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Meeting Sid

Past Saturday we went to our favorite club. It had been a while since our last visit. The club feels like a second home. We talked with friends. In the dungeon I tied Princess to bondage horse for some harsh impact play. It gave her an intense orgasm and shot her deep into subspace.

It was also a very exciting evening because we were going to meet a candidate.

When I placed the ad a few weeks ago my idea was to meet and look for a mutual connection. Princess was not concerned because she would wear a blindfold when we would play with. It would increase Princesses’ sensation of being used. Besides, finding a connection between two is difficult already let alone with three.

Sid was one of the men who reacted to the add. His reply was respectful and his profile interesting. He is a newcomer to our lifestyle. Sid had also put the results from on his profile. Albeit I take such results with a grain of salt it is useful. Sid scored pretty high on the non-submissive stuff indicating he is a Dominant.

Being a regular visitor of PDN he asked if we could meet there, have a few drinks, see if there was a vibe and take it from there.

This meant Princess was going to meet him too. We talked about it and she liked the idea. Being presented like that, checked out visually felt also very much as being used she told me.

So we met Sid.
I liked taking with him. It felt like we knew each other already. I told him what his role would be. He told me his expectations. He is respectful and that I like. Princess felt okay too.
Then Sid asked Princess if she liked sucking cock, being eaten, fucked hard and long. She smiled and say as much as possible on everything.
Hell that was hot. This man asking Princess how she wanted to be fucked by him.

She smiled. He smiled.
Then, with some hesitation, he asked Princess if she liked anal. She smiled again and assured Sid she loved being fucked that way.

Oh god, I had the impression my cock was going to burst out of my pants.

A handful of kinksters had taken seats around us and it was clear they were enjoying what Princess described as an interview. It pushed all her buttons and I am pretty sure she felt very slutty.

On our way home Princess and I talked about Sid and she was okay with the idea of him having sex with her. I had still some reservations though. His Dominant side but mostly because he smokes.

In bed we talked about it some more and it made me mad with desire and I fucked Princess hard.
We slept well and the next morning I mounted her while she was still half asleep.

The sex was great and Princess came and orgasmed and squirted over and over. We ended up with soaked bed linen.

Somewhere between two fucks Princess told me she fantasized about being gangbanged. Sucking off a bunch of men was another of her fantasies. Just fantasies mind you. Well, for the time being anyway.

Then Princess mounted me. Rode me while she licked my nipples. In my mind’s eye I saw her being used by 4, 5 men and the idea drove me mad with desire for Princess.

I screamed when I shot my seed deep in Princess.
It was a very intense orgasm.

This morning I messaged Sid and proposed a few evenings next week. I told him I have a very hot BDSM-scene in mind.

Thoughts – Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yesterday evening when I came home I stepped into a sauna. Dry and hot it was in my apartment. I spent an hour covering the windows of my terrace with silver foil. Then I did the same with my bedroom windows. Turned on a few fans with ice in front of them. It did not take long for the ice to melt.
Past Saturday, at the bar of the club, Princess and I discussed this evening. The Stranger would be our guest for a hot play evening. But hot in a hot environment was not a combination we liked. So we thought about getting a room with air-conditioning. Hell, getting a portable airco was even an option. The latter I didn’t, friends of mine told me the cheap units were useless.
Yesterday evening I was thinking about contacting The Stranger. Maybe we could figure something out. A hotel room was still an option and if we could split the bill in three.
The I got an email from The Stranger. He was not looking forward to our evening, due to the extreme temperatures. He wanted to postpone our play evening/threesome.
Okay, I replied and that was that. I too would be very uncomfortable arriving somewhere sweaty for sex with people you hardly know.
When we phoned, Princess and I, to end the day, she was disappointed but understanding.
I love playing with a male slave. It opened a whole new world for me.
It would not happen this evening though. No sweat, no pun intended, it will be Q-time for Princess and I. Finally it is the most pleasurable situation for the both of us.
We talked for a while, Princess and I. Our phone conversations feel so intimate yet more open when we talk about erotica, BDSM, sex.
She agreed we needed a second The Stranger to take with us to the club once in a blue moon. We are not ditching the original The Stranger but he isn’t a club going guy.
I would enjoy playing with Princess, my sub and X. a male slave in the club. Then there is my developing heteroflexibility I would love to explore. With Princess of course. It is not about pushing my boundaries. It is about cruising leisurely over that specific lane.

It is half past six in the evening and fucking hot in my apartment. The silver foil did not help. I feel sticky with my sweat.

Everything is ready. The floggers, the canes, the rope. I’m sure we are going to enjoy an evening of BDSM and sex and love.

Just the two of us, Princess and I.

Back to PDN – June 10, 2017

Past Saturday evening Princess and I went to PDN again. Many moons had passed since our last visit.
We were nervous and excited.

Princess was so very sexy and a happy smile made her shine with incredible beauty. I felt proud being at her side as her man and her Dom.

It was great to reconnect with those we see and talk with when we are the club. Some of them we even like to think of as friends.

Finally, for the first time in over 4 or 5 months, we played too, Princess and I.

I did not overdo it. Coconut rope mixed with clothes pins and pussy spanking and mind play. No spanking or flogging or whipping.
Not yet.

Nancy and Frank where there too. They live in a nearby town. We hadn’t seen them in months.
We watched them play.
Frank likes to go hard.

Princess shivered when Frank took out his huge hunting knife. He caressed Nancy’s back with its tip.

Then Frank did some interesting stuff with barbwire. He finished by blowing flames towards Nancy with a spray can filled with rubbing alcohol.

While Nancy was packing the toys we talked with Frank. He showed us how he used the self-made barbwire “whip” on my Princess. He and I carved a few lines in Princess’s back with the hunting knife. It is true, the bigger the more intimidating. Holding this knife is a whole different experience. I cannot compare it with my small but razor-sharp Puma Tec. David and Goliath spring to mind.

Then Frank said something to Princess, I couldn’t understand what. To my surprise I saw her drop her knickers in a swift move. Then standing naked in front of him

Holy cow I thought with a smile, I must keep a close eye on Princess.

Soon Frank was playing with a flaming torch. Its tip covered with Kevlar and moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Princess was having a ball. I tend to forget she finds fire play fascinating. Made a note on my mental to-do list.

Then we left. Princess felt weary. In the car she told me she would not mind playing with Frank and Nancy. She also fantasized about Nancy dominating her. Frank is Nancy’s Dom but they told us Nancy likes to play with women.

I liked the idea yet I have second thoughts about playing with a couple. Not exactly the playing part but what might follow. I don’t have a problem with Princess having sex with a man or a woman but I’m not so keen on having sex with another woman. I’m not interested. I have everything with Princess already.

During our many visits at PDN we have seen male Doms with one or two subs. We enjoyed watching a male D/s couple playing. There is this Domme that does some visual appealing stuff with her hubby. Her play is very hot and their interaction intense.

I told Princess I would love to play with her and a male slave at PDN at least once. Stay overnight. Have sex. Whatever.

I wish I could to this with The Stranger. It would be a hell of an evening, night even. Memorable I’m sure.
Sadly it won’t work.
The Stranger is shy. We tried this before. I do not think this will change any soon. I respect how he feels and if I can help him overcome his issues I’ll be happy to. I don’t know how though.

It is also possible The Stranger finds his rare gem, his Domme. Our adventures would, no doubt there, also be over.

I’m guessing I should search for a second The Stranger. To go out with, the three of us. Play in the club.
Who knows, play at home, Princess, two The Strangers and I.

Princess, the light of my life and fire of my loins. Princess, my sin, my soul, my everything.
What adventures lay in front of us, I’m curious to know.

I’ll answer that one when looking at the future makes no sense anymore.
When the past is the only thing that’s left.
I intend to make our life, Princesses’ and mine as deep and as rich as possible.

Being together, walking, hand in hand, over the remaining road of our life is such a huge gift.
Thank you, whomever you might be.

We slept well, Princess and I.
Sunday morning we made love.
It was that time of the month so we made a bloody mess of the sheets.
I loved every bit of it.

The Candidate

I have selected a possible candidate for the role of The Stranger already.

The way he answered to my ad, with curiosity, with warmth, with respect gave me a good first impression. His Fetlife profile is seemingly sincere and simple. A few tasteful selfies, I like the way he looks and what I read in his body language. He is a sub. No nudes or dick pics. The latter would be enough to say no thank you.

I replied and proposed continuing the discussion via mail. We started addressing each other by our real names, we exchanged cell phone numbers.

This morning I mailed him the scene I have in mind. It is intense but without pushing Princess too far on this first time. I don’t want to submerge Princess with too many sensations and emotions because then Princess won’t be able to fully enjoy the evening.
Obviously I also need to make sure this experience is pleasurable for The Stranger and that I am not creating false expectations. I asked him for his limits too. I don’t guess there are but I want so show respect and reassure him that we are genuine.

Also I would like this not to be a onetime thing but something we can grow in, experiment, adding even more hotness to our sex life. This will bring us even closer.

I am excited and enjoy organizing this event and writing about it. The evening itself I will enjoy the extra dimension to my Domination and the eye candy and the hotness of having another man doing stuff with Princess.

For now Princess knows The Stranger fantasy is going to be reality real soon. She is both thrilled and nervous.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you more about my plans. Princess reads my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise and experience. She is fishing, trying to find out what I am up to but I’m not telling.

She also knows I’ll be trying to free the very bad girl who is still hiding in Princess. Also I told her I want her to fully live the experience and not hold back because out of embarrassment or afraid to hurt my feelings in some way. I am totally in peace with what I have in mind and I don’t feel threatened.

Just a little remark but there is no surprise there… I got also a few not so respectful reactions.

That is all for now folks.



We have been talking about It for quite some time. Quite some time meaning almost a year. First we discussed It like we do with everything that has an effect on our limits. Then I used It in the fantasies I mindfuck Princess with.

The latter helped me find out how far Princess wanted to explore It. What her expectations and fantasies were. Did they meet mine? Were we even on this level compatible?

Finally we arrived at a point where the fantasies became sort of worn out. It was time to forget It or make it happen.

Long ago Princess had a few woman/woman experiences. She discovered she was not bisexual or even bi-curious. Albeit I wouldn’t mind watch Princess have fun with another woman, it is not a fantasy that would blow, at least, my mind

So a few days ago I wrote a long ad and posted it on Fetlife making It become more and more a reality.

What is this “It” then?

Well, It would start with me playing with Princess in our favorite club. As you might know we moved lately to a more SM kind of scene. There is still spanking, flogging and fun with the wheel of pain, the mindfucking and control I take over Princess.

Now I have added wooden clothespins and it is not uncommon for Princess to be covered with 30 or more pins. I only use her lower sides, breasts, belly and a little lower. Arms and legs are a no-go zone because I don’t want Princess to go home with visible marks.

When I move the zones covered with the wooden pins, pain is inflicted. Sometimes I use a vibrator and hold it gently against a few pins placed on a very sensitive spot of her body. Through the vibrations the pins start to dance and it inflicts even more pain.

Once in a while I stop and reward Princess with pleasure. Making her horny and wet and reminding her she is after all a very dirty and bad girl.

With my ad on Fetlife I am searching for a man whom will be a small part of our scene, my sidekick if you will.
This man who I will carefully select will give, using my directions, a blindfolded Princess pleasure. And I’ll give her pain. Good cop, bad cop.

I am very sure the first time, one fist grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, my other hand around her throat; while I mindfuck her towards the moment she will feel strange hands touching her breasts, playing with her nipples, a hand traveling down in order to pleasure her, she’ll go berserk.


I am curious how long it will take before Princess orgasms but I’m betting it won’t take long.

When I talk about it in bed, when I fuck Princess hard and rough, she shivers with pleasure.

I truly believe that we can go even further on this new path. It is a road I know will give great pleasure and lots of adrenaline and hotness.

I promised her that after such an evening, with another man, once back home I would make love with her and make her completely mine again.


As of this post two men have replied already. I am not going to rush things but before the end of this year Princess will have at least a first experience with me and an extra, male player.

Next steps?
The idea of lying in a swing and being used (safe) by us both makes Princess as hot as hell, I know from the mindfucking.

Obviously I will never push Princess into doing something she does not want and I will take great care protecting her boundaries, her limits.

I know myself well enough by now that I am not against some swinging once in a blue moon. On the other hand I am not interested really in fucking another woman. It is more about having control, visual pleasure and pushing Princesses’ limits into directions I know she secretly dreams about.

After 5 years I know my Princess very well. I desire to help her liberate even more her sexuality and become a very bad girl.

All this does not mean that I don’t respect or care for Princess.
Au contraire. It is about exploring with respect for each other. Freedom in enjoying sex.



A few weeks ago I accompanied Princess to her physician. Princess’ IUD needed to be removed.

Princess was a little flabbergasted I did not stand next to her doctor and witness the procedure. I wanted though.
I wanted to see it.
But as a Dominant respect is high on my list.
I had never met her physician and the idea of looking over her shoulder, asking for consent, on a first meeting, did not appeal to me.

Now, while writing this, I wish I would have the IUD hanging on a silver chain, around my neck, as a token of Princess’ purity. Sometimes we need to act on the moment itself which I didn’t. I regret it but I learned a lesson. After 4 years I still can’t say what is right or wrong when it comes to more explicit things. Like wearing Princess’ UID as a token.

That same morning her doctor took a swab too. I figured that would be it.
I was mistaken.

Princess had an appointment just a few days ago because her doctor had informed her not all was well.

So there we were, Princess and I.

Princess had documented herself, I had come unprepared. I do not know what is best and it is a discussion but I like to keep an open mind.

Turned out some HPV values were to high and Princess needed a colposcopy.

Princess’ previous swab, tow years ago, gave even higher values but in the 2015 test they had receded.

At that time the doctors had not been alarmed. Now her physician was.

Is it a difference in school? Experience?
I don’t care.
In a few weeks there will be a colposcopy and we’ll take it from there.

Let me be very clear on this. We are not alarmed yet, it is on our mind though. It is a part of her life, my life, our life. We have decided to share this with you. I hope this will be contained in only a few posts.

We talked about sharing this on our blog. Because we consider this blog as a personal diary I will be writing about it.

I am, we are, open-minded and almost everything goes. But for the first time I have to ask. Please, if you feel the need to react on this post or its threads, please do so in a positive way. We are NOT open to doomsday scenarios or doomsday reactions.


About Princess’ Corner

Princess does write too. Not that much as I do. After all Princess has a family of 5 kids to care for. There is work and housekeeping and cooking and so on. When Princess has some spare time she is with me.

Princess writes very well and I like her poetry very much. It is raw at times but so very pure, intense and strong.

You can find Princess’ writings under the category “Princess’ Corner“.


For you, Princess

This one is for you, Princess.
I know this song is one of your favorites. You told me on several occasions how these words touch you so deep.
Yes, I agree, it is  such pure and beautiful poetry and it could well be about us.
About you and me.
I would very much like it to be our song.

Take it away Mister Nick Cave.

“Into My Arms”

I don’t believe in an interventionist God
But I know, darling, that you do
But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Not to touch a hair on your head
To leave you as you are
And if He felt He had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

And I don’t believe in the existence of angels
But looking at you I wonder if that’s true
But if I did I would summon them together
And ask them to watch over you
To each burn a candle for you
To make bright and clear your path
And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love
And guide you into my arms

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

And I believe in Love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candles burning
And make her journey bright and pure
That she will keep returning
Always and evermore

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

(c)Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds



Princess and I revisited

Two years and a half and some days ago, September 6th to be more precise, my life changed dramatically and for the better.
During a parent’s meeting I wasn’t supposed to attend, it was a last-minute request by Little A’s mother, I met Princess.
When I first laid eyes on her I was swept off my feet, not only by her natural beauty and charisma but also I felt how my world tilted and shifted. With absolute certainty I knew I had finally found The One, my Holy Grail. I had met with my destiny and future.
When I returned home that evening I had her telephone number written on a piece of paper burning in my pocket.
I was aware I had done something I had never done before. I had approached a woman and started a conversation with her. And got a date.

On September 20th we went on our first date and I took her to a Sushi restaurant. Later we decided 09/20 would be our anniversary date.

We dated a few times and on October 9 Princess and I visited my photo exposition and after that I took her to a small town in The Netherlands were we enjoyed mussels and french fries. Later that afternoon we went to my place and made love (vanilla) love.  Our first time and it was an awesome experience and one I will never forget. It was so damned intense and beautiful.
Recently Princess told me she had, much to her own surprise, climaxed. She added she was little ashamed about it but mostly astonished she had been able to give herself completely to me on the first time.

After some 6 months I started to be a little rougher with Princess and noticed how pulling her hair during lovemaking made her mad and helped her cum easier.
I was hoping Princess was really in every way the One and thus also a submissive. Oh boy, only thinking about this possibility was maddening.

We outed to each other on August 15, 2012 and gave birth to a very intense and very satisfying D/s relation.

Months later, I don’t recall the exact date, I collared Princess and at first she did not like the idea at all. Today her leather collar has become a very important attribute for Princess.

In November 2012 I started a blog on titled “Princess and I” and posted my first article on November 16th with “Nipples and Clothespins” as title.
I moved my blog to a self hosted one in August 2013.

A few other important dates in 2013:
Friday, August 2nd, we went to Antwerp and had a few drinks in The Fetish Cafe where we talked with the owners about the café’s BDSM activities.
Saturday, September 7th we became members of The Fetish Lounge Club and played for the very first time among others in the Dungeon. It was one hell of an experience for us both.
Friday, December 6th we followed a Shibari workshop in The Fetish Cafe.

A few Fridays ago we met 3 other couples in The Fetish Cafe with the intention to play together in May.

Princess and I live a wonderful and intense relation and I am so lucky having her in my life. We trust, respect and love each other and we continue growing.
D/s has added so much to our love, our devotion for each other and made our life together even more intense and meaningful. I am sure over time D/s will become even more important for us.

For this one time only I kneel in front of Princess and humbly bow my head.
I thank you, Princess, for you have changed my life for the better. Your unconditional love is my fuel, my breath, my blood. You are for whom I was conceived. You make me so happy.
I am also very grateful for you submission, my love. It is a beautiful gift I value as much as life itself.
Princess, thank you for traveling with me. I am so proud having you at my side.
I devote my heart, my mind and soul to you.


The Orgasm Diaries – Revisited #ASMSG #feb #EroticRomance #BDSM

Yesterday evening Princess and I went dancing in the Cohibar and to our big surprise the place was very crowded.

The Cohibar - Lounge Courtesy of
The Cohibar – Lounge
Courtesy of

In the dim lighted and very cozy lounge youngsters were enjoying cocktails while in the second space, the dance floor, a DJ entertained the dancers with a mix of Salsa, Bachata, Latin and pop.


The Cohibar - Dance Floor Courtesy of
The Cohibar – Dance Floor
Courtesy of

Princess and I sat down next to the dance floor and sipped from our wine. We danced too of course although they didn’t play very much Salsa.
Being with Princess is such a delight and makes me so very happy and being at her side makes even the dullest moments a feast. Whenever we are together sunshine sings in my heart and races through my veins.

Shortly before midnight we went home. It is only a short walk as we live just around the corner.

In bed we made love and it was rough, intense, all-consuming and so hot.
Before Princess gluttonously drank me I brought her to three exhilarating orgasms while I bit her nipples, breasts, shoulders and thighs while tugging her hair and holding a hand on her throat. The latter brings Princess to instant ignition.

We slept very well and when we woke up this morning I felt horny as hell again.
It was 08:50

“Good morning”, I whispered while slowly pushing my hard cock in her.
Princess moaned. She loves being woken up this way.
We didn’t have much time. Princess had to leave at 9:30 to pick up Kay for music school.
While pinching her nipples, pulling hair and kissing the love of my life I relentlessly fucked her, growling I wanted her to cum.
Princess gave me five with orgasm 2 and 3 extremely intense and vicious as she couldn’t stop her beautiful body from shivering from sexual pleasure.

I pulled the plug on the “Orgasm Diaries” project a few days ago. Princess is in no way to blame for this. My love simply does not have the time to write. After coming home from work she has The Boy and Kay to feed and to take care off.

Stella is incredibly demanding even if she lives alone and in fact spends lots of her time with baby Star at her mother’s house too. Princess drives around for all of them and then there are Bo and Ar too who want a piece of her time when they are at home.
When Princess and I phone each other in the evening, around 22:00 or so, she is simply mentally and physically exhausted.

Motivating and stimulating Princess so she can unleash her creativity must remain a fun thing and not an obligation.

Princess promised me she’d do her best to write one post for this blog every month.

The “Orgasm Diaries” project has given me one month’s worth of wonderfully written pieces by Princess. I’ll cherish this notebook as a rare and precious jewel. And of course Princess is still free to write for the notebook whenever she feels like it.

Nine hours to go before I can fetch Princess.
Little A. is staying her too so I think my love and I will watch a movie.

I have no idea which one yet.
I would prefer a David Lynch movie. Mulholland Drive or,
 why not, Lost Highway?

We could also see The Hours, Lucky Number Slevin or Seven Psychopaths.

Later on today Princess and I  will be making love again. Fucking like newly weds and I’m pretty sure it will be extremely rough again.

Photographed with a cheap CCTV-lens wide open (f1,4) mounted on my Olympus E-PM1. Journal entry made on January 23, 2014 by Princess.
Photographed with a cheap CCTV-lens wide open (f1,4) mounted on my Olympus E-PM1. Journal entry made on January 23, 2014 by Princess.