Princess, two men, a woman, and I

Saturday evening, December 23.

Christmas is lurking around the corner.
Princess felt like going to a swingers club. It will be our second visit.

Around nine we arrive at Club A. Cars enter the parking lot in a steady pace. Single men, couples.

We change, have a drink. The place isn’t that crowded yet so it is clear there are more men than women. That’s okay. This is not a couples swingers club. It is for active couples, read active women.

We enjoy our drinks. The music is great. Eighties and nineties stuff.

Then I see this man standing at the bar. He seems okay.
I lead Princess to him.
I say hi and ask him if he likes her.
He does. I am not surprised.

“Feel her, touch her,” I encourage him and I stand behind Princess and grab her arms pulling them back. I put my other hand around her throat.

His hand slides under her dress. Princess moans, sighs. Grabs my cock and with her other hand his dick.

There is this woman standing next to us. She smiles, watches us.
“Your wife is so beautiful, you are a lucky man.”
I nod.
“May I join in?” she asks.
Without her noticing I check wordless with Princess. She sighs yes.

She touches gently Princesses’ breasts, kisses her. Then crouches and starts licking Princess.
Princess is about to lose it.

After a few minutes the woman stops, smiles and turns around giving her attention to her partner.

“You want to fuck her?” I ask the man.
“Oh yes,” he stammers, “she is so beautiful, what a body.”
“Come,” I command and grab Princesses’ hair.

I lead her to a spot in the club that is more lit that the others corners and alcoves. There are 4 mattresses.

I push Princess on the bed.

“No kissing and safe sex,” I tell them man.
“Of course, that is quite obvious” he says.

He is fingering her, I am kissing Princess while I squeeze her breasts.
He grabs a rubber and then he is fucking Princess.
The man goes hard and rough.
The way my love likes it.
Princess comes. Comes and then again.

She has lost all control and is enjoying the fuck very much.

Not only the three of us are having a ball.
At least 15 men and a few couples are watching us.

Princess has noticed too. It is interesting to see how it changes her demeanor. She makes more sexy noises, spreads her legs, grabs her stiletto’s.
Princess is now a porn star, giving a show while enjoying the fuck.

She pushes the guy away, smiles at me and with a quick kiss on my lips she turns around.
Princess is now on all fours. Waving her ass to the men watching.

Most of them are masturbating. Hell, I would too if I were watching.

The guy grabs her hips and pushes himself deep in Princess.
My love has now lost it completely.

Then he decides to finish off in her ass.

Princess screams, sighs, moans and comes for a zillionth time.

He thanks us and we stay on the bed, Princess and I and we kiss and I caress Princess.
We go to the shower and then back to the bar.

There is this guy who walks over. He has seen us when we visited the club for the first time a few weeks ago. He tells me how lovely he thinks Princess is. It is clear he’s hitting on her.

I’m willing to let him fuck Princess. Then he becomes a little pushy, puts his hand on her behind.

So I tell him maybe I’ll ask him later on and make clear his presence isn’t required anymore.

Princess starts dancing.
The woman who has been licking her comes to me and tells me how beautiful Princess is.

It is her first time at the club. She tells me she is into 24/7 extreme BDSM. I tell her our dynamic is BDSM too. She asks a few questions. It is clear that what we do is child’s play to her. Hell, it is not a contest.
Then she tells me she doesn’t see me as a Dom kind of guy.
I couldn’t care less what she thinks.

Princess is dancing with two women. It is hot and sexy as hell. They are hitting on each other just for the heck of it.

It is so great to see how Princess is enjoying herself, free and sexually liberated.

Later we hit on the guy whom came with the woman who licked Princess.

Shortly after we are in a room. He is sucking one breast and fingering Princess and I am kissing her and then sucking her other breast.

Princess orgasms.
She is very wet and the guy likes that.

Princess grabs his cock and wants to suck him. I tell him to grab a rubber and he is flabbergasted by the request.
Okay, suit yourself, suck you own dick, I think.

Then the woman joins us. Soon Princess and she are kissing, then the woman licks Princess.

It is hot. She also takes my cock in her mouth. I don’t like that though. I want to be in control and I have no desire to fuck other women.

So I pull Princess on top of me. She rides me.
I tell the guy to get a rubber so Princess can fuck him too. Surprisingly he can’t get it hard.

The woman moved behind Princess and licks her ass.

Moves back and kisses Princess while she rides me. Everybody in the club is standing around watching us.

The it comes and I orgasm. Princess smiles, kisses me, gets off me and starts licking and fingering the woman.

Wow, this is extremely hot and I could never have imagined Princess going that far with a woman.
Oh boy, I’ve got the hottest and most sexy woman in the whole world. No, make that the Universe.

Then the woman invites Princess to help her suck another cock. There are no rubbers used so I tell Princess. So nothing happens.
I need to keep an eye on Princess. She doesn’t see well went lights are dim and I know she does not want to practice unsafe sex.

We take a shower, enjoy 15’ in a hot sauna and then the Jacuzzi.

Shortly after one we leave.
We had a great evening.

We sleep well, Princess and I.

This Sunday morning we make love. Then I grab a cane an punish Princess for being a dirty little slut. She loves every blow with the cane and I push her deep into subspace.
Then I make love to her again.
Her orgasms are intense and very wet.

At noon I drop Princess at her place.
Princess will be back around 5 or 6 this late afternoon with Little Star. Little Star is her grandchild and foster child.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas eve, the three of us.

Merry Christmas, dear Readers.

Shinju style chest harness variation.
Model: Lena Rogerdottir / Setup & image: Me