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Poems & poetry written by myself, Franco Bolli.

My belt

I’ve packed and I am ready to take you to Bruges, Princess.
This weekend will be, as every single moment we have spent together, memorable and unforgettable.
Most of all I want to make you happy and spoil you and make you feel special.
I want you to feel and to know how much I love you.
Yes, I know you do.
And I know how much you love me.
I can read it in your eyes.
I can feel it in you kisses.
I sense it in your touches and
The way you suck me.
Obey me.
Smile at me.
Want me.

As you asked for I have the clover clamps and the nipple suckers in my suitcase.
And your collar of course and I promise this time I will let you sleep wearing it.

Unfortunately my suitcase is too small to accommodate the horse whip.
I’m sorry for this.

Please accept, instead, the next best thing.
I promise, you will love it.
My belt.

My belt

A few words

I’m writing.

Outside darkness still reigns and snowflakes are falling on a frozen world, covering it up under a pristine white cloth.

Sitting at my desk, sipping my hot coffee, I miss you.
Yes, that is what I am really doing.
Missing you, Princess.

I want to give you not only my days but my also all my nights.
And my soul of course and while I softly whisper ‘I love you’ I give to you, Princess, my heart.

What was it again I wanted to write about?
Oh yes, I remember now.
It is about missing you so much, Princess.

Tied together

For you, Princess

I heard the birds
Sing in the trees.
It made me feel good
But I had not yet
Heard your voice.

Once I picked field flowers
They were so fragile.
Held them against
My cheek.
They felt warm
And soft and
So vulnerable.
But I had not yet touched
Your skin with
My fingertips.

I enjoyed a hot
Summers day.
The heath so
Intense and enjoyable.
I felt so happy
So fortunate and
So I thought.

Forgive me
My ignorance
As I had not yet felt
Your Love.


Just a love poem by Franco Bolli

In the silence of the night,
Only a few stars
Glowing, pure beauty.
Witnesses from another time.
The sultry darkness
A blanket, enveloping us,
Safe, trusting and warm.

Fluttering, an owl maybe,
Disturbed by our presence.
Or maybe it is our past,
Saying goodbye forever
With one last scream
Knowing that
You and me,
Finally are happy
And complete

My heart, my soul,
My body,
My life,
I give it all to you,

Flight of a bird


Now is the spring
Of our life together.
So fresh, filled with promises,
Sparkling as morning dew.

I want to travel
Across summer with you,
Warm and trustful,
You and me
Dancing trough life.

Further towards autumn,
Enjoying each other’s company,
Telling stories to one another
Of the days that lay behind us.

Then the winter
With you in my arms.
Thankful for the time
That was given us
To spend together.
You and Me.