An afternoon in Antwerp

One of Princesses’ sisters had given her a gift voucher for two free meals in a restaurant in Antwerp.

Yesterday we took the train to Antwerp and arrived at what was in fact a bistro and not so much a restaurant. It was situated somewhat out of the center.
A few tables were occupied by elderly people drinking beer. The place looked decrepit and even the few guests seemed worn out.

I ordered to glasses of red wine while we waited for the main course, cooked mussels in white wine.
We talked about a zillion things, daydreaming about our upcoming midweek and our holiday in September.

The muscles weren’t that bad but a tad dry. The pastry we got afterwards wasn’t haute-cuisine either but we did not complain. It was a fun experience and we were having a great time, Princess and I, enjoying the extra hours together.

We walked for about half an hour before we reached the heart of Antwerp. It was crowded and the sun was shining albeit the wind was rather cold.

Princess and I visited a Japanese store where we both bought a kimono. Hers is red with a Japanese motif, mine is black cotton. They are fun wearing and I’m sure they’ll add to the bondage play and photographs.
Photos of us wearing them will follow soon.

Then it was time to take the train back home. We had tea at our place and then I drove Princess back to her place.
Bo and The Boy came outside when we arrived and I exchanged a few words with them.

Back home I undressed, took a shower, grabbed a black boxer short and spend the evening wearing my kimono.

Our kimonos

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