A new play collar and a new dress

A while ago I promised Princess I’d get her a very sexy corset. Yesterday Princess and I went shopping.
It turned out the beautiful sexy corset didn’t suit Princess very well. She liked it but it did not make her feel sexy or seductive.
So we browsed through the shelves of this little Fetish clothing shop in my home town.
Princess selected quite some dresses to try but none of them made her feel special.
Just as we were leaving she noticed this shelve we had missed.
“What about this?” she asked.
It was a short dress in a rather thick rubbery material. I recognized it as being neoprene.
“Try it on,” I told Princess.
“Have you seen the price?”
I had. It was about what I had in mind for the corset.
“Go, try it on,” I said leading Princess to the fitting room.
I sat on the wooden bench and watched her undress. Princess is a beautiful woman.
The she slid in the neoprene dress. I zipped her up and then Princess turned around.
Oh boy, what I saw took my breath away.
The dress fitted Princess as a tight glove, emphasising the beauty of her body.
It did not cover her breasts though. It made them very present and gorgeous. The construction of the shoulder-straps gave them support and accentuated them.
Princess too liked the dress. It fitted like a second skin.
I could not keep my eyes away.
The dress and Princess is an amazing combination.
Pure eye-candy.
Princesses’ new play collar.
“Milord, I love this dress. How do I look?”
I remained speechless but Princess could read the answer in my eyes.
I feel very feminine and sexy, Milord,” she said with a beaming smile.
So I got her the dress. Princess smiled happily. Afterwards she thanked me like a zillion times.
Back home she undressed and slid in the dress.
Once again the sight took my breath away. Princess looks just gorgeous in it.
We made love. The tightness of the dress made her feel restrained, something she likes.
I made love to Princess and told her I had another present for her.
It is a new play collar. Hand made in Florence, Italy. It has Swarovski elements. I got it in our local pet store.
I wasn’t sure Princess would like it as it is completely different from the leather play collar I got her several years ago.
This one is playful, sexy and very feminine.
I can hardly wait to take Princess out and show her off.
Princesses’ new dress.