Happy New Year

The last minutes of 2017 are ticking away and 2018 is impatiently waiting, ready to make its big entry.

I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve with Princess and Little Star.

This past year brought us, Princess and I, and our children, families and friends mostly good things.

Sadly this hasn’t been the case for everybody.
The list is long with mass killings, horrible accidents, natural disasters.
Terrorist attacks can occur everywhere and anywhere making it hard to feel safe.

Let us not forget the unfortunate who, for a zillion reasons, won’t start 2018 in a happy way or even have any hope for happiness. Hold them in your hearts and thoughts for a moment and wish them strength, belief and hope.

We are so fortunate yet we often forget. It is so easy to complain. We need to learn to be happy with the small things life offer us.

My dear followers and readers and you, the occasional visitor, Princess and I wish you all a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year.

Let 2018 be full of love and happiness and so much good things for you all.

Lots of love and kinkiness to you all
Princess and I

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