Preparing my own rope

What follows is build on my experience based on stuff I read on the Internet and experimenting with that knowledge. There are a zillion manuals, how-to’s and other stuff to be found in books and the WWW. I do not pretend this to be the absolute manual, it is just an account of how I am doing it my way.

I own quite some rope for bondage. Until recently I bought it.

Jute rope, 6mm, was what we used in the beginning. I bought it from the rigger whom gave us our first and second workshop.

Later I acquired 4 sets of 6mm x 8m hemp from an Australian born Shibari bondage artist and teacher, now based in Berlin, Germany. Expensive but gorgeous rope. It is very bristly compared to the jute. I love this rope and it is what I prefer to use on Princess. The jute I use when there is suspension involved.

First boil

We are getting acquainted with more people so I’m sure I’ll be doing some rope bondage on somebody else. I already did in fact, tying The Stranger up with a box-tie so we, well mostly Princess, could play with his whatchamacallit.

Obviously hygiene is very important so I got thinking… using our hemp rope, washing it after I used it on somebody else. It would decrease the rope quality quite rapidly.

Yet I want to use good material on those whom trust me/us.

I get your basic 6mm hemp rope from a company in the Netherlands. It is cheap, about 0,90 Euro/meter but it comes untreated.

After the first boil

So when I receive it I cut it up in the lengths I need and secure the ends with a simple overhand knot.

I am now describing on how I worked on a batch of 4mm hemp. I bought it mainly for decorative bondage. Princess is petite so 4mm rope on her hands, arms and feet is ideal. It is not okay at all to use it for full suspension. Mainly because it cuts in the skin easier than thicker rope.

I boiled the rope for 45’ minutes and then changed water and boiled the rope for another 45’. I have no idea what happened to the rope in the factory and I don’t want any dirt get into abrasive wounds.

Left the residue after the first boil and right the second boil

Then I dry the rope. I have a few attachment points in my living room for bondage purposes so why not use them?

I attach a weight to the end and for that I used a bucket filled with about 7 liters of water. The idea is to dry the rope and keep it at its length. This is an issue you’ll have even more with jute.

The final dry I do in my oven, an hour at 70°

After that I fire up my Campingaz unit and move the rope through the flames while turning it. I go back and forth a few times making sure the splinters are gone.

Finally I oil the rope with 100% Tsubaki Oil. Bee wax would also be a good idea.

What you end up with is some fine rope that feels great in your hand and feels even greater on the skin of your model. You have made your own tools with love and patience. And not only is it less expensive than what you can buy online, you know the rope you’ll be using already.

You gave birth to your rope with your own hands.

Left the treated rope, right the untreated rope. What I can’t show you is how the rope feels after being treated.

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