Farewell Flower

Saturday, January 6

I pick up Princess at her place. It is little over 7 pm. She’s somewhat solitary-minded so there is something preoccupying her.

We say hi, kiss and I open the car’s door for Princess.

“Are you ready?” I ask. We have planned an evening at PDN, our favourite BDSM club.
“I am,” Princess replies.

“It’s our pot-bellied pig,” Princess continues. “She’s dying. The vet came over earlier today. Because the kids aren’t ready to say goodbye I asked him if Flower was suffering. I did not think so. He gave her a few injections so she can breathe better.”

I knew Flower was old and sick. She has been with the family for many, many years. I feel sorry for Princess. I know how hard this is for her, her grief but mostly coping with that of her kids.

“Are you sure you want to go to PDN?” I asked.
“Yes, it will change my mind.”

We enjoy a great evening at PDN. With proudness Princess shows her new dress and collar. I am happy to see Princess is enjoying herself.

I do an impact play scene with Princess and then some intense rope play. I use like a zillion clothespins and bring Princess into deep subspace.

PDN held a Fabulous Feet & High Heels foot lovers afternoon party and most of the players stayed for the evening. Most of them we haven’t seen before.

We chitchat with a few friends, enjoy a glass of wine.
There is not much playing going on so we leave early, Princess and I.

In the car we talk about Flower. Princess knows there are no miracles.

Home we make love and then we turn off the lights.

This Sunday morning Princess finds it difficult to wake-up. She hasn’t slept very well.

We make love, with deep intensity. Then Princess asks for a caning. After that we make love again.
We get up and take a shower.

While I’m making coffee in the kitchen I hear Princesses’ phone ring. She talks for what seems a long time.
Oh dear.

Then Princess comes to the kitchen, clearly taken aback.

We don’t need to speak. I hold Princess, comfort her.
Words aren’t always needed.

We drink our coffee. Princess tells me about her fondest memories of Flower.
I listen, smile, hold her hand.

Then I drop Princess at her place. Her kids need their mom. It’s another loss for them to coop with.

A sad afternoon awaits my Princess.
I wish I could do more for my love.