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Thoughts – February 5, 2014

I feel the urge to write but I have no idea what about. So I will let my fingers dance freely over the keyboard and we’ll see where this will lead me.

Today it is Wednesday and almost noon. Outside the sun is shining and the sky is pale blue with white, fuzzy stripes. Soft temperatures too, 8° C (46,4°F), making it difficult we are still in the heart of the winter.

I feel cold though and an indistinct sadness engulfs me while loneliness chills me further down. The music I’m listening to supplies my heart with sweet tasting melancholy.

Yes, this is what I need now.
The music notes carve and cut in my soul and liberate the drabness that seems to have found refuge deep in my core.

What I’m experiencing now is what a friend of mine describes as Dom drop and he wrote an interesting blog post about it. I guess outside the lifestyle one would call this reaction happening after an adrenaline rush differently but do check out the article.

A spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and wistfulness is momentarily fueling my writing so I’ll float further on these sentiments.

Princess has spent the past two nights at my place. Monday evening I started with a cathartic spanking and then Princess and I made rough and very intense love before falling asleep wrapped in bed linen dispersing the odor of primal sex.
The night was followed by a day at work and the promise of yet another evening and night with my love and future wife.

We played yesterday evening and it was so hot and even rougher than the previous evening and we felt so close to one another, Princess and I.

I tied her up and gave my love a good spanking, alternating with some whipping, while a small vibrator in her underpants did its work. It drove Princess almost mad and she came with multiple tidal waves until my love was soaking wet and trembling on her legs.

I held Princess in my arms, soothing her and covered her beautiful face with a zillion soft kisses while we drowned in each other’s eyes. For a moment it felt as if we had, unnoticed, melted together.

The love I feel for Princess is pleasantly excruciating and continuously sets my body and mind on fire.

Never before have I felt so close to someone as with my Princess. She makes me feel so very alive and incredibly happy.

Princess truly is the One for whom I have been waiting for all my life. It took me a 5 decade long road before I finally found my Holy Grail, my Princess.

Princess, even when we are not together you fill my heart with joy, desire, happiness and so much unconditional love.  You warm my soul and enrich every single molecule of my body with your positive stance.

You truly are my raison d’être and I am convinced that at birth we already were predestined for each other.

Thank you, Princes, my love and future wife, for being with me and traveling through life at my side.

A flower

Simply Love #ASMSG #jan

Yesterday evening Princess and I just sat in front of the 27” iMac, lazy and leisurely. We sipped and savoured the peated single malt whisky Princess got me as a new year’s present. For a while we talked about nothing special, simply enjoying being together, floating on this vast ocean of intense and unconditional love.

Then we watched an excellent movie, “Lost in Translation”, directed by Sofia Coppola. After that we briefly talked about the movie and went to bed.
Princess and I kissed and after that I turned the lights off. I held my love in my arms while we slowly sank away into deep sleep.

It was one of these rare occasions that we didn’t make love. What was hovering between us was so intense, so warm we had no need for anything else.

Yesterday evening was one of those intense evenings where we felt so close and, more important, complete. An evening shrouded with a powerful glowing golden veil, settling in our memories and filling our hearts with so much love and devotion and where words are futile.

This morning it struck me, a forceful lightning,  the past evening still lingering in my mind.
I have never ever loved someone as much as I do now.
I would never have imagined what real and pure love is until now.
With Princess.


Princess & I – Our wishes

2013 is on the verge of flying away, never to be seen again. Leaving behind the ashes to settle and find a place in our memories.

What the New Year will bring remains a secret. It will be different for each of us and we will discover its mysteries only day-by-day.

A bigger part of our future lays in our own hands, in how we act, react. In what we say or do not say. There is the unforeseen impact, in a greater of lesser extent, too, by others on your lives and vice versa.

All we, Princess and I, can do is wish you the best on this voyage trough once another year. Good health, love, wisdom and friendship should be part of the luggage you carry so those are the things we hope you will be submerged with.
Of course lots of inspiration and creativity to go with so you can continue creating and render the world a little better.

Let New Year’s Eve be a moment of coziness, warmth and love. Joy when the clock strikes 12 and the night is lightened up by dazzling fireworks reflecting in the eyes of that special person in your life. Kiss your loved ones and hold them close so you don’t miss this fresh start. Take care of yourself and those who are so dear to you. 

Yet do not forget the unfortunate who, for a zillion reasons, will not start 2014 in a happy way. Hold them in your hearts just for a moment and wish them strength, belief and hope.

For those who will not be able to be together with their loved one, at the 2014 starting line, know I am midst you, as Princess is.  She and I will phone each other of course. This special evening my love will be cherished in my heart and in my mind as Princess is, every single day of the past and will be every day that lies in front of us.
I wish to end this post with a beautiful poem I read this morning, moving me to tears. I hope it will comfort us, those longing for the lips of our loves so near but yet so far away.

Written by Desiree G. and posted on her excellent blog Sea Of Desire.
It is called “New Year’s kiss” and it is so pure, wonderful and universal in the emotions it creates in the reader. Enjoy.

DECEMBER 31, 2013  New Year’s Kiss

For one night, let’s find some way to erase the distance

And embrace each other the way we’ve envisioned in the fantasy

For our lips to tease and playfully whisper as the countdown begins

Ten, your….  read further in a separate window

Happy New Year, dear Friends and Readers
Lot’s of love to and for you all
Princess and I
Found on Tumblr. I have no idea who to credit for this beautiful image.

Old & New #ASMSG #dec #christmas

My Friends,
Dear Readers,

Christmas is approaching fast and a few days later the New Year will be knocking on our doors.
It is near to impossible to escape the inevitable wishes.

What can be greater, more fun and intense than a wonderful Xmas amongst those you are close to and especially those whom you love and cherish?The feeling of the warm security offered by family, friends and loved ones, the coziness, oneness and happiness.

Let our thoughts also linger for a moment on those who are less fortunate. Some of us have problems during the Holidays. Some of us are overcome with great sadness when they remember the loved ones who are not with them anymore. Many people have no one to spend these Holidays with and are encircled by solitude.

Don’t we all need caring and loving thoughts right now?

Even if we are powerless and not able to help or make a difference, embracing these unfortunate in our minds and hearts help us not to forget how lucky we are and that reaching out is sometimes merely a simple and easy gesture.

We wish you, Friends and Readers, a superb 2014 filled with love, friendship and good health. Let the new year mark a fresh start for new, postponed or forgotten intentions.

Stay well and enjoy every day, every hour and every second to its fullest.

From us both,
Princess and I


Christmas wishes

Another Saturday evening #ASMSG #dec

Saturday, December 14.
What an evening and night it was, so rich with emotions, pleasure and lust. Even the following morning was unforgettable.

I collected Princess at 8 pm. After ringing her doorbell and counting for 20 seconds or so, I entered the house.
Princess welcomed me in the doorway and she looked delicious with her black pumps, white stockings and a sleeveless dress that looked great but would not be my first choice for her if we were going out.

I said hi and kissed Princess by just touching her lips with mine. After all her kids are still not ready to accept the fact their mother is dating me and that we are a couple working on our future together.
“Yes,” Princess shrugged after kissing me, “it has been hard with Ar again”, answering my unspoken question.

On the way home Princess told me about the dispute with Ar and how it is so difficult to coop with her mood swings.

At home Princess slipped out of her dress revealing a tight fit white dress.  Short so one can enjoy the ends of the garter belt holding her stockings.
“I couldn’t leave home like that could I?” she smirked while I looked at her in awe.

We just enjoyed each other’s company. I sensed Princess was a little emotional, the quarrels with Ar, fatigue and that time of the month.
I showed Princess some video clips, music she is not acquainted with like ‘The Black Angels‘ and ‘Head Like A Kite‘ while I exercised on knots and some fantasy rope bondage. I did a nice one on her arm, but forgot to make a photo, moved to an ankle wrap and finished with a rather complex harness.

After that we kissed and cuddled and finally I led Princess to the back of the sofa for some intense whipping and then, back on the couch, finished it off with a spanking that made her cum lavishly. Princess thanked me and I held her in my arms for a while, gently stroking her face and body.

She told me how she experienced the whipping, caning and spanking and in which ways they all felt different. Apparently she likes the spanking the most because of the vibrations that ripple through her body and stimulate her pussy at the same time.
It was getting late, past midnight, and we went to bed, Princess curled up in my arms. We were both exhausted.

She got a text message at 2 am and of course it woke us up.
It was from Stella.

With a sigh Princess phoned her eldest daughter.

Stella wanted her mom to alarm the police because there was a man standing in front of her door. She lives on the first floor of an apartment block. There is a staircase leading up to an entryway and her place is the middle one of three flats and single women inhabit all of them.
What does this man do I heard Princess ask.
It seemed he was doing nothing at all except standing in front of her door and, by the sound of it, taking sips from a can because she heard him putting it down. No he hadn’t said anything, hadn’t knocked on the door or rang the doorbell.
No, she had not seen him either but hearing him standing in front of her door frightened her.

Princess stayed calm, explaining she was not going to call the police, there was no reason to do so.
Stella insisted that this man meant bad business.

I had a flashback.
A month, maybe two months ago, and over a period of a few days Stella, turned up and in panic, called her mom several times a night because somebody had just rang her doorbell. She was convinced her ex had finally found her address and was trying to freak her out of her mind. Finally the police came, there was nobody but they found something wrong with the electronics of the doorbell, making it ring at random moments. Yes, I know, why during the night and not during the day.

I was tired, needed sleep and I knew the discussion between Princess and Stella would go on and on. When something creeps into Stella’s mind it stays there until it is replaced with something new.

“Lets drive over there and check it out,” I mumbled.
Princess asked if Stella wanted that, stressing the fact I would come too. Since the dinner date gone bad Stella has erased me completely out of her mind.

We arrived 20′ later and there was of course nobody standing in front of Stella’s door, not even the slightest evidence like a cigarette butt or an empty can.
While Princess calmed Stella I did a quick sweep of the environment, there are a few dark corners, but there was absolutely nothing. Stella insisted the man left seconds before we arrived, heard him running down the stairs.
Standing outside I heard dry leaves being swept over the flagstones and a nearby canvas making low sounds while it was pushed up and down by the wind.
Add to that a bad dream and Stella’s mental state and you have a dark, menacing intruder standing in front of her door and all the fantasies to go with it.

At 3 am we were back in bed, slept well and we woke up at 10, both hot as hell. We spend the next 90 minutes with rough lovemaking, your basic hair pulling, fierce nipple pinching and a few stinging smacks on her behind.
Princess asked me for my permission to cum and I told her yes, by all means, be my guest. My love came 10 times in a row although I am convinced it was only 9.

After pulling of the soaked sheets from the bed I made coffee and Princess ran a bath.
We washed each other and laid back in the hot water and Princess talked about Ar and her worries about her daughter.
It is true that Ar and Stella both bare the inheritance of their father who spent the bigger part of his life in psychiatry. Yes it is worrisome indeed.

I dropped Princess at her home little past noon. She thanked me for the time I took to listen to her worries and discuss it and for driving over to Stella in the middle of the night.

I smiled and kissed her.

I told Princess I am and will always be there for her.
For always and one day.
For better and worse.

Then I drove back home.

Ankle Wrap


Jute: Shibari workshop by Princess

My blood runs cold and I feel both nervous and excited when I descend the steps and enter once again the Dungeon where Milord took me too a few weeks ago.
We have been looking forward to this evening.

Mylord had surprised me with beautiful and sensual photographs of Shibari artwork feeding my anticipation. I knew I would embrace this ultimate aspect of D/s.

I remember that very first visit to the Dungeon as breathtaking. The atmosphere so intimidating for a little sub like me without almost any experience with playing in public.

He led me to this dreamlike world of D/s lifestyle and I am so grateful He showed me this new path. I need Milord’s help walking this road. He makes me feel safe and puts me at ease.
I want to serve Him and honor our relation in every way I can, deepen it with my soul, my heart.
Give myself completely to Him, for whom I have been waiting so long.

There is no turning back since Milord made me His Princess. Without Him I can’t be myself, I just am.

Each passing moment I miss Him, Mylord, more and more. I yearn for that delicious cocktail of pain and lust, playing for hours, the intense aftercare.

More than ever my senses are attuned and I seek and crave for more.

For weeks I relived these very intense experience of our first visit to the Dungeon. Felt it blazing trough my body as a scorching fire. An unforgettable night it was, one we still cherish.

The odor of our newly acquired rope, jute, reminds me of an untroubled childhood. Young kittens playing in the straw, the lighthearted running trough never ending fields with corn or grain stroking against our skins.  The scent of wet earth after a summer’s storm.

The steps leading down to the Dungeon lead us to the Shibari workshop, to a new level in our D/s relation.
I can already imagine the rope burning on my skin and filling me with desire.



About Play Dates #ASMSG #DEC #BDSM #erotica

One of the few advantages of not living together is Princess and I can organize Play Dates. 
They happen at my place and in the evening.

I try to be original and not to repeat myself so each time is different. Sometimes I text Princess the morning prior to our Date with her dress code for the evening or she gets a few messages, maybe even a short email, helping her to create a mindset.

Whatever I have in mind I make sure Princess knows I have something exciting planned without telling her what to expect. I know her mind will be working on it the whole day. The power of anticipation works well with Princess and when she finally arrives she is already in the right mood.

At one time I texted her she was to show up at my place at 7:30 pm ring the doorbell and wait for me to open the door. After half an hour I texted her again outlining her role was that of a high class call girl I had ordered.

When I opened the door that evening I could not believe my eyes. Princess had taken the trouble to buy some exquisite and very sensual lingerie and was absolutely stunning. 
We played for almost 4 very intense and memorable hours and I drove her a few times crazy with lust and gratification. At one point her orgasm was so intense she not only squirted abundantly but also was unable to retain herself and ended peeing on the floor. A first she was terribly ashamed but after not even a minute I had comforted her enough to make her laugh about it. 
Yes, an unforgettable evening it was indeed.

The first thing I do after checking if Princess is okay and free of emotional strains is collaring her and doing so makes her crave for what is going to follow even more. 
Last time I was dressed in a black shirt, a matching tie I bought for the occasion, black pants and my black shoes well polished. 
Once collared I ordered Princess to strip naked except for her high heels and then led her in the living. Lights are out and I have a few strategically placed candles burning to create some kind mysterious atmosphere and music to match. It can be dark ambient, classical music or just a well-balanced playlist barely audible.
After offering Princess a glass of wine, I sit down on the couch and order Princess to take place on the church chair opposite to me. Of course she is not allowed to close her legs. 
We chitchat while I tease her with my riding crop, stroking her gently over her arms or nipples or over and between her thighs. 
Sometimes I stand behind her while we talk or she can be blindfolded and I remain silent so she loses track of time and space.

Generally Princess receives her first orgasm on the church chair and maybe just before that I have her kneel on it for some spanking or whipping. Such a chair is ideal for this and offers all sorts of other possibilities as it also has a high and laddered back.

Princess is then allowed to sit on her knees next to me, her head on my thigh so I can caress her head and face ever so gently. It is a position she likes very much, she feels comfy, safe and protected. Maybe I’m playing with myself but she is not permitted to taste me and I know having my cock so close to her drives her mad.

On other instances Princess sits on my lap and I hold her close, soothing her as if she were a pet.

I could then work with hot candle wax; Princess just loves it when I cover her back, breasts of even pussy. Maybe mummification with transparent plastic foil or make Princess taste all sort of goodies while blindfolded. Now we can add rope work as well.

I always end by leading Princess to the back of my sofa and order her lean on it. Mild flogging follows, warming up the skin of her delicious behind and shoulders before I start whipping, stopping ocassionally to feel her increasing wetness and tease her hot folds and clit.

In this situation Princess reaches her most intense orgasms.

Aftercare follows, a very enjoyable moment for myself, as I adore taking care of my love. The soothing, caressing and calming her down, all such intense moments bringing us so close together. Date Play ends when I attach the leash to Princess’ collar and she then crawls to our bedroom for some rough lovemaking before we turn out the lights.

The next day we evaluate the evening, something we find important to do.

These are just a few examples as I have many tricks in my hat.

Oh yes, I should mention this… this very evening we are having a Play Date.
Would you believe me if I told you I can hardly wait for Princess to be here?

A fantasy :-)

About Princess’ Corner #writing #ASMSG #DEC

Princess told me on several occasions how she envied me for the way I express my feelings, both in writing and in speaking.

Princess did not learn this during her childhood. She grew up in a caring and loving family, I adore her parents, but talking about personal emotions was not done or encouraged.

We text a lot but don’t mail that often and prefer the telephone for communicating when we are not together.

Over time Princess send many short text messages that touched me, sometimes even moved me to tears. Some of her emails are rough gems that need only to be polished a little to make them shine.

I find it very important and satisfying to encourage and help Princess excel and get the best out of her.

Shortly after I started blogging I told Princess I had an assignment for her.

I wanted her to write one blog post a month and delivered before the 20th.
Of course I gave her carte blanche, not only for the content but also for the way she had to achieve this. Princess is free to make a drawing, a photograph, a poem, a short story or a journal entry, whatever works for that month.

On this blog I created a separate category and named it “Princess’ Corner“.

Soon though it became obvious the task was an impossible one for Princess to accomplish in time. Household duties, 4 kids at home, her eldest daughter Stella still a huge concern, work and so on.
So I changed the rules and now Princess writes something when she has enough free time and inspiration.

After finishing a post Princess I receive it by email and after reading we discuss it if necessary.
The final step is when I translate her writing, a challenging task. I want to keep as close to the original as possible.

I am happy to see her writing has improved greatly. Yesterday Princess told me she enjoys being able to express her emotions and feelings much opener and clearer now.


Just a love poem by Franco Bolli

A welcoming
A dungeon where
You and I,
Feel at home.
Accepted in a
Lifestyle that
Enriches our life.

The limitless
Imagination the
Apparatus offers.
The Saint Andrew’s Cross,
Rings in thick walls.
The opportunities,
The excitement.
Being who we are.

It is awesome.
This presence
Of kindred spirits.
Doms, subs and slaves.
An inspiration.
Yes, we are at home.

A teacher asks
Our attention.
And 5 mm jute
Rope in my hands.
Soft and rough
At the same time.

We listen
And absorb
Jute on your skin,
The sensuality
I add makes
Even hotter.

A Shibari workshop
This late evening.
You and I
Discovering new
Possibilities and

Nothing changes though.
It only
The way I say
I love you,


Please stop, Milord #ASMSG #DEC #erotica

Princess is voracious when it comes to climaxing. I love pushing her, again and again, in that vast ocean of intense pleasure until she begs for mercy and falls asleep in my arms.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching Princess cum. Her eyes are closed and she moans and meows, her back arches and her fingers grab the sheets or form fists.  A scream maybe, or just a barely whispered “I love you” when she climaxes and her beautiful body unwinds.
Princess thanks me, over and over, with that gorgeous smile of hers.
We hold each other close and I feel her heart beat against my chest while the pace of her breathing slowly decreases.

Since past Tuesday I haven’t allowed Princess to climax. I play with her, pushing her like I always do but now I ordered her to say “Stop please” just before an orgasm.
Wicked as I am I listen and oblige and discontinue whatever it is I was doing with her.

When I think she is up to it I start again, bringing her anew to the brink of a release. Till Princess says “Stop please” that is.

Yesterday, or was it already pas midnight, she pleaded for release. Princess kissed me ever so tender, rubbing her pelvis against my leg.
“My pussy is throbbing,” she whispered and I could hear a touch of despair and need in her voice.

Gently I planted a kiss on Princess’ forehead and asked her to imagine a box of fine chocolates.
Then, I continued, what is more fun my love? Greedy pushing them in your mouth savoring only a fraction of the pleasure they can offer?
Or taking just one to feel its texture, to inhale its scent and imagine it melting leisurely on your tongue where it makes your tasting buds go berserk. You can also put it back and not eat it. For later, something to look forward to, so you can enjoy the chocolate even more.
“The latter,” she whispered.
“Good girl,” I told her. “Now do you understand why I am not letting you climax?”
“The relief will be even more intense, enforced by the longing your are building in my body,” she said.

I smiled and gave her the last kiss of the day. It was a long and a good one and as it always happens when our lips connect and our tongues dance, I got a hard on.
“Mmmm,” Princess groaned, briefly licking my nipples, her lips barely touching my skin.

Her mouth was warm and what she did was delicious and maddening and shortly after I exploded and Princess greedily drank me.

“Please, Milord, please… my pussy feels like it is on fire,” she pleaded.
I went down and licked her hot and wet yearning folds and teased her swollen clit.
Princess made the right noises, she was so enjoying it.
“Remember, you are not allowed to cum, girl,” I growled.
Then “Please stop, Milord” and a deep sigh.

I took Princess in my arms and turned out the light.

We slept well, Princess and I.

Saturday morning, when we arrive back home after our Shibari workshop I will give her the release she is yearning for.
Or maybe not.
We’ll see.

Little Blonde