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Here I would like to categorize the posts about important moments and thoughts that influence our life together, kind of a personal diary.

Thoughts and looking back – January 20, 2018

Past Thursday Princess and I had quite an interesting conversation. It was about sex with others. We have The Stranger and we’ve visited a swingers club twice. Princess enjoys the sex and I enjoy leading her to it. Watching her is a big turn on for me.
Yet I find it difficult to, as a wise man once said, grab some pussy for myself.

I’ll be writing about this in a few days when all this is more clear in my head.

BDSM is not necessarily about sex but when Princess and I play at our home, in private, it often ends with lovemaking. It could be nothing more than me going down on Princess. One for the road so to speak.

Lately though the SM has become so intense; holding each other while sleep submerges us is extremely satisfying.

At a club BDSM is non-sexual.
When we visit a swingers club we have some kind of D/s routine that leads to lots of sex for Princess.

Obviously inviting The Stranger is about BDSM and threesomes and lots of sex.

I’m very busy with my upcoming eBook “Princess and I, The Year 2014”. It is about 260 pages long and I’m trying to get out as many typos as possible.

Browsing through the extensive Word-document I find stuff I had forgotten or that makes me smile.

In 2014 The Stranger was still an unborn fantasy. Yet at that time I was already telling Princess sexy stories about us visiting erotic parties. When we just met, some 2,5 years earlier, Spermslut was the first of a long series of erotic and sexy personae.

Recently Princess admitted she knew from the beginning all these slutty characters were variations of herself. An early Inga if you will.

One of my posts in September 2014 was about my erotic bucket list.
Little over 3 years later it is interesting to see what happened with that list written by a man who is still evolving sexually.

I would like to add electro play. It seems like fun and I am sure it will incite my inspiration and imagination when it comes to sex even more.
Done. Tens and a Neon Wand. Unfortunately it is not something Princess likes very much. It depends on how I use the Tens but the Neon Wand freaks her out.

I would like to go to a swinger’s party with Princess. Not one held in a sleazy shack where everybody is fucking like animals. Something statelier like held in a manor or castle. Think big, think Eyes Wide Shut. We would enjoy watching the couples and then enjoy being watched. Not sharing of course.
Done albeit it wasn’t a castle or nearly as intimidating as in the movie. It wasn’t a sleazy shack either. Seeing people fuck like animals is, for us both, a huge turn-on.
Note the last phrase, Not sharing of course. Hell, I didn’t see that one coming yet in 2014 although the fantasy was already there.

I would enjoy helping Princess discover and experiment with her bi-curiosity. I know it is something that lays buried deep in a dark corner of her fantasies. Obviously it would be with a woman of her choice and in a safe environment. Of course I imagine guiding Princess, slowly displaying her goodies and I would savor watching her kiss and touch and discover. It would be something for Princess only and I would touch her female partner with my eyes only. I have no desire whatsoever to have my way with someone else. Princess satisfies me completely in all my needs. Princess gorgeous and luscious body is all I will ever want and need.
Done and just recently by the way. A day before Christmas Eve 2017 and it kind of just happened. Amongst other things it show how Princess is enjoying her sexuality and how she feels safe in it.
I was wrong in what I wrote. Bi-curiosity is not lurking in a dark corner of Princesses fantasy. That was just wishful thinking.  Bi-curiosity is for Princess a been there, done that kind of situation in her life before we met.

Tying up, fucking and making love to Princess in the woods or on rocks near a pond should be very hot too.
Done. I made love to Princess on a deserted beach in Denmark (2016). It was a warm and sunny afternoon and she was lying naked over a rock. She wasn’t tied up for the simple reason that I did not have any rope with me. Nevertheless it was extremely hot.

I like the idea of jars and fire and massaging.
We came very close during a workshop in PDN. Fire play fascinates us both. A jar and fire sucks the skin in and leaves like quite an impressive hickey. Not something I want Princess to have when at her place the bathroom is shared.

It is Saturday evening. In a few hours Princess will be here. Little A. is here too so my love and I are going to watch a movie. We are going to enjoy a good glass of white wine and “Blade Runner 2049

Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Thoughts – January 19, 2018

Recently the guy I selected to become The Stranger 3 wrote me a mail informing me politely he was not interested anymore.  His lack of experience with BDSM and threesomes was the cause for his concern.
I respect his decision and I’m still following him on Fet.

Princess and I have a playdate with The Stranger 1 on February 13 at his place. The Stranger wants to discover and explore his Dominant side. I’ll make sure the scenario will offer him enough opportunities to do just that.

The Stranger 1 also expressed his wish to accompany us to Club 78. That’s great.
On our very first date with The Stranger 1, over a year ago, we took him to PDN. He enjoyed the visit but he was too shy and insecure to play with us in public.

In Club 78 we can move to the Upper Floor and play in a more private setting.

I’m happy with The Stranger 1. We don’t meet often and that is okay for the three of us. But he makes himself gladly available when Princess and I want to play.
He’s single so this could change over time. On the other hand, I know he would love to meet somebody in the lifestyle. So who knows, maybe one day we’ll be 4 playing together.

This time it was Princess who asked me to set up a playdate with The Stranger 1. I’m perfectly okay with that and it does not make me feel insecure or threatened in any way. Besides, when we visit a swingers club it mostly is because Princess proposed it. After all, as she is the active player, I prefer going when Princess really hot and good.

At the moment I’m working very hard on a collection of eBooks based upon our blog.

I self-published “Princess and I, The Early Years” less than a year ago. The free e-book has been download 141 times already.

It is quite some work so maybe I’ll charge like 0,99$ or so, I’m not sure yet.

Tomorrow in the early evening my Ex invited both our daughters and me at her place. It about my Ex moving. This will/could mean Little A., soon to be 18, will be living almost full time with me during the remainder of her studies. That would be quite nice.

This will have a huge impact on me as I’ve been living alone for the past 11 years. Well except for the 2 weekends a month and the half of the school holidays. My daughter and I will surely have to adapt.

Another very important impact and probably the most important will be the lack of privacy at my place for Princess and me to play.

I have come up with a few possible solutions. But for now, the meeting hasn’t happened yet so I have no idea what will be discussed.
More on this topic in later posts.

Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

Club78 – Such a Night  

We arrived early, Princess and I and had to wait until the doors opened.

Eager we were, Princess and I. Pleasure, love, SM. Being amidst kindred spirits.

My bag weighed like a zillion tons. Rope, whips, candles, fleeces, clothes pins, carabineers…

Portrait of Princess.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

At the bar we had a few drinks. Then we went to the Upper Floor. It is a collection of rooms on the first floor. A confessional chair, a “hospital room”, a gynaecological chair, cells…

I locked Princess in on of the cells while I prepared the room I had chosen.

Then I grabbed her. Pushed her on her knees. Tied a box-tie. Used rope to attach her ankles to the base of the St Andreas cross.

I played with clothespins. Then did another tie. Princess loves rope. And I love to tie her up. I moved to some intense whipping with my new toy, a horsetail’s flogger. It stings, it hurts, it bites. The flogger gives quite a lot of sensations. I know, Princess whipped with it the next morning.

TK or boxtie.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

There were other people playing on the Upper Floor. A young dude with two cat-looking girls. Lucky bastard.

I noticed an elderly man whom regularly came watching while he masturbated. I don’t care as long as he does not ejaculates near us.

It was an intense SM-play I did with Princess.
Pain. Suffering. Love. Pain. and more love.

We played for over 2 hours, Princess and I.

Before we went back to the bar Princess sat down on the gynaecological chair.

Wow. Hot.

I could imagine us being at a swingers club. So many possibilities.

But we weren’t.
So I slid her panty to one side and started licking Princess.

The masturbating guy showed up again and played with his cock near Princesses face.

Princess orgasmed and then we went back to the bar.

I do understand that when you accept single men to your club some of them can become a nuisance.

Princess and I thrive on those men when we are at a swingers club but in a BDSM-scene I don’t like that kind of attention.

Shortly before midnight we left, Princess and I.
We had a great evening.

Back home we made love and then we slept well.

This morning we made love again while we fantasized about The Stranger, about us, about swinger stuff.

Wax Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

To Needle Play Or Not

Tuesday, January 9.

Not so long ago Princess experienced her first needle session. She liked it but still has mixed feelings about it. Read about it HERE

Princess arrives early, it is 7 pm. She is eager to be here. It is our play evening.

We talk, enjoy a glass of cava.
Then some floor suspension.

Then aftercare before I change the setting. I make sure Princess notices the flask with rubbing alcohol. The presence of latex gloves puzzles her.

I tie Princess spread-eagled in the centre of our living room. I make sure her movements are very restricted.
Before I blindfold Princess I ask her for her safe word.

“Do you trust me, Princess?” I ask.
“Yes Milord, I do.”
“What is your safe-word?”
“No heroics, do you understand? ”
“Promise, Milord.”

I open the flask with rubbing alcohol and move it quickly in front of her face so Princess knows what I’m going to use.

I use a cotton pad to rub the alcohol on her lower belly.

I grin when I notice how her body becomes very rigid. I’m sure Princess knows what is going to happen. I can imagine her trust is battling with anger.
Needle play is something she did not agree on.

The first one goes in quite easily. It hurts for a second but then Princess is okay. When I push the second pin against her skin she becomes even more tense. But then it goes in and I ask if she is okay.
“Yes I am, Milord,” she says.
“Do you feel something already?”
“Yes, it feels… good.”

“I’m going to cross the two other needles,” I warn her.
Her body is even more rigid. I can imagine she is thinking about saying red. What I am doing is okay enough for not going that far.

Two more go in her skin.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes Milord.”

“Great, 4 more then?”

I notice how she relaxes and the 4 other needles go in easy. Well, except one because I’m nervous for my first time doing needle play and one sticks more vertically.
“I’m sorry,” I say, and reposition the needle.

“Done,” I tell Princess while I gently push on the needles.
“Are you feeling something already?” I ask again.
“Oh yes,” she sighs, “it feels great.”

After a short while I pull out the needles.
Use other cotton pads to disinfect. I make sure she smells the rubbing alcohol. Tell her about the drops of blood. Use new cotton pads, more rubbing alcohol. Cover Princess with a fleece.

Then I pull back the fleece and seconds later I cover Princesses’ body with hot candle wax.

She enjoys the experience but, later, tells me it puzzled her I dropped wax on her needle wounds.

Later I clean her up using a sharp knife to remove the wax.
Once again I cover the love of my life with a fleece.
I let her remove the blindfold.

Immediately she sits up to look at her belly.
I smile.

Princess looks at me, astonished, flabbergasted. There are no puncture wounds.

“I mind-fucked you, Princess,” I tell her. “I kept the cotton pads in the freezer. You saw the  rubbing alcohol and the latex gloves. Cold cotton on your skin, the effect of rubbing alcohol. Wooden toothpicks did the rest.”

Princess was convinced I used real needles on her. It was about giving just enough information to make her belief. To make her think that… A few well-chosen words as mind play did the rest.

Princess smiled. The make belief was perfect. The preparation, my nervousness, me being a little clumsy. Her anger because I did something we had not agreed upon.

Two things gave me somewhat away. Princess did find her lower belly to be an odd place for needle-play. It was one of the few places where I could have my toothpicks lay on her skin without rolling away. Also she found it pretty irresponsible of me dropping hot candle wax on fresh puncture wounds.

We had a ball and mind-fucking is such a pleasant way of playing.











Farewell Flower

Saturday, January 6

I pick up Princess at her place. It is little over 7 pm. She’s somewhat solitary-minded so there is something preoccupying her.

We say hi, kiss and I open the car’s door for Princess.

“Are you ready?” I ask. We have planned an evening at PDN, our favourite BDSM club.
“I am,” Princess replies.

“It’s our pot-bellied pig,” Princess continues. “She’s dying. The vet came over earlier today. Because the kids aren’t ready to say goodbye I asked him if Flower was suffering. I did not think so. He gave her a few injections so she can breathe better.”

I knew Flower was old and sick. She has been with the family for many, many years. I feel sorry for Princess. I know how hard this is for her, her grief but mostly coping with that of her kids.

“Are you sure you want to go to PDN?” I asked.
“Yes, it will change my mind.”

We enjoy a great evening at PDN. With proudness Princess shows her new dress and collar. I am happy to see Princess is enjoying herself.

I do an impact play scene with Princess and then some intense rope play. I use like a zillion clothespins and bring Princess into deep subspace.

PDN held a Fabulous Feet & High Heels foot lovers afternoon party and most of the players stayed for the evening. Most of them we haven’t seen before.

We chitchat with a few friends, enjoy a glass of wine.
There is not much playing going on so we leave early, Princess and I.

In the car we talk about Flower. Princess knows there are no miracles.

Home we make love and then we turn off the lights.

This Sunday morning Princess finds it difficult to wake-up. She hasn’t slept very well.

We make love, with deep intensity. Then Princess asks for a caning. After that we make love again.
We get up and take a shower.

While I’m making coffee in the kitchen I hear Princesses’ phone ring. She talks for what seems a long time.
Oh dear.

Then Princess comes to the kitchen, clearly taken aback.

We don’t need to speak. I hold Princess, comfort her.
Words aren’t always needed.

We drink our coffee. Princess tells me about her fondest memories of Flower.
I listen, smile, hold her hand.

Then I drop Princess at her place. Her kids need their mom. It’s another loss for them to coop with.

A sad afternoon awaits my Princess.
I wish I could do more for my love.

A new play collar and a new dress

A while ago I promised Princess I’d get her a very sexy corset. Yesterday Princess and I went shopping.
It turned out the beautiful sexy corset didn’t suit Princess very well. She liked it but it did not make her feel sexy or seductive.
So we browsed through the shelves of this little Fetish clothing shop in my home town.
Princess selected quite some dresses to try but none of them made her feel special.
Just as we were leaving she noticed this shelve we had missed.
“What about this?” she asked.
It was a short dress in a rather thick rubbery material. I recognized it as being neoprene.
“Try it on,” I told Princess.
“Have you seen the price?”
I had. It was about what I had in mind for the corset.
“Go, try it on,” I said leading Princess to the fitting room.
I sat on the wooden bench and watched her undress. Princess is a beautiful woman.
The she slid in the neoprene dress. I zipped her up and then Princess turned around.
Oh boy, what I saw took my breath away.
The dress fitted Princess as a tight glove, emphasising the beauty of her body.
It did not cover her breasts though. It made them very present and gorgeous. The construction of the shoulder-straps gave them support and accentuated them.
Princess too liked the dress. It fitted like a second skin.
I could not keep my eyes away.
The dress and Princess is an amazing combination.
Pure eye-candy.
Princesses’ new play collar.
“Milord, I love this dress. How do I look?”
I remained speechless but Princess could read the answer in my eyes.
I feel very feminine and sexy, Milord,” she said with a beaming smile.
So I got her the dress. Princess smiled happily. Afterwards she thanked me like a zillion times.
Back home she undressed and slid in the dress.
Once again the sight took my breath away. Princess looks just gorgeous in it.
We made love. The tightness of the dress made her feel restrained, something she likes.
I made love to Princess and told her I had another present for her.
It is a new play collar. Hand made in Florence, Italy. It has Swarovski elements. I got it in our local pet store.
I wasn’t sure Princess would like it as it is completely different from the leather play collar I got her several years ago.
This one is playful, sexy and very feminine.
I can hardly wait to take Princess out and show her off.
Princesses’ new dress.

Happy New Year

The last minutes of 2017 are ticking away and 2018 is impatiently waiting, ready to make its big entry.

I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve with Princess and Little Star.

This past year brought us, Princess and I, and our children, families and friends mostly good things.

Sadly this hasn’t been the case for everybody.
The list is long with mass killings, horrible accidents, natural disasters.
Terrorist attacks can occur everywhere and anywhere making it hard to feel safe.

Let us not forget the unfortunate who, for a zillion reasons, won’t start 2018 in a happy way or even have any hope for happiness. Hold them in your hearts and thoughts for a moment and wish them strength, belief and hope.

We are so fortunate yet we often forget. It is so easy to complain. We need to learn to be happy with the small things life offer us.

My dear followers and readers and you, the occasional visitor, Princess and I wish you all a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year.

Let 2018 be full of love and happiness and so much good things for you all.

Lots of love and kinkiness to you all
Princess and I

Meet Inga

Inga is beautiful. Long blonde hair. Her slim body delicious.
Inga is hot. Scorching hot would be an even better definition.

Inga emanates sexiness. She is self-confident. She is an absolute exhibitionist. Her body an erotic playground.

Inga is a cock hungry slut but at times enjoys some juicy pussy too.
Why fuck one man when you can have the attention of two or three? And then some.

In the swingers club Inga wears very sexy lingerie. Cuffs on ankles and wrists.

She also wears a lovely small and discrete collar. The leash is a silver chain.
We try to add a pinch of BDSM to our swingers experience.

I walk Inga around the club and show her off and ask men if they fancy her.
They always do.
Those men with their greedy eyes and hands. Their cocks hard and horny.

Inga loves it when I attach her wrists to her ankle cuffs. Lying on her back, widespread, Inga waits, impatient, for the man or men I select to enjoy her.

Inga is still evolving.
I guide her. I lead her.
Inga is mine.
I am her owner and her Master.

Princess came up with Inga. It is her alter ego. Inga thrives on sex like Princess on rope and SM.
Both enjoy the D/s dynamic.

I love and enjoy them both.
Princess and Inga, the love of my life.
My heart, breath and soul.

Breath Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me

Christmas Eve 2017

Princess, Little Star and I had a great yet simple Christmas Eve.
Little Star is 5 and Princesses’ grandchild. Princess is also Star’s foster parent.
I had forgotten how busy a preschooler can be.
The many candles and the music, one of Little Star’s favorite girl-groups, marvelled her.
It had been quite some time since I had seen Little Star and she was looking forward spending time at my place.
I cooked dinner while the girls were busy mixing all sorts of stuff that would finally lead to delicious muffins.
Dinner too was simple. I make a pretty mean broccoli soup but Little Star looked at it if it were a cauldron with deadly poison.
Then a burger with peas and carrots and croquettes. Little Star gave me a thumbs up but even the tiniest of portions I had given her was too much.
Afterwards we ate a few muffins and then it was time to open the presents.
A colouring book and a game for Little Star.
Hugo Boss eau de toilette for me.
I had gotten sexy panties, warm socks and a box with bathing products from Rituals for Princess.
At eight I prepared the cot and then it took quite some time before we got Little Star in bed and asleep. She started coughing though so after a while we moved the cot to the bathroom. Little Star is allergic and I guess there is too much dust in our bedroom with the curtains. 
Princess and I finished the last 30′ of Gone Girl, a very good movie. Then we talked and after that we went to bed.
Little Star waking up at 2 made us move the bed back to our room. There she started coughing again.
At 05:50 my alarm went off, I had forgotten to disable it.
At 9 Little Star was awake but that was a good thing as she wakes up generally at 6 pm.
Princess, Little Star and I had breakfast. Muffins, coffee and hot chocolate.
We played some games and had fun. Little Star set up a puppet show with Princesses’ warm socks.
We all had a ball. It was fantastic to enjoy these so intense moments of love, caring, and fun. 
Then it was noon and time for them to go home. They are spending Christmas at Princesses’ family.
I felt sad when I waved them goodbye.
We all had a great Christmas Evening. It was cosy and so much fun.
It was, as Princess said, playing little family.
It was an unforgettable evening.
Thank you Princess and Little Star.

Princess, two men, a woman, and I

Saturday evening, December 23.

Christmas is lurking around the corner.
Princess felt like going to a swingers club. It will be our second visit.

Around nine we arrive at Club A. Cars enter the parking lot in a steady pace. Single men, couples.

We change, have a drink. The place isn’t that crowded yet so it is clear there are more men than women. That’s okay. This is not a couples swingers club. It is for active couples, read active women.

We enjoy our drinks. The music is great. Eighties and nineties stuff.

Then I see this man standing at the bar. He seems okay.
I lead Princess to him.
I say hi and ask him if he likes her.
He does. I am not surprised.

“Feel her, touch her,” I encourage him and I stand behind Princess and grab her arms pulling them back. I put my other hand around her throat.

His hand slides under her dress. Princess moans, sighs. Grabs my cock and with her other hand his dick.

There is this woman standing next to us. She smiles, watches us.
“Your wife is so beautiful, you are a lucky man.”
I nod.
“May I join in?” she asks.
Without her noticing I check wordless with Princess. She sighs yes.

She touches gently Princesses’ breasts, kisses her. Then crouches and starts licking Princess.
Princess is about to lose it.

After a few minutes the woman stops, smiles and turns around giving her attention to her partner.

“You want to fuck her?” I ask the man.
“Oh yes,” he stammers, “she is so beautiful, what a body.”
“Come,” I command and grab Princesses’ hair.

I lead her to a spot in the club that is more lit that the others corners and alcoves. There are 4 mattresses.

I push Princess on the bed.

“No kissing and safe sex,” I tell them man.
“Of course, that is quite obvious” he says.

He is fingering her, I am kissing Princess while I squeeze her breasts.
He grabs a rubber and then he is fucking Princess.
The man goes hard and rough.
The way my love likes it.
Princess comes. Comes and then again.

She has lost all control and is enjoying the fuck very much.

Not only the three of us are having a ball.
At least 15 men and a few couples are watching us.

Princess has noticed too. It is interesting to see how it changes her demeanor. She makes more sexy noises, spreads her legs, grabs her stiletto’s.
Princess is now a porn star, giving a show while enjoying the fuck.

She pushes the guy away, smiles at me and with a quick kiss on my lips she turns around.
Princess is now on all fours. Waving her ass to the men watching.

Most of them are masturbating. Hell, I would too if I were watching.

The guy grabs her hips and pushes himself deep in Princess.
My love has now lost it completely.

Then he decides to finish off in her ass.

Princess screams, sighs, moans and comes for a zillionth time.

He thanks us and we stay on the bed, Princess and I and we kiss and I caress Princess.
We go to the shower and then back to the bar.

There is this guy who walks over. He has seen us when we visited the club for the first time a few weeks ago. He tells me how lovely he thinks Princess is. It is clear he’s hitting on her.

I’m willing to let him fuck Princess. Then he becomes a little pushy, puts his hand on her behind.

So I tell him maybe I’ll ask him later on and make clear his presence isn’t required anymore.

Princess starts dancing.
The woman who has been licking her comes to me and tells me how beautiful Princess is.

It is her first time at the club. She tells me she is into 24/7 extreme BDSM. I tell her our dynamic is BDSM too. She asks a few questions. It is clear that what we do is child’s play to her. Hell, it is not a contest.
Then she tells me she doesn’t see me as a Dom kind of guy.
I couldn’t care less what she thinks.

Princess is dancing with two women. It is hot and sexy as hell. They are hitting on each other just for the heck of it.

It is so great to see how Princess is enjoying herself, free and sexually liberated.

Later we hit on the guy whom came with the woman who licked Princess.

Shortly after we are in a room. He is sucking one breast and fingering Princess and I am kissing her and then sucking her other breast.

Princess orgasms.
She is very wet and the guy likes that.

Princess grabs his cock and wants to suck him. I tell him to grab a rubber and he is flabbergasted by the request.
Okay, suit yourself, suck you own dick, I think.

Then the woman joins us. Soon Princess and she are kissing, then the woman licks Princess.

It is hot. She also takes my cock in her mouth. I don’t like that though. I want to be in control and I have no desire to fuck other women.

So I pull Princess on top of me. She rides me.
I tell the guy to get a rubber so Princess can fuck him too. Surprisingly he can’t get it hard.

The woman moved behind Princess and licks her ass.

Moves back and kisses Princess while she rides me. Everybody in the club is standing around watching us.

The it comes and I orgasm. Princess smiles, kisses me, gets off me and starts licking and fingering the woman.

Wow, this is extremely hot and I could never have imagined Princess going that far with a woman.
Oh boy, I’ve got the hottest and most sexy woman in the whole world. No, make that the Universe.

Then the woman invites Princess to help her suck another cock. There are no rubbers used so I tell Princess. So nothing happens.
I need to keep an eye on Princess. She doesn’t see well went lights are dim and I know she does not want to practice unsafe sex.

We take a shower, enjoy 15’ in a hot sauna and then the Jacuzzi.

Shortly after one we leave.
We had a great evening.

We sleep well, Princess and I.

This Sunday morning we make love. Then I grab a cane an punish Princess for being a dirty little slut. She loves every blow with the cane and I push her deep into subspace.
Then I make love to her again.
Her orgasms are intense and very wet.

At noon I drop Princess at her place.
Princess will be back around 5 or 6 this late afternoon with Little Star. Little Star is her grandchild and foster child.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas eve, the three of us.

Merry Christmas, dear Readers.

Shinju style chest harness variation.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me