit quite often.
Yet I would have loved going to a swingers club. For some reason though I did not put in my list of proposals for Princess.
I don’t know why and now I’m kind of regretting it.

Ah well, sauna is great too.


Thoughts on next Saturday, December 9

It has been a long day. A day of cleaning and making sure his place is shining and neat. It takes his thoughts away from what is about to happen. Hell, he would be masturbating all day by the mere idea.

He hasn’t though. Now he is hot as hell and his throbbing cock painfully hard. Deep in his balls the jizz feels like scorching hot magma. His cock is in desperate need to erupt.

Finally it is evening. Almost nine o’clock.
The doorbell rings.
The Stranger smiles. Franco is a man of many qualities. Being spot in time is one of them.

He opens the door.
Franco extends a greeting hand.
Their shake is firm and warm.
“Please do come in.”

Franco enters. Princess follows him. Franco has her on a leash. She keeps a submissive posture, eyes down. Doesn’t say a word.

Inside Franco takes off her coat. Princess is wearing cuffs on her ankles and wrists. High heels, black stay-ups, a dark green skirt with an edge of black lace. A white blouse with buttons all the way down.

No bra The Stranger notices. Her nipples are hard and very visible through the thin fabric.

With a short yank of the leash Franco directs Princess to the sofa.
“Drop your cushion here,” he says.
He sits down and positions the red pillow.
“Yes Master,” she says. Since some time now Princess has expressed her wish to be not only his submissive but also his slave.

Princess complies. Her behind on her heels, hands on her knees. It is a position she can hold for quite some time.
Princess rests her cheek on Franco’s thigh. It is so cozy. It makes her feel safe.

Princess is so very happy. Over the years her Master has opened a whole new world for her. BDSM and sex is a huge candy store in which she enjoys tasting everything. A world where is as free as a butterfly.

She feels his soothing hand on her head, caressing her with deep love and care.

A year ago, after delving deep in her most secret fantasies, her Master had unearthed another box.

All her adult life Princess had been aware of its existence. She had stored that box in an almost unreachable place. It was her Pandora’s box and it held unlimited sexual freedom. Nobody had found it because she would not let it.
Until a year or so ago.

Deep down she knew her Master would be the worthy finder and owner of this treasure. Princess knew he would lead and protect her with respect and love.

So she let her Master find it. Unearth it and open it.

And as Princess had hoped with some fear, he had unleashed her sexuality. He had helped her discover and explore that new-found freedom. It was an arousing sexual freedom and it liberated the slut in her.

It had taken time though. Princess always had known being used made her very hot and did things to her body and mind she could hardly explain. Obviously she had to overcome a part of her upbringing that stood in the way.

Her Master had been patient and respectful. Her Master had guided her, letting her take one step at the time.

Little over a year ago Princess had experienced the joy of sex for pleasure and lust with another man.

Her Master had introduced The Stranger. She had sucked his cock and he had fucked her while her Master watched and then participated.

Princess had seen the pleasure and lust in her Master’s eyes while he read the same in hers.

After that he made her discover the pleasures of a threesome. Being fucked while sucking dick had been a maddening experience.

After that he had introduced yet another man, The Stranger 2. He too had fucked and used her hard while her Master gave directions and simply enjoyed watching.

Then her Master had taken her to a swingers club. Princess discovered a new kind of candy store. That evening he let two men, not together though, fuck her and she almost lost her mind. It was a mind-blowing experience.
It had brought them closer than ever and their trust became absolutely unbreakable.

Princess closes her eyes and enjoys the warmth of her Master’s thigh on her cheek.

“Drinks?” The Stranger asks.
The evening is about to start. Princess knows her Master and The Stranger will use her as the slut she is. She will do her very best to please them both and obey every order her Master gives.

The thought makes her wet already.
She can hardly wait.





The Stranger – 5th installment

 My youngest daughters decision with whom she stays for the weekend can be a last-minute one.
This has an influence on our plans. It is particularly true when I want to invite a 2nd man like The Stranger.
I hate to cancel last-minute.
So why not organise a play evening at his place?
I visited The Stranger at his place a couple of weeks ago. We talked and made plans and finally decided we would play at his place.
Those who follow my blog know The Stranger is a submissive man.
The Stranger surprised me when he told me he wanted to discover his Dominant side too. The Stranger has a huge collection of BDSM comics where women are sex slaves. Think Erenisch Comics for example.
So I’ll be coaching him and I like that idea. It is a honour to do this and have his trust.
I liked the idea of creating a scene at his house as it offered quite some erotic possibilities. Princess wants to discover her fuckslut alter ego. I am more than happy to guide and lead Princess.
Saturday, December 9, we’ll be playing at The Stranger’s place.
My scenario for that evening will be loosely based on the older and better clips of The Upper Floor by
It will be about BDSM but I’ll present Princess as the ultimate fuck slut. Two very horny men and a tied up woman is a great and hot combination.
I can’t tell more because Princess reads my blog and I want to keep the evening a secret.
On December 9 I will ring the bell at The Stranger’s apartment.
I’ll have Princess with me. Collared and on a leash.

Another evening at PDN

Saturday, November 2017.
It had been a while since our last visit to PDN.

We arrived in the early evening, after the fabulous feet & high heels afternoon.

It was so great to be there again. The owners greeted us with a big and happy smile. G & M are kind, great, and generous people.

Sid, The Stranger 2, was there too. I was glad to see him as I knew he had gone through some rough times. I listened while he told me about those difficult weeks.

Paul and Mary, a swingers couple connecting with BDSM, said hi and with them too we chitchatted.

We met new people from the foot lovers scene. Princess was very interested and wanted to know everything about it.

All I know is that I used to give a foot massage to Big A. and she loved it. Yeah I know, it is another setting entirely.

It made me think though, about including some foot loving stuff in our scenes.

Princess and I watched Marcus doing a beautiful bondage. We hadn’t seen him in ages and it is always interesting to see him work with rope.

It was cosy and fun and there were many people and they were playing or watching and enjoying themselves.

So did we, Princess and I.

I tied Princess to a bench and gave her a good and intense spanking. Used a cane mainly. And clothespins. And mind play.

We spend some more time enjoying being at PDN. We talked with Steven.
Frank and Nancy were there too. Princess talked quite a while with Nancy while Frank introduced me to Marcus.

It was that time of the month so we didn’t make it late. Princess felt tired and I knew she hadn’t slept well these past few days. She is also more emotional.

When we left I felt touched. People waved at us, yelling stuff like have a safe trip home and see ya soon and so on.

On our way home I told Princess, not for the first time, how I tought about PDN as my, well, our favourite place. I told her I felt at home there, safe and surrounded by kind and fantastic people.

“I feel the same way,” Princess smiled.
I grabbed her hand and for a while I steered with one hand.

Outside it was dark and there were stars but no moon.

At home we made love and then fell asleep.

Life is simple and beautiful with Princess.
With Princess I am complete and so very happy.

I have never loved so true and so deep and so much.
Princess redefined the word love for me.
It is truly an amazing experience.
Thank you, my Love.