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Cap Blanc Nez, again

This image was made the first time I went to the Opal Coast, a few months after my divorce in 2006 and it was also the first weekend I organized with my two daughters.

Although it was a great weekend it was also very difficult as we hadn’t found equilibrium yet in this new situation where my kids had to coop with separated parents and where my time with them was limited to only two weekends a month.

Cap Blanc Nez

A famous landmark at the Opal Coast is Cap Blanc Nez, near Calais. On top is an obelisk commemorating the Dover Patrol, which kept the Channel free from U-boats during World War I.
For reasons I cannot explain this place got under my skin. It has something magical, desolate but is also the symbol of a rich history.
When I’m up there I hear James Cagney yelling “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!” (White Heat, 1943).

During our first weekend together I showed Princess around the Opal Coast and of course we visited Cap Blanc Nez.
She knows we won’t be returning there for years to come. She doesn’t mind though as she already knows that the second time she’ll be up there I will propose.

I know Princess will say “Yes” without hesitation nor the need to be whipped. Well, you can’t have it all.