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Jute: Shibari workshop by Princess

My blood runs cold and I feel both nervous and excited when I descend the steps and enter once again the Dungeon where Milord took me too a few weeks ago.
We have been looking forward to this evening.

Mylord had surprised me with beautiful and sensual photographs of Shibari artwork feeding my anticipation. I knew I would embrace this ultimate aspect of D/s.

I remember that very first visit to the Dungeon as breathtaking. The atmosphere so intimidating for a little sub like me without almost any experience with playing in public.

He led me to this dreamlike world of D/s lifestyle and I am so grateful He showed me this new path. I need Milord’s help walking this road. He makes me feel safe and puts me at ease.
I want to serve Him and honor our relation in every way I can, deepen it with my soul, my heart.
Give myself completely to Him, for whom I have been waiting so long.

There is no turning back since Milord made me His Princess. Without Him I can’t be myself, I just am.

Each passing moment I miss Him, Mylord, more and more. I yearn for that delicious cocktail of pain and lust, playing for hours, the intense aftercare.

More than ever my senses are attuned and I seek and crave for more.

For weeks I relived these very intense experience of our first visit to the Dungeon. Felt it blazing trough my body as a scorching fire. An unforgettable night it was, one we still cherish.

The odor of our newly acquired rope, jute, reminds me of an untroubled childhood. Young kittens playing in the straw, the lighthearted running trough never ending fields with corn or grain stroking against our skins.  The scent of wet earth after a summer’s storm.

The steps leading down to the Dungeon lead us to the Shibari workshop, to a new level in our D/s relation.
I can already imagine the rope burning on my skin and filling me with desire.