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Something completely different

I’m not always busy flogging or spanking Princess. She is not the whole time enjoying the tight embrace of rope nor is she begging for relief while her body is covered with clothespins. Princess is not orgasming the whole time either. Sometimes we do very mundane stuff.

Like going to the movies. Yesterday we saw Tim Burton’s “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, a Tim Burton movie. We enjoyed it very much. The 3D was not used so much to hide flaws in the film by giving the viewer the impression all sorts of stuff is floating around. No, here 3D was used to create depth in an more artsy way.

Albeit I liked the movie very much I was a little disappointed as I had expected something more magical. Some of the movie was shot not that far from my hometown.

Yes, Princess and I love movies and I try to show her stuff that is somewhat older but still a great movie experience. Like Woody Allen’s Manhattan or Wild at Heart, a David Lynch movie.

Now that the winter is approaching it is a great idea to watch movies in our bedroom. It was/is a small project that kept me busy for some time. It is almost finished yet already operational. The only thing that will change is the screen. That will be at the end of the year.

Raspberry Pi 3b with external disk Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b with external disk
Ricoh GR II

So I got a Pioneer A-103 amplifier (1994) for 40 bucks. The Akai EA-A7 Graphic Equalizer (1985) I already owned was also installed in our bedroom. With it 100 Watt Pioneer boxes. To be honest I am not that picky anymore. When we are in the fields I can’t hear the crickets anymore and even birds singing are fading away.

I have an old Samsung 21” HD (1920×1080) display but that will be replaced with a +27” HD screen very soon.

Raspberry Pi 3b Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b
Ricoh GR II

I can access my collection of music and movies, all stored on hard drives, using a very cheap ASUS 7” Android tablet. The heart of the whole system is a Raspberry Pi 3 equipped with a HiFiBerry DAC+ light sound extension card. It runs Kodi Home Theater on Debian Linux. Total cost this computer, not much bigger than a credit card does not exceed 6o dollar. I am not counting the external hard disk.

Every computer in my house talks with every computer in my house. When I get a new movie or a new CD is goes almost automatically to the external disk of Kodi.

I can watch a zillion internet channels like TV, video, music. For the time being I have configured my Youtube and Vimeo account.

Sound is terrific and I cannot wait to get a bigger screen.

Raspberry Pi 3b Ricoh GR II
Raspberry Pi 3b
Ricoh GR II


Nick Cave – Skeleton Tree

You fell from the sky
Crash landed in a field
Nick Cave – Jesus Alone from Skeleton Tree

This Thursday Sweetheart and I are going to the movies.
Nick Cave  – One More Time is a world-wide event where his latest album, Skeleton Tree, will be presented one day before its official release.

Nick Cave decided to make a documentary about his new album Skeleton Tree to avoid having to discuss the painful subject of his son Arthur’s death with the media, said One More Time With Feeling director Andrew Dominik.

Cave’s previous album, Push The Sky Away, is my all-time favorite. The music, the lyrics create mind-blowing images and emotions even after having played the CD a zillion times.

A few days ago Jesus Alone was released.
Wow. Such powerful lyrics and intense music.

Losing a kid must be horrible and unnatural. I cannot start to imagine how this affects a life, a couple, a relation.

Nick Cave uses his art, his songwriting, his music, to give a face to this drama, to sooth some of the pain.

His new CD will be for sale after the show and I found it interesting to notice it also exists on LP for a much higher price. Nevertheless, there is a LP.
Like film and digital.

We are so much looking forward to this event!

Please enjoy Jesus Alone.

Erenisch BDSM Comics

I love rough sex. I have dark sexual fantasies. I love BDSM and I have a wonderful partner to share all this with.
I guess I am truly blessed.

Yet I had to wait a lifetime for Princess but she was worth waiting for.
Princess is an independent and strong woman, one of the many qualities I love in her.

Needless to say I respect women and believe in gender equality.

As a kid, long before wet dreams woke me up with their puzzling sticky goo, I dreamed of dungeons holding my collection of young girls.
I had no clue what to do with them. I simply enjoyed holding them in captivity and whipping them once in a blue dream moon. The idea of having female slaves aroused me, feeding deep fantasies and desires, I was not able to name or understand at that time.

I was about 17, 18 when I saw the French movie “Histoire d’O”. The film had an enormous impact on me.
I still consider “Histoire d’O” as one of the most decisive epiphanies I ever experienced.

I love analyzing myself and I understand where most of who and what I am today comes from. By the way, I grew up in a loving and caring family. My parents loved and respected each other, I cannot remember any dispute or a raised voice between them.

Sadly, my Father passed away when I was 13. I still cherish the intellectual legacy he gave me. My mother did a good job raising us, my younger sister and me.
I live in perfect harmony with my female side.

Fifty-six years have thought me many things and one of them is that some fantasies should stay exactly that.
Not because they are dangerous to carry out. Merely because our brain needs food.

Yes, I know, experiences generate new fantasies. But I am talking about those fantasies you know they will be a disillusion when carried out.
In the end maybe they all are.

All this to introduce a new Aha! moment I experienced a few days ago.
I have never been into comics that much. My parents were against because they thought it would cripple my ability to read and fantasize.

A few days ago I stumbled over slave cop “Agent Cumgulper vs The Cult“. It is a comic distributed by and so very hot.

On their site they state that:
This website contains entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for
adult entertainment. It shows no real people or events. The characters are shown
participating in CONSENSUAL BDSM role-play for their own personal satisfaction,
simulating activities which involve sexual dominance and submission.
No toons were harmed in the making of these comics.

In 2022 many countries have passed the “Compulsory Female Slavery Law” thus legalizing the sexual use and trade in nubile women over 18 years of age.
For women the world has become a dystopia. Females are trained as sexual slaves and submitted to gang rapes, rape and so further. In one comic women are raised as cows to produce milk.
At a certain age, 30+, women are discarded and most of them never get that old.

“Agent Cumgulper” is deliciously politically incorrect glorifying sexual slavery, rape and so much more. Women are just fucktoys and men inconsiderate rapists. Women are constantly fucked in every opening they have.
On slave fairs some of the lesser women are simply free samples.

This comic starts with a Disclaimer where the main characters express they are completely consensual with the BDSM-roles they are playing. It reminds me of much of the starting scenes of the movies where the women are interviewed, asked for their dos and don’ts and safe word. The comics end also with the main characters explaining how they enjoyed themselves.

The drawings are very well done. Women are obviously more detailed than men. Pay attention to the little details like signs on the wall like ‘Keep your women leached at all times.”

Reading this comic brought back memories of my pre-sex aware childhood, when I dreamed of caged young girls. It awakened old prepubertal desires I had long forgotten. Long forgotten fantasies incited.

This is one hot drawing!

These comics are generally narrated by the main female character. The phrase “I have a bad feeling about this” is used often by a woman whom is going to be used in an awful way and is an homage to Star Wars. Come to think of it, there are quite some Star War references in these comics. The dialogues are generally humorous and there is a lot of black humor, both in speech as in setting.

The Artist’s gender is unknown and I have no clue whether it is a woman or not.

These comics do not come cheap but I got a few and they are worth every dime I paid for them.

Here are a few interesting links:
Erenisch Comics
Erenisch Blog

Other artists on

I loved Agent Cumgulper vs The Cult and I enjoyed “For Sale” even more. “Slave Fair” was extremely enjoyable and I did find “Sluts in Training Part 3″ to be extremely hot and very original in its approach.

If you like sexy/erotic/BDSM comics then I can only recommend these series by Erenisch.

PS I linked the images from the Erenisch site just to give you an idea of the high quality of the work.




Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey.

Princess and I saw the movie Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey. yesterday. It is a psychological thriller directed by the rather unknown Dutch director Ate De Jong.

The script is written by Mark Rogers. Mr. Rogers was born with right side Hemiplegia and diagnosed with cerebral palsy in his teens. Most recently he was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.  He lives in the West Midlands (UK) with his family and his dog.

You can read an interesting interview with scenarist Mark Rogers HERE.

As far as I can tell the actors are unknown but their acting is incredible. Rope work in the movie is done by Wykd Dave from

I believe this is a movie that is not for everyone. It is about home invasion by a psychopath and there is a lot of torture, both mental and physical. Also it is about the relation between a married couple, how they interact before, during and after the horror that hit them. Revealing more would spoil the suspense.

Even though the movie was based on crowdfunding and was made with a small budget this does not show at all.

I found the ending to be a little overdone and chaotic but this movie is an intense and disturbing experience.


Madame Gretchen – Book review

Book Blurb:
Six kinksters want to join the most exclusive BDSM club in the area, The Iron Maiden. The first requirement? Survive Madame Gretchen. Join them as they navigate six weeks of kinkiness led by a sadistic, crop-wielding Domme who loves forced orgasms and demands total surrender. Their limits will be stretched and their desires uncovered.

I don’t read that much erotica.
They are mostly about tanned and muscled Dom’s who are, big surprise, zillionaires complete with six-pack abdomens and unbelievable hard and huge cocks. They “dominate” and fuck their faux blonde secretaries at will. These girls have bodies so perfect and beautiful they make Botticelli’s Venus pale into insignificance.
Each sex scene though is a cut and paste from the previous one or is so boring you simply skip the passage or fall asleep.

Writing compelling, erotic and hot fuckery that arouses the reader is not that simple. There are so many clichés and pitfalls or the writer lacks sufficient vocabulary or imagination.

Kayla Lords is a rare exception on all of the above.
I have been following Kayla Lords’ blog, A Sexual Being, for a long time now and I also had the pleasure to read Kayla Lord’s three previous novellas, “Big Game“, “The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl” and “Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love“.

I loved them because they were well written, very erotic, with an interesting narrative and characters one can relate to. Both stories fueled my imagination and I felt sad arriving at the last page.

This Friday, February 27th, marks the release of Kayla’s fourth eBook titled “Madame Gretchen”.

I was one of the lucky ones to receive a copy to review.

It is clear Kayla Lords has matured as a writer. Boy can she tell a hot story. Madame Gretchen is somewhat conceived as a frame story and each of the 6 kinksters get a chapter. These people grow, evolve and gain self-confidence and self-knowledge.

The kinksters Randy Boy, Bella, Drake, The Switches and Ivory are portrayed in such a way they could be you, me or your neighbour.
They are everyday people with their wishes, fears and (anatomic) imperfections and stand very far from the Christian Grey’s of this world.

A good story is one you can relate to. I must admit I was touched a few times. I had a couple of laughs too because a few scenes, merely described by a phrase or two, were, for me, funny and recognizable.

Overall I had a great time reading this short story, got really turned on and once again it was over way to quick. After the first few pages I was completely sucked into the story and in my mind’s eye the dungeon, the atmosphere, the people were very tangible.

Madame Gretchen is about real-life BDSM.
I know that because I myself am a proud and happy member of the lifestyle.

Every erotic scene is pleasing and surprises by its originality. They are never boring but rather new and sparkling.
It also appears Madame Gretchen is very good in what she does. But even a Dominatrix has feelings, doubts and insecurities.

You get an insight in the world of Domination and submission and a crash course on the do’s and don’ts in the world of BDSM.
It is the prefect antidote against the popular but erroneous vision shown in a very popular movie.

Madame Gretchen is about trust, pleasure, lust, love, pain and so much more.
But most of all it is extremely well written and thus highly recommended.

Author Bio:
Kayla discovered her love of writing at age seven and her sexual fantasies by age 13. It took a divorce and re-entry into the dating world for her to find her sexual power and voice. She is a sexual submissive in the BDSM lifestyle which is not as extreme and terrifying as it may first appear from the outside looking in.
Kayla writes BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on Dominance and submission (D/s). She does not only want to turn her readers on, but also wants them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn’t scary or degrading.

A blogger, tweeter, and talker, Kayla loves interacting with her readers as much as possible!

Purchase Links:

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Madame Gretchen cover


BOOK REVIEW – A Rough Ride by C.P. Mandara

A Rough Ride is volume 5 of C. P. Mandara’s well written and extremely erotic Pony Tales.

At the Albrecht Stables Jenny is still hoping to escape but discovers to her consternation that her body is starting to appreciate being used and craves for constant sexual relief. Is the harsh training starting to break her will?

Mark Matthews is never far away and is fighting his own battles, a captivating story within an already fascinating one.

Then Jenny is auctioned and, misled, blows a big opportunity bringing her even closer to total hell.
The restaurant scene is just about the best BDSM erotica I have read in ages. It is imaginative, arousing, hot and sensual. As a matter of a fact this goes for almost every erotic scene in this volume and its predecessors.

Deep down I know the story is not politically correct as it is about non-consensual sex and thus rape and abuse but it does not ruin the fun reading Pony Tales.

If you are open to or interested in BDSM and want to discover one of the more specific niches of this fascinating lifestyle the Pony Tales are as good as it will get.

Pony Tales are well written high-class erotica and great storytelling.

I can’t wait to start reading volume 6.

Bitter Moon (1992)

When I attended film school one of my teachers, an avid Sam Peckinpah fan, told us we should see a movie at least 7 times.  After watching a movie as a whole one needed to look again and taste the acting, the music, the storyline, the photography and so on.
A movie is a multilayered event one cannot devour in one bite.

Some movies are worth the effort yet most of them are not.
One or two movies, maybe a handful, you see once and then they get buried deep in the darkest corners of you memory. They stay dormant, patiently waiting for a second viewing. They emerge when time is right, when you are ready to savor them again with mind and soul.

It must have been 1993 or so and I was newly wed when my Ex and I saw Roman Polanski’s “Bitter Moon“. The movie swept me off my feet with its literary story and I liked the narrator played by Peter Coyote, very much. He stayed in control much trough the film. “Bitter Moon” left a deep impression on me.

Strangely I forgot about the movie till a few days ago when, while browsing Youtube, I came across a trailer and got pulled in again.
“Bitter Moon” is about erotic manipulation, SM, BDSM, roleplaying and mind fucking.

So I watched the movie “Bitter Moon” for a second time after all these years. Older, wiser I hope and living a rich life with Princess, both enjoying and exploring our sexuality at its most.
How I enjoyed the cool, manipulative yet tragic Peter Coyote and his hot, deliciously voluptuous and sexy wife Emmanuelle Seigner (Miss Roman Polanski) mind fucking the naive young man (Hugh Grant) who is traveling with his lovely wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) searching for something new after been married for 7 years.

The story is told as one would read a book that, over time, becomes a dear friend. We see parts of their lives in flashbacks. Some hot or very hot, some sad and some just, well, arousing in my case.
“Bitter Moon” is a story about relations, about hope and shattered dreams. It is as life itself; a delicious mixture of hate and love topped with the kind of cruelty only humanity is capable of.

“Bitter Moon” is an intense experience and highly recommended.

BOOK REVIEW – An American Submissive in Britain by Laney Rogers

I don’t do reviews that often.
Not only do I find it hard to critic someone else’s work, I don’t feel I manage the English language enough to add the necessary nuances. It makes some of my remarks seem rather blunt.

An American Submissive in Britain” written by Laney Rogers is a romantic story as there are ten a penny. Well narrated though and although I knew how it would end, I kept turning the pages. Was it because the main characters are well-defined? Was it the setting? Or ample curiosity?

The erotic scenes and choice of words describing them were very repetitive so finally they bored me. I was not aroused of swept away by the erotica either. Erotica is not about writing a technical manual but about what the participants to the act feel and experience. How it makes them feel connected or not.
I missed that.

I found the (mainstream and not very innovative) BDSM part well incorporated in the story and while writing this review I guess it is the main reason I finished the book. That and the fact they main characters have actually something more running through their veins than cardboard.
I picked up a few English expressions too.

Reading this book was not completely a waste of time but I won’t be picking up another book written by this author in a near future.

I give it 3 stars because some situations and dialogues made me chuckle. And to be completely honest a few scenes, to my surprise, moved me.


For you, Princess

This one is for you, Princess.
I know this song is one of your favorites. You told me on several occasions how these words touch you so deep.
Yes, I agree, it is  such pure and beautiful poetry and it could well be about us.
About you and me.
I would very much like it to be our song.

Take it away Mister Nick Cave.

“Into My Arms”

I don’t believe in an interventionist God
But I know, darling, that you do
But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him
Not to intervene when it came to you
Not to touch a hair on your head
To leave you as you are
And if He felt He had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

And I don’t believe in the existence of angels
But looking at you I wonder if that’s true
But if I did I would summon them together
And ask them to watch over you
To each burn a candle for you
To make bright and clear your path
And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love
And guide you into my arms

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

And I believe in Love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candles burning
And make her journey bright and pure
That she will keep returning
Always and evermore

Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms, O Lord
Into my arms

(c)Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds



Planning a Saturday evening

I went shopping yesterday. Not in your regular grocery store or whatever springs to mind but in an erotic shop, owned by a friend of mine.


First of all I bought two identical floggers.
A few days ago I read an interesting post on Kayla Lords blog mentioning Florentine flogging.

I clicked through to the article and, well, I immediately liked what I read. It is considered an advanced flogging technique. To get this one right I am sure I’ll have to exercise quite a lot on, for example a pillow.

They didn’t have the kind of flogger I had in mind so in stead I bought two identical whips and will shorten the strands. They are way to long.
I was hoping to exercise today but that won’t be possible as Little A. texted me a while ago asking me if she could spend the afternoon with me.
Yes, of course I answered, it is always great to have Little A. at my place.

I also added another toy to my shopping cart, a Knobby Wobbly Rabbit.
This soft jelly like and knobbed vibrator gives extra clitoral stimulation with its dual motors.
I am sure Princess will enjoy this one and I already imagine her lying on my bed ready and longing, legs apart with my DIY spreader and maybe her arms immobilized with an second DIY spreader. She will not know what to expect from this vibrator but I am sure she’ll orgasm intensely and squirt abundantly. Princess always does since I taught her how to focus and forget her fear of entirely letting go and to embrace what her body is telling her mind.
Yes, Princess is a good girl when it comes to giving herself completely and utterly to me.

Knobby Wobbly Rabbit

This evening we are going to our Salsa Dance course like every Saturday evening but we won’t stick around afterwards. I will be taking Princess home for some extensive playing. Hell, we have really missed this, playing a scene, enjoying the pain, lust and desire. I adore making Princess completely submit to me.

This past week has been very emotional for both of us and then we don’t go much further than intense rough sex like your basic hair pulling, nipple pinching, shoulder biting and bare hand spanking stuff.
All this is enough though to make Princess come in a very wet way a zillion times in a row.

I added a music clip to this post and I hope you’ll enjoy the exciting and goading rhythm.