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Saturday, April 8

At 18:30 I picked up Princess at her place. It as a beautiful and sunny early evening so we went for a walk in the nearby woods. Ideal for Princess to subside after a busy day with demanding kids and Stella.

After that we went home where sake and spicy sashimi were waiting.

Spicy sashimi

I told Princess to go to our bedroom and change.
There I pushed her on the bed, pushed up her skirt, pulled down her panties and mounted her.
Just to show I am in charge.
I ordered her to ask for permission to orgasm which I denied when she asked.
Waited for half a minute and fucked her again till she asked for the relief I did not permit.

I pulled back and threw the kimono on the bed.
“Pull yourself together”, I growled, “get ready and wait till I come and get you.”

I set the table and then fetched Princess grabbing her hair and leading her into our living room.

She is mine

It was Princesses’ first experience with this Japanese rice based beverage. She did not like its fragrance and did not connect with its taste either. While we enjoyed the sashimi, way too spicy, I chilled the sake in the deep freezer. It affected the taste in a way Princess enjoyed it more.
Not an experience to be repeated in a near future.

Then we played.
I had planned a floor based rope session.
After blindfolding Princess with a tenugui I tied a simple chest harness, then bound Princesses’ wrists together wrapping the working end around her body so her hands caressed her cheek.

Each leg I bound tightly with a futomomo so Princess ended up completely helpless.

Then I played using the fuck stick, a leather flogger, clothes pins and hot wax.  It was an intense dance between lust and pain.
Princess came intensely.

A delicious squirting orgasm

When it was over I covered Princess with a fleece, soothed her, made her feel comfortable.
Aftercare is so important and I love taking care of the love of my life.

Princess rewarded me by mounting me, riding me like the hot cow-girl she is and way too soon I came, exploding deep in her.

Needless to say we slept well.

The next day, Sunday, we woke up early.
Made love.
Enjoyed a cup of coffee.
Picked up Stella and Little Star for a walk in the woods.
Stella was doing great like in as good as it will ever get.

Little Star grabbed my hand and we ran for a while until I was exhausted.
Her high-pitched enjoyment sounded  like a crystal waterfall.

The forest smelled like paradise, there was sun and birds were singing.
Nature was ready to be born again after a long winter’s recess.
There was love, joy and laughter.

Then I dropped Princess at her place and I was alone again.

The Suffering

Sex, rope, pain, sex, sleep…

Saturday, March 18.

Around 19:00 Princess arrived at my place.
I said hi and led her to the bedroom.
Soon we were making love.
It was fantastic. It was incredible, really it was.
I gave Princess a few orgasms not only because that’s what I love to do. I also wanted her in the right mood.

Waiting for Princess

After the sex we went to the living room for rope bondage and photography.

I had some ideas of what I wanted to create. Finally I did not get what I wanted, or what I had imagined, but the shots that worked were those I made after tying with my heart.

Next time I’m just going to tie following a basic plan, without taking in account the images I want to create.
I know images will present themselves when there is interaction/reaction between Princess, me and the rope.


We took a short break, had some gin & tonic and then I tied a chest harness using the coconut rope. Princess love the rough feel of this rope.

I forced Princess in a bending position over the back of the couch and gradually increased the speed and intensity of the flogging till Princesses’ ass was hot and deep red.

I pushed Princess down on her side, blindfolded her and tied her ankles together. Then I tied a rope around her waist leading it over her backside to the front where I tied a knot near her clit. The end of the rope I gave to Princess. Pulling it would rub the knot over her clit in quite a satisfying way.

“Pleasure yourself whenever you are in need,” I hissed.

I started dripping hot wax on her deep red butt. Princess screamed and moaned every time a few drops of hot wax touched her already sensitive skin. Soon she was pulling the rope end I had given her, pleasuring herself to compensate the pain I was giving.

Later on I cleaned Princess up. Using my razor-sharp knife I carefully lifted the wax off her skin.

Shortly after, we were in bed again and made love like a zillion times.
Needless to say we did sleep very well.


Thoughts – March 18, 2017

I’m preparing our evening later on today.
I’ll be picking up Princess at 19:30 or so and bring her home.
Where she really belongs and should be.

It’s that time of the month so I’ll adapt the evening in order to fulfill Princesses’ needs.
My studio will be ready. The idea is to do some artistic bondage, make some photographs. I have a few ideas and hope to make some compelling images. If they are okay, I’ll contact the Fetish Café in Antwerp to see if my pictures fit in their art project. Every whatever few months a new erotic artist is presented in the café.
I’d love to be featured as this is a project we are doing as a couple.

The camera I use is a Nikon D2h. It is a 4-megapixel camera that hit the market 14 years ago. I bought it second-hand 10 years ago. Measured to today’s standards it is a fossil. I love the look ‘n feel of the images this camera delivers. It is not about detail, sharpness or whatever today professional camera’s deliver. It is about the timeless, almost analogue feel. At 1600 ISO the grain is gorgeous.

I could write more about this camera, why I love it so much for my studio work but in the end this is not a photography blog.

This morning I went shopping for some bamboo. Got a few stick with a plus/minus diameter of a centimeter.
Candles and some other stuff.

Also I am looking forward to next weekend.
I have invited The Stranger.
He’ll be presenting himself with a chastity device.
My slave will be serving us drinks. He’ll be bound.
On my command Princess will be pushing his buttons.
He’ll be preparing Princess for me.
I’ll be playing with him. Yes, I do enjoy wrapping my fingers around a hard cock.
Maybe there will be some rope.
Princess will be kneeling in front of me and giving head to me and my slave.

Finally I’ll lead my slave and Princess to our bedroom in order to enjoy a threesome.

But that’s for next week…

Coconut rope
Nikon D2h with 24-120

Thoughts – March 15, 2017

I’ve been cleaning up the folder DigiFot 2016 on my computer. Making sure the files are properly named following my naming conventions. Then I made 3 backups on different disks so I have a total of 4 copies of the same folder. One of those disks will be stored in my locker at work. You see, an old negative can be stored somewhere safe. It can burn, be stolen or whatever.

Yet I believe a digital file will evaporate much easier into oblivion. Faulty drive, faulty memory card. I have quite a collection of faulty memory cards by the way. I use them to prove to people nothing is forever. Not even state-of-the-art technology.

I still own negatives and slides my father took. He passed away 45 years ago. As an IT professional I can tell you 4 decades are an eternity in digital life.  I am pretty sure your digital files won’t live that long. In the event they do it might happen there is no software available anymore that reads that “prehistoric” file-format.

In January 2016, more than a year ago, Princess and I were discovering the pleasures of rope suspension. Then we stopped and I can’t remember why.
I only know it was not because something bad occurred.
I guess it just happened. We simply moved to floor play and floor suspension. It is safer albeit floor-suspension can be dangerous too.

Yesterday, like the week before, I trained on tying the hip harness and the Shinju chest harness for suspension. I’ve got both almost in my muscle memory so I hope I’ll be tying them without any visual aid very soon.

Princess patiently let me tie. The I moved to the suspension. It all went well. Yet I felt quite nervous because I don’t want anything to happen to the love of my life. I tend to squeeze her hands, feel her feet, her skin to make sure everything is going well.

After a while a part of her butt became deep purple.

I pinched Princesses’ butt asking “do you feel this?”
“What do you mean?” Princess replied.
“Do you feel me pinching your skin?”
Princess did not reply immediately so I felt panic invading my mind. Princess dodged my direct questions and soon, due to my panic, my tone changed.

“Are you talking about the rope pinching me?”
Oh fuck. Why can’t a simple question be met with a yes or no?
Going into a discussion about what I was precisely talking about made me mad.

I love doing a suspension and when I’m finished Princess is quite happy hanging in space. But for now it gives me a huge amount of stress. Correct and to-the-point feedback from the expert, the one hanging in the ropes, is essential.

This is an image I took during a suspension, January 2016.

Yesterday I simply videotaped the suspension so Princess could enjoy seeing herself experiencing it in real-life.

Suspension, January 23, 2016

Thoughts – March 10, 2017

About a year ago I did a few full suspensions and Princess liked it a lot. Yet we did not continue on this road. I did not feel comfortable tying a full suspension, I was afraid something bad might happen to Princess like nerve injury or so.

Tying a suspension felt like a stressful event so it was not a very pleasurable experience for me.

So we concentrated on floor play and floor suspension using rope for D/s and SM like with the coconut rope.

Being at home for a week and a half due to dark storms in my head, I spend much of my time watching videos on Vimeo and Youtube about tying techniques that lead to a full suspension.

Last week we practiced on a hip harness. Also I knew Princess find it difficult to support herself in a take-toke breast harness where here arms are tied behind her back. The stress on her shoulders become rather quick uncomfortable. She likes a TK during floor play though.

Yesterday evening, I tied a Shinju chest harness which leaves the arms free. A Shinju is quite decorative but also gives good support for a suspension.

Then I tied a hip harness. Over the past days I tried several types but this one seemed to give good support on the back, the butt and the upper thighs. There are many variations possible.

The Shinju and the hip harness are presented on the excellent Youtube channel “Crash Restraint”.

I fixed a support line on the breast harness, pulled it through the ring and while setting tension on the line I asked Princess not to tip-toe.

The line went over the ring again and then I secured the lines.

Next was the hip harness and and a few seconds later Princess was hanging in the ropes feeling happy as a clam. Everything felt very comfortable and we both felt safe too.

For a while I experimented with rope raps around her legs, re-positioning Princess while she explained what she felt, how her load shifted.

We had a blast.

I made a few pictures. When I had a suspension point drilled in the ceiling of our living, more than a year ago, that point was determined by how the furniture was set up.
Today I don’t own a TV-set anymore and the couch is placed differently.
What this means is that for floor-suspension I have enough room to step back and take photographs. With suspension it don’t so on the images I took yesterday I don’t have a nice background. This image seems a little unreal because I quickly photoshopped Princess out of the image.



Thoughts – March 6, 2017

I’m at home today and probably the whole week. It depends on how I feel. Lately it has been stormy in my head. Nothing to worry about really. It will pass, clear up.

I am an experience expert so I know when to take necessary action in order to control these storms.

Today I found an intense level of mindfulness while playing with rope.

First I tidied up my bamboo box filled with rope. Coiled them again and bundled them by type in a cloth.

I have still quite some untreated rope, both jute and hemp, 6 and 5 mm so I did a few 8 meter lengths. Boiling them for about 5 to 10 minutes and then untwisting the rope and hanging them to dry.

Then I unrolled one of my tatami mats, grabbed my iPad and some rope and sat down. I had some incense burning and choose Miserere by Italian composer Gregorio Allegri from my playlist.

I grabbed some rope and closed my eyes while the music enveloped me. Bit by bit, like a snake whose old skin peels off, I relaxed and felt how the storm in my head calmed down.
Then there was only me, my personal space, the rope and the music. Everything else had faded into oblivion.

Earlier today I had watched a video on YouTube on how to tie a suspension enabling foot harness.

Suspension enabling foot harness – trying it out

I used my left foot to make the tie using about 5mm jute rope.
My first attempt was to tight and  thus uncomfortable. The second attempt felt very okay.
Just for fun I did the tie again. Then I suspended myself to the point where I supported myself only on the back of my head. It felt comfortable, even after 5 minutes.
Made a few photographs.

Then I did the tie again, with 6mm jute. It did feel a little more comfortable.

I had a pretty swell afternoon and I do feel more relaxed already.

Suspension enabling foot harness


I need to stay focused and do whatever I love to do in order to compensate for the stuff I don’t like to do (anymore).

Even though I got it all, love, a good job, friends, no real worries, demons out of the past are catching up with me again.

I’m taking some time off at work to concentrate on what I really love. That’s Princess, BDSM, Dominance, rope. I like to add some photography and writing to this already titillating mix of pleasurable stuff.

I believe I am quite good at tying a simple gote. Obviously there is still much room for improvement but there are other ties too.

So these past few days I have been studying the futomomo tie. It is a leg binding tie that can be used on the ground or in suspension and handy for sex. The nice thing about the futomomo is that the way you tie it may vary and thus offering quite some creativity.

Princesses’ feet

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, I tried it on my model, the godly Lena Rogerdottir.

Made a few variations, then tried the 6mm jute I recently bought and treated, then ended the evening with a limited floor suspension using the coconut rope.

I made some photographs. They are great, they really are. I make the best photographs in the world.

This afternoon, checking the images in Lightroom, I can see my errors, both in tying and in taking an image. Some of the latter can be solved with Photoshop albeit that is not the way I generally work.

I post my images in a close Facebook group matching myself with newbies like me and the best of the world. Intimidating but I’m getting there too. It is nice to see that my work is appreciated.

Then my model, Lena Rogerdottir, and I subscribed to an Esinem training on the hip harness. Indeed that tie is still missing in my repertoire.

After that we went to bed and we talked for a while and then dozed off.

She was awake before me and then I woke up. We made love and it was ferocious and Lena ravenous for yet another orgasm. I spanked her, flogged her and fucked her to kingdom come.

In the late afternoon I downloaded a few chapters of her new book Maggie Carpenter mailed me. I read her work for typos and inconsistencies. I love doing this kind of stuff as I do learn new expressions and other writing stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying the hip harness. After that I’ll be taking, with my model,  classes on suspension.

Playing with the futomomo

Thoughts – February 27, 2017

“Connection. For me, it is all about communicating with the rope. Making it an extension of my hands and my will. It is all about how you apply the rope and handle the person you tie. I love to see it give pleasure whether that be through sensuality or pain. That creates a very erotic feedback loop when it happens.”

Bruce Esinem, interview for Dominant Desires, November 2016

Not much is going on. I consider that to be a good thing.

These past two Saturday evenings we spend at the club. Past Saturday was about impact play and a hungry Princess took second helpings with a short break in between. The Saturday before was about tying and using the coconut rope. We did an intimate scene of Domination and submission using the rope. It is something I want to deepen more as I believe it offers so many new possibilities and ensures our growth in BDSM.

Lately we have been doing more rope and I made some photographs showing the result. I try to create nice looking fine art pictures but I know that in a year or maybe even sooner I’ll be looking back on the ties with a smile. That too would be a good thing as it proves evolution.

About a year ago I organized a private Shibari tuition at our home. It was a birthday gift for my Princess.
Albeit it was fun and the tutor very experienced, since then I forgot most of it. Too much information in one session and lack of time to exercise. They offer free training evenings in Antwerp. Dates are often incompatible with our agenda and there is the matter of very expensive parking fees near the city.

Today I am much more aware of what I want to achieve with rope. It is about Domination and fulfilling Princesses’ needs. About finding my voice, my signature.

Rope (bondage) is more a dance, a voyage than just having Princess dangling from my ceiling in some artsy combination of knots. It is about generating emotion and sharing intense moments.

Yet I want to grow, become better in the art of tying.
Wouldn’t it be great to be at the club and do a comprehensive and beautiful tie, even a suspension and present it, mainly for our own pleasure, as a little show?
It is great being able to master something but it is even greater to master it in a beautiful way. I am sure it will embellish Princesses beauty and grace even more.

I have been browsing YouTube in order to find intermediate Shibari tutorials that explain well and in a clear way with an eye for security. The human part, the connection is, for me, equally important.

There is quite some good and free stuff available. Often they lead to sites that offer online tuition for a (small) fee.

Most of these tutorials are very technical and often forget to address that human touch I am looking for. I want to get tips and tricks that enhance the emotions and reactions one can create with bondage. There is nothing wrong with these tutorials but that is not what I am looking for. I need an instructor who feels somewhat the same about rope as I do.

A few years ago, I got a two DVD Set called “Japanese Rope Bondage: Tying people, not parcels. Vols I & II“ and learned quite a lot. I found Bruce Esinem to be a very good tutor with lots of experience. In addition, he addresses the human aspect, the emotions and the reactions that go hand in hand with good rope bondage.

Yesterday I had a closer look at Esinem’s Shibari Classes and signed up for a few free classes. It is exactly what I am looking for. Each class is a collection of written information, in-depth tips and video footage. The fee includes personal 101 q&a.

I’ll be starting a series of classes but I haven’t made up my mind yet which one(s) to choose.

Then Princess and I will be using as much of our free time together as possible to learn and exercise. Creating photographs is our second goal and equally fun to do as it is an “art” project we are doing as a couple. Princess enjoys not only to be tied up but the modelling part in front of the camera is something she also likes. It is incredible, lovely and fascinating to see how Princess changes in front of my camera.

Meanwhile I made up my mind and have chosen the Suspension Techniques Level I class. It includes

  • Essential foundations of suspension
  • Basic suspension techniques with lots of material to read like beginner’s errors, coping with emergencies and much more. There is also a 45’ minute video tutorial
  • Hip harness suspension and 65’ worth of video
  • Vital skills, different suspensions, quick releases and a 53’ tutorial
  • Another hip harness by Nina Russ
  • A 2 & 3 rope TK with 28’ worth of video

I’m getting all this for 50 Euro a month. If Princess and I don’t waste our time maybe I’ll be moving to even more advanced tutorials soon.

I am not affiliated in any way with ESINEM and I am simply a paying customer who decided to buy his services.
In the past I bought the Semenawa rope, a Shibari ring and other stuff from Esinem’s site.  A delivery  error was treated swiftly and correctly, no questions asked.

Semenawa rope chest-harness – Detail

More rope bondage

Tuesday, February 21.

I planned a new rope session and have quite some ideas how to tie Princess in order to pleasure her and to create some powerful images.

Unfortunately I am tired, slept badly for the past two nights. A dispute between a colleague and me past Monday. His everlasting tsunami of negative remarks about everything, about me, about a sick co-worker, it was too much and I left work that evening extremely stressed.

So now Princess is here and she is worked up somewhat too. We talk, drink some wine.

Then we play but I can’t get the simplest tie right. All the ideas I had, every pose I envisioned, nothing works. My fingers don’t follow what I have in mind. The rope and Princess don’t connect. I don’t connect with Princess either.

So I drop the idea of making photos. Maybe I am trying to hard. Hell, I simply need to tie, to pleasure Princess, myself and connect with her.

I grab my Semenawa rope. Semenawa ropes are for sadistic sessions. Here the desired qualities are quite the opposite to the usual Shibari rope criteria. Fibres such as palm hemp and coconut are chosen specifically because they are scratchy, prickly and generally uncomfortable…especially in sensitive areas.

Now we are going places. I love this rope. Princess senses it too, we connect, Domination and submission dynamics settle in.

Soon Princess in completely under the influence of my movements, the way I tie, the coarse rope scratching her skin.

Then it is there, a new image.  I grab my camera and document the moment.

Princess is exhausted, I am tired. We call it a day. Soon we are cuddling up in our bed. We are ready to travel through yet another night.

Semenawa rope chest-harness

Valentine’s Evening

Princess and I enjoyed our Valentine’s evening. We exchanged cards, I had written a poem and there were small gifts. The poem I wrote is a very personal one and an exclusive gift for my love so I will not be sharing it.

Dinner was great, Princess enjoyed my cooking skills and then we cut the delicious cake Princess had brought with her.

We drank some wine, talked, held hands.

Delicious cake

After dinner we played. I tied Princess up with the bristly Semenawa rope, made some photographs.

It is strange when Princess feels this rope, made fibres such as palm hemp and coconut, she desires a flogging too.

For the first time in almost 2 months, I gave Princess a fierce spanking. Indeed, Princess is okay again, her hip problems long forgotten.

Then we went to bed and made love. Then we started over again.
Finally, we turned out the lights.
We spooned, Princess and I, and in this safe haven of love, we slept extremely well.

These past few weeks, maybe even months, I have been experiencing with this site, with my blog. Most of it I have been able to solve. At this moment, there is no like-button. What I find even worse is that I have lost all email-subscriptions.
I have to start from scratch again so if you wish to keep informed about future posts, please subscribe.  March 10, 2017 –  solution found.

Semenawa rope chest-harness