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Princess and I, The First Years

“I wish I had our blog in print,” Princess whispered, “so I can hold our story, read in it whenever I want.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me, “ I told the love of my life.
“Isn’t it?”

“I’ll make it happen,” I promised, not sure how I would be able to get the whole blog in an editable document like Word or so.

Getting it into a Word document was very easy. Editing was the most time-consuming part.

So today I’m putting up a link to my account on Smashwords. You’ll be able to download “Princess and I, The First Years”.

It’s free and available in PDF, Epub and Mobi.

There is our story, right on you reading device. You’ll find Princesses’ beautifully written poetry and a few articles about my photography.

I’m sure there are still writing errors in this book and I hope everything is well formatted.

This book covers the posts I made from 2012 till 2013 when I moved to a self-hosted site.

It was fun browsing through the articles. I was astonished I had written so much in little over a year. Little over 63,800 words.

In a near future I’ll be putting a next Princess and I online. I have the document covering the articles on till December 31, 2016 already. I think I’ll do a 2013-2014 first and from then one per year.

You can find the book HERE

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.



Princess’ Day Collar

I noticed it when I came home from work, a few hours ago.
I smiled.
Princess can be very chaotic at times. It is a part of her charm.

This morning Princess had forgotten to put on her day collar.

Yesterday evening she removed it. I had noticed the rash on her cleavage, probably caused by the sun. Princess has a very light skin. I don’t suspect the collar as I made sure it does not contain nickel. Yet one can never be sure of anything.

The day collar was lying on my desk. It gave it to Princess on Christmas Eve 2014. There was no ceremony yet we exchanged vows.
It is nothing conspicuous, just a simple jewel.

She has other necklaces but does not wear any of them since she received this one.

When we play, at home or at the club, I replace it with the leather play collar.
Sometimes Princess waits next to our bed on her knees and holds the dog collar in her hands, offering it to me. Princess finds it soothing and comforting wearing it when she sleeps.
I made a photograph of the collar using a slate as background and one studio flash. Light comes from the left and is bounced back by some wrinkled aluminum foil on the right.

While I am writing this Princess’ collar lies on my desk.
I miss Princess but she’ll be here tomorrow.
I have her collar lying on my desk.
Princess is here but not really.

One day she will though, when we finally get to live together.

Princess' day collar
Princess’ day collar


Back to The Dungeon

Saturday, October 4th 2014.
Princess and I had a play date and dinner after with two other couples. We had rented the Dungeon for 4 consecutive hours and had a lot of fun. Dinner was great and the discussions intense and interesting.

The centre of Antwerp was closed that day due to a huge happening commemorating WO 1.

So I parked outside the city limits and Princess and I took a bus.
It so happened the other couples had done exactly the same so when we left for dinner we all took the same bus. Three Doms dressed in black with black sport bags filled with whips, clamps, rope and what not and three happy and giggling subs using public transport to get some place.

It was a memorable moment, hell, what am I saying; it was a memorable afternoon. It would be the last time we visited the Dungeon in 2014. For some reason every time there was something else or we did not feel like going.

We missed going to The Dungeon though but played at home.

Princess and I spend Xmas Eve together and it was a great, intimate and happy evening. Princess was thrilled and so happy with her Day Collar.

The Day-collar. No fuss, no ceremony,no nothing. It is about what it means.
The Day-collar. No fuss, no ceremony,no nothing. It is about what it means.

We spend New Year’s Eve together too. It was another first and we enjoyed a delicious meal Little A. had cooked. She also had prepared a delicious Tiramisu.
Then we kissed while fireworks lit the sky and then 2014 was history.

* * * *

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015.
We are all dressed up and ready to go. Princess looks great and extremely hot and sexy.
My black sports bag is packed with goodies. A cane, whips, …

Princess and I arrive at The Dungeon at 21:30 and in the bar we enjoy a white wine. There is some small talk with other people. Wow, it is so great to be back and I feel great and I notice how Princess is going with the flow too.

Then I take Princess to the actual Dungeon and undress her leaving her with her lace thong, black stay-ups and high heels.
For security reasons I put Princess rings and other jewelry and her glasses in a safe place and put her cuffs around her wrists.

I attach her wrists to the winch and ask Princess if everything is okay. I ask for her safe word and give instructions how to communicate with me when there is a problem.

For an hour and a half I pleasure Princess’ her body with a leather whip, a rubber flogger, the wheel of pain, a feather duster, a wooden spatula, my hand for caressing, spanking and pinching and a dozen clothes pins on her hips and sides.

There is some pussy spanking too but the clothes pins do the job as the slowly building pain get to a level that becomes excruciating when I tap them with a small bamboo cane pushing Princess close to subspace.

Of course I kiss her, hold her, unbutton my shirt so she can feel my skin on hers. I don’t push her to her limits and respect the fact she still does not like to orgasm in “public”. I don’t want her in subspace either because the environment, the cold cellar, is not ideal for intense aftercare.

After our session Princess told me she felt how I was holding back. I did so while whipping and even more when adding real pain. In my opinion things like the Dungeon is intense foreplay and the rest you do at home where you really can give good aftercare.

Back in the bar we had another drink and enjoyed simply being there and being a part of a community where we really feel at home.

Even in the bar there was a lot of D/s and M/s going on. There was this young man, stripped naked and with a gag ball being tagged along on all fours by a young woman who made him drink out of a dog’s bowl.

Yeah, I really feel at ease and cosy and happy in this place and later that evening Princess told me it was the first time she was able to really let go and be a part of it.

It was really a special evening and in some way I feel some boundaries were pushed a little further. Simply the fact Princess really felt at home in The Dungeon made me very happy. It touched me that Princess did not ask for her Play Collar adding value to her necklace I offered her for Xmas and showing me she accepts it as being a real collar.

Back home, Sunday had already started, we went to bed and I kissed Princess and bit her and played with my tongue, teasing that hot and juicy spot of hers.

After giving her two intense orgasms I called it a day and soon we were asleep, Princess and I.

There is nothing more intense or gratifying than waking up next to Princess. She was still sound asleep so I watched her, my eyes filled with tears as this moment still touches me so much.

“Good morning,” she whispered a little later, smiling at me.
We kissed, I don’t mind, I like it that morning kiss, dancing tongues and caressing lips. It is pure and delicious and not ruined by toothpaste.

Then we fucked and fucked. Fucked again.

I pinched her nipples between my fingernails and Princess enjoyed seeing my gaze darken when I let go and open the door for the sadist in me.

Princess came a zillion times and she squirted abundantly and soon our room was filled with the pleasant odour of raw and primal sex.
The mattress protector is soaked and we, Princess and I, trying to keep the sounds as muttered as possible.

Then Princess had enough. She crawled up against me, holding me tight and mumbling intense words of love and devotion.

I was not able to come so after a short pause Princess licked my nipples while I played with myself. I pushed my leg between hers and Princess rubbed her pussy against my knee in search of one last orgasm.

Princess knew and felt it even before I did and she took me in her mouth and drank me and for a moment I thought I was going to die.

Then I thanked Princess and she held me and there we where. Lying on a soaked bed and bound by the purest and most intense Love I have ever experienced.

Submission Image found on Tumblr
Image found on Tumblr

Collaring Princess – Betrothal

I like the taste of this word.

Yesterday evening I took Princess out.

When we arrived I held the door open for my love.
I always do.
My father was a true gentleman so I not only honour Princess but also his legacy.

I led Princess across the restaurant to the terrace.
It was still comfortable outside.
The early evening with the changing colours in the sky and the uninterrupted view on the hazy fields added all up to a very romantic atmosphere.
Princess could even vaguely hear the rippling sounds of the nearby river.

The waitress came to our table with the menu but I told her we had already decided. I ordered to glasses of white wine.
Princess smiled. She likes it when I take or am in control.

For a while we talked about her day at work and discussed her visit with Stella to the psychiatrist the evening before yesterday.

As we clinked our wineglasses we knew this was going to be a memorable evening.
Of course Princess had read my blog post and seen the image of the gift.
She had no idea what it contained though and assumed I would give it on our anniversary date, next September 20th.

“You wished you could wear a collar during our holiday and thereafter,” I told her.
Princess smiled shyly making her look even more gorgeous.

“Getting a day collar is something I do not want to rush. I want you to have something beautiful. Your wish to move to a full D/s relation is a priceless gift and a commitment we both engage in.”
I took her hands in mine and lost myself in her gaze. It was truly a magical moment.

“So for the time being Princess I offer you an engagement collar for you to wear until I wed you with a true Collaring Ceremony.”

We were both intensely moved and felt so close to one another.
Above our heads a couple of small bats, dark shadows against a dying late summer sky, danced a flying ballet.

“I have chosen a very discrete piece of jewelry yet it is very appropriate and a daily reminder of our commitment.”
I could hear Princess’ heartbeat while she looked at me breathlessly.

“I promise to take care of you, to love you for all eternity. I will honour you and respect your feelings and fulfil all your needs. You, Princess, belong to me as I belong to you. You are a part of my body, my heart and my soul. Princess, my love, you are a part of me and of my destiny. I will always be there for you and with you.”

It rendered Princess speechless but I could read everything she wanted to say in her eyes.
I took the gift out of my pocket and gave it to Princess.

“For you, Princess,” I whispered.
“Are you sure you want to give it here?” she asked. “I wish I could kneel for you while I accept your gift.”
“Please Princess, open it”, I smiled. “This is a perfect place and such a romantic moment to renew our engagement on a whole different level. Don’t you agree?”
Nervously Princess opened the parcel.

I guess she had not expected this in her wildest dreams.
“This is so beautiful,” she told me handing it over to me. “Please Milord, fasten it for me.”

I trembled doing so and it is indeed a stunning piece of jewellery and matches perfectly with her engagement ring.

Princess now proudly wears an engagement collar. It is a real collar but a small one to be worn as a bracelet.

Then we went home, Princess and I.
At our place I gave Princess a much-needed whipping. It relieved her from all the stress that had accumulated these past few days.

Before we fell asleep we finished this memorable evening with some delicious kinky fucking.

Engaged to Princess
Engaged to Princess

Collaring Princess – A small token

After work I walked to our local jewelry story. There are several in fact, all in the main street. I prefer Indigo because they make their own jewelry and each piece is unique. They have the stuff I like.

Princess has very elegant and fragile wrists so I had a piece of thin jute rope in my pocket. I had measured it using Princess’s leather cuffs.

I feared choosing would not be easy. Yesterday evening I saw two pieces I liked very much.
Choosing was easier than I had anticipated though.

The one I liked the most was way too blatant and shiny. Princess is a natural beauty so she does not need showy stuff on her. And it was not the kind of jewelry one chooses to wear every day.

Finally my second choice became my first.
It is simply a small gift to mark our 2nd holiday and our 3rd anniversary. It is not a collar but the next best thing.

It is a small token of how our relation has shifted. Within it lays also a promise.
I am sure Princess will be very happy and proud with it.

A gift

Collaring Princess – A first step

I came across this beautiful and meaningful text Mike Makai posted on his Facebook page. It is an excerpt from his excellent book “Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook”. It is a must read for anyone who is new to, interested in or a long time adept of this fascinating and intense lifestyle.
Check out Mike’s site. It contains lots of useful information. (26/12/2015)

It started with a fantasy where Princess told me she would be delighted to wear a collar during our holiday next week.

Not feasible though. Princess’s play collar is an elegant leather collar and leash system I picked up in a dog store.

Recently Princess expressed her wish to wear a discrete day collar.

We are not going to do this in a hurry though. I want to find something very special and tasteful. After all we are both taking a huge commitment and render permanent what we already share.
Then I would like us to write our vows. A collaring ceremony would be a nice touch. The Dungeon springs to mind and I know Princess already likes the idea.

So where are we now?
I feel these past few weeks I have been growing even more as a Dom. It makes me feel great in every imaginable way.
I am so very grateful for your love, Princess.

Does this mean Princess won’t be wearing a collar during our week’s holiday?
No, it does not.

Yesterday I shop windowed at a jewellery store and there I saw Plan B. It is a beautifully crafted item. There is only one problem… there are two items I particularly like. So I’ll have to make a choice.
This will be the first step in the collaring process.

Princess and I are really going to do this.

From Mike Makai
From Mike Makai