So many possibilities…

An evening in a Sushi restaurant, some two years ago.
Princess and I are enjoying diner.
At a table next to ours two guys, in their thirties.
For some reason we connect.
We have fun, talk, laugh. Princess and I and the two guys.
Then we leave, Princess and I.
Back home we fantasize.
What if we had invited those guys over to our place?
What if they had been open for some extra fun?
What if did not happen.
Maybe it would not have happened after all, for whatever reason.
Yet it stays, up to today, a strong fantasy of ours. 
Many moons later we have The Stranger at our place.
It is the very first time we play with three.
There is some sex but not much.
It is all way to new.
I made a few photos though. The Christmas tree is also on one of them. That tree was also a first one in the 10 years I live alone.
After that we grew more confident, Princess and I.
An extra male play partner, once in a blue moon, is a lot of fun. And for me a challenge in finding a good scenario and creating a fluid and erotic play evening.
I am thinking about putting an ad on Fetlife or so and recreate that evening at the Sushi eating place.
Well, I won’t choose for a restaurant but more for a pub. A guy, a switch or a Dominant, would approach us, play a game of seduction. He would be following a scenario I have already written but should be creative enough to go with the flow.
It would be about seduction and challenge and curiosity. We would end the evening at our place. BDSM and a threesome, a titillating and arousing mixture.
Princess and I are fully into BDSM. But dabbling our toes in the world of swingers sounds like fun too.
Princess enjoys being used and I enjoy watching her being used. And all the sensations in between and around.
Image found on Pinterest. Source unknown.