Meet Inga

Inga is beautiful. Long blonde hair. Her slim body delicious.
Inga is hot. Scorching hot would be an even better definition.

Inga emanates sexiness. She is self-confident. She is an absolute exhibitionist. Her body an erotic playground.

Inga is a cock hungry slut but at times enjoys some juicy pussy too.
Why fuck one man when you can have the attention of two or three? And then some.

In the swingers club Inga wears very sexy lingerie. Cuffs on ankles and wrists.

She also wears a lovely small and discrete collar. The leash is a silver chain.
We try to add a pinch of BDSM to our swingers experience.

I walk Inga around the club and show her off and ask men if they fancy her.
They always do.
Those men with their greedy eyes and hands. Their cocks hard and horny.

Inga loves it when I attach her wrists to her ankle cuffs. Lying on her back, widespread, Inga waits, impatient, for the man or men I select to enjoy her.

Inga is still evolving.
I guide her. I lead her.
Inga is mine.
I am her owner and her Master.

Princess came up with Inga. It is her alter ego. Inga thrives on sex like Princess on rope and SM.
Both enjoy the D/s dynamic.

I love and enjoy them both.
Princess and Inga, the love of my life.
My heart, breath and soul.

Breath Play.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me