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I’ve been a Dom as long as I can remember and I love giving pain and pleasure to Princess, my Love, playing her like a piano, using both the black and the white keys, not in an equal amount though.

I must admit that what pleasures me a lot is the aftercare because it brings us so close to one another, an intimacy hard to describe but so pure and intense.

I am an IT professional and a freelance photographer.

I love to think that I have freed myself from all prejudices, that I have a free spirit, that I am open minded.

As a skilled photographer, specialized in landscape and macro photography I know beauty can be found everywhere, even in places where one least expects it.

Finding internal beauty though is something I cherish and are among those fine surprises life tends to give.

Another (important) first

I’ve met Princess’ parents, sisters and brother at numerous occasions. Most of the time it was the two of us, or Stella & Star tagged along and on one occasion Kay, the youngest daughter who sits in the same grade as Little A. came with us too.

For The Boy, Ar and Bo my presence at such a family reunion was clearly a no. When Princess told them I was coming too, they simply chose to stay at home.

Princess and I share almost two fabulous years together and she found it was time to give a signal to her stubborn kids that she and I are a couple and are working on our future.

After long negotiations and discussions I was never part of, with their mother, The Boy, Ar en Bo finally agreed and this afternoon Princess and I and all her kids are going, albeit in two cars, to the anniversary party of Princess’ brother.

Thank you my love, for making this finally happening. I love you so much!

I can’t hide to fact that I’m really nervous but on the other hand this could be the starting point for The Three (The Boy, Ar and Bo) to ultimately start accepting me as their mother’s partner.

Princess and I bought a bottle of delicious and fine Laphroaig Single Malt as a birthday present for her brother.



“4” – How it went

Princess came to my place. We bought some flowers and drove to Stella’s place to put them in a vase on the table in her living.
Then we left but then Princess told me she was dying for some ice cream so on the road to “4” we stopped at an ice cream parlor and I offered my love a vanilla ice cornet.

Due to rush hour the traffic was dense and halfway I got a text from Stella with a simple “?” and when I phoned she sounded raging mad.
Apparently Princess had told her daughter we would arrive at 17:00 or so and we were already 45′ late.

When we arrived at “4” it was obvious Stella had been crying, she was angry and did not want to hug us.
While Princess soothed her daughter I loaded her belongings in the car and misplaced or lost my sunglasses in the process. They are on strength so I need to order a new pair.
Shit happens, nothing to worry about, it is not that I can’t see without them.

It took time before Stella had said farewell to the staff and the other mothers that are residing there. An intense process it was that did not go without the necessary hugs and tears.

Then we left the mother/baby care unit for the last time and we all felt kind of relieved.
I’m sure Stella is not yet fully aware that “4” is now a closed chapter and I can only hope she will do fine.
She has cleaning help and will be visited by the Child & Family Organization as by psychological home care.
Her mother and her sisters and brother live nearby and she has me to count on as well.
I’m happy so say Stella has already two entries in my agenda where I’m scheduled to drive her to some far away appointments.

In our hometown I took them shopping for groceries and then Princess and Stella came to my place because baby Star was very hungry.

Then they all left, Stella and Star and Princess.

Almost three hours later Princess was back again and we went to bed, both exhausted and tired and we soon fell asleep, our bodies’ close.

Much later, on this Saturday, I wished Princess good morning and she smiled and seeing her doing so is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.



Thoughts – August 26th, 2013

Yesterday evening was the finale of 2 months of festivities in my hometown.
Each Sunday, during July and August, there are two concerts. In the morning on the square in front of the church one can enjoy brass bands and in the evening on the public square near where I live local rock bands give their best.

Past Saturday there was, in the center of the town, a huge music festival called Hestival that started at 3 PM and ended at 2 AM.
Sunday morning people were invited to participate in a running event too.
And then Heist Zingt as finale and all this is free.

Princess and I attended Heist Zingt where cover bands bring the best of Flemish and Dutch music and we swayed with our arms and sang along and laughed and kissed each other amidst a large and enthusiastic public. We had a wonderful time and we felt happy and airy.

It started to rain so we called it a day, Princess had to get up early for work. Back home we wished Little A. goodnight and went to bed. While we made love I left the window open so we could enjoy the music. Princess climaxed very intense and for a while I held her in my arms and then pleasured her again.
I then gave an encore.
Finished worshipping my love with one for the road.
We slept well, Princess and I, our naked bodies entwined, holding each other and enjoying the warmth and the love, surrounded by the sweet odor of blistering and passionate sex.

Today it is Monday and I promised Little A.  we’d go to the movies. She wants to see The Smurfs 2 and in 3D, a first for me except for some short movie at Disney’s in Paris.

I’m already feeling a little sad though as tomorrow is her last day with me and I know I am going to miss my daughter so very much.

Heist Zingt - 2013


A corset

Part of the fun of going to a BDSM club is getting prepared.

I know I will wear black shoes, black pants and a black or dark grey shirt and a black vest covering the black Valentino underwear.
I will have my dark brown Arthur & Aston briefcase with me filled with toys and rope.

Princess will be at my side and I want her to be very sexy and that is not a problem because Princess, without anything, is already blinding erotic.

She simply is a natural beauty.

So I bought Princess a corset.

It reveals nothing but underlines the beauty of Princesses body. Princess is mine, no one will touch Princess and her beauty will not be shown because I respect her more than I respect myself.

So no nudity except for what one can see at, for example, the swimming pool.



Smoke gets in your eyes

Sometimes we do stupid stuff and occasionally we think we can even defeat our vices.
We can’t and do not try this at home.

In 1989 I promised the mother of my daughters I would quit smoking the day we married.
Yes, I have my shortcomings, we all have them, but a promise is a promise and the day after I said yes I quit smoking. Like that. No nicotine gum or other shit, just the fact I wanted to stop and I had made a promise.

A few years ago, long after my divorce, on a warm summer evening, Big A. visited me and then stepped out on my terrace to smoke a cigarette. And for the sake of nearness I asked her for one and joined her. Fuck, it tasted like hell but a week later, when she visited me again it tasted better.
Please don’t get me wrong. I am not incriminating Big A.
It was my choice.
It is that simple.

For a while it worked and then, one evening I felt terribly blue and went to the night shop and bought a few cans of beer.
And, fuck it, a pack of cigarettes.

Very soon I was smoking a box (29 pieces – 6,20 Euro) a day.
I was hooked on evil shit again.

There was something strange though.
I met Princess and when I told her I smoked she did not believe me. I could spend an entire evening or a weekend with her without touching a cigarette, without missing it, longing for the prickling smoke in my lungs.

One day Little A. told me I had a bad breath when I came back from my terrace and a few weeks later she asked me to stop, please, before it is to late.

It is impossible to beat one’s daemons only for satisfying someone else so it took me some time to motivate myself. I lost my father when I was 13 and I did not want that for Little A. or Big A. of course although our relation is much more difficult nowadays.
Finally it was a promise that motivated me.

I promised Princess we would grow old together. It was as simple as that because it was not only a promise but also a wish.
The only thing I needed was a window to stop.

Little A. and I left for a one-week holiday in the Loire region, France, last year, on August 20th and that morning, before stepping in my car I smoked my last one.
No surrogates.
Just stopped smoking.
It was not easy at all, believe me, and Little A. and Princess, during the first weeks, had to endure my very bad temper.
But I made it.

Trust me on this but I will never ever think I can smoke one cigarette without paying the consequences.

I quit smoking a second time one year and one day ago and I do not miss it at all. I do not need that shit.
It is all in one’s mind.

Do not stop smoking to pleasure someone. It simply won’t work.

You can only stop if you really want to stop and when it is your own choice.




About writing and Princess

As her Dominant I like to give Princess assignments as I want to help developing herself.
Some are for our pleasure only. Like a few weeks ago, when I asked her to show up at my door as a working girl ordered by me. She would ring the bell and wait for me to open and everything else was up to her.
Princess went the whole nine yards and bedazzled me, showing up in a shocking short white dress with white lace stockings and a gather belt. It ended in one of our more memorable plays.

The second kind of assignment is more challenging.
We text a lot, Princess and I, and on numerous occasions I’ve noticed she can really play with words and pinpoint the essence in a short and amazing phrase.
I would love to see her develop this but Princess thinks she sucks when it comes to writing. I do not agree with this so I try to stimulate her in every way I can.

So one of her assignments is to write a short piece for this blog.
Initially I wanted Princess to do one a month, delivered in time so I can post it on that magical 20th of each month. I did not set any limitation and the topics and style are free to choose from.
Reality showed me it was an impossible goal to set for Princess because of her busy working life and looking after a family of 5 kids plus Stella taking even more of her time.
(I do not know how it works for you, dear Reader and/or Blogger, but I write in my head, chew the words, change the order of words, correct and rewrite when needed. When I finally sit down the text is ready to be typed.)

When we are at my place I want to make sure Princess unwinds, calms down, finds peace of mind and relaxes. I want her to feel happy, complete and pleasure her in every way I can. No time for writing.

Every now and then though Princess finds time and inspiration and then texts her contribution.
It is always fine poetry, still raw though and it needs a little polishing, yet in my opinion Princess excels in this area of literature.

Stunning poetry written in the simple beauty of well-composed words digging up deep and sincere emotions in and from our D/s lifestyle.

On our blog she has her own spot, Princesses Corner.

I received a poem from Princess a few days ago and I’m still working on it, trying to translate it so it matches the purity of the original.
All that I can say for now is that Princess wrote a breathtaking piece of poetry, transcending herself with what she has written before.

Princess, my Love, I am so very proud of you!

 Princess texted me