Our BDSM Photography

Princess would love me to make more kinky photographs with her as my model. When we do Princess changes, I see that look in her eyes, a different pose, stuff telling me she has transformed into somebody else.

Over time we made some stuff but when we play I don’t think of grabbing my camera. I am way to concentrated when we do a scene.

Also there is so much stuff on the Net already. I think it is very hard to find an original angle.

Rope is different because than I can pause, take a step back and look at what I have created.

I promised Princess I would do my best and use an evening a month or so for rope and photography.

These past few days I spend making a website and adding a few photographs I like. Over time the content of the site will change so come and visit use on a regular basis.

Let’s overview the technical details real quickly.  If you are interested and wish more in-depth information feel free to contact me.

I use Koken. It is a free content management and web site publishing tool for photographers. You can add stuff like a web shop and more but those plugins are not free. For a basic, yet powerful and slick portfolio, the basic software is already more than you need.

I installed it on my hosted website, the one where this blog is running on. I found it to be very slow and needed another solution.

I have a few Raspberry Pi 3. They cost about 40 bucks, run Linux and are rather powerful. I use one as my multimedia center at home, running web content, my movies and music using Kodi.

So I grabbed a Raspberry and installed it with a minimal Linux configuration.
Installed a web-server and everything that goes with it like PHP and MySql with a few commands. Downloaded and installed Koken. Installed a firewall and secured the system.

Created a free account on No-IP. It is a service that links a dynamic IP-address to an Internet Link. Opened up a port on my router at home for the No-IP service and installed a client on the Raspberry.

That’s is, well, almost.

So when you visit my photography website on the Internet you are basically visiting a very small, lightweight computer that is running at my home and made accessible on the Internet.

I am not expecting hundreds of visitors per hour so this is a perfect solution for a blog or a portfolio that does not get that many visitors. I would not recommend this as web shop solution either.

If my computer breaks down everything is gone, if the power drops, the site is not accessible. I have a backup running on another computer though.

But for this purpose I do think this is an elegant solution.

So without further ado you can check out the Princess and I photography website by clicking this Princess & I Photography

Variation on the double column tie