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I’ve been a Dom as long as I can remember and I love giving pain and pleasure to Princess, my Love, playing her like a piano, using both the black and the white keys, not in an equal amount though.

I must admit that what pleasures me a lot is the aftercare because it brings us so close to one another, an intimacy hard to describe but so pure and intense.

I am an IT professional and a freelance photographer.

I love to think that I have freed myself from all prejudices, that I have a free spirit, that I am open minded.

As a skilled photographer, specialized in landscape and macro photography I know beauty can be found everywhere, even in places where one least expects it.

Finding internal beauty though is something I cherish and are among those fine surprises life tends to give.

First Swingers Club Visit – Part 1

I picked Princess up at 7 pm. She looked gorgeous in her red coat. A broad and happy smile.
Princess is a natural beauty. She does not need make-up. Yet she had used some in a very discrete way. It made Princess even more beautiful and radiant.
Earlier that day I had texted Princess telling her what I wanted her to wear. Also, if she had the time, polishing her nails red would be great. I added the goal was for her to feel very sexy and desirable.
I hadn’t told Princess where I was talking her but later that evening she told me she had a hunch. Adding that she had hoped it would be, finally, the swingers club.
When I first met Princess, over 6 years ago, I sensed she was a submissive, impatient to be born.
I had and have the incredible honor to introduce and guide Princess in the world of BDSM.
Later, preparing The Stranger fantasy, I became quite sure Princess was open for far more.
Princess liked the idea of visiting a swingers club but only in some kind of D/s dynamic. Like me choosing a guy for her and so on. She did not like the idea of going for sex only.
Yet deep down I was sure Princess would enjoy just that: being used, the sex.
We arrived at the club at little past 9.
On the parking lot quite some Dutch license plates. The Netherlands are only a few miles away.
We entered the club.
Entry fee was 40 Euro for the both of us.
Drinks included.
The guy asked if we were first time visitors.
He gave me a key for our locker and a short explanation.
Also he told us to warn him if we encountered a pushy man. Such behavior was not tolerated at the club.
This I found on the website of the club :
This is not a couples only club. Couples are supposed to mingle with the single men. The club would make sure single men did not overcrowd. Couples whom have a problem with that are better of in other, couple only, clubs.
Couples where the man is more active than the wife are not welcome.
The club’s niche is threesomes and group sex.
That’s why I chose this club.
Princess and I got ready.
I was wearing only a black boxer-shirt.
“It seems to me the tables have turned,” Princess chuckled.
I smiled.
In BDSM clubs Princess is the one being naked most of the time.
Now I was almost naked while Princess was wearing sexy lingerie.
At the bar we ordered wine. There was a pole, a disco ball and seventies & eighties music. Lots of people of all ages except for very young people.
We walked around the place.
There was a small cinema with a few chairs and a huge bed in front, under the silk screen.

They projected old porn flicks. Hairy cocks and pussies and natural looking women. Blacks with huge cocks.


I closed my eyes.
For a moment I imagined Princess there, on the bed, with a few men and me.  A gang bang maybe.
People watching.
Men jacking off.
Princess wet and horny, moaning, panting and being fucked and fucked and then some more.
Oh boy.

We continued our visit of the place.
Glory holes, a jacuzzi, showers, small rooms and bigger rooms. Cupboards with towels and like a zillion condoms.
Not that much light.
I felt good and comfy and so did Princess. For me this was a very old fantasy/dream finally coming true.
Back at the bar a man came to us.
He grabbed her hand.”I like you,” he told Princess, “you look gorgeous. Can I touch you? If you and your friend are okay with that of course.”
Princess looked at me.
I nodded yes.
Before entering the club I had told Princess I wanted her to have a ball. To enjoy the evening. Go with the flow and simply be herself.
I had no restrictions whatsoever except for our few rules.
No kissing.
Sucking and fucking with a rubber.
We stay together. No solo activities.

Princess  was free to have no sex or fuck every living soul in the club and anything in between.
I pulled down a cup of her bra and told the guy to enjoy himself.
Soon Princess was kissing me with fierce intensity. Her tongue flicking in and out my mouth with deep desire and sexual hunger.
This was a different Princess. An assertive woman in total balance with her sexuality, ready to enjoy the total freedom I had given her.
The man was playing with her breast while fingering her.
I noticed Princess had pulled out his cock and was jerking him off.
Way to go, I thought and I smiled. I felt proud of my Princess. It was clear she was self-confident and having fun.
Princess almost went trough her knees when she came.
I looked at the guy.
“You like eating pussy?” I asked.
“Oh yes, you have such a gorgeous woman,” he sighed.
I grabbed Princesses’ hair and said “come with me.”
In one of the corridors I pushed her up a few stairs. There was a small alcove.
“Lay down and enjoy,” I told her pulling down her panties.
I held Princess in my arms. I noticed how she spontaneously spread her legs in a welcoming gesture.
Hungry the man went down on her.
“Ohhhhh…. ” Princess moaned, pressing her mouth against my shoulder. Soon I felt her teeth sink in my flesh while she was swept away on a roller-coaster of orgasms.Our first evening ever in a swingers club had taken a flying start.
To be continued

A first one again

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Day 10 of not having central heating. Every day it is a little more colder in my apartment. There are worse things in life though. I could be living in a cardboard box under a bridge. Live on the streets.

Princess and I have moved to more intimate playing. I start with a tight binding. Princess is naked before we start or I pull away fabric when she is tied up.
Then I give Princess pain on different levels. I do use a cane quite a lot lately. I mix it with clothespins, candle wax, and scratching like with forks.
Sometimes I alternate with more pleasurable stimuli.
Most of the time I don’t.

It is about pushing Princesses’ boundaries. She enjoys the soothing and warm bubble that deep subspace can be.

It is too chilly in the living-room to play comfortably. The bedroom to small.

So this evening Princess and I are going out.

Princess lets me organize evenings. She likes me to guide and surprise her.

There is a workshop at our favorite BDSM club, PDN. It is about working with leather and rubber. Interesting, I am sure, but not for us. I want to take Princess to something new and, if possible, completely different.

We have been talking about visiting another BDSM club nearby. We’ll be checking out that place soon.

Not tonight though.

Princess and I have been talking for ages about visiting a swingers club.

Princess has some very distinct fantasies. Me picking a random guy for her for example.
I share her fantasies.

I love watching Princess having sex with another man.
It drives me wild. In a swingers club she can have even sex with a few men.
Princess knows I’d love to turn her into a hot fuckslut and she likes the idea, I’m sure.

The thing that has been holding me back is the fact that I have no desire having sex with a woman other than Princess.

Princess is sure that I’ll think different when we are there. She also told me she has no problem me fucking another woman.

There is a moment though when one has talked enough. When it is time to take real action. When the tough get going.

This evening, Saturday, November 11, I am taking Princess to a swingers club. It will be my first one and for us, as a couple, a first one also.

In an ideal world we’d love to combine BDSM and swinging. The club we are visiting this evening has a monthly event doing just that. But that’s on a Friday evening and thus not that easy to organize for us.

I am sure Princess and I are going to enjoy our very first evening in a swingers club.
I am looking forward to it.
So does Princess.

Thoughts – November 9, 2017

I’ve been without central heating since November 1, a holiday in many countries.

My landlord had trouble finding someone who was not on vacation or free so it took a while.

Yesterday a repairman came by. He told me the boiler was beyond repair. Old and wearied out.  Obviously my landlord told the guy to replace the boiler.

I’m hoping it will happen sometime next week.

I have a small electric heater and it is more than enough for our bedroom.

It does not heat our living room though. Every evening I light like a zillion tea lights.

Despite good insulation it is getting colder in my apartment. These past two nights temperatures outside went a little under 0°C (32°F) already.

Combining the heater and tea lights isn’t enough anymore for my large living room. In the evenings it is rather chilly. After diner I move to the bedroom where the small heater is at its best. It vaguely reminds me of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where they bunker themselves in that room with the open fire.

Little A. isn’t staying with me this weekend so that is a good thing.
I can read, surf, and see films in the bedroom if it is too cold in the living room.

It does not bother me though. There are far worse things.
I like to think of what Confucius once said: “I complained about not having shoes until I met someone who had no feet.

Playing at home is not an option. It isn’t comfortable enough.
So for Saturday evening I planned an evening out with Princess.

We are going to a club we haven’t visited before.
It is a 40 minute drive.

It might be a BDSM club or it might be our very first visit to a swingers club.
It’s a surprise for Princess.

Futomomo. Detail.

Princess, I and Princess, I and The Stranger meet again – Part Two – Threesome

I cuffed Princess and took her to the bedroom. Laid her on the bed and blindfolded her.
Then went back to the living room where The Stranger was still trying to coil rope.
“Come,” I said.
He knew what was going to happen next.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
“And so does Princess?”
“Yes we are both sure. Come.”
The Stranger followed me to the bedroom.

“Put on a rubber,” I told him and gave him the box, “and don’t let us wait.”
I dropped my boxer short and got on the bed.
While The Stranger was fumbling nervously with the condom I grabbed Princess by her ankles and spread-eagled her. Except for the garter belt, the stockings, the leather cuffs, her collar and the blindfold she was naked.
Then with roughness I pulled her towards me and mounted her. This was not about making love but about enjoying a good and memorable fuck.

For me it was about being a voyeur sitting on the front row in the best seat available. For Princess about being used, broadening her horizon. Of course it was not limited to these reasons only.
The Stranger got on the bed too. I quickly looked at his dick to make sure protection was in place.
Then I pulled back, laid next to Princess, pushed her legs even wider open with my foot.
Invited him in.

He pushed his cock against her while Princess lifted her hips. Watching him slide his cock deep in the woman I love beyond reason, noticing how Princesses’ legs clenched around his hips and seeing her breasts dance on the pace of his relentless trusts was maddening.
I kept my hand on her cheek, caressed her head while kissing her, making sure she knew I was very close.
“Off,” I growled.
He pulled back, I slid in.
After a few hard trusts we switched.
We went on and on while Princess was fighting against an orgasm.

The Stranger mounted her again. I pulled her blindfold of Princesses’ face and we watched each other.
“Cum for me,” I whispered.
I watched her cum, her beautiful eyes closed, then opened again. A long sigh, a scream and then she came. Her gaze changed as if she had witnessed, for a millisecond, heaven.

Oh boy, it was so intense. There is no way I can begin to describe how it felt.
We went on and on. Fucked Princess in turn. Hard. No mercy. Just banging her. Using Princess. Fucking Princess.

The Slave surprised me when he asked me, non-verbal, to do it doggy style.

I freed Princess from her cuffs and ordered her to turn around.

Soon she was looking at me, her ass high up, The Stranger’s hands firmly holding her hips and then grabbing her butt while trusting like a madman.

From my point of view this was the hottest thing I’ve even seen. Princess had become a total slut, enjoyed the hard fuck and looked at me with those beautiful eyes of her, her look filled with pleasure and hotness.
Just before she came again she whispered ‘I love you.’
I know, Princess, I really know and I would die for you.
While The Stranger fucked my love from behind I made Princess suck me. Afterwards she told me that was even hotter than being fucked by two men. Servicing two men at the same time was an intense experience.
Once again we switched. I fucked Princess while Princess sucked The Stranger’s cock.

This was sex and pleasure and enjoyment at its purest. The culmination of a year of preparation. The ultimate proof of trust. Or love. Or both. Whatever.
It was absolutely heaven, maddening, hot and so much more. And so beautiful on sop many levels, both spiritual as physical.
I had been playing and topping The Stranger. I had been playing with Princess and then engaged in a threesome.
Slowly it started to take its toll. I felt myself sliding into another mindset where watching and enjoying prevailed over everything else. I could not get hard anymore. I did not care. I was getting so much out of this and so did Princess.
“Milord, don’t you think The Stranger should be rewarded with a release?”
Princess was damn right. What a host was I to expect The Stranger not to enjoy an orgasm while Princess had almost drowned in her own orgasms?
“You can come, slave,” I said. “Fuck her doggy style and let yourself go.”
“On your knees, Princess and let my slave cum.”
I played with myself while I held Princess with my other arm.
I watched his fingers buried deep in her hips. I drowned in Princesses’ eyes filled with lust.

He fucked Princess as if it was the last thing he’d ever do.
The Stranger found my eyes when he whispered he was going to cum.
His face changed, his jaw clenched. The Stranger threw his head backward and screamed against the ceiling, against god while he ejaculated deep in Princesses’ belly.
She came too, heavily panting and a smile on her face as if she had seen god himself.
The Stranger pulled back. The tip of his rubber filled with his sperm.
Princess fell into my arms.
We kissed.
“Good girl,” I whispered.
She smiled.
Then it was over.
We lay there for about twenty minutes.
The three of us.

Then I made clear he had to go.
We said goodbye.
I closed the door.
We were alone again, Princess and I.
I fucked her.
Over and over.
Made her mine again.

Princess is mine.
And I am Princesses’.
When I turned the lights out Princess was already asleep.
The poor thing was exhausted.
It had been a maddening, unique and intense experience.
I held Princess in my arms while I too skidded into the oblivion of sleep.
While I whispered how much I loved her.

Maybe next time…


Princess, I and The Stranger meet again – Part One

Saturday, February 4.

Finally we were to meet again for a much anticipated play-evening at my place.

Most of the afternoon I spend getting everything ready. Then, at 7 pm, I picked up Princess at her place.

I asked Princess to put on her black stockings with the red top and backseam. A garter belt of course and a sexy yet very cheap black thong.

“No bra, Milord?”
“Not really, but I’ll make you a breast harness with the Semenawa rope.”
“Oh boy,” she sighed.

Princess loves the harsh rope on her skin and I made sure it was a tight bondage. I left her arms free.
When I grabbed her breasts and moved and massaged them gently Princess could feel the intensity of the rope.
I’ll be using this rope more in the future because it brings Princess in a particular head space and creates a feeling of helplessness.

Then The Stranger arrived. He had brought a little something for Princesses’ birthday. Very thoughtful.

We drank some wine, talked and then he showed me his slave hood he had bought on a well know Chinese site.

It was from imitation leather, well finished and seemingly high quality too. A gag-ball in the form of a small penis could be stuck in the mouth-opening. The opening for the eyes could also be covered. No opening at the nose so air needed to be sucked in via the mouth opening. How on earth somebody could breathe with the gag ball in place puzzled me very much.
The Stranger told me he had already put it on once but it became quickly very hot in there.

It was time to play.
The only restriction I gave Princess and The Stranger was that they were not allowed to cum without my permission.

Then I ordered The Stranger to strip, allowing him to keep his boxer shorts on. While he undressed Princess and I watched.

I did a first rope session, a reverse box tie, and then I put on his slave hood and made some photographs.

Then I undid the bondage and tied a normal box tie. Made some photographs again. I guess we were 20 minutes in the scene. Suddenly The Stranger, sitting on his knees started swinging back and forth.
“I don’t feel well,” he muttered.
I undid him from his hood as quick as I could. I’m sure he would have fainted otherwise.

The slave in color

He was sweating very hard so I dipped his face with some tissue paper. Gave him water to drink.
“I think this slave mask is not such a good idea,” he smiled.

I gave The Stranger some time to recover.

Then we continued the scene.
I made him stand up, still tied in a box tie. Now The Stranger was wearing a simple blindfold.

There was this enormous bulge in his boxer short.
I sat next to Princess on the couch and sipping some wine.
“Be a good girl and help him out of his undies,” I told her.
She stood up.
“Do it sexy, Princess. Pleasure my eyes.”

I loved watching Princess being sexy, letting her hands dance over his skin and then slowly pulling down his boxer short.

She came back and sat down next to me.
“You did well, Princess”, I said and got up.

I held his cock in my fist for a while, moving my hand up and down in a very slow pace. His cock felt warm and surprisingly soft. The Stranger is very well hung and even if I know that size does not matter I felt a little intimidated.

I grabbed some 3mm (3/32”) rope and weaved a cock cage. Halfway I stopped to make eye-contact with Princess. She was lying leisurely on the couch and masturbating while she watched me play with his cock and rope.

“Take a rubber, Princess and bring it to me.”
I ripped the package open and slid the rubber over his hard cock.

“On your knees, Princess. I want you to suck my slave.”

Princess got on her knees and started sucking him as if her life depended on it. Then I dropped my pants and soon Princess was serving us both.

“Only him now,” I growled and pulled up my pants again.
Got on my knees and helped Princess. This is really as far as I would go with a man. Strange because licking his nipples or kissing would be a bridge too far already.

I stopped the scene when The Stranger was on the brink of an orgasm.

We took five, while I untied him. Gave him attention and care and then I did an extensive bondage on Princess.

February 4, 2017
Preparing a play-evening at our place

With my knife I cut away her panty and while I tortured her breasts with clothes pins and then with hot wax The Stranger used the fuck stick on Princess. I gave him the vibrator to and soon Princess was fighting an orgasm.

I kissed Princess and made sure she knew I was close and near.
“Give me an orgasm,” I whispered.
It was an intense release.

“Thank you Milord,” Princess sighed.

I looked at my slave, The Stranger, pointed to my tongue and then to her pussy and made him clear I wanted him to lick Princess.

With much enthusiasm The Stranger went down on Princess and then, after a short while, I took his place and then we swapped again and we did so until the love of my life came again.

We had been playing for almost 2 hours and a half.

My slave and Princess both seemed happy, content and satisfied and hungry for what was to follow.

I untied Princess, held her close, felt her hear beating as mad.
Kissed her.

“Are you ready for what we have been talking about?” I whispered.
“Yes, I am, Milord.”
“Sure?” I insisted.
“Yes, I am very sure. I want to experience and share this with you.”

“Okay. Be a good girl now and coil the rope.”

I went to our bedroom. Lit the candles. Made sure there was plenty of kitchen roll and condoms.
Adjusted the lights.

February 4, 2017
Preparing a play-evening at our place

Back in the living room Princess chuckled The Stranger had given her an assignment by proposing to coil the rope while I was off to the bedroom. Later she told me he sucked at it but simply wanted to do something useful.

I cuffed Princess and took her to the bedroom. Laid her on the bed and blindfolded her.

Then went back to the living room where The Stranger was still trying to coil rope.

“Come,” I said.
He knew what was going to happen next.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.

“And so does Princess?”
“Yes we are both sure. Come.”

He followed me to the bedroom.

Oh boy. This was going to be a first one. Not only for Princess but for us as a couple.

To be continued

The slave in black & white


The end of “4”

It started as a very stressful evening.
Yet it changed, over time, so much for us, Princess, Stella and I, and I feel grateful having been a part of this story. I’ve learned being patient and understanding but most of all I experienced the satisfaction of opening my heart and mind to others and I got two treasures of real gold back in return.
Boy it was one heck of a ride!
This is how I experienced it and I know for Princess it was only a sad continuation of loved ones in psychiatric care.
For Stella it was and is, I think, more about growing, transcending her selves and she did one hell of a fine job.

On January 3th (2013) Princess and I fetched Stella and Star at the maternity, drove to the city so Stella could officially register her daughter and then I drove them to the Mother/Baby psychiatric care unit that I soon started to call simply “4”.

What I remember of that evening is that I had to stop on many occasions so Stella could run out of the car and vomit. Stress.
At the care unit I told Princess to take care of her daughter and the baby, I would unload the car.
The brick I had put against the door to prevent it to close slipped away and the doorbell didn’t work. So I rang Princess and felt her iPhone vibrate in my back pocket. I finally found myself yelling “Hey my love open the door” on the street and it took a fucking long time before it occurred to Princess I was missing. Ah, love… 🙂

A few weeks later, during our first Salsa dance lesson, Stella texted everyone in her phone book telling them she was infected with some deadly disease and prayed Star would be in good hands. That evening Princess and I spend our time doing damage control, texting and phoning, assuring friends and family nothing was wrong.
Psychosis is so nasty, so mind fucking, an evil SOB, I know, I have been there too, not that bad or deep but I know what it is. What it feels like.
During her pregnancy Stella was not able to take her medication and finally psychosis kicked in again.

It took some time for Stella to get a grip and the drugs to work. I saw a distressed and lost girl, a young mother, clawing to survive in those first weeks of the year 2013.

During the first few months I kept a low profile as Stella has an issue with trust but then she started to accept me. It was a very slow process though, but I could relate to that. Some things take time as long as there is the intention of making progress.
The Boy, Ar and Bo for example, Princesses other kids, never ever, in the two years Princess and I are together, made an effort to get to know me, they simple banned me from the start, the “foreign = bad” mentality.

When Princess could not free herself from work I drove Stella and Star to “4” and during the trip there was small talk, mostly questions from Stella, curious to find out who I am.
Princess and I took Stella and Star twice on a day trip and both times it was fabulous and fun.

Past Wednesday, the penultimate trip to “4”, I drove Stella and Star as Princess had to work. We talked and Stella confided to me, told me about her feelings towards her father and when I briefed Princess she simply told me it was so great to see how Stella trusts me and tells me things she does not want to tell her therapist.

I must admit, I consider Stella almost as my daughter and Star as my granddaughter although I officially never will be. Neither Stella nor her siblings will ever accept that thought and I understand as doing so they would betray their late father.

Stella’s time at “4” was limited yet she stayed longer than most residents. I remember how many times we visited apartments so she could start a life on her own. Stella was turned down each time.
Single mom, no income (she has a replacement income), all the fucking blabla and more than once the not so nice thought occurred to me, hell, owner, I would like to see you on the streets to be spit on because you are, momentarily, out of luck.

Finally Star got an apartment through the social housing company. Her brother and sisters repainted the place, I did some things too and tomorrow, August 30th, Star and Stella are moving out of “4” and moving into a new life. For the first time Stella will be on her own yet closely followed up by different social support organizations.
Princess and I are going to fetch Stella and Star tomorrow.

I’m sure Stella will make it. She has her mother, and her brother and sisters to look after her and her little baby Star. And me.

It will be difficult though. For example I made a label with her name for the doorbell and asked for her permission to stick it on the doorbell. Not even half an hour later she asked me to take it away because it made her feel uncomfortable. Maybe her abusive ex-boyfriend and father of Star could track her down. Fears, trust, Stella has to coop with it.
But Stella and Star are surrounded by love and she will never be alone.

I wish Stella and Star all the best and I will do everything in my power to help them. They are a part of my family and I love them both very much.

Princess and I don’t live together so I am finally an outsider and I have some concerns.
Driving to “4” mostly took some 2 hours back and forth and half of that we were alone, Princess and I, stuck in the privacy of the car and being able to discuss everything. That will be gone.
Stella has subscribed to several evening courses and I’ve promised her that, when the weather is bad, I’ll drive her back and forth as she has to do everything with the bicycle.
So in the future I’ll be seeing her now and then.

But when Stella is on such an evening course it is Princess who will be babysitting and for convenience this will be at her place, her home where I am not welcome.
I’m barely tolerated at Princesses house, just accepted for the time it took to pick up Stella and Star when I drove them to “4”.
The Boy, Ar and Bo resent my presence in their mother’s home so I won’t see baby Star that much anymore and that idea makes me incredibly sad.

I will miss Star’s laughter and babbling, holding her, telling her stories so much.

The most important though is that Stella and Star are starting a new future. Stella has come a long way and I am so very proud of her.
I’ve seen just one year’s difference and it is remarkable.

Yes, I am so proud of Stella as if she is my daughter.
She really is something!

I will miss the time with Star and Stella so much…

Four or "4"


August 20th, 2013 – Looking back

Tuesday, September 6th 2011.
At noon my daughter’s mother called me and told me she was not going to the parent’s evening at Little A.’s school and asked me if I would attend.
I sighed, hell, why does she always assumes I have nothing else to do with my life than sitting in a chair and waiting to be called by her or my daughters.
As a matter of a fact I had no plans for that evening except just lying in my sofa and do some reading.

“Okay”, I told my Ex and hung up.
Later that evening, very much against my will, I walked to the school.
That evening would change my life in a way I would never held possible.
I met Her.
I met Princess.
And boy did she change my life in a positive way, so incredible.

A few weeks later, after some emailing, texting and phoning we went on our first date. It was September 20th and a misty evening and we had dinner in Shokudo a sushi restaurant and talked and talked.
It was the start of a beautiful trip.

An almost flawless ride with only a few disputes, my entire fault as they originated out of fears from my past and my frustration by not being accepted by her kids. The latter is now gradually changing in my favor, yet it is still a very slow process with Stella as an exception.

So today Princess and I are 23 months far in this incredible journey.

It has been an awesome time, filled with love and trust, mutual respect, growing together. I’ve learned new things, met new people and am motivated by Princess in my photography and writing resulting in this blog of ours.
We found each other and grew in this amazing D/s lifestyle and even if we don’t live it 24/7, it has its positive influence in our daily life.

We already enjoyed a few wonderful weekends together and we are looking forward to our first real holiday marking our 2nd anniversary and we are just starting.

Princess completed me, gave me even more self-confidence and I have become a better man.
Princess loves me unconditionally, as I do too.
We are engaged and one day in a not so far future we will say “I do”.
I remember us walking back to the car on our first date. Don’t ask me why but suddenly I heard myself ask if she would even marry again.
“NO, never ever again,” she answered and the words resonated against the brick walls of the old houses in the narrow street before being absorbed by the thickening fog.

Princess has changed my life in ways I have not yet grasped or understood.
So, Princess, I want to thank you for all the beauty and love and compassion and comprehension you have and are giving me.
Thank you for your trust and for believing in me.
Thank you, Princess, for the Love you give me. I have never experienced this kind of intense and deep and absolute love.

Princess, I love you so much I cannot find words to start to describe it. But that does not matter as I show it every single day as you do too.



August 15th, 2013

August 15th last year was one of the memorable moments we now are sharing, Princess and I.
That evening we were walking in Aarschot during the annual Saint Rochus festivities and on that occasion the city streets are only lit with candles.
We entered a church near the Beguinage and admired a huge chandelier hanging some 2 meters above the floor.
Before I could say something, I was hesitating, still carefully composing the phrase in my mind, Princess suddenly told me she could imagine lying naked, blindfolded and bound under it, exhilarated by not knowing when the next drop of hot candle wax would touch her skin.
I was stunned and joyful at the same time, not only because I wanted to say almost the same thing but it confirmed what we were already assuming. Our lovemaking was already a little rough but that evening was the starting point of our D/s journey and it is still is incredible liberating and beneficial for us.

Yesterday in the early evening I took Princess to the water- and watch-tower overlooking our village. It is built on an ancient dune and the 360° view from the top, some 71 meters above sea level, is pretty stunning.
Princess had never been up there and she enjoyed the visit, peeking through my binoculars. Even with the naked eye we could see the nuclear power plant of Doel and the lights of the industry concentrated around Antwerp Harbor some 30 kilometers in straight line from where we were standing.
Then we drove to Aarschot and finally found a parking spot in a field. It was clear we were not going to be alone, the Saint-Rochus fest is very popular.

It was so beautiful, fairy-like, moving and so romantic. All these little flickering candles in the streets, behind windows, some concentrated on balconies and along poles as small constellations in a milky way of yellow flames.
We both felt it, Princess and I, and we held hands while we walked, exchanging kisses and looking at each other, incredibly happy and so much in love.

Soon we arrived at the church and we entered and when we arrived at the chandelier we sat down, holding each other, smiling at the memories and I took a few photographs. It was memorable, like it was a year ago although I found the chandelier smaller than I remembered.

Object of desire

The streets were crowded and the terraces full but we found an empty table and sat outside, in the dark, surrounded by a few candles, enjoying a Leffe and gazing at the stars and at each other.

Having a drink

Time stood still and we talked about so much but mostly about out D/s lifestyle, our first play in “public”, on September 7th in The Fetish Café in Antwerp. We discussed which toys we absolutely wanted to take with us during our holiday week in Germany in a month from now.
Mostly though we looked at each other, smiling, kissing and we felt the electricity between us, the Love and the desire and the deep connection that bounds us.
It was here, in Aarschot, were we dated for the first time, it was in the park I gave Princess her first ring, almost a year ago and we will be back in Aarschot on September 20th to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

We came home a little past midnight and went to bed. We and I had to get up early for work.
Princess and I kissed and cuddled and made love. It was a little rough but it was intense and we both came.
I wished Princess good night and we slept and dreamt lying close to each other. and musings about censorship

It is up and running and although it still needs a little tweaking I am ready to go viral.

I am talking about my domain where I am hosting my blog Princess and I.

In a few weeks I will be only posting on but for the time being I’ll be posting on both and

I sincerely hope we, Princess and I will be finding you on very soon.

We’ve read stories about blogs that are shut down without warning because their content is a violation against the rules of the blog hosting company.

Let me give an example.
As a user of Pinterest I was asked, a few days ago, to remove an image because it was against their rules, referring to nudity that was “not artistic”.
Who the hell are those idiots to decide what is art and what is not?
One could establish a set of rules of course and even then the line between art and porn or whatever will be very thin.

There are a zillion images on Pinterest that show naked people and my image was an artsy one of a woman dressed in ropes. And yes, I guess one could see the shadow of a nipple. One can find lots of nipples on Pinterest.
Maybe Pinterest’s censorship is based on personal taste what makes it even worse.

So I was asked politely by some frustrated idiot to remove the “offending” image which I did ending my subscription too.
I do not need Pinterest or whatever but they need us, users, who generate their income. If we do not use their services they go broke, it is that simple.
Unfortunately the masses prefer accepting censorship to free speech.

Don’t get me wrong on this as there are of course boundaries to freedom of speech like inciting hate, racism, pedophilia, bestiality and so on.

I have tweaked my blog on and I am in a very bad mood and I’m working for Pinterest too, an underpaid side job and I have found two horrendous images that I think should need to be removed, not only from but from the Internet too.
As soon as possible.

Don’t forget…

Boss, I'm sorry, I do not feel well. My wife left me a week ago for my best friend's wife and at the moment I hate everything with boobs. I am rejecting this photograph, sorry, painting because it depicts group sex and that is against out policy. Yes Boss, I know, they are not yet fucking but one knows they will soon. There is also a degrading aspect because one can see in the lower right a man having strangulation sex with a woman. One can also notice a man without any arms but completely naked yearning for a blow job. Sorry Boss, I must be tired, sorry, but just noticed a half naked woman on the left enticing an almost naked kid with candy or something. Yours, Frustrated Idiot
I’m sorry, I do not feel well. My wife left me a week ago for my best friend’s wife and at the moment I hate everything with boobs. I am rejecting this photograph, sorry, painting because it depicts group sex and that is against out policy. Yes Boss, I know, they are not yet fucking but one knows they will soon.
There is also a degrading aspect because one can see in the lower right a man having strangulation sex with a woman.
One can also notice a man without any arms but completely naked yearning for a blow job.
Sorry Boss, I must be tired, sorry, but just noticed a half naked woman on the left enticing an almost naked kid with candy or something.
Frustrated Idiot
Dear Boss, as a Pinterest employe I am banning this image because this images shows two lesbians, one of them touching a naked child who on its turn is trying to fuck a lam. Or forcing it into a blow job, I am not sure about this. This clearly is against Pinterest rules. Yours, Frustrated Clerck.
Dear Boss, as a Pinterest employe I am banning this image because this images shows two lesbians, one of them touching a naked child who on its turn is trying to fuck a lam. Or forcing it into a blow job, I am not sure about this.
This clearly is against Pinterest rules.
Frustrated Clerck.


A personal note

I remember how my father stimulated my fantasy. He made me a member of the local library, I was 8 or 9 and he allowed me to read anything I wanted. When I had questions, he was always there to answer them. My father made me write or tell stories too and taught me never to take anything for granted. I had to think for myself.
I like to think my father helped me to become a man with a rich inner world, lots of imagination and gifted with an open mind.
He died long ago, when I was 13, and I still miss him although I know that over time my mind has crafted a glorified memory of him.

A while ago Princess and I rented a French movie called “The Untouchables” and tells the story of an aristocrat who has become quadriplegic from a paragliding accident. He hires a young man, his complete opposite, as a personal assistant.
It is a beautiful movie, satiated with sincere and intense emotions, friendship and hope. It is based on a true story too, making it even more authentic.
In one scene a prostitute is hired to satisfy the paralyzed man but because he is quadriplegic she concentrates on his earlobe, massaging it and making him climax in a way a normal man can’t.
The (human) body is a master in finding ways to substitute senses that are lost.
When I posted “What a night!” a few days ago Princess said she doubted if anyone would ever believe we are able to play for 4 hours in a row.

My first reaction, ‘I don’t care’, was soon erased by the fact I do not want this blog to be a lie or a fantasy. This blog is a part of our personal life we want to share, an online diary, an account of us, Princess and I and our D/s lifestyle.

So yes, I can keep up the pace without Viagra or any other drug.
I have my own sensitive earlobe called my inner world.

No, I can’t come that easy anymore, it has even become difficult and Princess and I can make love or fuck or play for a few evenings in a row without me not even spilling 1 spermatozoid.

Do I mind?
I did until I met Princess.

She loves the way I am because I meet her needs and Princess loves to be thoroughly fucked and yes, I can do that.

I do not cum so I remain not only hard but also aroused and focused. Princess is the center of my sexual attentions and she craves it.

I find absolute pleasure in pleasuring Princess and my gratification is situated deep in my mind, in my fantasy world when she comes over and over. When Princess ejaculates and snuggles even closer to me, tears in her beautiful eyes, then I am so happy, so intensely moved I know just spurting my goodies cannot even start to pleasure me in the same way.

My mind climaxes when Princess shivers and shakes and loses herself in subspace and she sighs and whispers a zillion times how much she loves me.
The intense pleasure of giving aftercare, holding and soothing my Love adds up to that.
I am no longer driven by my own desire so I can give pleasure in abundance to the woman I love so much and who is everything to me.
I give it all to Princess.

Princesses nipple and candle wax