Princess is still suffering

Tuesday, January 10.

It seemed like a good idea.
We still can’t play due to Princesses’ muscle inflammation. Walking and standing are positions that really hurt. Obviously I don’t want to endanger Princesses’ health so I am cautious about doing BDSM-like stuff.

So we agreed we would spend the evening taking bondage photographs. I created some space in our living room, set up my lights and stuff. I made sure when Princess arrived she’d be in the mood already with candles and the right music.

Like I said, it seemed like a mighty fine idea.

At about 7 Princess texted me informing she was going to drop off Little Star at Stella’s and then pass by her doctor. I already knew Princess had taken the afternoon off at work because of the pain.

I did not feel alarmed.

Then Princess finally arrived, I live on the 2nd and highest floor, no elevator, she was suffering from an excruciating pain. Her doctor had given her an injection with cortisone and Princess had hoped the pain would go away immediately.
It hadn’t. It had even worsened.

So I opened a bottle of wine, grabbed two glasses and took Princess to our bedroom. Sitting up was the only position that was reasonably tolerable.

We watched the 1987 movie “The Belly of an Architect” by Peter Greenaway. I am a huge fan of this English director.

An American architect arrives in Italy, supervising an exhibition for a French architect, Boullée, who is famous for his oval structures. Through the course of 9 months he becomes obsessed with his belly, suffers severe stomach pains, loses his wife, exhibition, his unborn child and finally his own life.

by Boulée.

Piranesi is also mentioned in this movie. I love his kind of surreal architecture. In my opinion he is even more a visionary. I would even call him a surrealist avant la lettre.

View of the Grand Cascade at Tivoli by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, 1766.
Imaginary appearance of the ancient Capitol, Plate VII, Part One of Architecture and Perspectives by
Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Halfway Princess started fighting against sleep. I stopped the film. Princess and I kissed and she pressed her body against mine.
I felt her hunger for more so I gave her an orgasm. Unfortunately that too was a bad idea. The contractions of the orgasm dissipated to her hip and leg.
We did not sleep well. Princess found it hard to find a position comfortable enough to let sleep seep in. Her tossing and turning in bed woke me up repeatedly.

This Wednesday morning I drove Princess to her physical therapist. Dropped her off at her place and picked her up an hour later.

We took Stella and Little Star to the hospital for an interview with the anaesthetic. Indeed Little Star is scheduled to have her tonsils pulled tomorrow morning.

Stella was tense, verbally aggressive and I felt how the interaction between Princess and Stella was balancing between peace and global nuclear war. For some reason Stella is able  to reasonably control herself when I am with Princess.

That was one of the reasons why I offered to tag along. And to spend some extra time with the love of my life.

Métropole by Boulée