Saturday, January 21, 2017 – Part One – Plastic Foil and more

Saturday was quite an interesting, intense and memorable day.

In the morning The Boy and I took the train to Antwerp. Just him and me and a few cameras’. It was a first one and it was a wonderful experience. We talked, some stuff was even deep, and we had a few laughs.

More about this later, in another post.

Princess arrived at my place at 19:30. We talked for a while and then we left for PDN.

We enjoyed a warm welcome by the owners. They are very kind and so generous.

The place was crowded. PDN had hosted a Workshop Wrapping given by Marc Van Vlaanderen.

He is well known in the Belgian BDSM-community. I had heard nothing but good about Marc but had never actually met him.

There was almost no free space in the Playroom so we watched people play with plastic foil and talked with friends.

Apparently there had been somebody who had requested to be plaster casted and stayed like that for hours. It was a story that traveled over everybody’s lips. The only proof that it had really happened was some white powder on the floor.

I would have loved to be there and learn about a very special and unique way of playing.

Marc is in his late fifties and I have rarely met someone whom is so patient and so kind. He gives workshops on so many BDSM topics and I found the way how he shows and explains compelling. He is a switch and I guess that helps quite a lot in being able to instruct others when you have experienced it from both sides.

I would love to attend one of his workshops. Unfortunately it is very hard, almost impossible, for Princess to free herself on a Saturday afternoon.

There was so much going on and all I wanted to do was sit and have a drink and watch, observe and suck in the ambience and beauty of what was going on.
Not for the first time is was overtaken by a deep sense of wonder.

Princess on the other hand was keen on participating, playing. It put some pressure on me, stressing me a little and I started feeling grumpy.

Then Frank, one of our friends, he lives with his Nancy in a village next to ours, introduced us to Marc.

So I told Marc Princess loved to be mummified. He asked a few questions like did she have experience with being bound tightly. Explained that underwear was okay but no clothes would enhance the experience. I told him Princess suffered from an muscle infection in her hip.
“What color do you like?” he asked.
Before Princess could answer I told him red would be just fine.

Marc started by wrapping her hands and arms till just about the elbows. He then asked Princess to stand up straight, arms tightly against her body and started wrapping her in red plastic foil, from the shoulders to the feet.

Then Marc, Frank and I picked up an immobilized Princess and put her on a tabouret. Marc and I, with the help of Frank, made new wraps with the red plastic foil, around Princess and the pole.

When we finished we pulled away the tabouret.

There she was, Princess, the love of my life, glued as it were against the pole.

I sat down and watched her hanging there. Waited until she forget time, started to zone out.
After a while I pressed my body against hers, biting in Princesses’ shoulders.

I wished I had taken some tools with me. Because Princess was still suffering from her hip I had only a blindfold, a fleece and lots of rope with me. No floggers, no wheel of pain.

There was this woman, a Domme pur sang. Mysterious, sensual, gorgeous and so sexy with her beautiful corset.

I had seen her before, she is a very close friend of Steven, a kinkster we met a few years ago in Antwerp. We have never seen him play but he is very often at PDN. He knows a lot of people, helps, looks out for people when he feels a scene is going bad. Steven too is very kind and bighearted.

Angel, the Domme, wanted to see the beauty of Princess. She came close without invading our scene and our space. The plastic wrap had stretched somewhat and Princess had slowly slided down and was now standing with her feet on the floor.

I used body language to invite Angel in our scene. She wanted to know if it was alright for Princess and I said yes. Yet she wanted me to ask Princess explicitly.
“Somebody wants to touch you,” I whispered, “it is safe, okay for me too.”
Princess nodded yes.

Angels approached Princess and started stroking her shoulders, scratching her nails over the plastic foil, pressing her body against Princesses’. I took a step back to enjoy the scene and to give Angel some room. I noticed how she whispered stuff in Princesses’ ear.

Oh boy… the sensuality of Angel, the moaning and shivering of Princess. Nothing sexual was going on but the sensuality was nothing less than scorching.

Angel invited me back in and we touched Princess together. Kissing her shoulders, the only skin that was available.

Then she walked away and I pressed my body against Princess, biting her shoulders and using my fingernails to make a hole in the plastic wrap. After some pulling, pushing and ripping I liberated her breasts and then I pulled away some plastic form her mouth so I could kiss Princess.

I tormented Princesses’ nipples and then Nancy asked me why I wasn’t using my floggers as the foil gives impact play a different feeling.

I told her I had left them at home as I did not intend doing impact play because of Princesses’ sour hip. It would have been great though, flogging her breasts.

Seconds later Frank, Nancy’s Dom and hubby brought me one of his floggers and a small hand whip.
“Enjoy,” he winked.

Shortly after Angel came to see what we were up to. With a smile I invited her back in our scene.

Oh boy. Soon I was kissing Princess while Angel was torturing, then caressing  Princesses’ nipples, we pressed our bodies against Princess and our hand were everywhere. Princess moaned and groaned and I could image her being so very close to whatever, subspace, an orgasm.

It was maddening and I enjoyed sharing the scene with Angel.  I took a step back, enjoying what was going on. Then Angel pulled me back in the scene.

It was hot, intimate, sensual and unforgettable.
Then Angel walked over to another scene.

It was time to liberate Princess. She had been mummified for little over 90’
Frank helped, then Marc came too when it became obvious Princess was not able to stand on her knees anymore. They felt like rubber she whispered incoherently, deep into subspace.

I would not have been able to cut Princess free and hold her in a safe way if I would have done this at home. Well, if she would have been standing against a pole I mean.

I picked Princes in my arms and brought her to a nearby couch.

I covered Princess with a fleece and held her and kissed her and slowly she came back from very deep subspace.

Later on that evening I pushed Princess into honoring what Angel had asked. To give feedback.

So I led Princess to Angel.

Both women held each other, close and with passion. Apparently it was one of the first times Angel had played with a woman. It was something one cannot describe, cannot grasp, that had attracted Angel into enjoying Princess she told us.

She had seen us play before and she had loved it. It was about the connection, the body language, the deepness of love, Princesses’ complete surrender to me and how I honored and respect Princesses’ submission.

Finally she had some very kind words for me too. How she felt deep respect for the kind of Dom is was. She said some more beautiful things but all I can say is that I felt honored and proud.
Honest praise is an exclusive and very personal gift.

A small side note.
There is C. She sits at the bar wearing a 19th century pinafore above her clothes.

Once she told me she goes to the hairdresser before coming to the club. That’s why she always looks so well-groomed.

Rarely I see her in the Dungeon. I like C., we have talked already and when we are at PDN I always say hi and kiss her on the cheek.

We saw C. in the Dungeon and she was playing with Angel. Angel had sensed what made C. tick. It was lovely to watch.
It was about punishment and she had C. kneeled on small, low wooden prayer stool.

Before we left I told C. I liked what I had witnessed. She smiled, her eyes still shining. It was something she had been waiting for so long. It had pleasured her so much to be able to play even it was a short scene. In fact she talks with everybody but I don’t think her needs are met. Now she had something to take home with her.
I said bye, gave her 3 kisses.

Wow, Angel had touched so many people that evening. I felt so blessed she entered, for a moment, our life.

So once again it was too late to soon.

We left PDN, Princess and I, and drove back to our place.
We left the Dungeon with the promise of some intense and hot lovemaking. Once in bed though exhaustion took over.
It had been an incredible evening.

Another first.
Princess, I and another woman.
Oh boy, it was so hot and proof that sensuality and erotica don’t need sex to be a mind-blowing experience.

Princess at PDN