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REBLOG – What do you want ?

I came across this wonderful post written by Sir Symon. When I read his about Page I smiled. We seem to have a lot in common like age, origin and we have both English mom’s too. I would not be surprised finding out we are the same kind of Dominant.
If you are a Dom or Master I would like to recommend Symon’s blog as it is really worth your time to visit thoroughly.

Symon’s writing touched me as it is not only something I could have written, albeit not so eloquently. With Princess I have an intense, caring and loving D/s relationship. So it reads as a very familiar story too.

It is a very respectful and affectionate article about how a Dom should encourage and motivate his submissive. There is a lot of responsibility and maturity involved in being a Dom (or Master). It is about understanding her, about respecting her and meeting her needs and not to abuse her in any way.
Sir Symon is right when he states it is not about sex but about love. The sex is only the cherry on an already intense and delicious pie.

Enjoy reading.

What do you want?

If you are truly going to own and dominate a woman, you must understand her. Everyone, of course, is unique, but I’ve seen some of the same things over and over between the submissive women I have known:

They are motivated by a deep desire to please. When you ask a “vanilla” woman what to do, she will often reply “whatever you want”, which seems at first sight “annoying”. However, you must understand that phrase for what it is from a submissive. She wants more than anything to please you. Whatever plans or ideas she had on her schedule, if she can make you happy she will be more fulfilled than doing whatever she wanted to do for herself. You must understand that phrase for what it is.

Now, this can easily become abuse. Many submissive women have been through a number of abusive relationships. They give and men take and take and it becomes abusive. Weak men with self-esteem issues are often drawn to these women, which compounds the problem. It takes enormous strength and experience to take from a woman like this (which is what she needs) without abusing her. Your job is to soak up all her love and affection and attention, help her find ways to please you, while supporting and strengthening her as a person. This takes wisdom, experience, and, I believe, some age. I cannot imagine a 20 years old man being a successful “Dom” in any real sense of the word. At this age, I wasn’t really a kind and wise Dom.

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REBLOG – Get well wishes for Ash

Your are in our thoughts Ash. We wish you a speedy recovery and much strength to you both.
Princess and Franco

Originally posted on Mr. Modigliani’s Private Studio:


Get well Ash

Many of you may know Ash and Alder in the UK. Alder just let me know that Ash has been admitted to the hospital, is on oxygen and is undergoing tests.

This post is a “get well card” for Ash and support for Alder. Please comment on this card to let both Ash and Alder know that our thoughts and prayers are with them, and that we pray for Ash’s recovery and health.

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REBLOG – What I have learned

I am once again reblogging a post written by my friend Vile. You can find his blog HERE.

Not only do I unconditionally agree with his post, it is important to spread this so one can think about what Vile has so eloquently written.
Greed is a very consuming negative aspect of one’s life yet it has nothing positive except for feeding envy, hate and so much more.

What I have Learned

I learned about greed at an early age. I remember deer hunting at 14. I invited a friend, while hunting one early morning I shot a buck. We would clean right there on the spot because it was to hard getting the whole deer back home. As we were packing I noticed once we were through he had taking way more than half. That was the last invitation. I figured he needed it worse than I did so I said nothing.

Hunting was something I enjoyed it was my get away. I remember I would go squirrel hunting and I would take Mrs Wright my catch and she would cook squirrel dumplings for me.

I have learned that Drama is a cancer, and the only cure is to cut it off at the source. If you feed on their drama is just complicates your life.

I’ve learned that if people are to quick to help they have their own agenda.

I have learned once an abuser always an abuser, you are just wired that way, and there is no cure.

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REBLOG – What Is A Good Dominant #BDSM #submission #Dominance

I have read Vile’s new post with much attention and pleasure. As always he nails it right down in his own unsurpassed way. Anyone can pretend to be something they are not. Doing so tells a lot about that person, who he/she is, for what he or she stands. They stand for nothing. They are losers, nobodies. They do not have the guts to someone. It is much easier to pretend and in doing so they lie to themselves. That would not be so bad but unfortunately a lot of these fakes make victims. If you lose your money because you believed that man/woman to be financial genius, too bad. But being abused or raped by a fake Dom when you have trusted him is even worse.

Vile wants to make you aware of the dangers when you are searching for a Dominant. Vile gives you the knowledge to recognize the false ones.
For that my Friend I thank you.

So here it goes…

What Is A Good Dominant

You know while it is not written anywhere Dominants do have what is called a code of Honor.

At one time what set us apart were the strict protocols that were put in place, and there was a time not only did those who were slaves and submissive followed them, but Dominants did as well.

In the lifestyle we were held to higher standards , because well not only was it expected, but we were leaders. Sometime ago it took a very long time for a Dominant to become recognized within the community, it was not a title that was just giving out or a title someone could claim. As a Matter of fact many were not accepted in the local community just because of who they were and what they stood for.
So yes there was a time when protocol’s were indeed protocol’s and they were followed.

Then the internet boom, all of this information was online and available , and just as with anything you read you can take parts of this and parts of that, and come up with your own ideas.

Then somewhere along the line what we believed in and what we stood for began to fade away. Protocols were being lost in the pile of confusion.

While at a local MAsT several months ago this topic came up and as I was speaking about how things use to be another Dominant stepped in.

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REBLOG – D/s to me (what I seek) #Dominance #submission #EroticRomance

It is only recently that I found the blog Jade and him.

The post “D/s to me (what I seek)” is a great read. It is pure in its emotions and hearth warming with the sincere and deep feelings described.
Also this post is a beautiful definition of what it means being a submissive and there is so much true and unconditional love involved in the process.

D/s to me (what I seek)

Master Dirk wanted to know, so I took the task very seriously and spent all day thinking about it. Here is what I wrote to him.

“I thought of what you asked me last night and understanding your need to know I wanted to give you the answers you sought.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it today, spending lot of time trying to untangle my thoughts and as I cannot bullet point this, please bear the lengthy email.

As I said over dinner, I believe it’s more difficult for a submissive than a Master to put into words all those feelings and needs that makes her what she is and shape what she longs for. Maybe it was just difficult for me to find them over dinner, with you providing such a huge distraction (!)


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REBLOG – KIss the slave

One again I have the pleasure reblogging a post written by my friend Vile for his very interesting blog The Kinky World of Vile.

I particularly liked this writing because it is one of the rare moments where Master Vile’s shares a more personal moment between him and his Arianna. Yet he stays courteous and discrete.
All by all it is a deliciously sensual account and I very much enjoyed reading it.

Kiss The Slave

Giving him the power to Destroy , but trusting him not to. Those are powerful words. Total unquestioned submission.

Have you as a Dominant ever sat back and just looked at your property, and thinking to yourself she is mine? I have created exactly what I needed and wanted. See in the Masters eyes it is about the slaves needs. The wants have nothing to do with anything. If the needs are met, the wants just fall into place.

Submission your partner kneels in front of you waiting and hoping you will use her. This is when your slave gets the most pleasure. Being used and knowing she had made her Master happy.

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REBLOG – Do You Really Need To Train Your Submissive ?

My friend Vile wrote an inspiring post and it is a little different from his other posts.

I totally agree with Vile when it comes to my own D/s relationship with Princess. There was no training involved and the D/s dynamics installed itself in a very natural way. At that time we already enjoyed at its fullest the pleasures of BDSM. Princess and I knew what we needed out of a relation and gradually the D/s grew. Yet I can imagine that newbies to D/s or very young people will find it more difficult to establish this kind of relational dynamics without training or whatever one wants to call it.

Do You Really Need To Train Your Submissive ?

The truth is , no you do not. I know this sounds weird coming from me, but in a real perfect world no training is really required.

Many of you who are in active relationships have really had no type of formal training. Having no training can be okay and find if you are in the right hands.

Now you ask me how is having no training possible and being in a D’s relationship even possible ? How can a D’s relationship work with no training at all?

To train someone is to change someone into something the Dominant wants or needs. Training can be mild to extreme. Training can be very loving, or it can be very hard and strict. That would mainly depend on the Dominant or Master.

If you are truly a Submissive and you have the need to serve, in the right hands no formal training is really required.

Here is my thoughts and my reasoning. You have a lion who gives birth to a cub, once the cub is old enough to learn how to hunt it already has the basic instincts. What the cub now needs it for the lion to teach it how to use the skills it has already.

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REBLOG – Men vs Masters

I found this article to be very to the point, true and well written. You can read more great articles on the blog Jade and him.

On her blog the author is quite clear. No part of her blog can be copied or published. The reblog-buttons work but I have experienced problems with that, the point to my WordPress-blog and not to the SirFrancoBolli blog.

Of course I do respect her wishes.
Please read her article Men vs Master by following this LINK.

REBLOG – Rituals And Protocols

One again Vile has posted a very interesting article, this time about Rituals And Protocols in a D/s or M/s relationship.

You can find Vile’s blog via The Kinky World Of Vile.

So here it goes…

In any D’s or M’s relationship Rituals are needed, just as protocols. Both of those words equal structure. You need some type of structure in a lifestyle relationship for it to work, because if you do not implement anything your relationship will not be able to move forward.

This also depends on how much effort your Dominant wants to put into the relationship. It depends on what he wants out of the relationship.

So ask yourself this question or questions. Am I truly a Submissive? Am I truly a Slave? If so what is it I need? Do I need to follow rules? Will I follow rules if giving to me? Is your life turned upside down now ? Do you want it correct if it is? Is your life out of control? Do you want it corrected if it is?

Maybe your just a bedroom submissive. Maybe you just want to give up control once the door is closed. Let your Dom have his way, once finished and the door is open your back to the girl next door. There is nothing wrong with that.

Rituals may vary from relationship to relationship but I can assure you they are needed. Arianna has several. One being greeting me at the door, kneeling arms stretched out head down. This is something she implemented on her own. The other is kneeling while I am in the shower, once out she dries me off, a ritual.

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REBLOG – Are You A Submissive Push Over ? You Have Rights You Know #BDSM

Reblogged from an article my friend Vile posted on his excellent blog The Kinky World Of Vile. By reblogging I agree with what Vile, an advocate against abuse, writes.


You know it seems many who are new to the lifestyle are really gullible, because you believe anything your told, and without asking questions you just follow knowing something is not right.

I have talked about this before, when your first meeting a new Dominant or maybe a Daddy Dom.

You have to ask questions, and you have to know what questions to ask. Going into a relationship you already have some knowledge about what your role in the lifestyle you would like to take part in.
You have been reading, or maybe you have talked to others, so you have an idea what your role would be. You cannot let someone tell you what they think your role is.

Your a Slave, and you can be convinced you are, your a baby girl and you can be giving a few reasons and you will believe it. Only you truly knows who you are.

You also have to ask questions when you first meet, but there is a little known trick called Dominance through intimidation and most fall for it every time.

You will call me Sir, there will be no eye contact. You will wear a skirt with no panties.
You know coming from a Dominant those are really pretty stupid request, and have very little to do with D’s. None of the above have anything to do with submission when your first meeting someone.

One you have both agreed to enter a relationship, the no eye contact thing can be used as a training tool, but the subject of training is a whole new story..

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