Club78 – Such a Night  

We arrived early, Princess and I and had to wait until the doors opened.

Eager we were, Princess and I. Pleasure, love, SM. Being amidst kindred spirits.

My bag weighed like a zillion tons. Rope, whips, candles, fleeces, clothes pins, carabineers…

Portrait of Princess.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

At the bar we had a few drinks. Then we went to the Upper Floor. It is a collection of rooms on the first floor. A confessional chair, a “hospital room”, a gynaecological chair, cells…

I locked Princess in on of the cells while I prepared the room I had chosen.

Then I grabbed her. Pushed her on her knees. Tied a box-tie. Used rope to attach her ankles to the base of the St Andreas cross.

I played with clothespins. Then did another tie. Princess loves rope. And I love to tie her up. I moved to some intense whipping with my new toy, a horsetail’s flogger. It stings, it hurts, it bites. The flogger gives quite a lot of sensations. I know, Princess whipped with it the next morning.

TK or boxtie.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me

There were other people playing on the Upper Floor. A young dude with two cat-looking girls. Lucky bastard.

I noticed an elderly man whom regularly came watching while he masturbated. I don’t care as long as he does not ejaculates near us.

It was an intense SM-play I did with Princess.
Pain. Suffering. Love. Pain. and more love.

We played for over 2 hours, Princess and I.

Before we went back to the bar Princess sat down on the gynaecological chair.

Wow. Hot.

I could imagine us being at a swingers club. So many possibilities.

But we weren’t.
So I slid her panty to one side and started licking Princess.

The masturbating guy showed up again and played with his cock near Princesses face.

Princess orgasmed and then we went back to the bar.

I do understand that when you accept single men to your club some of them can become a nuisance.

Princess and I thrive on those men when we are at a swingers club but in a BDSM-scene I don’t like that kind of attention.

Shortly before midnight we left, Princess and I.
We had a great evening.

Back home we made love and then we slept well.

This morning we made love again while we fantasized about The Stranger, about us, about swinger stuff.

Wax Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Photo & setup: Me