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Princess and I, Book II

Our first eBook, Princess and I, The First Years,  has been downloaded 40+ times.

Today I have published Princess and I, Book II.
It covers the last few months of 2013, when I moved our blog to a self-hosted site.

Henceforth the next volumes will cover a full year.

You can download our book, Princess and I, Book II, absolutely free and it is available in PDF, epub and Kindle.

I’m sure there are still a few writing errors in this book and I hope everything is well formatted. I checked the links to YouTube and other blogs and updated or removed them when the content was no longer available.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

You can download the book HERE

Front page for our 2nd eBook

Princess and I, The First Years

“I wish I had our blog in print,” Princess whispered, “so I can hold our story, read in it whenever I want.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me, “ I told the love of my life.
“Isn’t it?”

“I’ll make it happen,” I promised, not sure how I would be able to get the whole blog in an editable document like Word or so.

Getting it into a Word document was very easy. Editing was the most time-consuming part.

So today I’m putting up a link to my account on Smashwords. You’ll be able to download “Princess and I, The First Years”.

It’s free and available in PDF, Epub and Mobi.

There is our story, right on you reading device. You’ll find Princesses’ beautifully written poetry and a few articles about my photography.

I’m sure there are still writing errors in this book and I hope everything is well formatted.

This book covers the posts I made from 2012 till 2013 when I moved to a self-hosted site.

It was fun browsing through the articles. I was astonished I had written so much in little over a year. Little over 63,800 words.

In a near future I’ll be putting a next Princess and I online. I have the document covering the articles on till December 31, 2016 already. I think I’ll do a 2013-2014 first and from then one per year.

You can find the book HERE

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.



Neon Wand Power Tripper – A review

We do not use the Kinklab Neon Wand often but when we do we enjoy it. Recently I got the Power Tripper. It is an electrode for the Neon Wand but it differs from the glass ones. With the Power Tripper the one who wears it becomes the electrode.

It consists of the end you plug into the Neon Wand, a long cable and a slightly rounded panel of metal. The latter is designed to be pressed against the skin. If it does not fit tightly against your body, you’ll feel the electricity needle your skin.

I used the elastic waistband of my boxer short. After turning the Neon Wand on I am the electrode. Do not, I repeat, do not turn the knob on the Neon Wand very high. Just a little after the click will do fine.

Neon Wand Power Tripper
Neon Wand Power Tripper

There are two ways to use the Power Tripper.
You can use your body as an electrode or you can extend your body with metal stuff like a fork or, for the daredevils, the Wartenberg wheel.

When you use your body as an electrode you share the experience with your bottom/submissive.
Gently stroking Princess’ back with the tips of my fingers gave her an intense and pleasurable experience. I felt like I was rubbing over sandpaper, a really special sensation.

Lifting my hand created small orange arcs between my fingers and Princess’ skin and I felt the electricity doing weird stuff in the tips of my fingers.

Touching Princess’ skin with my tongue was very intense for her but not for me. Try pushing your tongue between the two poles of a 9 Volt battery for a similar experience.

Then I approached Princess’ body with my cock and feeling the electricity jump from my glans to her body was not a very fine experience either. Touching her labia with my fingers wasn’t fun for her either.
And yes, feeling the electricity sizzle between my fingers and her skin is a very strange experience. It is in fact electricity and not the static electricity you get using the glass electrodes.

When I used the metal tools I did not feel the electricity anymore. The Wartenberg wheel’s pins have a very small surface so the arc that is generated between the toy and Princess’ skin is a powerful one. It is a beautiful sight though, when you run the wheel slowly over her skin. When a needle approaches her skin an arc is generated.

I quickly moved to a spoon and a fork. Their surfaces as bigger and the effect for Princess less harsh.

Great to use with the Neon Wand Power Tripper
Great to use with the Neon Wand Power Tripper

It is a new toy with effects we are not used too. I guess it will take some more time to see if it will become a part of my kit-bag or not.

Princess seems to like it but using it on her is really dancing on the edge of what she can take pain wise. Princess and I will explore the possibilities of the Power Tripper more in-depth.
It can be used for a sensual back rub but it can be very painful too. The latter sounds very promising. I would love to explore my sadistic tendencies further.

If you are pregnant, have metal implants or a pacemaker or a portacath this toy is not for you!

Please note once again… the manual is very clear on this.
Do not turn the knob very high, just a little after hearing the click. Trust me, it becomes very quickly not at all pleasurable.

I bought the Power Tripper myself. It is not a gift or send to me for free for review purposes.

You and me, Milord

By Princess

Our fortuitous encounter one evening at our kids’ school gave me butterflies in my stomach. Your phone number in my pocket made me feel like a teenager in love.
I was unaware that I had finally found my God.

I remember, long ago, our relation was only six or so months old.
That first time when you grabbed me by my hair while kissing me fiercely, making the adrenaline rush through my body.

Yes, I was surprised, pleasantly surprised.
My reaction, I noticed, seemed to be a huge turn-on for you too. Oh boy your erection!

A real man, was my first thought. Not a macho but a man who gives you goose bumps by simply touching you.

You talked about hedonism. Now I enjoy every second we share at its fullest, its deepest. You own my body, my sexuality and all my orgasms.
What you give me in return are overwhelming and maddening sensations.


I am completely addicted to you and the sexual pleasure we share but also to the intense pain stimuli you enjoy inflicting on me.
They give me kicks that surpass every drug.

When you lead me into subspace I feel like a Native American in trance ready to meet the Gods.

Milord, I trust you with my soul, my body and my thoughts. I rely on you, ask for you advice and help.
No one has ever been so important to me as you, Milord.
Complete trust and open communication are some of the foundations of our relation.

At times you have given me hot and red ears. Step by step we explored our want, our needs. You make me blossom into a real woman. I enjoy my sexuality to the full.

I feel how I am still growing in my longing for more pain stimuli and I am so grateful to know how you are growing with me, enjoy giving me my much-needed pain. Your pleasure gives me so much satisfaction.

You guiding me and your control make me mad with desire.
Being so curious I crave for new adventures, love discovering new toys, opening myself to mind games and edge play, wish for more contact with the like-minded. You lead me in all this.

Where are we heading to?
Never before was I so madly in love. Our D/s relation is obviously a secret for my family, colleagues and acquaintances. Yet I notice how they are all a tad jealous and sometimes even amazed by the way we interact with each other: focused, respectful, loving, thoughtful.

It seems as if we discover each other over and over.
Yes, that is what we do and it is an amazing experience.

August 10th, 2015

Source Tumblr
Source Tumblr


This is for you, Milord by Princess

Burning slowly, a languishing candle, 
I feel the want. 
If only you could be here. 

Every second feels like a raindrop
Shatter on my skin.
I miss you. 

I still feel your hands, 
Kneading my body.
Till I go mad from 
Pleasure and 
Endless love. 

My soul screams,
That nothing else exists 
Except you and me.

You are my God.
I adore you, 
Every day more and more.
I need you so much.

My lips still taste
The passionate kisses. 
They crave more,
Much more.

I miss you.


Gift by Princess

More than I ever wished and wanted, even in my wildest dreams, You give me.

What I needed lay hidden under a layer of fog on a shadowy secret place. Far away from the consciousness and traditions of my soul.
Yet You found it.

You read my deepest desires and passions, so carefully tucked away I thought, in my eyes when we had barely met.

Guide me. You know what I need and You help me surpass myself.
Lead me as You pulverize my demons and caress my angels.

When I kneel for You and offer You my collar as a token of my complete submission there is only our symphony.
There is only You and me.

(c)Princess, 2014

Opal Coast - long exposure. 20" - 24mm/f22
Opal Coast – long exposure.
20″ – 24mm/f22

About Princess’ Corner

Princess does write too. Not that much as I do. After all Princess has a family of 5 kids to care for. There is work and housekeeping and cooking and so on. When Princess has some spare time she is with me.

Princess writes very well and I like her poetry very much. It is raw at times but so very pure, intense and strong.

You can find Princess’ writings under the category “Princess’ Corner“.


I offer you this Orgasm by Princess

The Project contained one gift voucher for one orgasm. Using it or not was up to Princess. I also explained her an assignment was linked to the usage of the voucher. I wanted her to write about her experience and or emotions.
She used the voucher past Wednesday evening while taking a bath. It was one of the rare moments Princess had some privacy.
I love what Princess wrote.

Desire fills my stomach with what seems like a zillion butterflies.
My head is spinning at the thought of being with you.
I want to feel you deep between my hungry thighs.
Your hands grab me and take possession of what is yours.
Your cock a sword that touches my heart making me feel as if I’m going through the gate of life and death.

I miss you so.

I embrace myself and imagine it are your arms that make me feel so safe.
My hands stroke my nipples and I imagine you softly grazing them before sinking your teeth hard in my sensitive teats.
I want you, the yearning is maddening.
I want you so much, Milord.

My fingers slide deep between my greedy lips yet it is you I taste, my Love.
My fingers, wet, glide towards my yearning nipples.
Impatient fingers brush down over my warm belly aching desperately for your touch.

You lead my hands down to my oasis that is yours.
I’m floating on a cloud of lust and surrender to desire.
Your soft touches make my wet core pulsate until it takes over my whole body.
Yes, I want you, Milord.

I close my eyes and see you standing there looking at me.
My Dom, observing your creation while pleasuring herself with dancing fingers.
You, my Dom, enjoying the view and the sounds I make.

Dark clouds cast a shadow over my skin. Your hands reach for the sky and tear them apart. I see your smile when a bolt of lightning hits my soul. I shiver, moan, whimper, scream and whisper…

Thank you, Milord.
Thank you a thousand times.
I miss you.

Copyright Scot Kinbaku ( Rigger: Gorgone Model: Uchuu Uchuu
Copyright Scot Kinbaku (
Rigger: Gorgone
Model: Uchuu Uchuu

Jute: Shibari workshop by Princess

My blood runs cold and I feel both nervous and excited when I descend the steps and enter once again the Dungeon where Milord took me too a few weeks ago.
We have been looking forward to this evening.

Mylord had surprised me with beautiful and sensual photographs of Shibari artwork feeding my anticipation. I knew I would embrace this ultimate aspect of D/s.

I remember that very first visit to the Dungeon as breathtaking. The atmosphere so intimidating for a little sub like me without almost any experience with playing in public.

He led me to this dreamlike world of D/s lifestyle and I am so grateful He showed me this new path. I need Milord’s help walking this road. He makes me feel safe and puts me at ease.
I want to serve Him and honor our relation in every way I can, deepen it with my soul, my heart.
Give myself completely to Him, for whom I have been waiting so long.

There is no turning back since Milord made me His Princess. Without Him I can’t be myself, I just am.

Each passing moment I miss Him, Mylord, more and more. I yearn for that delicious cocktail of pain and lust, playing for hours, the intense aftercare.

More than ever my senses are attuned and I seek and crave for more.

For weeks I relived these very intense experience of our first visit to the Dungeon. Felt it blazing trough my body as a scorching fire. An unforgettable night it was, one we still cherish.

The odor of our newly acquired rope, jute, reminds me of an untroubled childhood. Young kittens playing in the straw, the lighthearted running trough never ending fields with corn or grain stroking against our skins.  The scent of wet earth after a summer’s storm.

The steps leading down to the Dungeon lead us to the Shibari workshop, to a new level in our D/s relation.
I can already imagine the rope burning on my skin and filling me with desire.



Pain by Princess

You opened the door,
A very small door,
And I’m not sure
If it has always been there.

You found it,
Opened it ever so careful.
In the dark behind
You saw a tiny flame,
Barely flickering.

This fire desperately
Needed new breath.
It needed
Your gasp.
Making me

I can barely comprehend
What I feel now,
When You give me that
Delicious cocktail of
Pain and gratification.
I drink so greedy,
Too greedy, I’m aware,
As if I have to catch up
With so much
Lost time.

Feed me with pain,
Because I can not live
Without anymore.

Drive me mad
With pleasure
And Lust.
Hear me yearn
And beg
For more.
So much more.
Your hands on
My body
Are now my
Vital breath.
Your hands
Petting and caressing
With love.

Your hands
Hurting me,
And offering me
Everything I want.
Everything I need.
Help me, my Love,
Help me lose
And find You
Time after time after time.
I’m yours
Until there is
Nothing more.

A door