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We booked a B&B in France called La Ferme de la Gronde. It is not far from Arromances in Normandy.

Our holiday in pictures

We visited so many places during our holiday (September 14 – 19, 2015) at the Normandy Coast in France. Princess and I even drove to Brittany to visit Saint-Malo but we never got to Mont Saint-Michel though.
Our time was fun, intense and unforgettable. This trip is a part of our memory, our story.

Cap Fréhel, Etretat, Saint-Malo, Point du Hoc, Omaha Beach, Arromanches with its remains of Port Winston on Gold Beach. There is so much to tell about, so much to show.

I have compiled a gallery with some of the places Princess and I visited.

You can check it out by clicking Normandy 2015




Table Lamp

Our bed had at least 4 pillows. Princess took her own special one with her so finally there were five of them.

The room itself was situated under the roof and had a few old wooden beams.

On one of our first evenings, I tied Princess’s wrists together and then pulled her arms up and tied the rope to one of the beams.

Room 22 with the table lamps. This photo of La Ferme de la Gronde is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Room 22 with the table lamps.
This photo of La Ferme de la Gronde is courtesy of TripAdvisor

After a few minutes of flogging and caning, I did not dare to use my hand for spanking because of the noise it generated, Princess used her safe word. She did not feel well and when I untied her I noticed how her skin felt damp and hot.

For a while we rested on the bed. Then Princess kissed me and I kissed her back. Soon my hands were traveling over her delicious body.

I moved, pushing her legs apart with my knee, pinning Princess down with my hands on her upper arms.
I wanted her to feel, to know whom was in charge and pushed myself deep in her longing core.

She gasped when I speared her savagely.
Princess buried her mouth against my left upper arm to muffle her shrieks. Sucked and bit while I ripped her apart with my hard cock.

My upper arm a few days after Princess made a hickey or bit in my flesh.
My upper arm a few days after Princess made a hickey or bit in my flesh.

For a moment we were distracted when one of the pillows slid from the bed, hitting the table lamp. It fell on the ground and broke in two pieces.

“Oh my”, Princess whispered.
“Don’t worry”, I growled.

Then I slapped her jaw and ordered her to cum.

Princess is a good girl and she did just that. I felt her juices run over my thighs.

What a hot feeling.
I went on and on.
Princess came and then came again.

Boy was I happy I had spread the mattress protector on the bed.

We fucked for what seemed a zillion years.
My hand on her throat, choking Princess, she came.
I kissed her, Princess came.
I slapped her jaw, Princess came.
I simply ordered her to come and Princess came.

Later on that evening or was it already night, I don’t remember, we took a shower and went to bed and slept, like we always do, very well.

The next morning I told the landlord we broke the table lamp by accident.
“Okay”, she said.
The next few days, during breakfast, we could see the lamp standing on a table in the kitchen. Almost as a reminder or a punishment, kind of look what you have done.

Way to soon our holiday was over. We had breakfast one last time.
Then we packed, Princess and I.
Entered the B&B for one last time to pay our bill.
They added 20€  for the lamp.
“You can take it with you if you so desire”, the lady said.
I opened my mouth but Princess was very ad rem that morning.
“Nous prenons la lampe”, my love replied.

So this afternoon I glued the two pieces together and gave it a place in our bedroom.
On the chest of drawers filled with our toys.

It is not the most beautiful table lamp of the world but it is a part of our story.
A souvenir.

Something to tell her grandchildren on a drunk evening.
“That hideous table lamp? Well, we broke it, years ago, in France, while I was fucking your grandma silly.”

Yeah, I like that kind of stories.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp

Thank you

When visiting the Normandy Coast, D-Day is simply omnipresent. Memorials, museums, War Cemeteries and remains are everywhere.

Princess and I visited Pointe Du Hoc. US Rangers captured this cliff, situated between Omaha Beach and Utah beach, in the early hours of June 6, 1944. It was a very important step in the success of Operation Overlord.  Pointe Du Hoc remains untouched since that day.

We visited the Les Braves Memorial on Omaha Beach.

At Arromanches, not far from our B&B, we walked over Gold Beach and were awed by what remains of Mulberry Harbour also know as Winston (Churchill) Harbour.

We also visited the War Museum at Arromanches.

It was great to visit the places were history was written.

For a moment though, a mere intellectual effort, I tried to imagine how Europe would be like today, if Hitler had won the war. I am sure we would, in time, have broken free, like our East-European friends did in 1989 when the wall went down.

Princess and I talked about today and if we would be ready to give our lives for our kids. We would, yes. We had our lives and our kids are only starting theirs. We would fight for them, for their freedom and against any enemy.

On all of these spots I felt emotional and humble.
It is hard to comprehend the grandeur of what happened on these beaches, now 71 years ago. The courage of those whom came to set us free. The loss of lives, the sacrifices, the military splendor.

I can only bow my head and thank all those brave men and women whom sacrificed so much, even their lives, to free us.

We are back

September 19, 2015.
After an incredible and fun holiday and a long drive back home Princess and I dined at Restaurant Shokudo.

The Sushi Shokudo Boat was a fest and the accompanying Chardonnay simply delicious. The restaurant offered us the Jasmine tea and Limoncello as an after-dinner digestivo. I had told our waiter how we had enjoyed our very first date, 4 years ago, in this restaurant and since that evening our yearly anniversary started at the Shokudo.

Back home I unwrapped the Power Tripper, an add-on for the Neon Wand. What an experience! I’ll write about this new toy later on.

The lovemaking afterwards was simply maddening.

This Sunday morning, September 20, we started our day with some intense, kinky and rough fuckery to celebrate our 4 years and as a kick-off for our 5th year.

Much too soon it was time to say goodbye to Princess. I drove her home, we kissed and said goodbye. Our time together, 6 intense and wonderful days had simply flown by. It was strange though. None of her kids came outside to welcome their mom or to help her with her luggage because doing so would mean meeting the devil.
That would be me. They waited patiently inside their house until I was gone.

Over the past 4 years Princess and I have grown, discovered new things. Princess makes me whole. I have never experienced such an intense love before. Yet one thing remains unchanged… I am not accepted by her kids. I am still hated, unwanted, a treat. They do not want to have anything to do with me.
Yes, I feel truly sorry for them.

I feel very emotional here in my empty apartment. It is not easy to adjust to the old way of living. I miss Princess so much it hurts and stings. Being together for 6 days was a preview on how our life will be once we’ll be able to live together.

But I’ve some unpacking to do and later on Little A. will drop by. That will change my mind.

There are photos to work on. And maybe I’ll write some more about our holiday too.
I wish I could say it is great to be back.
I can’t though because then I would be lying.

Dining at Restaurant Shokudo (19/09/2015)
Dining at Restaurant Shokudo (19/09/2015)


Counting down…

I am counting the minutes.
Princess texted me half an hour ago asking me to pick her up at 21:00.

So yes, I am counting the minutes, even the seconds.
Over less than one hour I’ll be on my way to her place and we’ll be home about 20′ later.

I’m thinking that some intense lovemaking would be a great kick-off for our special week. Don’t you?

It is 19:50 where I live and already dark. Rain is pouring down.
Weather next week will be a mixed bag.

I don’t think we’ll be bored for one single second though.
We decided to introduce some protocol in our D/s relation.
I’ll be working on improving my rope skills. We’ll be making photographs too.
And maybe, just maybe, there will also be some rough lovemaking.

I am so thrilled, so incredibly happy.
Most of all I am blessed with Princess in my life.

Tomorrow Princess and I will be on our way to ‘La Douce France’. We’ll be leaving at 06:30 so I can beat the traffic jams around Brussels.

Princess and I will be together for a whole week. On Saturday evening we’ll be dining at the Sushi restaurant where we had our first date. I asked for the same table. It is the one at the window near the Buddha.
Then it will be our 4th anniversary.

You, dear Readers, are also a part of our story.



In two days from now we will be on the road to the B&B near the French Atlantic coast.
It is a spot where, on June 6, 1944 history was written and where so many lives were sacrificed in the name of freedom.
This place, this region will always be remembered as D-Day.

Allies suffered about 400 loses on Gold Beach at Arromanches-les-Bains. Today one can still see the remains of Mulberry Harbour lying on the beach.

I haven’t packed yet.

Deciding which camera or system I want to take with me was the hardest part. I finally settled for a digital set. The Nikon D300 and some glass plus the Nikon F90x, an analogue film camera, and the Olympus OMD M-10 and some glass as backup system.

A tripod and a few Neutral Density filters for long exposures.

My iPad Air, Bluetooth keyboard and a card reader. eReader.
Notebook and pen.

Rope and a few books on the art of Shibari. Impact toys such as a couple of floggers and a few canes. Wig, blindfold, leather cuffs, Princess’ play collar and leash, the little rabbit.
And no to forget the mattress protectors.

I have installed the Meteo France app. Next week temperatures will vary between 18°C and 20°C and an occasional shower. That is okay. Weather is always unpredictable at the Atlantic Coast.

This next week I won’t be very active on Facebook and on this blog. On Monday morning my phone goes in Quiet Hours and I’ll be only be reachable by those defined in my circle of trust. That would be my two daughters and Princess.

Princess is my absolute priority. It is about much-needed Q-time for us both. Showing her around in a region she has not visited before.
It is about dining, walking, loving and playing.
It is solely about Princess and I.

Chambres d'hôtes "La Ferme de la Gronde" Route de l'Eglise - Départementale 516 - Le Bourg 14400 MAGNY EN BESSIN France
Chambres d’hôtes “La Ferme de la Gronde”
Route de l’Eglise – Départementale 516 – Le Bourg

Holiday 2015 – Looking Forward

Princess and I are so looking forward to our holiday.

We’ll be leaving on September 14th in the morning so we can beat commuter traffic around Brussels. We will be driving over the famous Pont de Normandie near Le Havre. This bridge spans the river Seine and is little over 2 kilometers long.
If all goes well we’ll be arriving at Magny-en-Bessin, France, after a 6 hour drive (570 kilometers). The B&B is not far from Arromanches-les-Bains and the Atlantic Coast.  We will be staying there for 5 nights.

Itinerary from home to Arromanches
Itinerary from home to Arromanches

Princess hasn’t traveled that much yet so this is going to be all new for her.  One of the trips I have in mind is visiting Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo.

I am also looking forward to show her other marvels like Etretat and if it is not too far the beautiful Cap Fréhel in Brittany.

I will be taking pictures too but it is not a photography trip. It is about Princess and I spending quality time. So I am not sure yet which camera set I’m going to take with me.

There will be toys in my luggage too. I’m thinking rope, impact toys, blindfold and maybe the Neon Wand.

I will try to find time during our stay in France to blog so we can share our holiday with you.

When we return home on Saturday, September 19th we’ll go out for dinner and celebrate our 4th anniversary.

I am so thrilled to be able to spend a whole week with Princess.