Back on track – My WordPress blues are finally over

Half December 2016 I experienced a problem with my self-hosted site,
For some reason I was unable to update the version of WordPress. It was an important security update.

So what happened was that every new post was deleted by hackers, simply putting hacked + nickname in the title.
Frustrated I started posting on my old blog, again.

I did not get much help from the company that hosts my site. They send me a mail though, with a link to a WordPress article on how to update manually.

After updating my site and taking all necessary precautions, like deactivating plugins, I finally succeeded in upgrading WordPress manually.
Looking back it wasn’t all that hard to do.

JetPack is a powerful plugin as it links your account to your hosted site and offers services like a subscribe option, links to other social media and a “like” button.

When I finished upgrading WordPress I could not get JetPack to work anymore. Believe me, I tried everything I could find on the Net but decided not to contact the company but to see if I could live without JetPack.
Losing the link connection my subscribers to my self-hosted site and the missing “like”-button made me feel terrible.

I wasn’t even sure anymore if my posts were read. For example I did not get any comment or reaction on the posts about our second date with The Stranger and the intense and hot threesome that followed.  I was puzzled my bondage photographs weren’t commented on.

Not that is was making me feel insecure but I like feedback. Everybody does.

Finding a subscription plugin compatible with my version of WordPress was not that hard. Many other plugins like adding links to social media or a like button did not work well or not at all.

A few weeks ago a new WordPress version came out and was installed automatically on my self-hosted site.

After posting Thoughts – March 10, 2017 earlier today I checked my plugins and noticed there was a new version of JetPack available. I upgraded and activated the plugin thinking not much would come of it.

To my big surprise JetPack did not generate an error-message but connected swiftly with me account. It took me about 30 minutes to activate and setup the goodies JetPack has to offer.

Comments, subscriptions, like and so more are available again.

6 thoughts on “Back on track – My WordPress blues are finally over”

  1. I’m having issues with my WP blog as well, though it’s probably more me than them. Yes, comments are crucial. The feed us. You didn’t hear from me because I have been consumed with worth, so I hope that’s some reassurance. Once I’m through this current publishing I will be able to relax and shift my focus. I hope your issues are behind you now.

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