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I’ve been a Dom as long as I can remember and I love giving pain and pleasure to Princess, my Love, playing her like a piano, using both the black and the white keys, not in an equal amount though.

I must admit that what pleasures me a lot is the aftercare because it brings us so close to one another, an intimacy hard to describe but so pure and intense.

I am an IT professional and a freelance photographer.

I love to think that I have freed myself from all prejudices, that I have a free spirit, that I am open minded.

As a skilled photographer, specialized in landscape and macro photography I know beauty can be found everywhere, even in places where one least expects it.

Finding internal beauty though is something I cherish and are among those fine surprises life tends to give.

So many possibilities…

An evening in a Sushi restaurant, some two years ago.
Princess and I are enjoying diner.
At a table next to ours two guys, in their thirties.
For some reason we connect.
We have fun, talk, laugh. Princess and I and the two guys.
Then we leave, Princess and I.
Back home we fantasize.
What if we had invited those guys over to our place?
What if they had been open for some extra fun?
What if did not happen.
Maybe it would not have happened after all, for whatever reason.
Yet it stays, up to today, a strong fantasy of ours. 
Many moons later we have The Stranger at our place.
It is the very first time we play with three.
There is some sex but not much.
It is all way to new.
I made a few photos though. The Christmas tree is also on one of them. That tree was also a first one in the 10 years I live alone.
After that we grew more confident, Princess and I.
An extra male play partner, once in a blue moon, is a lot of fun. And for me a challenge in finding a good scenario and creating a fluid and erotic play evening.
I am thinking about putting an ad on Fetlife or so and recreate that evening at the Sushi eating place.
Well, I won’t choose for a restaurant but more for a pub. A guy, a switch or a Dominant, would approach us, play a game of seduction. He would be following a scenario I have already written but should be creative enough to go with the flow.
It would be about seduction and challenge and curiosity. We would end the evening at our place. BDSM and a threesome, a titillating and arousing mixture.
Princess and I are fully into BDSM. But dabbling our toes in the world of swingers sounds like fun too.
Princess enjoys being used and I enjoy watching her being used. And all the sensations in between and around.
Image found on Pinterest. Source unknown.

Thoughts – November 2, 2017

It has been quite a while since my last post. Not much did happen. Princess and I went out to the club a few times. We’ve also been playing a lot at home.

I have the feeling we are moving more and more to s&m play. Rope of course. Tight binding as it creates quite some emotions for Princess. Helplessness but also coziness.
A blindfold.
Always a blindfold.

The tying done with domination. It helps pushing Princess in a mindset I want to plant on.
Utter submission.
Adding a slight touch of fear for what is coming.
Mindfucking is such a powerful tool.

Lately I have been using the cane almost exclusively. Just letting the tip trail over her body makes Princess shiver with delight and fear.
That is a very fruitful mixture.
So caning is an interesting opener for an intense play evening.
Wooden clothespins are always a success. Princess’s sides, her groin or the sensitive skin an inch or so below her belly button.
Holding a vibrator against the tips of these clothespins make them dance. It makes them hurt as hell and the mere idea makes me hard.

But mostly I use candle wax. I have a collection of candles with a low or medium melting point.
Belly, thighs, sides are very painful but on Princesses’ back it gives a more soothing effect.

The mindfucking, the caning, the clothespins, and the hot wax all work together to bring Princess into deep subspace. In between I might push Princess a few times to the brink of an orgasm.
When the scene ends Princess is floating. Closed eyes, a smile. I cover her naked body with a fleece and hold her. Give Princess something to drink.

These are moments we are so close it feels like we are two hearts, two souls in one body.

Image found on Pinterest. Source unknown

Thoughts – October 6, 2017

Princess and I  enjoyed our trip to Poland. It rained most of the time but we were together. The bad weather did not stop us. One can protect himself from cold and rain.

We did not make love in the evening because we were simply to exhausted. Instead we watched a movie every single evening. Cozy on the couch. Princess and I. Simply the two of us enjoying a few days of living together 100% of the time.
Sure we quarreled a few times. I live alone, Princess has her kids. Two worlds colliding. We made it. We survived the bad weather, the cold, the quarrels because our love is deep, because, finally, Princess and I are one.

Back home we started to play again. Yes, it had been quite some time since that last evening we played. D/s for some reason had become less important yet we can’t live without it.

I introduced The Stranger in our life. Then there was Sid, The Stranger Part 2. We had fun, Princess and I and it made us even stronger. It made us feel even closer, this secret of lust and desire we shared.

It is just fun. Just sex. Coloring outside the lines. I am sure some of you dislike this. Love should stay pure, untouched.
We are just discovering each other’s sexuality and there is nothing wrong with that. Hell, we are giving each other that necessary space to discover our deepest sexual fantasies. We talk, open and honest. We play, we experiment.

In the end it is just the two of us, Princess and I.
The liberty, the openness, the space is just one little part of whom we are, Princess and I.

This blog is and always will be a personal diary. This blog is not for you. It is our story and we have chosen to share it with whom is interested.

I have noticed a dramatic drop in the reading stats since Princess and I started experimenting with others.

I believe most of our Readers followed us because our relation is near to perfect. Believe me, it still is. Only a secure, honest and deep relation makes it possible for two people to travel together into the dark abyss of each other’s sexual desires.
And survive it.

In a few weeks from now I am taking Princess to a Swinger’s club. If all goes well I’ll invite a few men to fuck her. I’ll be in charge. I’ll make the scene happen in a way that makes Princess happy.
She’ll be used. I’ll give the orders. I’ll say the words Princess loves to hear.

That is love at its best. She has desires, I have desires. We match them and enjoy them.

At the end Princess cries in my arms, tells me her deepest secrets, trusts me 100%. And vice versa.
That is what connects us. Two souls being one.

True love is not about lying or pretending.
It is about being yourself with your partner.
And some other stuff too.


To Kraków and back

Saturday, September 16.
Late afternoon.
I’m packing my suitcase and camera bag.
The phone rings. It is Little A. wishing Princess and me a great trip. On the background I hear Ex speaking to our daughter.
Then Little A. repeats what her mother said.
Oh boy.
Then my iPhone pings. A message from Big A. telling me to check my mail as she does not want to get up early and drive us to the airport for nothing.

What the fuck is all this about?
I check the newspaper.
Oh my.
One of the headlines reads “Ryanair to tell 400,000 passengers of cancelled flights after roster ‘mess-up’”

Ryanair promises their customer it will cancel 40 to 50 flights to and/or fro every day until October 31.
Luckily Princess and I are not concerned.

Sunday, September 17.
Big A. picks us up and we arrive at Charleroi Airport (the so called Brussels-South) around 03:45. To early but hey, better be one hour to early than 5 minutes to late.
At 06:30 the plane takes off and 2 hours later we arrive at Kraków Airport. Not even 30 minutes later I enter the address of the apartment in Here Maps. Traffic is moderate and I steer the rented Toyota Yaris over the Polish roads.
It takes us 20’ to arrive and about 40’ to find the place because the roads ends and continues further in a sort of dead-end group of small roads.

We are way too early to check in the apartment so I drive to the old center of Kraków where I find a parking spot.
There is a small market going on. Mostly elderly people selling old or cheap stuff. I have the impression they are mostly underprivileged people. The road is broken, there is mud and rubbish. There is no happiness, everybody looks sad or indifferent. Like if it is still cold-war Poland. You know, the USSR and stuff.

We head to the old center. Some building are dilapidated, some brand new. It is a mix of a new and an old era. Don’t forget, the Wall fell in Berlin fell only 27 years ago and it took quite some time before the former USSR countries found their new ways.

Ricoh GRII

We had lunch, delicious Polish food and it was very cheap. It was good outside with a discrete sun.

Then we walked further, discovering more of Kraków. Then the first raindrops fell. Shortly after it rained and it did so for the remainder of the late afternoon.
By the time we got back at our car I was soaked to the bone and my clothes, shoes and vest as wet as if I had fallen in water. Princess was wearing a waterproof vest but her shoes and jeans were soaked too.

Back at the apartment we took a shower and I checked the opening hours of Decathlon. They were open so we drove over to the shop. Princess got rubber boots. I a pair of waterproof and very comfortable hiking boots from hunting department. Two pair of waterproof trousers to pull over jeans or whatever and a weatherproof vest completed our purchases.

The apartment itself was simply great and well equipped. We could not have found a better place to say. Modern, cozy, and cheap.

Monday, September 18.
The weather app tells us it is going to be a warm and sunny day.
We enjoy our breakfast and then we are on our way.
It takes about 2:30 hours to arrive at Zakopane near the Slovakian border.

Zakopane is a resort town in southern Poland, at the base of the Tatras Mountains. It’s a popular departure point for winter sports and summertime mountain climbing and hiking. Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka, reachable by cable car and funicular, are nearby ski destinations offering sweeping mountain views. The town is also known for its turn-of-the-20th-century wooden chalets, symbols of Zakopane-style architecture. (Wikipedia)


We find a sort of restaurant, well, more of a canteen and have lunch there. The food is delicious and ridiculously cheap.
Don’t count on your English though. They had their menu translated so it was about pointing at the right items and then she showed me the bill and I wrote down what I was going to pay with the tip added to the amount.

At the Tatra National Park we join a queue and after 45 minutes we get in a cable car. Ten minutes later we get out. We are at 2000 meters. The view is breathtaking. Princess and I enjoy a walk, we climb even higher. I film, take pictures, we laugh and kiss and are so happy.

It is a popular place to have your wedding photos taken as we spot several newlyweds and professional photographers and stylists.

Later we dined at the same canteen and for the four meals + drinks I paid not even 30 Euro.

After the +2 hour drive back we were exhausted. After showering I downloaded my work of the day on the Western Digital Wireless Passport Pro and copied a movie on an USB-stick so we could watch it on the huge flat screen TV.

Ricoh GRII

CRL-KRK / FR6728

So this is what is going to happen.

On Sunday, September 17 Big A. will drop us at Charleroi Airport. Some like to call it Brussels South.
I don’t. Brussels is over 72 klicks away so this can’t count as an extension of our capital. For some of the many stupid and retarded politicians in our country a “Huge” Brussels might be a wet dream.

Gate will close at 06:00 and 30 minutes later Princess and I will be in the air. Poland here we come.

We’ll arrive at Kraków airport at 08:30. Time to pick up our car and drive to the our quite luxurious apartment we rented trough Airbnb. Check it OUT.

We’ll be visiting the city and the famous salt mines. Auschwitz maybe.
Princess and I like to mix city and outdoors so we’ll visit the Ojców National Park a few times.

Maybe we’ll make a little trip to the Czech Republic. We’ll see. Time will, as always, fly by without us having even grasped a second of it.

I’ll be taking my GoPro with me and the Ricoh GR II but mainly I’ll concentrate on video for this trip.
I bought a Western Digital Passport Pro Wireless 1 Terabyte portable disk. Basically you use it on the road, it reads SD-card and USB devices so I can download my video on the disk. After all 64 GB of SD card gives me about 2 hours of video. The disk is cheaper than buying a zillion SD-cards.

I’ll be taking some rope with me and that is it. No whips. No floggers. Only rope.

It seems there is a small but active community of BDSM practitioners in Poland. Even if Poland is a catholic country it seems BDSM is covered by law in a positive way.

Kocham księżniczkę z całego serca. Ona jest jedyna. Księżniczka jest moim wszystkim. Moje życie, moja przeszłość, moja przyszłość.
(I love Princess with all my heart. She is the only one. Princess is my everything. My life, my past, my future. Google Translate)

I don’t understand her either…

The Stranger 2 – Sid – Part 3

I push Princess on her back. She can’t move her arms, she is helpless.
I grab her ankles and push them apart.
“Stay put,” I say, “don’t go anywhere. There is some delicious cock coming your way.”
“I can’t wait, Milord,” she smiles.
That’s my girl.

Dressed in my black boxer short I walk back to the living room. I give Sid a few instructions and then we head back to the bedroom.

His breathing deepens when he sees Princess lying on the bed, legs spread, arms tied over her breasts. Blindfolded.

“You know what to do,” I tell him. “I’ll prepare this little slut for you.”

While Sid undresses I get on the bed, next to Princess.

I kiss Princess gently, caress her while my hand slides down between her legs. I feel the warm moistness and when my fingers enter she gets even wetter.

Princess moans softly.

“Are you ready?”
“Yes Milord, I can’t wait.”

While I move my fingers in and out her soaking cunt Sid gets on the bed.
“She’s ready for you, Sid. Be a good boy and fuck her as hard as you can.”

I get up a little and watch how Sid holds his huge cock and rubs it against Princesses’ clit. Then he pushes it in, very slowly like I asked him so I can enjoy this moment at its fullest.

Sid immediately goes deep and his thrusts are hard and almost violent.
I hold Princess, my hand on her throat and I feel Sid’s vicious fucking vibrating through her body into mine. Now and then I kiss her or watch Sid. His face is red and sweaty but he smiles and winks at me.

Sid switches to a higher gear. He isn’t fucking Princess anymore. The guy has become a mad rapist. Princess yells, screams, mutters a thousand times “oh my god”, yelps, pants, searches my mouth for soothing kisses. Her hands grabbing me so she knows I am there.

After what seems like an eon he comes. I notice how he pulls back immediately and checks the reservoir before removing the rubber.

Princesses’ heart is beating like mad. She turns on her side, grabs me, kisses me.
“This was great,” she mutters, “thank you, thank you.”

Then I notice what that little voice has been nagging about somewhere deep in my head while we were playing.
I don’t have an erection. Didn’t get one the whole evening. Hell, I’m dying to fuck Princess, but I can’t. I don’t know what is wrong. Everything is so hot, an awesome real-life porn flick and I can’t get a hard on!

Sid gets back on the bed. Princess is still lying on her side, holding me. He finds a way to get in and immediately starts raping her again. This time his thrusts are even more violent and the whole bed is shaking like if an earthquake is going on.

Princess tries to be as close to me as she can. Kissing, holding my hand, pushing herself closer against my body.
Her screams, moans, yelps are louder this time. It is clear she is in fuck-heaven. Hell, the vibrations in my body run over my spine. They are so intense it feels like I am being fucked.

Princess orgasms, mutters some kind of thank you, then comes again.

Sid pulls back. He has shot another load in Princess.

He smiles, winks at me. Clearly he is having a great time too.
So am I albeit I wish my cock would be happy too. It remains limb though.
I am sweating like a butcher yet I haven’t done anything.

Princess is smiling, floating deep in fuck-space.
“Had enough?” I whisper, while caressing her head, holding my hand on her jaw.

“No, Milord. Can I have more please?”

“Sure. How do you want it?”

My Princess slut is tireless. She makes me so proud, this little hot and beautiful fuck toy.

She answers by rolling on her belly and pushing up her delicious ass.
“You decide which hole The Stranger can use,” she teases me.

Sid is on the bed again.
Princess pushes her behind up higher.
I pull her buttocks open and we both look at Princesses’ little arsehole. I’m sure it is eager to be fucked too.

I remove the plug and lube her little hole.

Then I watch Sid push his huge and fat cock in it.

It goes in completely, as if Princess is sucking it in.

He puts his coarse hands on her buttocks and starts fucking. Then uses one hand to reach under Princesses’ belly to play with her clit.

The moaning, yelping, screaming, and “oh my gods” are even louder than before.
This is too much and I get out of bed and get some distance in order to have a better view.

God this is so hot I can’t find the proper words to describe what I feel, what I am witnessing.

Princess is getting raped in the arse and she is enjoying it so much.

It is so beautiful to watch. I am so happy Princess and I can share this sexual freedom, this hotness. (my cock is still on strike)

I am proud of my Princess. My feelings for her deepens even more. Wow, this is my wife. She gives me so much pleasure. So much love. So much of everything.

Sid looks at me. Smiles again, winks. I’m sure he is in heaven too.
Princess truly is a great and enjoyable fuck.

I get back on the bed so Princess feels I’m close. So she can feel safe.

Then it is over.
Sid utters a deep grunt while he ejaculates a fourth time.

Princess sinks down on the bed. She pants heavily, her heartbeat is racing. She is hot and sweaty and smiling.

I hold her, caress her, kiss her gently.
Princess is fucked right of this world.

On the other side of the bed Sid makes a questioning sign with his hands. He too notices Princess has had enough.
I nod.

He raises his thumb and gets dressed.
I get out of bed and lead him to the front door.
I thank him and promise him feedback.
Hell, he has been great.
Cum again I think while I shut the door closed.

Back in bed I am able to get an erection that does hold long enough to make love with Princess. She orgasms.
“Your completely mine again,” I smile before we kiss.

We talk for a while.
Princess loved the whole scene. Her undressing she found particularly sexy and hot.
The sex felt as rape and made it even hotter for her.
I tell her how proud I am of her. How much I love and care for her.
We kiss and kiss.

We spoon and fall asleep.
I hold Princess close to me.
She is my precious jewel, my love.

Later that night, or maybe early morning, it was still hot outside but it was raining.

A loud sound of rolling thunder has pulled me out of a deep sleep.

There is was again. Menacing, deep and loud.
Wait. No, that isn’t thunder.
I start sensing pain in my lower abdomen.
It is my intestines that are making that sound.

At noon the next day I feel very sick. I drop Princess off at her place.
Go to sleep.
At 3 PM I have an appointment with my doctor.  The 10’ drive is hard. My legs feel like rubber, I’ve a fever, I feel exhausted. While waiting I almost faint. It seems I have a viral infection.

I barely make it back home.
I go to bed and stay there till the next morning.

After that I get better.
Thinking back on that evening back with The Stranger 2 gives me a rock-hard cock again.

Hell, I made it.
I’ll live to fuck again.
Where are you, Princess?








The Stranger 2 – Sid – Part 2

We sit down on the coach again. Sip from our wine.
Princess is standing motionless in front of us.
Legs spread. Naked.

It is a glorious sight and Sid and I spend some time discussing the beauty and hotness of Princesses’ body.
Once again I stress how good a little slutty cocksucker she is.

I get up, grab Princesses’ ponytail and help her with some force on her knees again.
Without saying a word I hand Sid a rubber and move my fist to and fro my mouth. He gets the idea.

“Did Sid give you some pleasure already?” I hiss
“Yes Milord, he did,” she whispers barely audible.
“So…” I say and remain silent for about 30 seconds. Sid had dropped his pants and I hear how he rips the foil of the rubber open.
“You should be a grateful little slut.”
“I am, Milord, I’ll please him the way you want me to,” she whispers.
I look at Sid.
Wow, his cock is like huge. Thicker than The Stranger’s and even a tad longer. Hard as rock is the least one can say.
“You lucky slut,” I whisper in Princesses’ ear, “you’re having a special treat this evening.”
Before she can answer I grab her ponytail once again and force her mouth over Sid’s enormous cock.

Princess gags, then finds her rhythm and breath. I help her up and down his shaft then loosen my grip.
Soon she is sucking him on her own.
“Is she any good?” I ask.
“Oh yes Franco, she is simply great at it. Wow.”
“A well trained slut she is,” I admit and, tapping on Princesses’ head I add “good girl.”

Somewhere in the back of my head a voice keeps nagging me telling me there is something not right. I cannot pinpoint what it is.

I watch Princess and see how Sid is having a great time.
“She sure takes it deep,” he sighs.
“I know,” I smile.
His breathing increases, he tries to hold it then comes with a long kind of muted ahhh.

I pull back Princesses’ head and with delight I notice how the tip of the rubber is filled with jizz. Saliva is dripping over Princesses’ chin as if it was cum.
So hot.
I kiss her, taste the lube and drink her wet mouth.
Then I hold her, she sighs, content, and proud.
I am pleased of her also and I tell her.
Princess smiles.

“Come,” I say and help her up and lead her to the back of the other couch. Push Princess over it so she can lean on her shoulders. With the tip of my foot I hit her ankles until her legs are spread to my satisfaction.

“Look at her lovely, firm ass,” I tell Sid.
He comes closer, examines it, slides his finger between her already gushing wet labia. Caresses gently her butt.

“And this,” I say while putting my hands on her hips.
Sid whistles with admiration.
“Looks like a great grip for some hard doggy style fucking,” Sid smiles.

Wow, the guy is really a find. Sid is doing great in helping me create that special mind fucking atmosphere I talked about when he and I met.

“Yep, and sometimes I put some rope around her lower belly to have even a better hold when I do doggy with her.”
“A belt would be a good idea too,” he adds.
“But holding her at her hips and sinking my fingernails hard in her side really makes her squirt,” I tell him with admiration in my voice.
“She is a squirter?” He sounds like he does not believe me. But we are both men of the world and we know it can be achieved after some physical and mental training.

“Oh yes. I took me about 6 months to get Princess there and now she can’t stop squirting. She’s like a bitch in heat. With almost every fuck she soaks the bed sheets.”
“Holy shit, that is unbelievable.
“Hold your horses, Sid,” I tell him, “I haven’t quite taught her to squirt when she fucks a Stranger though.”
“I love a woman spatting all her juices around when she is fucked thoroughly,” Sid says. The man has really some deep thoughts.

“Watch this,” I say and land a hand on her buttocks. Then another. The first blows are soft, gentle and I increase the rhythm and the impact little by little. Some good spanking needs to be build up in a gentle and caring way.
Soon Princesses’ back end is turning red.
“See this, Sid?” while I pull her cheeks open.
He crouches to see better.
“Yes,” he tells me, “her cunt is swollen and her lips are falling open. God what a beautiful view.”
Without a word I point at the fuck stick and the rubber.
Sid nods and carefully prepares the toy.

I grab Princesses’ ponytail.
“Are you horny, little slut?”
“Yes Milord. Thank you Milord.”
“And you can’t cum, can you?”
“No Milord, you have forbidden…. ohhhhhhh my god,” she yelps when Sid slides the fuck stick in her hungry cunt.
He moves it in and out in a teasing slow pace while I hit one buttock, then the other. We go on and on.
“Stoppp… please, please,” Princess moans.
We stop immediately. For a few moments I caress her deep red ass cheeks. The nod and Sid starts again fucking Princess with the toy.
She whimpers and yelps while doing her very best not to cum.

“You had enough,” I hiss and pull Princess up using her ponytail. With a swift move I turn her around and make Princess sit down. Then push her on her back. I check to see if the blindfold is still in place.
It is.

Sid sits down on the couch and grabs his glass of wine.

I take some rope and grab one of Princesses’ ankles and tie a Futomomo. I do the other leg too. The I tie her foot soles together. I finish it off with a double column tie around her wrists and pull her arms back. There are several attachment points at almost floor level in the walls in my living.  I tie the working end of the rope to one of these points.

“Look,” I say.
Sid comes over and sinks on his knees. “What a gorgeous little cunt your wife has,” he mumbles.
“She has indeed,” I agree and spread her lips, opening her pussy even more.
“Go on, feel, touch, finger,” I encourage him.
For a while we admire, discuss and play with Princesses’ pussy. It is soaking wet.

I hand Sid a cup and a pump and explain what I want him to do and how to do it. He has heard about his but is not sure how it is used.
Sid places the cup over Princesses’ pussy and uses the pump to pull the air out of it. Now more blood is sucked to her pussy making it even more sensitive.

I create a pattern of clothes pins over her upper body.
Sid releases the cup and when I say ok he starts licking her while I drop hot candle wax over her upper body while touching the clothes pins with the fingers of my other hand. When the dangle they cause even more pain.

We go on and on, pushing Princess deeper in a hot swamp of lust, desire and pain.

After about 15’ we stop.
I use a razor-sharp knife to remove the candle wax from her body.
Princess is deep in subspace now.
It takes a while to clean her up and untie her.

Then I help her sit up.

“How are you feeling?”
“I’m good, Milord.”
“Feeling tired or horny?”
“Still horny,” she smiles.
“Great. What do you want me do to with you.”
“I want more, Milord.”
“I know.”
“ But what do you need now?”
I notice she can’t bring herself to say ‘I want to be fucked by you both’.
I respect that. Those thing will come in their proper time.
“I’m guessing you want to be fucked over and over now?”
“Yes, Milord,” Princess sighs with a big smile.

I feel exhausted, sweaty.
Worse even. Thus far the evening has been extremely hot yet I can’t get it up. I can’t get an erection. It worries me.
That’s what that nagging voice back in my head has been telling me.

What the heck, maybe when I watch her being fucked by Sid I’ll get one.

“Wait here, Sid.”

I lead Princess to the bedroom.
Push her on the bed.
Tie her wrists together, her arms crossed over her chest. The working end goes a few times around her back. It is a tight tie.
I push her on her back. She can’t move her arms, she is helpless.
I grab her ankles and push them apart.
“Stay put,” I say, “don’t go anywhere. There is some delicious cock coming your way.”
“I can’t wait, Milord,” she smiles.
That’s my girl.

Pinterest. Author unknown.

To be continued

The Stranger 2 – Sid – Part 1

Tuesday, August 29.
The day has been hot. Up to 92° F.

I feel tired. Went mountain biking this morning. Started doing this just a few days ago. Still have to build up my condition.

It is hot in the apartment too. I’m sweating like a mule. I don’t feel 100% okay but I guess it is the warmth, the thick, moist, and sticky air, the long ride this morning.

Princess is ready and waiting in the bedroom. She is wearing a white shirt, no bra. The black skirt ends above her knees. Under it a white lace panty, lace stockings and a garter belt.
Hair in a high ponytail. Blindfold. Black pumps ready.
She is sitting on the bed and feeling quite exited.

I told her that after the play scene I would ask her if she was still hot and eager. If so I would ask what she would like next. The answer would be something like getting fucked. If she’d say she had enough it would end there.

It would give Princess the opportunity to end or continue the evening in a gentle way towards our visitor.

Sid is right on time. I like that.
I lead him into the living room. I offer him a drink. We talk for a while. All the doors are open so Princess can hear us.

“I’ll go and fetch her,” I tell Sid.
In the bedroom I help Princess in her pumps and lead her to the living room.

I help her in a kneeling position next to me and offer her a glass of wine.

Then I sit down next to Sid again.

I tell Sid Princesses’ safe word is red. Also I remind Princess that she is not allowed to orgasm and not to speak unless for direct question. Also I make it clear to Princess that her only task this evening is to give us a great time, to serve us in every way we wish.

I love watching her, kneeling at my side in such a beautiful submissive position. Princess is just perfect.

“Isn’t she a beauty?” I ask Sid.
“Indeed,” he sighs.
“She has a gorgeous body as you soon will discover.”
The bulge in his pants an unspoken answer.
“She is also an avid little cocksucker and a great fuck,” I tell him.
“I’m pretty sure she is.”
“And you know what is even better than a beautiful woman?”
He looks at me with a questioning look.
“Hell Sid, a naked beautiful woman.”

We both laugh. Princess remains still, does not move.

I get up.
“Come,” I tell Princess and help her stand up.
I lead her to a standing position, a few feet from Sid who’s still sitting on the couch.
Princess is facing him but she can’t see him because of her blindfold.

Sid’s breathing is deeper now, his eyes all over Princess. I can almost feel his lust, his carnal hunger for her body. I’m sure he can’t wait to fuck her. But he’ll has to be patient. First we play.

“Spread your legs, slut,” I tell Princess and crouch down behind her. I slide my hands under her skirt and gently pull down her panty to her knees.

Once again I sit down next to Sid. We enjoy our glass of wine.
“Grab the bottom of you skirt and pull the front up. I want you to show your pussy to Sid. But do it slow. We want to enjoy it.”
“Yes Milord.”

Princess moves her hips, moves her hands, and plays with the skirt. She pulls it up, higher and higher. I am mesmerized by Princesses’ movements. I know she picked up some teasing moves from a burlesque workshop her daughters attended.

When the skirt is up high enough to show her pussy she stops moving.
Stand still.

“And?” I ask Sid.
“Wow,” he replies.
“Lovely pussy, not?”
“Oh yes,” he sighs.
We get up and he moves towards Princess.

“Why don’t you explore her slit with your finger?” I say and grab Princess firmly by her ponytail.
Sid pushes his index finger in her mouth and then starts exploring Princesses’ pussy.
He is good at it.
Soon Princess is moaning.
I look at Sid. He smiles. Winks.
Moves a little more with his hand.
Princess moans even more now.
I tug at her ponytail. “Don’t you dare to cum.”
“No Milord,” she whispers.
“And?” I ask Sid.
“She’s wet already,” he replies.
I smile. Princess had become a hot little slut and I am so very proud of her.

After a while I grab her ponytail. Push her forward so she is bending forward.

“Check out her backside,” I invite Sid, pulling up her skirt so he has a full sight on her delicious ass.

I let him caress her buttocks. Then I pull her cheeks open.
“Her ass is a very tight fuck,” I tell Sid.
I grab a butt plug and a flask of lube and hand it over to him.

While I grab her ass cheeks again, pulling them open, I watch Sid pushing it in Princesses’ behind.

“Makes it a little easier to fuck her there later on,” I tell Sid.
I make Princess stand up again.
Then pull down her panties and skirt.

“Want to see the rest of her, Sid?”
“I would be delighted.”
“So unbutton her shirt then. Don’t over haste. Enjoy the unpacking.”
I move behind Princess and hold her arms behind her back in a tight grip. My other arm around her throat, holding her head slightly back.

I watch Sid unbutton her shirt. He takes his time. Touches her breasts, play with her nipples, caress her skin.
Princess is making all the right noises.
Finally he pulls the shirt over her arms.
We sit down on the coach again. Sip from our wine.
Princess is standing motionless in front of us.
Legs spread. Naked.

It is a glorious sight and Sid and I spend some time discussing the beauty and hotness of Princesses’ body.
Once again I stress how good a little slutty cocksucker she is.

To be continued…







Thoughts – August 28, 2017

Past week we had a few opportunities to play because Little A. went out.

I combined rope, pain and pleasure pushing Princess towards very intense orgasms.

Princess yelped when I removed the clothespins while switching on the massager. The yelps faded away and became soft moans while she reached yet another climax.

Needless to say such moment bring us even closer.

When Princess came out of subspace she had a question.

“What do you get out of it, Milord?” she asked. “When you play this kind of scene I sense you are not hard. What is playing in your mind?”

An interesting question indeed and I’ll try to answer that one in an other post.

I love kayaking. Princess and I went a few times on the Veerse Meer in The Netherlands. I paddled there a few times solo too.

When I paddle solo on this huge lake I enjoy the absolute solitude. I am embedded in nature. I depend on my skills to navigate. I rely on my strength to paddle many kilometers. Past Friday I did almost 18 km.

Halfway I felt tired. My legs hurt. This also happens during a long drive in the car.

I love that feeling of pushing my physical boundaries.

I would go more often to the Veerse Meer but it is, at its best, a 90′ drive and chances are there are huge traffic jams.

So I am/was looking for something new to do. Mountain biking or off-road had a nice ring to it. It is an activity that is demanding on many levels too. Like kayaking.

But in the boat I feel like only my upper torso and shoulders are trained.

So mountain biking sounded like fun.
Yesterday I spend a huge part of the day watching Youtube films on the subject.

Today I went to Decathlon and purchased a beginners Rockride 520.

Added a helmet and wheel arches. The gloves I had already. I also use them for paddling.

Threw everything in the car.
Parked at a forest.

Mounted my Gopro on the bike and did a 10 kilometer trip. Boy was this great. The speed, the wind, the scents, the sounds. Once again embedded in nature, traveling on pure muscle power. What an experience. I filmed the whole trip.
The “movie” extremely boring.

Tomorrow is one of my last days of my holiday and I’m going to have such a great time. Me and my bike. Or my bike and me.

By the way, if everything goes well tomorrow will also bring a very special evening.

Sid is coming over and I have prepared a BDSM-scene that will blow Princess away. It will push all her buttons.

After the scene I’ll give a choice. Call it a day or continue with a hot threesome.
It will be our first experience with The Stranger 2. The scene will be about Princess being a total slut. Princess being used. Princess as a sex slave.

Did I mention I’ll be meeting a possible candidate for The Stranger 3? More on that later.

On a yet to determine Saturday evening Princess and I are going to a swingers club. Slave Serge and his wife and Domina Jane will be tagging along. No swapping here though, just two couples on a night out in town.

Princess is already hoping I’ll arrange some hot fuck for her.

But the most important thing Princess and I are looking forward to is our trip to Poland in September.

We’ll be celebrating our 6th anniversary near Kraków in Southern Poland.

Thoughts – August 23, 2017

Today was one of these days I like to describe as memorable. As unforgettable. One of these days that seem to add something valuable to one’s life.
Because it all felt simple good.

Not 100% perfect but who cares.
Rewind to this morning.

Yesterday we enjoyed doing some rope, Princess and I. She wasn’t feeling very well though. Since July my love suffers, on and off, from cystitis.
I had a few myself so I know how it feels, hurts. How it seems to drain your energy.

We made love too. Fantasized about adding Sid to the equation. I told Princess it would be a whole different dynamic.

If memory serves me well we went to sleep at 2 this morning and woke up at 8.
We made love.
Had breakfast.

Were ready to leave for The Netherlands. For once the weather was great and we wanted to spend it on the water.

Then Princesses’ doctor phoned. The test results were back and she was resistant to the meds she was taking already.

On lake Vere.
GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

So we drove to her doctor, got the prescription for new antibiotics, drove to the pharmacy.

I found it important for Princess to start her treatment asap.

Due to traffic jams caused by accidents we did over 3 hours to reach our destination in The Netherlands. It would take me little over 1 hour to get to Lake Vere on a normal day.

We started our trip at 13:00 and arrived back at Kanoa, our starting point, at 17:00. We paddled a distance of  some 17 km.

At Kanoa we enjoyed some French Fries and then we drove back home.

Enjoying French Fries at Kanoa.
GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

Unfortunately, the day ended as it had started. Enormous traffic jams again. I countered them by using alternative roads cutting down our travel time to about 2 hours.

GoPro 4 Hero Silver.

On the road back home we fantasized about Sid whom would come over to our place tomorrow evening.

I dropped Princess at her place and then drove home missing her already.

On Lake Vere.

There was a message on Fet from Sid. He was sick and could not make it tomorrow.

So I told him to take care of himself. Wrote Princess wasn’t okay yet either.

Anyway, Princess and I had a great and active day on the water.

God, I love Princess so much.

GoPro 4 Hero Silver.