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REBLOG – Feminism and BDSM #ASMSG #dec #BDSM

Reblogged from the excellent blog “Southern Sir’s Place

Feminism and #BDSM
By John Brownstone (SouthernSir) | December 30, 2013
Thoughts of writing this post have resonated with me for some time now, I have vacillated back and forth about whether to write it or not.

In my travels on the Interwebz; of which I have a tendency to do a lot, I have noticed in some venues that submissives are attacked verbally for their submission. They are badgered about how they are taking feminism backwards by wanting the things they do.

Now I am not going to jump on a soap box and and talk about feminism in and of it self and what I do say may very well make some people upset, so be it.
What I am going to talk about is how little flowers submission has effected me as a man and how I have grown as a Dominant and it has changed my outlook on women in general.

When I was young I was an asshole, plain and simple, no if, ands, or buts; especially when it came to women. I would cat call to them, whistle at them, make comment about how their body was made for fucking, etc. In general in my youth I was a poor excuse for a man. I make no excuse for my behavior, it was rude and crude to the utmost. I am not proud of who I was but I am glad I have grown past that.

Since I have begun exploring my Dominant side and even more so since little flower and I have been together my entire attitude has changed. Now I am sure a good deal of that has to do with age and wisdom, at least I hope I have gained some wisdom and insight over the years.

I in no way shape or form coerced little flower into submitting to me. It was done purely by her own freewill over the course of the year we have been together. It was her choice, choice being the key word. If she did not feel that I have her best interests at heart, that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not in anyway do her any emotional or physical harm we would not be building the relationship we have today.

Do she and I have rough sex? Absolutely we do! On the other side of the coin to that we also have …

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REBLOG – Today I Am Slave Vile #ASMSG #dating

I am reblogging this because we cannot stress enough to be careful, subs and slaves, when you are looking for a new Dom or Master. Unfortunately abuse is everywhere. One of my dear friends was once raped on her first date.

So thank you Vile for being an advocate against all forms of abuse. 

Today I Am Slave Vile

So I have been looking for a new master for a few months, I joined because well that just seems like the place. There are so many Masters to choose from. I know I am new and I am inexperienced but surely I will find someone who will except me.

So I made a profile, and within 24 hours I have received over 250 emails, wow I cannot believe the response I have gotten. Then I notice there are three who live relatively close to me. So after a little thinking I decided to write each one and see how things go

The next morning I get three reply’s all giving me their Yahoo messenger so I log in and I add each name. Now I am feeling excited because I really do not know what to expect.

So after a little hesitation I send my first Message, Hello? I wait and wait, then finely that would be Master, how are you doing today?

I am doing well thank you hmmm Master.

So what are you looking for ? I am looking for a Master someone who can teach me about BDSM.

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REBLOG – Good Dominants Give Good Aftercare

I found this on One Slaves Perspective:

Aftercare is something I treasure because it brings both partners very close to one another.  I found this blog piece touching and very truthful. Please do take time to discover this well written blog.


Good Dominants Give Good Aftercare

Posted on December 10, 2013by 

Atercare is more important than you think.  There are a lot of emotions involved in submitting to someone, handing over total control.   You need to learn when to baby your submissive.  We aren’t just there to do the housework, tend to your needs, and hand out sexual favors like Halloween candy.    There may be a lot of times where we want to be used, made to feel like your prized possession, controlled, and dominated but we also want to feel like you respect us as a person.  We need to know that you will take care of us both emotionally and physically, because how else can we trust you enough to just hand over the reigns and ‘do as we’re told’?

Predominantly in a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic the transfer of control is something that happens all the time but mostly like an underground current.  It remains there in your daily life but it doesn’t always make itself visible.  For all outward appearances, a majority of the time you may seem like every other vanilla couple.  But then there are times where the transfer of control is VERY present.  In rough sex play, bondage, the handing out of discipline or punishment, and other times, the heightened emotions that come with a total control transfer are compounded.  This is when aftercare is needed the most.

Think of aftercare as a way to truly show your submissive that you appreciate her submission, to recognize the fact that she trusts you so much she’s willing to put her life in your hands, to pay homage to the fact that it is her submission that gives you the strength to be a real Master – not just of your world but hers as well.  She will do ANYTHING for you, adore you, worship you, and give you the freedom, and the courage, to be the leader in a world that doesn’t exactly encourage it.  When you experience a time of extremely evident power conversion she needs to know that you are always there for her and will always take care of her.

Aftercare can involve many things.  Whispered I love ……… READ MORE BY GOING TO THE BLOG