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Punishing and other pleasures

Like every Wednesday morning Princess sneaked into my bed, curling up next to me. Kissing, whispering words where love is the main subject.
“I enjoyed reading Diary of a Submissive, couldn’t stop, it makes me hot,” Princess told me.
I had given it to her as a present last Sunday.
Yesterday, Tuesday, we spoke on the phone. I told her, little A. is staying with me for the rest of the week. I won’t be able to play with myself and I want you to do the same. Do not orgasm.
She said she wouldn’t, we would endure abstention together.

“It made you hot?” I asked. We where lying on my bed.
“Yes, it did.”
“Did you play with yourself?”
“Yes, I did, Milord. Are you going to punish me?”
I pinched one nipple very hard, then the other one. She squirmed.
“I just did,” I told her.
Held Princess in my arms, caressing her.

I had one leg between hers and her knee was on my stomach leaving her right buttock free.
Without any warning I pulled her hair and slapped her hard on her buttocks and before she had realized what happened I had turned around on the bed with Princess in my arms, slapping her on the other side of her bum, then turning around again, slapping, turning around once again. It was rollercoaster time.

“Hell, what was that for?” she moaned when it was over.
“Because you came last evening. I was counting on your loyalty but you didn’t deliver.”
“It’s a breach in trust, I agree,” she sighed. “How can I make it up?”
“You know how Princess. Just do it. NOW.”
She went down, took me in her mouth. She gives a really great blowjob.
Reached for her hair, pulling her up next to me.

“If you thought the slapping was punishment, you’re wrong.”
“Yes. I’m going to masturbate and you are going to assist me. Lick my nipples.
And then I’ll make you watch when I come.”
“Not in my mouth?” she sighed.
“No. And I know you’ll hate the humiliation, but you’ll have to lick it from my belly.”
“I won’t,” she told me. “It is a disgusting thought.”
“Finally you will,” I replied.
She screamed, tears in her eyes when I pulled her hair violently as she watched me squirt, pushing her mouth down.
Princess fought, resisted.
Finally she licked it up.
All of it.

Princess is a good girl.


No, really, never ever vanilla again.

We, Princess and I, try to end the week together, on Sunday evening, or start it, depending on your point of view. Most of the time I drive to her place, pick her up and then we go somewhere, the movies, sauna or my place.

We did the latter and on the way home we talked about some issues she had. It has nothing to do with our relation, rest assured.

At my place I immediately dragged her to my/our bedroom, I like to talk while lying down.

Finally she stopped talking, it was out of her system, it was now she and Me time.
We kissed and then I helped her out of her panty yet she remained fully dressed.
Without any warning I turned her around and her ass was in front of me. Started to slap it, gently, I was feeling romantic, so I didn’t exaggerate. Well, to be honest, gave a few hard blows, just to let her feel who is on top.

We were unaware that we had started a memorable evening.

“What was that for?” she asked when I had given a final slap, a hard one of course. Her buttocks were colored in, well, forgive me, 50 shades of red.
“Want you to feel at home, Princess,” I replied.
“Even without my place is here, at your side, Milord. I am totally yours,” she smiled.

I took Princess in my arms, pushing a leg between hers, forcing them open, her arms behind her head, one hand ready to pinch and hurt, my other hand playing with her pussy. It didn’t take long before she came; intense, as usual.

Grabbed her by her hair, dragged her of the bed.

We went to the living room where I had set up my portable studio and backgrounds.

Princess likes my blog and she thought it would be nice to combine my photographic skills with my writing. It would be her contribution to my writing as she would be my model.

There is one problem though. Yes, I have, amongst others, a degree in photography and I’ve had several expositions. Yet, photographing people isn’t my thing. I lack the art of communicating with my subjects, unable to get the most out of them.

Having Princess in front of my lens, with not much experience in properly lighting a person’s face, well, I was rather nervous.

To my big surprise it went rather well and I was able to make at least one shot we are proud of. And it was fun to see how Princess was patient, how she stood there, waiting, in the position I had learned her: legs a little apart, hands with spread fingers on her buttocks and looking straight in my eyes.

I had one shot in mind, it’s a BDSM cliché, I know, but pulling that one off could boost my confidence.
So I blindfolded Princess, then gagged her, I had never used this device before on her so it turned her on even more.

The studio session had made her hot and, well, me too so I called it a day and said, enough for now.
“I’ll browse through the 15 or so images, I’ll discover my errors and next time we will do better.”
“Okay,” she said. “I’m curious.”

Back in our bedroom we kissed and I pinched her playfully with the nails of my thumb and index, on her inner thighs, labia, squeezing her nipples, slapping her behind while Princess was lying close to me, constrained by my legs and arm.

When we fuck we keep our eyes open, we look at each other, and our mouths are touching most of the time.

I was moving and reading her eyes, her expression, where the tip of my dick was; well, where it should be. Then, without any warning I forced myself in her. She screamed and I felt like a rapist and I dug my hand in her hair, yanking, turning her head from left to right and back, to my mouth, then back in the cushion. I played the man who, after 20 years or so in solitude confinement finally had a cunt to fuck.
Felt how Princess was getting close to the ridge and I pulled out.
Caressed her, holding her, kissing, letting her feel protected, at home, loved.
She didn’t beg for more, hell, Princess is a quick learner. She knows there is more to come.

Grabbed her, took her again, fucking her even harder, as if not giving a good performance would lead me to the guillotine.
Got her close to the edge once more.
Held her tight to me, turned around and then Princess was on top of me.
She looked at me, her eyes, O my God; I could read love and lust in them.

Princess started to move. Slowly. Looking at each other.

Suddenly it happened.
I can’t describe the sounds she made. Take some moaning, a few sighs, a lot of groaning and add some purrs. Stir it, no, not shaken, with a Ohhhh that comes from very deep and you get the picture.

I felt it, lying on my back and I nearly cried, I was moved and happy at the same time. Princess had taken a new step in her/our sexuality.
When I looked in her eyes they were closed, her face in an ecstatic grin and Princess was, for a moment, far away.

O boy, it was incredible when I felt that warm liquid of hers caressing in abundance my balls.
Princess had cum and how.

After a while she saw the huge stain on my mattress protector and she was so ashamed.
I told her it was normal, I told her this was great. I told her I was honored to have made this happen. I told her this was love, this was lust, this was everything that matters.

I told her I loved her so much.
She smiled.
“I do to,” Princess replied.
I couldn’t help it. My eyes really filled with tears.
Fuck, I’m a romantic bastard, but mind you, a sadistic one.

Vanilla? No thanks.

Princess stays over for the night at my place once a week and arrives on Saturday in evening between 20:00 and 21:00

Yesterday we talked awhile, drank some Cava and then watched the Bond-movie Quantum of Solace on my iMac. We went to bed at midnight.

We kissed, enjoying the warmth of our bodies pressed together, feeling happy and so much in love.

In a few weeks we will be together for 15 months and Princess has changed my life for the better. I can’t image not having her in my life; she has completely gotten under my skin. My dearest wish is to grow old with her and make her happy, every single day.

We kissed, caressing each other softly and we started our lovemaking and I wanted it to be very vanilla.
Eventually it didn’t exactly go that way, we ended up playing when I was holding Princess against me with one arm, hand on her back, stroking myself, stopping to tease her, going back to masturbate. She was scratching my skin with her long nails, hurting me and I was enjoying it.

Started scratching her back too, really hard and she responded immediately, she got even wetter, my fingers felt her lips open. Princess was groaning and looking in my eyes.

“Hurt me, please Milord,” she begged.
I did, digging my nails in her skin.
“More, please Milord,” she moaned.

Pulled her hair, violently, surprised now I didn’t pull it all out.
She came with such power, trembling, her hips moving wildly, arching her back, eyes still open and looking intensely at me.

“O God”, Princess screamed and sank down in my arms. I held her tenderly, close and warm. Princess was still shivering, her skin covered with goose bumps, breathing heavily, her heart ponding as mad and she made little noises, like a purring cat.
After a while she kissed me, her eyes filled with endless love.

“Now it is your turn, Milord. Am I allowed? Please?”
“Sure Princess,” I answered, smiling.
I got one leg between hers, my knee in her groin.

Princess licked my nipples while scratching with long hauls over my torso. It was a maddening feeling and the pain danced with the feeling of lust I was building while masturbating.
Princess scratched even more, even harder, riding my knee, hurting me makes her cum too, and I let her do this do me now and then as I find it extremely liberating to experience lust and pain myself.
Shortly after she came she noticed how I was getting near my edge.
“Look,” she said and turned her back so I could see the scars and bruises I had just made.
“O boy,” I sighed and was finally pushed over the edge.
Princess was just in time so I could fill her mouth, my orgasm so intense; it felt as if every nerve end of my body was stimulated and warmth came over me.

Princess kissed me; I tasted myself and enjoyed it.
Then she held me, stroking me gently and telling me how much she loves me.
Finally at 02:35 we fell asleep.

I woke up next to Princess and my eyes filled with tears of sheer happiness when I watched her still asleep.

Princess is the love of my life.
I’m so grateful I found her.
I’m so happy she is in my life.

Princess and I

A promise

“Which one you like most?”
“I cherish them all, Milord.”
“No preferred one?”
“No, each of them pleasure me in a different way, Milord.”
“Yes Milord, they do. Well, to be honest, one of them really stings, hurts, makes scars on my skin, burns, so I think of You when I sit down the next few days. To be honest, I prefer that one. Yes, I do. But give me time to adjust, Milord.
“I want of fall in love with that riding crop, Milord.”
“Tell me Princess, why?”
“It will scar my skin, leave traces for ever, it is Your tattoo, Milord. It will be Your mark, Milord. I want You to sign my skin, Milord. I am Yours. Forever.”

My whips


Last Wednesday morning, when Princess was at my place, we played for several hours.
She wanted a good whip and I was more than happy to oblige. Started with my hand, switched to the flogger and ended using my two riding crops, each with a different top.
Princess thanked me each time I made her cum. She is learning quickly and I like it. I don’t want to force, I prefer the natural way Princess is growing.

Later that day, when we phoned, Princess told me she almost used her safe word as the beating had really been very intense.

This morning I woke up and thought, well Princess is ready. So I went shopping and bought a beautiful leather collar. Added a matching leather leash.
“Good choice, sir,” the saleswoman told me. “You’ll be able to take her out in a classy way and the quality of this leather is outstanding.”
I smiled as she was imaging me with a dog while I was thinking about Princess.

This evening I am going to collar my Princess.
Yes, she is ready.


A day in the life

This morning Princess sneaked into my bed. On Wednesdays we both don’t work and the time we spend together, before she has to leave to pick up her kids from school at noon, is pure luxury.
We kissed awhile then she undressed and crawled next to me, her body soft, warm.

“Do you know what Princess is longing for?” she whispered.
I smiled, she is an open book.
“No, I don’t”, I lied.
“A good whipping. Princess wants to feel her buttocks burn.”
I went to the chest of drawers and took the 3 whips out and threw them on the bed. One flogger, two horsewhips.
“Which one?” I told her.
“Just pleasure me, Milord.”

I grabbed her by the hair, leading her from the bed to the doorpost. Took her wrists and guided them against the closed door, pulling her back a little, so her behind was easily accessible.
Kicked against her ankles so she would spread her legs more, Princess needs some training on that detail. Spreading legs should come natural.
Took the flogger and started with soft blows, stopping now and then to caress her behind or stroking gently with my hand between her thighs.
Harder and harder, the sound of the leather on her reddening skin made me almost cum. Hit her between the legs at some occasions, she sighed, eyes closed, making soft noises in agony.
I threw the flogger on the bed. Took one of the horsewhips and gave her some violent blows, the lashes became red instantly.
“O my god”, she sighed, turning around, searching my mouth, her tongue dancing with mine. Her nipples hard and under my hand I felt her buttocks burning.
Grabbed Princess again and threw her backwards on the bed.

Went down on her, hell, she was soaking wet, and with no effort at all I got three fingers in her, licking her, drinking her, she tastes so good. Princess moaned, sighed, her nails buried in the skin of my back, scratching me. Deliberately hurting me, as she knows it makes my desire grow.
I found her nipples, pinching them, pulling, tormenting them; I was ready to take no prisoners.
Finally Princess came and how. Dark stains of her wet on my coffee with cream-colored bed protection.
Took her in my arms, my Princess, holding her, stroking her sensitive skin. Aftercare is so important, even more when lovemaking is this intensive, when pain is mixed with lust, with pleasure.
She kissed me, soft and tender, whispering a thousand times “I love you”.
“Where are we going with this?” she asked me after a while.
“A month or two ago you couldn’t stand me pinching your nipples. Now I can’t squeeze hard enough. Maybe you will need more pain or maybe we should slow things down.”
She didn’t answer, maybe because it is a frightening discussion.
Then Princess referred to something we discussed a few days ago.
“Please”, she told me, “I want, no, I need to be collared.”
“Okay”, I promised. “Next Saturday I will collar you. Soft leather and a silver chain to go with.”
Princess is getting there. I was happy to hear her thank me twice for making her cum. It was a very nice “Thank you, Milord” and she made me very happy.
“I’m completely yours”, she murmured, kissing my nipples, licking with the tip of her tongue. Biting, ever so careful, hell, to careful in fact.
Me masturbating.
She played my body, skilfully and shortly after I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank it and kissed me so I could taste myself.

I had a thousand questions for Princess. I wanted to know which whip she liked the most.

My iPhone said beep. It was a message of Big A., my eldest daughter.
“Come and fetch me from school. NOW.”
It was 10:30.
“Are you ill?” I texted.
“Phone me. Please”
I did.
A. was hysterical.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“He is dead.”
“My first boyfriend. Fell asleep behind the wheel. This morning, 2 am”
“Okay”, I told her. “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”
“I’m sorry, Princess.”
“No problem my love. Drive careful.”
So I did.

20 minutes later, as promised, I held my eldest daughter in my arms and she cried.
Boy, did she cry.
Hell, I cried too.
I didn’t know how to take her pain away.

Sexus, Nexus

Princess arrived late at my place this Wednesday morning. Usually she drops her youngest kid at school, comes over to my place, lets herself in and sneaks into my bed. This happens usually around 8:35 am or so.

It was 10 past 10 and I was writing when I heard her knocking at my door. Then she came in.

“Hi “, she said, “sorry I’m so late, hell, I broke all the speed limits to get her a.s.a.p.”
“Never ever do that again”, I replied. “You’ll win 40 seconds or so, it isn’t worth it.”
Took her in my arms, we kissed, I looked in her eyes, so beautiful, felt an urge to cry, Princess is so kind, so loving, so gentle with me, so understanding.
Sometimes I think I must have died without knowing it and now I have my personal angel looking after me.

“Sorry”, she said again, “we don’t have much time.”

I gently caressed her cheek; she closed her eyes, loving my soft touches.
“Let’s go to bed,” I whispered.
“Yes, please,” she murmured.
So we did.
We got undressed, skin on skin, such a wonderful feeling. Kissing like made, our hands everywhere.

Soon her tongue was playing with my nipples, then going down, taking it all in, enjoying it, playful and so much variation. It was maddening.
Guess she felt I was getting there so she stopped, sat on me, offering me her breasts, then suddenly, her pussy was hovering above my mouth. O boy, she was soaking wet and she tasted so good.
Turned her on her back, mounted her in one single movement, violently, Princess loves it that way. Teasing her with rapid and deep movements, then just letting my gland enter.
After a while we heard the sopping sounds, she was now really wet.
“Lick me”, she demanded.
“Yes ma’am.”
Went down on her, Princess is so delicious.
Finished her off with two fingers and a tongue that was everywhere.
“Oh boy,” she sighed when I took her in my arms.
I caressed her for a while.
Then her tongue was on my nipples again.
“Play with yourself,” she groaned.
A few moments later I was ready to explode, she felt it, sensed it, her mouth was at the right place when I finally unloaded and she got it all.
Kissed me afterwards, Princess hadn’t swallowed it all.
Tasted my semen in her mouth and almost came a second time.

Ten minutes later we had some tea. We had made love for almost an hour and a half, a quickie to our standards. And for the first time in weeks we had experienced 100% vanilla sex. No nipple squeezing or hair pulling (me) or scratching my skin until I bleed (she).
Just plain everyday vanilla sex and it had been great. Well kind of.

Then Princess left, she had to pick up her kid at school.

I put one some clothes, made a few phone calls and left home shortly after.
Forty minutes later I slid my Visa card in a machine and tapped my security code. The terminal beeped happily.
“Here you are, Sir,” the guy said. “You have a standard 2 year warranty.”
“Thank you,” I replied and left the store with a Google Nexus 7, 32 Gb. version.

The discovery of Princess

September 6th. 2011.
My Ex phoned me late that afternoon on my cellular. She couldn’t make it to the parent’s evening at the school of my youngest daughter and asked if I would go.
Sure, I told her. Hell, I didn’t have anything planned and it was still better than sitting home alone feeling sorry about myself not having someone in my life.

At 19:45 I walked leisurely to the school, entered the entrance hall and was offered a glass of Cava that tasted like cow piss, not that I have any experience in that domain.

Already bored I looked around and then suddenly I saw her. It is so hard to describe what I felt. Like electricity flowing through my body maybe; or as if my heart had been jump started after my sudden death.
She was a magnet to my eyes and it seemed as every light in the hall was contributing putting her in the spotlight, making her long blonde hair shine like pure gold.
Without any hesitation every nerve, every cell in my body knew she was the one, that I finally had found my Grail. My journey, my quest had finally come to its end.

My mouth was dry, my heart beating as mad when I decided to walk up to her and say hi.
O my god, she is so lovely with that voluptuous blonde hair and her beautiful eyes I want to lose myself in.
“Hi”, I said, stumbling over my words, approaching an unknown woman like that, I would never have done that, this was new, I was driven by an unknown force.
She smiled at me and we exchanged names and some small talk.
It turned out she was the mom of one of my daughter’s friends.

I made sure I was in the classroom before she entered, I saw a light hesitation but she came over and sat down next to me. Boy was I nervous, going through the stuff in the desk I was sitting at, pulling out an agenda and reading the name on it.
This was really uncanny; I was sitting at my daughter’s desk.
I pulled myself together, wrote a small note, slid it in her agenda on the date of the next day.
Listened to the speeches, exchanged some words with L. and then it was over and we all left the classroom.
I almost let her go, then, pulling myself together once more I ran for it, saying, stumbling, I would love to see you again.
Once again she smiled and said yes and 10 minutes later I was on my way home with her telephone number on a small piece of paper burning in my pocket.

Our anniversary date is September 20th, and that evening I took her to a sushi bar and we talked and talked. We decided to see each other again.

We made love for the first time 3 weeks later and it was overwhelming, pure, intense and for one reason or another I seemed to be pushing all the right buttons. It was vanilla sex but I had never ever experienced it like this, just pure magic, two people completely connecting, and becoming one as it is supposed to be.

Months later, during one of our long afternoons of heavy breathing I grabbed her hair violently, pulling and forcing her head away from my mouth, I wanted to look her in the eyes while I was fucking her.

Her reaction was immediate, she moaned, sighed and almost came. Her eyes closed, a grin in her face I now recognize as total sexual surrender.
A few weeks later, same reaction when I put my hand on her throat, or later on, using her panties to attach her wrists.

Slowly our lovemaking evolved to a phase where I dominated every inch of her sexuality, using only my hands, legs and an occasional panty to restrain her, controlling her.

Finally that evolved too as inflicting pain started dancing with lust. She told me she desired that I would slap her behind. After that I started pinching her nipples. The first time she used her stop word, but now she can stand even clothespins on her nipples, tongue and labia. She is an avid learner.
She is Princess; my submissive a name that just came up naturally.

It was only a month or two ago we started really talking about our feelings, the shift in our lovemaking. One of the reasons of the strength of our relationship is the fact that we can freely communicate with each other.
We both understood we where now engaging in a real S&M relationship adding some bondage.

Toys were introduced, like a blindfold, leather cuffs and several whips, all different, each responsible for another kind of excruciating pain.
The feeling I have afterwards, taking care of Princess, holding her, comforting her, telling Princess how much I love her is more intense than my own orgasms. Being her Master, in every sense of the world is so incredible gratifying.

This morning we talked again, lying in bed, surrounded by the smell of rough and intense lovemaking. The radio controlled egg I had inserted in her made her go berserk.
She told me she trusted me completely, that I owned her body, her sexuality, that she was committed in pleasuring me.

She is Princess, with a capital P.
Yes, with a capital P.
She gives herself completely but I could not be what I am without her thus in a way Princess is a Master too.

We are one.
Princess and I.

An earring

March 20th, 2012
I took Princess out to dinner to celebrate our Wilhelmshorst first 6 months sobot? together.
Gave her earrings.

A few days ago.
I drove Princess home, parked on her driveway and got out of my car. In the soft light of a full moon I saw something shining at my feet.

Intrigued I picked it up. It was one of the earrings, half buried in the mud.
I looked cheap MLB jerseys at her and she sighed, at the verge of crying.

“I must have lost wholesale jerseys it when I was looking in my purse for the keys of my home”, & she murmured.

“Sure”, I said, mad as hell. “I’ll have to punish cheap MLB jerseys you; cheap mlb jerseys this is the first Sosialisasi jewelry I ever bought you!”
Her beautiful eyes filled with tears.
“I’m so Sublime sorry”, she whispered. “I deserve to be punished.”
“What is cheap jerseys it worth to TRIBUNA you?” I asked.
“Ten”, she timidly answered.
“Okay”, I replied, “you count out loud; one mistake and I start over again.”
I finally gave her 30 hard whips.
Princess thanked me.
I told her it was entirely my pleasure.

Nipples & Clothespins

I cheap mlb jerseys showed Princess this free image.
“Oh no”, she gasped, “this must cheap jerseys really hurt. My nipples are so sensitive. Never ever do this to me. Please.”
“I can’t promise”, I told her.

A few days later wholesale nfl jerseys she was standing in front Your of me.
Arms tied behind As her back.
She was completely helpless.

Very carefully I attached a clothes pin on her nipple, letting it go ever so slow.
Princess sighes, biting her lips.
Then I did the same to her other nipple.
Saw her grimaces but she didn’t move nor did she use her safe word.
To top it off I pinched a clothes pin on the tip of her tongue.
“I love you”, I whispered in her ear, softly caressing her back, making her feel safe.
“I cheap mlb jerseys love you too” she replied and I sna saw the clothespins wiggle in her mouth.
Then she laid her head on my shoulder by and I felt how she was slightly trembling.
Her warm breath in my neck a so delicious feeling.

After a few minutes I freed her.
“Thank you, My Lord”, she whispered.
I smiled.