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In memory of Lou Reed

We were at the Salsa dance lesson, Princess and I, and the instructor had just told the group to take five.
My love and I went back to our table when I felt my iPhone beep and buzz in my pocket.
I smiled at Princess and looked at the display thinking it was a message from Little A.
Or Big A. for that matter, unfortunately our relation is not going very well so any sign of life is welcome.

Lou Reed died aged 71 it read on the display.

For a moment I felt tears burn in my eyes. I gave Princess a hug and felt so sad. Stupid of course, I never met him, never saw him perform but his music was important to me.
So thank you Lou Reed, for the music and the lyrics and I know you made a difference for lots of people.
Personally I did not appreciate the hard rock ‘n roll but one can not discuss taste. I loved your ballads and love songs.

Some of my personal favourites are Songs For Drella, Coney Island Baby, The Bells and Berlin.

I was in a record store and one of my friends, a few years older, directed my attention to LP Coney Island Baby. He told me the title song was sheer beauty, something to fuck on, slow and intense. I looked at him and his words struck a chord but at that time in my life I could not relate to what he was telling me.
Boy, I was 16, hadn’t a girlfriend and I wouldn’t see nor touch naked titties for years to come.
I still have the record, the friend a long forgotten memory though but I guess that is how things go in life.
I bought the record though and yes, Coney Island Baby, what a record and what a song. Lou Reed a fascinating discovery.

So here it is.
Coney Island Baby.

The Butler

As Cecil Gaines serves eight presidents during his tenure as a butler at the White House, the civil rights movement, Vietnam, and other major events affect this man’s life, family, and American society. – source IMDB.COM”

Forest Whitaker in The Butler

We don’t go that often to the movies, Princess and I. Mind you, not that we don’t want to but our time together is limited to a few evenings a week and an afternoon once in a blue moon. There is so much we want to squeeze into our moments together like going to the sauna, shopping (yes…), our dance lessons, dance training, reading in bed, playing and so forth.

The last movie we saw in a theatre was the biopic “Lincoln” and we adored it.

So when Princess texted me yesterday afternoon and asked if we could go to the movies I was thrilled to bits.
Later that evening I picked Princess up at her home and we went to see “The Butler”.

“The Butler” is a typical frame narrative and the personal story of Mr. Cecil Gaines, a magnificent Forrest Whitaker, is used to tell the history of racial segregation and the long and slow emancipation of the Black Citizens in the United States.
The movie starts in 2009 while Mr. Gaines is waiting in the White House and then switches to a cotton plantation in the 1920s when Gaines is a little boy and ends, of course, when Barack Obama becomes the first colored President of the USA.

Lot’s of well know historical characters pass in review, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan et al.
Mr. Nixon, played by John Cusack, is predictably depicted in a very negative way, Mr. Reagan seems indifferent to Civil Rights, something I find hard to believe.

To my astonishment Martin Luther King was only a minor character in the movie and if memory serves me right the name of George Wallace, one of the hardliner segregationists and populist and Governor of Alabama, was not even mentioned.

I am sure there are some historical inaccuracies in this movie but even then this is a highly educational film about a dark period in American history.
Sadly segregation, racism and hatred against those whom are different are of all times. I hold my heart when I see how around me, in Europe and elsewhere, the extreme right body of thought is, once again, slowly becoming popular.

Ophra Winfrey is not that well know in my country so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this grand lady as a great and extremely convincing actress.

The Butler” is a wonderful historical drama and very much worth your time.

The Butler


“Where are we now?”

“Where are we now?”

Beautiful words and Bowie’s voice is such an overwhelming combination and the video clip is just awesome.
The song is the lead single from Bowie’s new album, “The Next Day,” which comes out in March.
I can’t wait.

I am feeling quite emotional at this moment. The song, maybe, but even more I am touched by Princess’ poem she wrote for this blog and that I am now translating. Thinking about a matching picture at the same time too.

Princess’ ode to our love is simply beautiful and I can’t read it without being moved.

I will post it tomorrow, Sunday, January 20th.

Masked Ball

One can analyze Eyes Wide Shut in several ways. This movie, Stanley Kubrick’s last movie is, for me, an allegory on greed. One always wants more and more and more and finally there are no more kicks, an orgy remains without any orgasm, only an empty feeling remains. And what has one gained? Nothing.

This particular scene I adore and I use it to impress Princess. Soundscapes are very important in the scenes I play with her.

Safe, Sane and Consensual

In every sex Grasshopper game this words are very important. And I might add trust too.

Ordo Rosarius wholesale jerseys Equilibrio Audi (ORE), a neofolk and martial industrial From music group from Stockholm performs this piece of music.
In its somber lyrics, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio une combines seemingly incompatible polarities, such as “creation and destruction, earring dark and light, joy and sorrow, Clothespins sex Мужской and war” often using Christian and wholesale mlb jerseys specifically Catholic cheap nfl jerseys symbols.
BDSM topics are also often featured.

ORE figures on several cheap jerseys of my playlists I use when playing scenes with Princess.